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Command your TOY SOLDIERS in epic, action-packed battles.
Udgivelsesdato: 27. apr 2012
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The Xbox LIVE® Arcade smash hit Toy Soldiers comes to PC!

Toy Soldiers is an action-packed strategy-based game in which players command antique WWI toy soldiers vying for control of the trench-filled battlefields of Europe. Deploy an exciting arsenal such as tanks, cavalry, biplanes, and flamethrowers in vintage WWI toy dioramas. Developed by Signal Studios, Toy Soldiers allows you to take control of individual units or control the entire battlefield from a strategic view. Integrating multiple game genres and world-class visuals, Toy Soldiers is a unique and action-packed entertainment experience!

Command your Toy Soldiers in epic, action-packed battles. Position your defenses and take direct control of your artillery to bomb the enemy positions, pilot your bi-plane against the enemy trench, or maneuver your tanks across No-Man’s Land and lead your Toy Soldiers to victory!

All DLC from the Xbox LIVE® Arcade hit is included!

The Kaiser's Battle DLC

Enjoy all new French inspired content with THE KAISER'S BATTLE! Take on the new experimental boss, The K-Wagen!

Invasion DLC

The British are bringing brand new secret weapons of tiny toy mayhem in Invasion!, the second add-on to Toy Soldiers from Signal Studios! Put on your Kaiser’s helmet and command the German Army against a mad menagerie of new antagonistic toys, including flying saucers, chivalrous knights, and the “Rolls Royce of the Sky,” the WWII Mustang. Defend Germany in a new Mini-campaign topped by the most calculating, head-strong boss of all (batteries not included)! Raise your saber, soldier, and lead the charge against… is that a spaceman? The Invasion has begun!

Content Activation

To activate Toy Soldiers after your purchase, launch Toy Soldiers and select 'Redeem Code' from the main menu. Then follow the instructions to redeem your content.

Alternatively, you can redeem Product Codes for the downloadable content at https://live.xbox.com/RedeemToken.


    • OS:Windows XP (Service Pack 3) *
    • Processor:2,0 GHz
    • Hukommelse:2 GB RAM
    • Grafik:1 GB dedikeret grafikkort med Shader Model 3.0 eller højere**
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Lyd:DirectX 9.0-kompatibelt lydkkort
    • Yderligere:Online spil kræver log ind på Games for Windows - Live
    • OS:Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
    • Processor:2,0 GHz (Dual Core anbefalet)
    • Hukommelse:4 GB RAM
    • Grafik:2 GB dedikeret grafikkort med Shader Model 3.0 eller højere**
    • DirectX®:9.0c
Helpful customer reviews
51 af 54 personer (94%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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22 reviews
4.5 timer bogført
Another great tower defense style game! What's neat about this one is that you can select and directly control your towers, there's even planes and tanks to play w/ in some levels. I really dig it 0:
Indsendt: 27. maj
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36 af 39 personer (92%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
224 products in account
18 reviews
30.3 timer bogført
My all time favourite tower defence game! it's really fun and the WW1 setting is great, you can direct control of towers or individual unites eg tanks! there are 3 campaigns, you can play as Britain,France or Germany. the game also has some bonus missions.
Indsendt: 11. maj
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23 af 27 personer (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
65 products in account
3 reviews
9.6 timer bogført
This game is awesome!!! I bought it on sale for the heck of it and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. There is a lot of variety. You can control your turrets to mow down advancing enemies, fly plains, drive tanks, and snipe from watch towers. The game has a lot to offer if you have 6 bucks to spare buy it now. You won't regret it.

-Heart of Stone
Indsendt: 20. juni
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16 af 20 personer (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
32 products in account
5 reviews
0.4 timer bogført
Superfun not so typical Tower-Defense game, great presentation, graphics, setting and atmosphere. Highly recommended! And during the current weekend deal offer it's only € 1.79 !
Indsendt: 28. august
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8 af 10 personer (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
534 products in account
11 reviews
9.9 timer bogført
Highly recommended. Much fun to be had here with this little gem. A fantastic bargain for the current price.
Now all it needs is WWII and modern day DLC!

Indsendt: 29. august
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