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Join the ranks of the Spiral Knights. Stranded on an alien world, you must explore the ever-changing Clockworks beneath its surface.
Release Date: Jun 14, 2011
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The Guardian Armor Pack contains two complete sets of unique costume armor as well several other valuable items suitable for any player.


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Hop into Spring!

April 16th, 2014

Knights, are you feeling under the weather? Maybe a bit feverish? Don’t worry, it isn’t seerus, you just have a case of Spring Fever! Spiral HQ is also afflicted with spring madness, and they've created the perfect cure - the Blooming Prize Box! You can buy Blooming Prize Boxes for $3.95 each, or a pack of 5 for $14.95. Prize boxes can only be purchased on their own and are not included with purchases of energy.

You can grab some Lovely costumes and accessories. Put spring into your knight's step with a Blossom Aura, or add a floral halo. The box also contains dust bunny accessories to add to your spring-time gear. Do you think a disguise will fool the packs of dust bunnies in Ravenous Warrens to stop biting?

The Blooming Prize Box includes:
  • Lovely accessories and costume items
  • Lovely Bent Vertical Vents
  • Dust Bunny Tail
  • Whiskers
  • Floral Halo
  • Blossom Aura
  • Purple Wandering Snipes
  • Blowing Bubbles Usable

Find your favorite sky island or Treasure Vault level in the Clockworks and enjoy bright and sunny days in lush, grassy areas.

Hop over here to find all the contents and official rules! Blooming Prize Boxes will be available through April 23rd!

Also, be sure to visit the Supply Depot and Featured Auctions for other spring specials!

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Patch Notes - April 16, 2014

April 16th, 2014


  • Improved client performance when new monsters/elements spawn inside a dungeon
  • You can now purchase Recover Accessory tickets directly from the Accessorizor
  • Full item tooltip now shown when purchasing an item from the Supply Depot
  • All energy depot trades that complete when you are offline will now have resulting crowns and energy sent via mail

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Steam Trading

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Items from this game are tradable and can be viewed in your inventory on your Steam Community Profile.

About the Game

Band together and fight to the Core!
Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure in a persistent world with a focus on instant, fast-paced action. Arm yourself and join the ranks of the Spiral Knights; stranded on an alien world, they must explore the ever-changing Clockworks beneath its surface in hopes of reaching its mysterious Core.

Key Features

Co-operative Exploration
  • The Clockworks offer challenges that are best tackled with friends.
  • Fight monsters, solve puzzles and discover treasures together!
Instant Action
  • Go from login to a multiplayer adventure in less than a minute.
Ever-changing World
  • The Clockworks cycle levels to explore in real time. Every moment of every day changes the world.
Create an Arsenal
  • There are hundreds of unique weapons and gear to discover and alchemize.
Form Powerful Guilds
  • Guild alliances allow greater influence over the world. Amass powerful minerals to transform the Clockworks!
Free to Play!
  • Spiral Knights is free to play, no subscription is required to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Special Offer:

  • Team Fortress 2 "The Spiral Sallet" Hat
    Receive a free Spiral Knights-themed Team Fortress 2 hat by unlocking an achievement in Spiral Knights!
    To receive the free TF2 hat, players must reach the first Clockwork Terminal from any gate in the Haven Arcade and unlock the 'Mission Accomplished' achievement. (Players who've already unlocked it will also receive the hat.)

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor: 1.3ghz processor
    • Memory: 512MB for Windows XP or 1GB for Windows Vista/7
    • Graphics: 64MB Video Memory. GeForce 5 series, ATI Radeon 8500. Latest video driver.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • DirectX®:
    • Hard Drive: 300MB
    • Java: Version 1.5

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: 1.3ghz processor
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Graphics: 64MB Video Memory. GeForce 5 series, ATI 8500. Latest video driver.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • Hard Drive: 300MB
    • Java: Version 1.5
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139.3 hrs on record
One of the cutest and most colorful art styles I've ever seen, on top of some surprisingly fun and challenging gameplay.
Unfortunately in the past this game was marred by one of the worst free to play implementations ever seen, but they've done a remarkable job replacing that with a much more user-friendly system. It still is pretty solidly on the grindy side, however, and you will be running randomly generated dungeons over and over again to progress. If the gameplay doesn't resonate with you that hurdle will be insurmountable, but it's absolutely worth at least trying out. The world is generally a pleasure to adventure in and the gameplay does well for what it tries to be.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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Having played the game for over 300 hours, seeing many iterations of the game, and seeing the general direction of where the game is headed, I honestly can't recommend it for most players.
There's a lot of problems with the way the game is run and how it is being developed that are more than a little concerning. Over the course of the two years I've played this game, I've gone from having a lot of hope for it and being really excited to see how it develops, to being sorely disappointed with the quality of the updates and actually feeling sad for all the squandered potential the game had.

Let's get into details now shall we?

- Gameplay
Pretty unique in its gameplay. Haven't seen any other MMO that plays quite like it. A good take on translating the top-down Legend of Zelda style play and turning it into an MMO. It's easy to understand and play, with some advanced techniques to pick up along the way.
The randomly generated levels also add a bit of replayability to the game.
- Sound
The music for the game is pretty good. Though generally upbeat and calm, it can get hectic or atmospheric when it needs to.
The sound effects are also pretty decent and add a lot of character to the colorful cast of enemies you'll find yourself beating down.
- Art
The absolute biggest positive of the game in my opinion. Virtually every art asset is well designed and rendered in a very unique and eyecatching style. They're also very well animated to boot!
Granted, there are some exceptions where lazy design or lackluster work sticks out (an example being a certain line of upgradeable helmets only has 2 textures between all 6 of them), but overall the art is what stands out the most to me.
- Community
Honestly one of the nicest MMO communities I've seen. There's hardly any hostilities towards other players and most players are genuinely helpful towards one another. The glaring exception being the PvP minigame, Lockdown.

- Updates
One of the most disappointing things about the game is the general lack of content brought by updates. It is understandable that updates aren't frequent when you realize how small the OOO dev team is, but the amount of content released over the course of the two years I've played is pitifully small. A lot of the "new" content is just rehashed older content to pad out the game or one-time bosses, enemies, and set pieces put into single Missions while the rest of the gameworld (which is played VASTLY more than most single Missions) is in sore need of more variety.
And that's not even getting into the annoying cash-grab updates dedicated solely to costumes.
- Performance
Being an MMO built on Java, there's definitely going to be performance issues unless the game is perfectly optimized (which it isn't). An abundance of entities on the screen can slow the game to a crawl no matter the quality, which wouldn't be a problem if there weren't also an insane abundance of levels that use huge hordes of enemies and particle effects. The game lags a lot and that's not even getting into the extremely small number of servers causing problems for those that can't get a decent connection.
Then there's also an inherent problem with the game running on Macs which further harms performance. Not as pronounced a problem, but definitely noticeable.
- Balance
One of the biggest breaking points for me. The balance of the arsenal of weapons and armor is abyssmal. Some weapons are inexplicably far more powerful and useful than others. Others are so painfully useless or weak that it's a wonder if they get used at all.
Example: Any armor that "emphasizes" defense doesn't offer much more defense than other armors that also offer major attack bonuses. Even then, most of the defensive sets only allow you to take a single extra hit or maybe two incomparison to the offensive sets. Essentially, any armor set that doesn't boost your attack power in some way is obsolete to those that do.
It's been this way for YEARS, with the community clamoring for balance and suggesting ways to balance things out. Some balance changes were even promised for underpowered or broken weapons, but after more than a year on some of them, no changes have been made.
It completely baffles me why the devs can't simply change numbers around on the equipment, but it apparently is too tough for them to do so.
Speaking of broken balance...
- Lockdown
The broken balance certainly doesn't help things in Spiral Knight's PvP mini-game. Aside from equipment making it hard to take seriously, it's a PvP game and generates all the toxicity that a PvP crowd can. Unless you're really into PvP, it's best to steer clear from this unbalanced mess.
- Grinding
Being a Free-to-Play MMO, grinding is to be expected. However, with the limited number of randomly generated areas and how little moneyand experience some areas offer in comparison to the boss levels, it gets incredibly dull, incredibly fast.
And then there's the issue of the Forge, a mechanic that slows down a player from levelling their equipment. Aside from needing the game's equivalent to experience, you also need a rather big number of rare items for a CHANCE to bring your euipment to the next level unless you use a LARGE number of said rare items to get that chance to 100%. Then there's the fact that you can't access the Forge from everywhere in the game, which creates a disconnect between gaining a level and that rewarding feeling of leveling up.
- Difficulty
I don't quite agree with OOO's idea of difficulty being to add more health and damage onto monsters or to throw so many monsters at the players that damage is nigh unavoidable. It just reinforces the superiority of the offensive sets of equipment since they can deal with both sitautions faster and more efficiently. More diverse groupings of enemies or improving the AI along with the general power given to the players is the more fulfilling and strategic route to go, in my opinion. Giving the mosters more health and damage just makes battles long, grindy, and extremely frustrating should they touch you.
- Revive system
This used to be a big plus for the game until the mechanic was completely overhauled earler this year.
Before, players could pick up any allies that got incapacitated at the cost of half of their health. It encouraged teamplay and helping each other out, while also making most players cautious with their health since it could save a teammate as well.
Now, you can't offer your health to revive your team. It instead relies on a rare item that you can either get from treasure drops or purchase with your own money. If you want to revive a teammate it's going to cost you one of your own revive items and to even do so you have to open a menu and select to revive said teammate. It takes a lot more time and is never even mentioned as an option in the game as opposed to the old method where all you had to do was stand near your teammate, see the revive icon, and click.
This change really broke the teamplay aspect of the game for me. Instead of your team making daring rescues to revive one another, now you have your team lying on the floor begging for a revive because they don't want to use their own.
- End game
The end game has been stagnant for more than a year now. Once you have your 5 Star equipment set and reach the end of the Missions there honestly isn't much to do unless you have money to pay for the Shadow Lairs. Even then, the Shadow Lairs are seriously just rehashed boss levels with hordes more enemies to make it more "difficult." What's worse is that you have to pay an exorbitant amount of Energy/real money to even enter one of them ONCE. All for useless, gimmicky pieces of armor.


And that's my review for the game. Feel free to give it a look (it is free afterall), but be warned that there are a LOT of problems with the game.
Personally, I'd recommend trying out another free MMO like Warframe or maybe Vindictus.
Posted: December 9th, 2013
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Spiral Knights is free to play online game. You play as a small knight and choose whatever color you want to begin with then start with a sword and gun. After you finish the basic tourtal of the mission you'll enter a world that is call Clockworks. They'll teach you how to heat your armors and wepons to make them stronger and how to learn recipes to make your own wepons and armors. Sence Spiral Knights updated to elevator energy cost you no longer need to pay 10 energy everytime so your free to explore the world. And you also would get one of the Battle Spirtes as a pet known as Drakon, Seraphynx and Maskeraith when you finish the three tourtal about each of there different skills then you'll have to decide on picking Drakon, Seraphynx and Maskeraith as you Battle Spirtes. They each have different type of battle skills. You'll have to go on missions and a lot of acrade runs for crowns, orbs and heats to level all away up to Vanguard. It take time to get there but it's a fun game to play.
Posted: December 8th, 2013
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455.1 hrs on record
This game keeps burning me off, no matter what I do.
I have played enough hours - 441, to be precise - to see everything Spiral Knights has to offer - and it is not enough. "That amount of hours is not enough to see everything?" Well, yes it is, my dear! If you haven't been standing around on the Haven Town Square begging for a hundred crowns all day, then you can get more gameplay out of a hundred hours than you might imagine.
There are actually very few levels to play through. People will tell you that the Clockwork Tunnels maps are randomly generated, and that is true, but even then, there are only a handful of different "rooms" that are used when assembling those maps. By now I have seen all of them a hundred times. It's getting really boring.
I've been through guilds, too. The cute little upkeep system is in place as a crowns sink, to rebalance the game economy. Yet there is no "proper" way to obtain the game's ingame currency, crowns. The Arcade (the main part of the game, officially) just isn't rewarding enough. The only thing in the entire game that gives off some good amount of crowns is Firestorm Citadel, the game's final boss level/run. There's a good amount of crowns to be earned there. But FSC consists of four levels. They never change. Always the same. Dreadfully boring.
In total, I have spent about € 60 on Spiral Knights thus far. I've used up a lot of Crystal Energy for crafting (while the system was still in place, back then), elevators, CE revivals, etc. I have spent money on Shadow Lairs. I have bought and played the DLC.
The game is unbalanced. On Tier 3 especially, it loves to rub in your cheek the fact that you are not in control. OOO is. And they love killing off your character in the most screwing ways possible. A Lumberer smashing you, freezing you in place, hitting you, resetting the freeze, hitting you, and then finishing you off? Happens. Fiend monsters having a better reaction time than Trinity? Happens. Everything deals so dreadfully much damage. And before you people point at me and shout I'm going in with the wrong gear - you're wrong, don't worry about that. Poking at a lava square with your feet and then losing 70% of your health in the process because a conveniently placed oiler broke your shield? Happens.
And then there's the Alchemy system. Now, I understand that this is a free to play MMO, but lately OOO apparently prevented a certain item from being found that is necessary in crafting higher-level items (Radiant Fire Crystals). What do you want us to do? Force everyone to open the supply depot and swipe through that credit card? No, thanks, Three Rings.
If you are going to say that there is 'upcoming content' and that 'they will fix things', you're doing it wrong. That is not relevant. If OOO fixes their game, this hateful review will disappear and everyone will be happy and rainbows will flow everywhere. But that day is not today.
Posted: December 19th, 2013
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Spiral Knights is an interesting game. It's a f2p MMO that's an unusual mix of a lot of the finer elements of game design from the SNES era, coupled with some of the less compelling trends we see from MMOs in today's releases, and although the result may leave a lot of be desired; at it's core Spiral Knights is a really fun game. It's got a simple but compelling combat system with a somewhat wide array gear -Although well over half of this is reskinned content- and an undeniably interesting take on random level generation, all of this wrapped up in a great visual style and a really good soundtrack, in fact it's not hard at all to understand why someone would think of Spiral Knights as something extraordinary, a unique mixture of old and new philosophies of game design to create something fresh and promising.

Sadly the game fails to live up to expectations, I've played since the Steam release which was back in July 2011 and over the last two and a half years I've seen the game develop. Up until the end of 2011 Spiral Knights was honestly improving, it was a great core-concept with an unfortunate lack of content but within a meager few months the game saw new bosses, new levels, a PvP component, a dress-up system not unlike most MMO's customization, all sorts of boons. There were mistakes along the way for certain, but Spiral Knights was getting better,

Since then, SK has been on a downward spiral if you'll excuse the pun, with genuine content updates more or less phased out entirely in favour of reskinning existing content, and monthly cosmetic promo items. I don't want to point fingers, but the point at which Three Rings transitioned from meaningful updates to churning out fluff strangley coincides with the point they were acquired by SEGA, and given this was also at the point where SEGA were cancelling all their non-major franchises due to financial struggles, it really makes one wonder if it played a role in events to come. Rgeardless, the game went well over a year with barely any new content, what little decent stuff that did get put out was also locked behind paywalls, and as time went on the game choked under the weight of superfluous additions and nothing to satiate old-timers. Fast forward to September 2013 and the biggest content update in a long time hits, even changing some core mechanics that ended up making the game much more friendly to newcomers, but much more tiresome for veterans and honestly, I tired of it.

The early points in Spiral Knights are a slow and tedious grind through relatively dull content, the game honestly doesn't begin until you hit Tier 2 but the real fun is to be had at Tier 3, unfortunately getting to this point is a drawn out grind for newer players, where as those of us whom have been there a long enough time are left to wonder when we'll ever be getting more end-game content. But let me make this perfectly clear; Spiral Knights is really fun once you get far enough into it if you have a party or guild to play with, but it'll only be a few months at most before you start to realize you've seen it all, an MMO lives and dies by its content and Spiral Knights has just has far too little of it. The game is free to play of course, so rather than been a value for your money deal the only thing you have to lose playing Spiral Knights is time, and whilst the game is undeniably fun once you reach a certain point, is the time investment getting there honestly worth the pay-off?

If you have friends who want to try it out with you then by all means go for it, heck go for it in general if you have the time and have nothing better to do. But if you're looking for a game you want to play for a short while and then move on, or a game to last you for years to come, Spiral Knights will fufill neither wish, it distinctly sits center ground as the game that's too much of an MMO to have any fun with in the short term, but not enough of one to be worth commiting to for the long term.
Posted: December 11th, 2013
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Best Online Game Design, GDC Online Awards, 2011