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En tant que commandant d'un destroyer, mener vos troupes au combat en surface comme sous les océans !
Date de parution: 25 mai 2011
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À propos du jeu

Dans un univers fantastique victorien, la guerre fait rage entre des super-puissances industrielles. En tant que capitaine d'un destroyer, il est de votre devoir de détruire les unités ennemies dans une vaste campagne. Si vous souhaitez être vainqueur, vous devez mener vos troupes et combattre les vagues d'assaut ennemies.

Comprend :

  • Destructif : De nombreuses armes avec leurs améliorations
  • Compréhensif : Grande variété d'unités ennemies avec vaisseaux, sous-marins, avions et véhicules futuristes
  • Explosif : Mesurez-vous à vos amis en mode multijoueur ou jouez avec eux contre l'ordinateur en mode coopération
  • Impressionnant : Une histoire ciselée avec des graphismes sensationnels et des scènes cinématographiques pour un maximum de plaisir

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processeur : Intel ou AMD double-cœur (1.9 GHz) ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 1.5 Go d'espace disque
    • Carte graphique : NVIDIA Geforce GTS250 / ATI Radeon HD4800 ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c
    • Son : Compatible DirectX 9.0c
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I played this game for a while now and I believe this game isn't bad at all. The graphics are nice and well implemented following a decent steam punk art design, that can be found throughout the whole game. There are many different missions too, each one following a different storyline so there is plenty of room for a multiple playthrough.

Some bugs are in it as well I must say though ...

The first is, that in the settings window for the keyboard bindings there are two of 'em simply swapped. But it's easy to avoid once you know it. The second is that sometimes for no apparent reason the whole game switches to some sort of "ultra slomotion mode". I've had this happen quite some times now and while in the beginning of the story-line the only thing to get it up and running again was to quit the game and start it again (your progress being saved), later in the campaign i experienced some of those "magic slowdowns" that disapeared without restarting the game.

But apart from that I'm having quite a good time with the game. The story is well implemented and I'm still enjoying it. It's even featuring some really good voice-acting.

I mean, c'mon ... it's a shooter ... what type of extraordinary storytelling do you expect from such a game? This game here got more storytelling than most other arcade type shooters I've played in my life. And I've definitely played A LOT of 'em ...

There are even some points in the story that make me laughing each time ...

I recommend this game. It's got a nice pricetag and it's simple and rewarding shooting fun all through the game.

Buy it and enjoy! Even more when it's on discount!
Posté le : 10 février 2014
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I don't see what all the fuss is about. I haven't experienced any bugs so far so it's a game I definitely recommend if you like arcade shooters and steampunk artwork. The mouse seems to move slower, not in clicking wise but when dragging it across the screen it's slower than usual, and The controls are a bit odd but you can change it. The voice acting does need some work though, but the artwork is great. Though I don't recommend paying over 3 dollars on it.
Posté le : 20 avril 2014
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The game looks pretty enjoyable in the trailer, and I like what they were trying to go for, but there are some major hang-ups with it, most notably the control scheme. The controls are mostly just infuriating, as you might think they would've elected to go for something closer to Asteroid-type controls, but instead they've gone for something closer to Zelda games. Zelda-type controls probably would've worked OK, except that when you go from left to right, up to down, or vice-versa, instead of just going the other direction, it does this little rotation maneuver that sort of makes it impossible to know where you'll end up. Aside from that, I could barely see the cursor on the screen when using a mouse, all of which makes it seem like it could only be played using a gamepad.

The graphics are adequate for this type of game and the storyline seems moderately interesting, but I personally just couldn't get passed the frustrating control scheme.

I think the game could've easily been salvaged with some other/better control scheme choices, but as it stands there are better places to spend your time.
Posté le : 4 mai 2014
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The best $0.79 I have ever spent!
Posté le : 17 avril 2014
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This one reminded me of an old game I played as child on "terminator console", called "Tanks". 15-20 years have passed, but apart from graphics, the improvements over that game are minimal. I always try to be respectful and to support the developers, that's why I don't like to leave negative reviews, but this shouldn't be a 2011 PC game.

Graphics: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Story: n/a
+has mp
+has local co-op
+low price
Posté le : 13 février 2014
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Encore un jeu qui ne digere pas bien les double écrans :(

Solution: Aller sur l'executable
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Naval Warfare

Faire clique droit/proprieter/Compatibilité

Cocher : Désactiver les thèmes visuel
et Désactiver la composition bureau
Appliquer et ok puis relancer le jeu :)

Ce jeux plante sans raison et peut faire planter votre pilote graphique (apparition de pixels bizare), vous êtes alors obliger de redémarer le pc, de plus il plante si vous basculer sur un retour bureau ou même si vous basculer sur l'overlay de steam pour répondre a un message d'un amis par exemple ......

Bref un conseil laisser le aux consoleux :).
Posté le : 21 octobre 2013
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