In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.
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Release Date: Feb 2, 2010

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April 22

Season 10: The Iconian War Now Live

Five years of chasing the Iconians' shadows and fighting their minions, all leading up to this moment! With the launch of Season 10: The Iconian War, the Iconians' Heralds begin their invasion, with an occupation force already burning Qo'noS to the ground. Join the front lines and log in today!

The Iconian War is here, and it’s time to see if the alliance is up to the task of repelling the Iconian Invasion. The Iconian War will begin in two episodes that release with Season 10, featuring the voice talents of Star Trek: Voyager actors Robert Duncan McNeil as Tom Paris and Lisa LiCicero as Miral Paris. You will be engaging the Iconians in three queues. The first two represent two fronts of the same battle for Qo'noS, where you will face the fearsome Iconian Heralds in space and ground combat. In the third queue, you will assault a Herald Sphere, a gateway control hub for Herald ships, and attempt to prevent the invasion of other worlds in our galaxy. This war will span months and require teamwork and sacrifice from the entire alliance. What you’re going to see this season is only the beginning.

We've also expanded the Pilot Specialization, giving it a full suite of abilities for hotshot Captains. Finally, we've completely overhauled our existing sector space, converting from 18 sector maps into 3 quadrant maps, improving the feeling of being in the vastness of space.

Learn more about Season 10 in this blog post. Log in today, Captains - you're needed on the front lines!

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March 5

Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek Family Memorials

From STO Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa,

Last Friday we lost someone dear to us. All of us. Not just the people of the Star Trek community, but anyone who ever tried with varying success to make the Vulcan salute. Anyone who ever said “Live Long and Prosper,” whether or not they knew who brought that phrase into our cultural lexicon, and anyone who can understand the impact a positive public figure can have on the world. Leonard Nimoy was more than just a Star Trek icon—he was a cultural icon. His passing has been felt farther and wider than I think he could have possibly known, and I feel it's that humility, despite all of his skills, talents, and fame, that made him someone we all care about.

I’m certain everyone who knew of Nimoy's work will remember him in their own special way, and I want to make sure Star Trek Online also has an in-game way for people to remember him as well. As of this morning, there are several locations throughout the game that will allow people to take a moment to remember Spock, Leonard Nimoy, and other departed friends from Star Trek history.

Based on where our community chose to congregate and pay their respects, we will be replacing the central structure on the fountain on Vulcan with a stone statue of Spock with the inscription “Live Long and Prosper."
We will be adding the same statue to New Romulus with the inscription “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”, as building toward Romulan and Vulcan reunification was one of Spock’s great life works. The Romulan Republic would not exist without his teachings. Through the next week we will also hang black flags of mourning in Earth Spacedock, Qo'noS, and New Romulus, so everyone that passes through those hubs will know we have lost someone important to us all.

Finally, we will be adding a memorial plaque to those same locations for not only Leonard Nimoy, but for others in the Star Trek family who have passed. People will be able to interact with this memorial and read the names, the dates of their birth and passing, and a personal quote where possible. In this small way, we hope to honor the memory and contribution of those who helped shape Star Trek into the cultural touchstone it is today.

Live Long and Prosper.

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer

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Just Updated

With the launch of Season 10, the war for the galaxy has begun! The ancient Iconians have stepped out of the shadows and begun their invasion; already, the Federation, Klingon Defense Force, and Romulan Republic are under attack. Face the Iconians' Heralds in three new queues and two new episodes. The sector map has also been reworked, and the Pilot specialization has been remastered for hotshot captains.

Learn more about Season 10!

This is it. More than five years of build-up, two expansions of fighting their minions, the building of an alliance that spans most of the galaxy, and endless story threads leading up to this moment. The Iconian War is here, and it’s time to see if the alliance is up to the task of repelling the Iconian Invasion. The Iconian War will begin in two episodes that release with Season 10, featuring the voice talents of Robert Duncan McNeil as Tom Paris and Lisa LiCicero as Miral Paris. You will be engaging the Iconians in three queues. The first two represent two fronts of the same battle for Qo'noS, where you will face the fearsome Iconian Heralds in space and ground combat. In the third queue, you will assault a Herald Sphere, a gateway control hub for Herald ships, and attempt to prevent the invasion of other worlds in our galaxy. This war will span months and require teamwork and sacrifice from the entire alliance. What you’re going to see this season is only the beginning.

In addition to the amazing story content we’ll be providing the equipment to fight the Iconians through the Iconian Resistance reputation, which features gear tailor-made to fight the Iconian Heralds. We’ve completed the Pilot Specialization, giving it a full suite of abilities that put it on par with Intelligence and Command. Along with this update, we’re also giving you the ability to slot a primary specialization in a secondary slot and vice versa, giving you even more flexibility to choose your role.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve completely overhauled our existing sector space. Our original sector space has been converted from 18 sector maps into 3 quadrant maps. On top of tearing down those walls and eliminating all of those map transfers, the scale of sector space has been adjusted to improve the feeling of being in the vastness of space. This is a momentous change for the game, and to celebrate it we’re going to be giving out a few party favors if you login during the first week of Season 10. During our first year we released some items that we’re bringing back for the first time ever to commemorate the day the sector walls fell. Everyone that logs in during the first week will have free access to the following items in the C-Store: Shaka When the Walls Fell emote, The Badge of Temba, The Medal of Tenagra, and the titles Tamarian Envoy and Hero of Tenagra.

This is stacking up to be an excellent season and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in game!

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

About This Game

In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in this ever-expanding online universe.

Key Features:

  • Free-to-Play - Play a triple-A MMO experience without cost. Play from level 1 to 60 free of charge! There is no box price and no mandatory subscription. Enjoy Star Trek Online as you like, when you like.
  • Become part of Star Trek - In Star Trek Online, you will get to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction, reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode.
  • Adventure in the Final Frontier - Explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations in a vast, expanding universe. Establish contact with new races, discover resources, and uncover mysteries that will influence Star Trek's future.
  • You Are the Captain - Travel into the depths of space, across exotic planets, and even inside starships! Partake in epic space battles and lead away teams across unknown worlds, interacting with allies and battling enemies.
  • Duty Officers - Actively manage the unsung heroes of a starship and delegate assignments. Collect and trade officers with fellow captains to help a crew of legend. Earn special rewards, accolades and even advance in rank!
  • Total Customization - Using Cryptic’s Total Customization technology, every ship can be customized, from color to construction. What’s more, anyone can create a unique alien species in Star Trek Online. Leave your mark on the Star Trek universe!
  • Forge Your Own Strange New Worlds - With The Foundry, players can create and build brand new missions and stories to share with friends and the entire Star Trek Online community. Use the specialized toolset to create missions in space or on the ground. Craft custom missions, or really take your creativity to the next level by designing an entire series of episodes from the ground up!
Join us in Star Trek Online, and boldly go where no one has gone before!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 +3800
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800 / Intel HD Graphics
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c or Higher
    • Hard Drive: 10GB Free Disk Space
    • Network: Broadband Internet Connection Required
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core Xeon 3.0 GHz / Intel Core i Series 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4GB+
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000 / Nvidia 9600M / AMD HD2600 with 256MB+ VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 10GB Free Disk Space
    • Network: Broadband Internet Connection Required
Helpful customer reviews
366 of 445 people (82%) found this review helpful
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3,300.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014
The story line is VERY good, very trek and as you can see I've spent SOME hours in the game.
It used to be very fun but lately the devs arrogance is increasing and theay are NOT listening to the playerbase.

A great amount of players are unsatisfied at the moment and instead of communicating with the community all they do is deleting threads they don't like on the forums

New content coming in frequently so you don't get bored, problem is alongside new bugs come in and in between there is not enough time/crew to fix them so the list just gets longer and longer.

update 5.3.15:
they are releasing new not canon high end tier ships now which are improved versions of the
canonships already ingame for more $$ - €€. Also you get the option to let them look like those old canonships most of the players already have (payed for).

And for saying this I got:
You have been banned from Star Trek Online Discussions by a Star Trek Online developer for your post in "Star Trek Online General Discussions"

I think some Ferengi runs the company
-greed is eternal

update 18.04.15
gamebreaking bugs that steal palytime from you and the supp wont help for lost stuff
me out of the game now

*This review is subject to change if the dev team changes its strategy
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242 of 302 people (80%) found this review helpful
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691.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2014
What once was awesome became a bad joke. Cryptic turned this game into a p2w asia grinder...

- Since Delta Rising, there's ONLY grind left to do
- No balance anymore
- PvP is dead (there has been no update to pvp for many years anyway)
- Queues are empty
- Devs are lying, making jokes about players and even insult players

Last but not least: Newbies won't have any chance at all to keep up with long time players as long as they don't drop several thousand dollars.
We've all seen it coming for a very long time, but it finally got worse than we expected!
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116 of 132 people (88%) found this review helpful
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2,237.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 6
Where to begin?

This game was my home for 5 years. I loved it and even when cryptic tried to run it into the ground, they always seemed to fix it at the last moment and restore my faith.

not anymore. PWE has shown they are a greedy little asian company that only cares about fisting this game up the pooper and destroying the vision of star trek for cheap cash grabs and pay to get ahead. ruining players favorite ships everywhere in favor of pay to win ships...and turning a casual fun game into yet another mindless grind.

As a long time Trekkie

I am crushed, heartbroken and devestated to see this game being treated like ♥♥♥♥ by ♥♥♥♥ head companies.

I will hold faith that one day someone will restore this game to glory.
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155 of 196 people (79%) found this review helpful
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961.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2014
STO at first had the potential to be one of the most in depth sci fi games in the MMO universe, sadly this cannot be said today. The disconnection between the playerbase and the developers is as wide as the East is to the West, and the game seems like it will suffer the same fate as Champion Online did, mostly going into maintenance mode soon, that is if the developers do not wake up to what is going on around them. Plagued with BUGS, power creeps, balance issues, an expensive upgrade system, lock boxes, dead queues, very slow leveling up process, and very expensive Tier 6 starships; has pretty much stalled STO on its track. To be fair though, anything in game can be obtained for FREE with extensive daily commitment and grinding.

Here is an article with helpful insight on the new problem that the STO community is facing, I hope you find it helpful.

Truth is, there are better MMO's out there that rewards players for their dedication, with developers not as hostile towards the playerbase. I cannot fully recommend the game as it has changed into something entirely else, it's only saving grace is the game's ip, other than that, it is a mediocre experience with pretty ships. Play at your own risk.
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82 of 120 people (68%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2014
What once was an interesting and fun game that I played for a couple years, has been tarnished beyond redemption. I flew with one of the game's top pvp fleets (Sad Pandas) for a long time and now can't stand to even keep it installed because glitches, one-shot-kill weapons, pay-to-win powercreep and the developer's blatent disinterest in creating deep balanced gameplay in lieu of the latest cash shop money grab have sucked all fun from it.
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3,431.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 25
Do not recommend this game. I am a lifelong Star Trek fan, and I even was a Star Trek online fan for quite a long time, but Perfect World killed this game. It is but a shell of what it used to be. They want money for every little thing. People will argue against this point, saying you can convert dilithium to zen and what not so no need to spend real money... DO NOT BE FOOLED. It is a deception. If you were to go the dilithium to zen way to purchase new ships and stuff IT WILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME. It's capped at 8000 Dilithium per day, you would have to spend every moment playing grinding toward your goal accross multiple characters to get what you desire.
The Delta rising expansion made the game so much worse than my above description even. Ships you already bought and paid for, now require expensive money bought items to be upgraded to be kept up with the new level cap increase. They decieve you by saying these upgrades are optional and not neccesary to play, but it is a lie. You will be a scrub without these upgrades. No one will want you on their team in any serious content if you run around without a properly upgraded ship.

All in all the only good part of this game is the roleplaying aspect in it. Character creation is pretty immersive. Biographies are possible, plenty of social map and an active community. That is the ONLY reason anyone should play but the game itself? It's horrible.
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626.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2014
First of all: If you like Star Trek and think flying your own starship would be awesome, this is a good game for you.

Personally, I like this game. I know plenty of people who will say it's crap, the devs are awful, the game's engine is bad, and so on and so forth. The graphics are good enough, there's not much lag, and it's generally fun to blow up Borg. Coming from a few other F2P games (*cough* WAR THUNDER *cough*), I feel as though the developers of STO do somewhat care about their playerbase.

Game progression is easy enough, until you hit level 50. Leveling up to 60 gets a bit tedious, but you can access the whole game (minus a few not-really-important story missions) from 50. The learning curve is fairly steep - I'd recommend looking at a few tutorials before trying to work in the community exchange. There is, as always, premium currency, but you can change one of the other types of currency into it (for a large ingame expense). There are multiplayer missions with other players, and the harder the difficulty the better the rewards are upon completion. There are eight or so "campaigns" that give out some good gear. The ships are accurate, as far as I can tell. I hate long reviews, so this is gonna be pretty short.

For me, the most important part of a game is whether or not I had fun playing it. Here, the answer to that is a definite "yes". If you don't believe me, try it out. It is, after all, free.
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93.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2014
Really not good. The player generated content stories are a notable exception. They higher rated ones I tried were very well done.
I was hoping for a bit of plot and RPG type development. Instead I just got repetition of the same boring isolated space combat, FPS and traveling from one place to the next. Very low on atmosphere.
Most disappointing was going on the bridge of your own ship. You can run around but there is nothing to do and it doesn't look good.... why bother?
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334.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 24
Ill keep it short. Ive been playing more then the record time on my accout due to when I was first playing I was playing throught the games direct client etc. Anyway game is mostly free to play till about level 50 and then its harder to find free ships. If you use to paying 50 bucks for a game or even 30 you should have no problem buying a ship and flying it around. Ive seen some negative reviews but the reason i personally come back is I love star trek and the game is really the best thing we have as fans of the series to play with. Arc games has some.... Issues but there is alot of content to find in this game. Not as much as WOW or even Runescape in terms of size but more so custom ships and different builds. Ive been playing on and off for about 2, 3 years and you cant go wrong if you want to play the game. Have a open mind and just have fun. Heads up though if its your first time go with Tactical. The game focues more on DPS and choosing this class first with give you the best chance at knowning the game and having fun at first.
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42.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 6
Watched all of Next Generation while playing this at the same time. I highly suggest it.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
386.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 6
I wish there was a middle-of-the-road option where I could recommend this game under certain circumstances. But since there isn't one, I feel like the most honest thing I can do is not to.

I have a few hundred hours invested in this game, which I started to play in 2014. Since then I've gotten my main character to 60, and created a few alts that are on their way there as well. I've pretty much exhausted all there is to do in my main, and finally feel like I can do this justice with a review.

So is this a bad game? I am inclined to say no. However, there are many negative things that will hold the experience back for you. The thing is that, mostly, they are not enough to stop you from playing once you've tried it and if you've liked it for what it is. But after a while, dissapointment might start to catch up with you nonetheless.

STO is a bittersweet experience. I feel that most of the time, for every three good things this game has, there is also one bad thing to go along.


-The episodes are really good. This game has an interesting story that kept me going from beginning to end to see what happens.
-Space combat is not the most deep out there, but its satisfying and fun. Yes it's brainless and a spacebar smasher, but enjoyable.
-It feels like a true Star Trek experience, despite some questionable things lore-wise.
-Missions are repetitive, yeah, but more often than not many of them can be quite creative and entertaining.
-There is a lot of room for roleplaying if you're into that sort of thing.
-A good amount of content that will keep you busy for a few hundred hours.
-The foundry allows for some welcome creativity and what I consider the most meaningful player run aspect of the game. It helps keep things fresh and going when you are out of episodes from the game's main storyline.
-Getting in-game currency is not as painful as in other games, and the Exchange (a.k.a auction house) is great for fattening up your wallet.
-There is a sizeable amount of voice acting (many of it from actors of the actual Trek shows) to help immersion.
-You can customize your character appearance anytime you want, and as many times as you'd like.
-The fleet (a.k.a guilds) system is good and has a lot of things going for it, from your own fleet starbase to many other cool things you can add and customize in it.
-There is a decent amount of fan service and the tie ins between the tv shows and the game can be clever from time to time.
-There are nice events that let you have neat things, as well as giveaways for the same purpose.
-The game is regularly updated with content.


-The game is designed to extract money from you. What I hate is that half of how it's done seems appropiate to me. The game seduces you to buy uniforms and packs from your favorite shows. If the milking would have stopped there, It would have been fine. But nope, the game asks you to pay up for the best ships of the game, or grind dilithium for around 2 months just to get one of the tier 6 ships (currently the best ones). And then theres the whole "pay here for xp boosts, pay here to unlock more inventory slots, more character slots, and this and that, and etc." which isn't as annoying as how it was on SWTOR, but still pretty out there.
-Ground combat is terrible. At first, I accepted it for what it was, but after hundreds of hours invested here I have come to grips with reality and had to admit the truth: it is just horrible. Shallow, thin, counterintuitive, buggy, and just an overall mess. The AI of your companions gets the job done, but it is barebones basic. And enemy AI is just laughable. Patrols can be so bugged up, their walk will jitter and flicker around like a bad LSD trip.
-The game feels like a singleplayer game that was slapped the MMO label because of some online components. There isn't really any need to group for questing and exploring, and end-game content is sort of shallow to even bother and fully experience it, so that pretty much erases any meaningful purpose to grouping.
-Fleet actions (a.k.a. dungeons) are ok when they are space based but horrible when ground based. And even in space they can be boring, tedious and repetitive: fight waves of guys, protect some AI ships, and a small twist here and there depending on the particular one you're doing. There are different difficulties in which you can complete these, but considering you pretty much blow through everything with standard solo gear, the need to come together to get the best pieces seems like an aftertought. Don't expect endgame organized raiding here.
-The community is just dreadful. The chat on Earth Space Dock really brings out the worst in humanity. I've actually created a special tab in the chat window that filters it out for whenever I visit. Players are not helpful, and every channel feels full of slander and insufferable banter. In groups, it's the norm to roll need on everything, even if you dont really need the gear at all.
-This game is not noob friendly. The UI design is not entirely convoluted, but it can take a while to figure out. The map is a mess that will make your head spin the first time around. It is a labyrinthine disaster that will not be kind to a new player at all. Hell, I'm 60 and I still get confused looking at it.
-The exploration factor is virtually unexistant, except for some random missions you can pickup when flying near some planets.
-There is a lot of grinding, particularly with reputation, dilithium, stuff for the fleet, credits and many other currencies.
-Bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs. Little bugs, medium bugs, large bugs, game breaking bugs. Bugs everywhere. Sometimes they get patched. Sometimes they don't. Developers are not as terrible as people often say, but they sure slack when it comes to patching for fixing errors. Not to add content, though; they can profit from that.

And despite having much more negative things to say about the game than positive and overall not recommending it, I feel obligated to answer the following question: is there any circumstance in which you would recommend the game. Surprisingly, yes.

If you are a hardcore fan of Star Trek and videogames, and you are willing to depart from some money then this is for you. Or perhaps if you are one of those fellows that do not mind to grind for months. If you like roleplaying, this game can be hours of fun as well if you find the right fleet.

If you're looking for a deep MMO with complex mechanics, don't bother downloading this. If you're not willing to open up the ol' wallet or grind your way through all the stuff you need, then keep browsing for something else as well.

What keeps this game alive and running with faithful players that follow it, is that despite all the bad, it is fun. A lot of fun actually. Many of us stick around waiting for a miracle that might never come: for Cryptic to revamp the areas that need it, and to patch the game so it can be rid of the problems it has. Perhaps a bigger developing team, and a more humane cash shop.
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184.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 14
So I've given STO the old college try and have come to the conclusion that, while I personally enjoy it, I just can't recommend it in good faith to most people. I love Star Trek and that's one of the reason I've played it this long and will likely continue on and off in the future. That and I've learned to tolerate the poor ground combat and some of the game's other weak areas and there are a lot of weak areas.

However it's not all bad. Some of the few good things include:

- Star Trek setting and lore
- Starship combat
- Starship look really good
- Voice acting (Where it's included. Most quests aren't voiced)
- Character customization

The bad is most everything else. Very poor ground combat, poor quest design, currency grinding, clunky interface, ugly ground textures and dated special effects accentuated by a patch work of development suggesting a lack of resources and focus. There's also an extremely heavy emphasis on paid content and little attention given to free and pre-existing content that needs work.

However despite all that the game is free. If you like Star Trek, if you like Space ship combat then maybe give this game a try if only because it will cost you nothing to do so. Maybe you'll be able to overlook the bad for a while and get some fun out of it. I know I did, maybe you will too.
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16.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2014
I wanted a new MMO experience, and as a hardcore trek fan, I immediately leapt to this game thinking that it would satisfy the itch. While undoubtedly more loyal to its source material than any other star trek game I've ever played, this game really does count on its franchise name, rather than the actual merits of the game, to draw players in and create the experience. One of the very first enemies the starting missions will have you fight are the borg, which I and the NPC ship that was joining me for the quest defeated easily. The game constant throughs the most terrifying and iconic aliens of the Star Trek franchise at you (such as the borg, species 8472, the klingons, ect.), as if to remind you that this is in fact a star trek game, and you merciliously gun them all down. Part of what made those enemies so terrifying on the show was just how out-matched the federation ships were against them. When you see a borg cube one your screen, you should be weeping and just as scared as Picard was when he faced off against them, not happily blow one up after another with two other ships. The appearance of these enemies strikes me as fanservice--and bad fanservice at that, which there is plenty of throughout the game (did I mention that the captain you work under in the starting zone constaly refers to you as his Number 1?) If they had spent even half the time they spent thinking up stupid references trying to balance the combat and making the multiplayer exciting (which, by the way, you'll either be curb-stomping your way through or getting curb-stombed, there is no in between or concept of "fair fights" or "evenly matched" opponents, but no one really does PvP anyway) they'd have a great game one their hands. In trying to make the game as "iconic" as possible, and not spending more time working on how to make the game as diverse, challenging, and as balanced as possible, the devs really delivered a watered-down Star Trek experience here.


Beam me up, Scotty! There's no Star Trek game down here worth playing!
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107.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2014
Very fun game with a lot going on. Was not initially expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The game offers a variety of playstyles, ships, equipment, and crew controls. The fact that you can get a huge capital ship by simply getting to the endgame and not needing to pay for one was a great surprise. The seasonal events were a blast. As a star trek fan is really made me feel at home. By the time i hit max level i found myself actually buying things with real money just so my character would look all the more cool hehe. Definitely give it a shot if you are an mmo or startrek fan.
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24.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2014
The older this game gets the further it evolves away from the guiding principles of Star Trek. Where people don't work to get rich but to better themselves. Where exploration is the main goal. This game is getting more and more battle oriented and is all about getting currency. Be it Energy Credits, Dilithium, Lobi Crystals, Marks, various Commodities and Resources. Not counting the pay to win part where you have to spend real money to but ships and gear. The two faction Federation and Klingon uses ships from all kinds of species in their fleets, except each others. Be it Hirogen, Kazon, Undine, Ferengi or Cardassian. There is a semi-faction for the Romulans but they have been forced to be part of either the Federation or Klingon fleets. All the game is about now is grinding.
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31.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 7
If this game was a potato, it would be a good potato.
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Posted: March 5
Absolutely fantastic game. I've played for years and yes, sometimes the content in the new seasons leaves something to be desired, and the cost for zen-store content is a bit on the greedy side, but for a free-to-play title I'm happy to tithe forward a few bucks every month for a few extra nice-to-have cosmetic goodies. The foundry (permitting self-written content) is fantastic. The replayability is high and frankly - being able to pop online and fly a ship around the Star Trek universe for a bit provides a nice break from the daily grind. NOT a game for those who want PVP - but since I'm happily well in the PVE preferring body of gamers I've got zero issues with that. There are some variances from Star Trek canon, but the development team at PW seems to have continued to work on keeping to what's reasonable for the universe as Roddenberry framed it. The variety of story lines can sometimes come across as a mash-up that doesn't mesh terribly well, but the quantity and variety vastly outweigh any annoyance at those moments. Highly recommend giving it a go - as a f2p option you've literally got nothing but some time to lose and the chance to get to know a hell of a good game.
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Posted: March 9
It's okay...

1) Lore-friendly attitude
2) Beautiful graphics (If your PC can keep up, anyway)
3) Space combat is the best I, personally, have ever played
4) Character/ship customization galore
5) Free-to-play
6) Some really great looking ships
1) Ground combat is meh
2) Too many non-canon, original, and quite frankly, ugly ships for the Federation
3) Gambling galore
4) Bugs. Bugs everywhere
5) Pay-to-win attitude on the devs part
6) No raids against other fleets (guilds)
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Posted: February 17
Most of my time logged in this game is pre-DR. Since DR was released it's like cryptic has taken the time to make the Mac version (sue me) unplayable.

Here is how I launch the game on my 2012 MBP with 16gigs of ram and an i7 processor.

1) Launch game from steam
2) Watch launcher crash
3) Verify program files. Failure to do so will result in the launcher crashing on startup, no exceptions.
4) Launch game again. Launcher will now create two separate instances of itself, with one of them going unresponsive immediately.
5) Launch the game via the launcher.
6) Sit and watch the game load for 5+ minutes. If you alt+tab out to a different program, the game will crash.
7) Once the game has loaded, play for five-fifteen minutes before the game crashes while asking for your administrator password (??????)

Before delta rising, I'd recommend this to anyone. Now, I can only say "stay away"
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Posted: April 27
Started playing recently, really few hours in game.

TL;DR It could be a good game but P2WE strikes again: pay2win paywall.
I would not mind if it would come with pay 2 skip features, and cosmetic cash shop, but instead the game is just owned now and managed by sheeetheads moneygrabber.

The game while levelling is actually fun, you geta a ship and a crew to command very early in game (VERY), and that is awesome.

But seems like the game became a power creep threadmil with a hefty pay2win paywall with the recent additions (Delta Rising, T6 ships) ...sooo well that looks Ignominiously bad, but i still have to level my toons before going there.

What is very bad is actually that even if you buy a sub, why should i still have to pay for something i do need to play as premium feature? It should come then as a complete game, instead you still need to buy with real money things like ship slots, bridge officer slots, lock box keys... why??? If i pay a sub why do i have to pay more? :[
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