The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game Act of War: Direct Action picks up where the techno-thriller left off. On the eve of the U.S. Presidential elections, simultaneous terrorist attacks hit both candidates. Clues point to corrupt elements within the U.S.
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Very Positive (98 reviews) - 80% of the 98 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 30, 2006

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About This Game

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game Act of War: Direct Action picks up where the techno-thriller left off. On the eve of the U.S. Presidential elections, simultaneous terrorist attacks hit both candidates. Clues point to corrupt elements within the U.S. military, but also to the shadowy organization known as the Consortium.
You take on the role of U.S. Army Brigadier General Jason Richter, a career soldier and former commander of the 1st Special Forces (Delta Force) who has been given control of an elite new anti-terrorist unit: Task Force TALON. From massive enemy assaults to delicate hostage extractions, from classified spy missions to search-and-destroy onslaughts, Task Force TALON is deployed to engage the enemy in hotspots around the globe. Using near-future weaponry, Richter's men will be pushed to their mental and physical limits to contain a powerful unpredictable enemy bent on toppling the governments of the world.

  • Ultra-realistic modern military RTS with massive new features for both single and multiplayer
  • Over 50 new multiplayer maps and new single player campaign
  • Three new online multiplayer modes and customization options
  • Naval combat with advanced water physics and expanded technologies
  • Nine different mercenaries to expand the gameplay experience
  • Over 50 new ships, tanks, planes, soldiers, and upgrades
  • Enhanced A.I., graphics, artillery and aircraft handling, and much more!

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz CPU or better
    • RAM: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64 MB video RAM with full hardware T&L support
    • DirectX Version: DirectX® 9.0c (included) or higher
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB free HD space
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46 of 48 people (96%) found this review helpful
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 3, 2014
+ Good graphics.
+ Challenging AI.
+ No redundant units.
+ Does not require the original Direct Action to play.

- Campaign not as good as Direct Action.
- Online multiplayer requires 3rd-party software (Hamachi or GameRanger)
- AI does not support all game modes.

The Good
We'll start with the graphics: very good considering this game came out in 2006. The stock maps just as detailed as Direct Action, but with far more variety - Aside from the usual desert and urban maps, you can now play on more forest and jungle theatres.

Infantry play a prominent role right up until the late game. Act of War focuses less on tank rushing and requires the player to think a bit more. Well placed infantry, for example, can ambush a tank convoy from trees/tall grass and gain a x2 damage bonus. Likewise, artillery could be used to clear out forests and potential ambush zones. It's nice to play an RTS where infantry are more than just cannon fodder.

There are some very interesting game mechanics here too. While oil is your main source of income, it is still a finite resource and will run dry eventually. You can take and hold banks to acquire funds, or you can even take wounded enemies as hostages for ransom.

The expansion also adds naval warfare, which actually works rather well once you get the knack for it. Each faction has it's own unique variety of ships with different play styles.

Another interesting mechanic introduced to High Treason is the addition of mercenary units. These are expensive, but very effective specialist units that excel in what they do. For example, you can hire a specialist team of medics to provide a heal radius around wounded infantry - or call in the Rawhide artillery team and level an enemy base with rockets from afar.

The Bad
The AI does not work in naval warfare, which means you're up against humans whether you like it or not. Only a minor complaint, but sometimes it's nice to practice against the AI and hone your skills.

The campaign is brutally hard compared to Direct Action. Some veteran players might be okay with the tougher AI, but I personally struggled. Also the lack of live-action cut-scenes was also a disappointment.

The Ugly
Compatibility issues lie with Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8. There is a Win7 compatibility patch on ModDB which works perfectly - you can get it here

Final Thoughts
Despite the initial compatibility issues, this game has proven to be a very underrated RTS. It's what C&C Generals should have been.

VERDICT: Highly recommended.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
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9.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 27, 2015
In my honest opinion, this is the best base building, old school rts you can get on steam. I've played quite a bit of C&C including tiberium wars, which for a while was my favorite for their variety of units and awesome fighter jet dogfights. Act of War has a very large variety of maps, from vacant cities and towns to open fields and sandy plains. I still haven't played on every map yet. The factions are really awesome and diverse, for example, Task force talon has simple base building and units that are masters at adapting to any situation, units can be further upgraded for unleashing hell on who ever you place the attack order on, while the US army (or murica) have to rely on power sources for their buildings and their units mainly excell in only a few fields having different types of units to deal with what ever the threat may be, infantry, armored or air.

And they recently patched the game so it works for windows 8, this game is a MUST buy for any rts gamer 10/10
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17.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 16, 2015
After a much needed update, this game finally works on modern operating systems. There are still some glitches (like I had to verify my files and lost my saves a few times, so be careful) but I managed to finish the game across both Windows 8.1 x64 and Windows 10 x64.

This is a challenging RTS, although I am admittedly not the best strategy player around. Decent graphics, pretty decent storyline, graphics hold up well too.

Grab this one on sale if you can, along with the first game.
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 21, 2015
The sequal to Act of War Direct Action, I bought the DVD version back in 2006. so even Steam registered me only played less than an hour, I believe I can still write a fair review.

first of all, you do not need to have AoW: DA installed to play. however

Act of War: High Treason follows the TFT commander Jason Richter to discover and prevent a political scheme. Fight against the old enemy of Consortium and on few instances, the US military.

This sequal carries on the innovative system from AoW DA, where wounded infantry and downed pilot become part of the economy syetm in the game. It comes with new units and new campaign. the new units adds several tactical options for each factions. making it more interesting to play. However the missions are not as well designed as those in Direct Action: some comes with odd restriction and conditions, making it just too difficult to beat. New units includes Naval units, but only available in certian mission and some multiplayer maps.

AoW: HT adds Mercenary system, where carefully deployed Mercenaries can turn the tide of the battle. Be warned, it cost a lot to deploy mercenaries so use it wisely.

Gone are the good Live action cutscene, replaced with CG. I do not believe this was voiced by original actor either. the charactor in this is more playful and the charactors in Direct Action are more collected, focused and let's say, "no nonsense".

One improvement over Direct Action is: HT supports widescreen, 16:9 resolution. Keep in mind, this is after all a 2005/2006 game so don't expect to have top notch graphics from modern game engine. However it is still a fun game to play.

When it first launched on Steam, like Direct action, it suffered from memory addressing issue, but I believe it is now fixed. as I am able to play it with windows 8.1, i7 processor and 12GB of ram without any modification.
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10.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 17
If you liked C&C Generals, but:
- It doesn't work on your PC anymore
- You cba to go and get the disk / can't find it / it's so old it's scratched to s***.
- You don't want to buy it electronically on Origin
- You don't want to install Origin
- You don't want to give Origin your monies
- You don't like EA / Origin
- EA / Origin

Then buy this instead. Very similar, a few years newer, and more realistic.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 20, 2015
Act of war: High Treason.
Will probely never be better than the orginal Command and Conquer: generals and Zero hour those 2 are my all time favorite. But High Treason for sure is my number 3 because i remember when this came out back in the days, the awesome graphics, the massive fire fights it had, in general all what a RTS needs today.

But let me point out some Pros and cons for this great title.

- Extremely good graphics compared to it's time and in generals RTS games. (still has better graphics than many modern trs games)
- The possibility to make huge firefights.
- Building your own bases and launch huge attacks on the enemy
- Naval warfare both in multiplayer, singleplayer (require the Special force mod which allows you to build ships while still having ground forces and buildnings, dont use the Naval invarders as that only allow you 2 play on few maps and with ships only, in the special forces you can control both ground and sea at the same time)
- and extremely balanced air power and super weapons.
- you can capture enemy soldiers it has never been funnier.
- nice phsysics and water simulation.

- With out mods the Ai can be a bit easy to handle.
- needs more huge maps like the map called: storm.
- Gamespy dont exist anymore, so no multiplayer (not Atari's fault ofcouse)
- Takes really long time to load a skirmish map (dont know if that is only me?)

But this game will be worth buying as you wont regret it, it is looking good, the sounds VFX is good really giving you this military feeling, and on G 2 play you can buy this game for 2 Euro so pick it up there if you want to spare money, but 9,99 Euro is also not bad for such a great classic.

can see the developers changed the price of the game after they saw my review, so they changed it from 9.99 to 2.99 which is an really good price for an old great game, that has lost multiplayer function, but still is really great on singleplayer.
So thank you Devs, for reading my review, i have always been a huge fan of the act war serie.
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14.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2014
Once you deal with the whole exceeds 2gbs of ram ordeal, its one of the best rts' i've played. It runs very smoothly and each faction is very unique yet very simple to use. There's cool mechanics like hiding in trees and proning to become hidden. It's like a prettier, more detailed version of command and conquer generals....but better. That's saying alot.
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Not Recommended
6.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 29
Act of War: High Treason is a strategy game develped by Eugen Systems. High Treason is an expansion pack to Act of War: Direct Action. The game is set three years following the events of the first game. To avoid spoilers, the whole gist of the first game is that a mega-rich fringe organisation invades America and attempts to take over the world. This game expands on the enemy faction The Consortium from the first game. However, this game involves the U.S. Army and treason from some top ranking major generals. I will note that I will compare everything to the first game as it is a sequel and thus a benchmark.

To begin, this game is great. The campaign so far has greater mission variety including stealth missions, which was a major hit, is more difficult, and is more engaging and intense compared to the first game. The story has had twists and turns including the U.S. Army, as noted above, and the reinvolvement of the Consortium. These twists make the game more exciting and fun for the player. And as said for the first game, the story becomes richer and more exciting as it progresses.

I will now summarise the rest in smaller points before pointing out the negatives of the game. The gameplay is fairly similar to the first. It has base-building and a typical birds eye view RTS game. So in other words, its a good combination. The negatives with gameplay is the healing and repairing units have cooldowns on when to heal/repair your units. This makes the game more difficult, which can be a nuisence during the course of a mission. This means that repairing and healing units are sort of useless as the enemy will keep attacking and you will have cooldowns to repair/heal your units before an attack.

The UI, like the last game, is clean, slick and simple. I like it as everything is easy to access and there is not a clutter of options on the main screen when playing the game. There is still no steam overlay, but there is borderless windows so you do not have to quit the game to do other things on the computer such as using the internet. The game has 1920x1080 resolution, a major stepup from the previous game.

Now onto the negatives that will explain my negative review of the game. There are enormous amounts of bugs and technical issues that plague this game. The game crashes very frequently, resulting in frustration and an unplayable experience due to me having to constantly restart the game. To add insult to injury, there are very long loading times of missions and save games, meaning you are literally stuck on the loading screen more than the actual mission. It is quite strange as I had played five hours without issue and then it hits the Caribbean missions and these issues arise, effectively halting my playthrough of the campaign. I am thinking if it is this specific section of campaign that negatively affects the game. Regardless, these issues mean I cannot continue the campaign, resulting in a waste of time. Also, there are several other bugs including sound issues, which one time the sound engine crashed, and mission completion freezes.

Overall, I was really liking this game and enjoying the campaign. However, the issues that plagued the game have significantly impacted the game. Therefore, I have to not recommend this game from my personal experience on it. I will attempt to continue the game in the future and hopefully it will be stable. Following that, I will update this review. However, at this point in time, I cannot. The game is strong in most aspects though, so its unfortunate there are glitches. 3/10.

EDIT x1: I will note also that whilst I personally do not recommend the game due to the techncial issues, it is up to you to purchase the game for $2.99. Keep in mind my negatives on the game as if they are the same for yourself you can refund the game. As I did mention, the game's story is great and intense, so if you do buy it, hopefully there are no technical issues.

Thanks for reading my review! If you like my reviews and care to read more, feel free to join Antwog's Analysis (Reviews).

If you have questions comment below or post in Antwog's Analysis (Reviews) general discussion page. If you liked it, give it a rating.
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
21.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 23
I can confirm this works with Windows 10 x64, I run it no problem. Great game. Brings back good memories!
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
16.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 27, 2014
i fixed it! it was esay i dident have to download anything! :D
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Recently Posted
27.3 hrs
Posted: October 20
took me 27 hrs to finish the single player mode...thats a rap.
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6.2 hrs
Posted: October 9
I bought it for no reason, Just treason
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2.1 hrs
Posted: July 27
get this
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4.4 hrs
Posted: July 18
It is an OK game but don't play the campaign the naval portion is broken since firing the tomahawk missile from the destroyer breaks the audio and will eventually crash the game and also prevent you from, completeing the level. Also sections of the campaign seem almost impossible without using cheats even on easy. Otherwise its an OK game but definitely not an improvement over Direct Action or even nearly as good. Direct Action has a vastly better quality of the campaign. Seems like Eugen was phoning it in on this one.
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31.0 hrs
Posted: July 18
Amazing game cant stop playing it great grahics great game play they need to releace a follow up !!
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2.3 hrs
Posted: July 1
Buy this game if you like...
- Non-realistic RTS game unlike Men of War, Company of Heroes
- Modern warfare theme
- Lots of flashes and explosion
- Challenging AI
- Dirt cheap game

This game is for you.
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6.5 hrs
Posted: June 26
I must concur with everybody claiming that it is like Command and Conquer : Generals/Generals Zero Hour. Minus the selection of several generals for each faction to change it up. In a way it feels like it plays the same. Unhampered by restrictions where you can place your structures and the interesting mechanics like ambushing and WMD balance. Runs fine on my Windows 10 x64. Price tag is fantastic. I cannot believe I didn't see this game until 2016.
And I'd imagine it runs just fine on any computer because of the graphics.
Just be sure to bring your third-party system like Hamachi/GameRanger/Etc if you want to play Multiplayer with friends since GameSpy is gone. I can see myself playing this in the future just for the feeling of Generals it gives me.
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6.8 hrs
Posted: June 25
VALVE said that it's have MULTIPLAYER. but it really dosn't. GameSpy closed the multiplayer of this game.
for now, as VALVE said, game has a multiplayer. so VALVE, take responsibility and create/host multiplayer of this game.
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9.3 hrs
Posted: June 11
Great game. Its a standlone sequel to Direct Action, the Naval part does get challenging. Act of War is very similar to Command & Conquer Generals.

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