Build and brawl in this fast and frantic mash-up! Race your opponents to build the most powerful towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deceptively adorable baddies and hugely epic bosses. Create weapons that shoot lasers, drills, missiles, and more to annihilate your adversary.
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發售日: 2013 年 03 月 14 日


注意: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller strongly recommended

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"Showed at PAX East 2013 - Imagine competitive Tetris where you can destroy the other person's tower."


"Slam Bolt Scrappers is packed to the brim with risks. And it's also full of rewards."
Game Revoltuion - B+

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Build and brawl in this fast and frantic mash-up! Race your opponents to build the most powerful towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deceptively adorable baddies and hugely epic bosses. Create weapons that shoot lasers, drills, missiles, and more to annihilate your adversary. Battle in four-player co-op campaign mode, or go head-to-head for more brawling and block-building awesomeness. This version includes 5 new levels as well as two new very cool unlockable characters (Bullseye from Monday Night Combat and Steve from Minecraft!)

Slam Bolt Scrappers Features

  • Up to 4-player local co-op and competitive modes
  • 7 different level types with unique environments that hugely change how you play!
  • Unlockable characters and outfits
  • Full Big Picture support for awesome big screen action.
  • Single player campaign complete with boss levels!


    • OS:Windows XP SP2
    • OS:Windows 7
12 人之中有 12 人(100%)認為這篇評論值得參考
5.6 記錄時數
張貼於:02 月 23 日
This was a nice surprising little game. The playful sound track and jelly like noises enticed me and had me from the word go. It's a very casual party sort of game. The game play is kind of like Tetris, you have different shapped blocks, that when you match them up, create "attacking blocks" that shoot at the opponents blocks.

You also have your character which flys around hitting other flying around enemies which turn into the blocks allowing you to expand your wall. After a few levels on the single player you unlock the multiplayer game which is where this game will excel. I for one will keep this game installed for the ure fact that it is so much fun to play with your partner or friends in the front room on the big tv.
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2 人之中有 2 人(100%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.1 記錄時數
張貼於:03 月 21 日
Games controls COMPLETELY ruin this experience , this game has alot of potential if the devs would spend some time on their controls , this is also the same company that made Go Home Dinosaurs which is also very good if the controls didn't ruin that experience as well , I think if this developer was to hire someone that could implement decent controls that are responsive this company might go somewhere but if they let it go the games this company produces will be remembered for some of the poorest controls ever delivered on a PC platform.

3/10 For controls that are even worse than Go Home Dinosaurs.
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3 人之中有 2 人(67%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 29 日
If you do not have a Xbox 360 controller to with this game I would reccomend finding one or just avoid this game altogether. The play and ideas for the game are great but the reduced functionalities of the mouse and keyboard make the game more of a frustration to play than fun.
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4 人之中有 2 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考
2.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 12 月 13 日
Just play rampart or rampage instead
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13 人之中有 12 人(92%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 05 月 14 日
Slam Bolt Scrappers is a hybrid of Tetris-style puzzles with aerial combat thrown in. You control a person on a jet pack who collects pieces and assembles them into blocks to make weapons to destroy the other side, but to get the pieces, you need to fight aerial monsters and you have to wrestle them away from the enemy player.

I really didn't find much enjoyable about this game, really. As an avid fan of puzzle games, this was really a let-down, because the aerial combat is so much more important. You're not really given any time at all to strategically plan your board to get awesome weapon combos... even if you knock out your enemy, he'll be back in seconds to hassle you again. The only thing that might be worth it is the multiplayer, just for the fun of beating the crap out of your friends.

The graphics are cel-shaded and look alright. The music and sound work but aren't memorable. I used keyboard controls, and they seemed to work just fine. The only thing this game is really missing is fun.

If you're a big fan of frantic fighting-type games, then maybe you'll get more out of this than I did. I was really hoping for more puzzle-based gameplay from the screenshots, and I was let down. I certainly wouldn't recommend it at full price. If this looks good to you, wait for a sale.
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19 人之中有 15 人(79%)認為這篇評論值得參考
60.8 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 12 月 15 日
Disclaimer: I was the developer of the Windows/Steam version of Slam Bolt Scrappers, so obviously I am biased. Having said that, when I first signed on for working on the game, I initially wasn't all that attracted to the gameplay, since mashup brawlers were not my thing, but I did love the visuals a lot. It seemed like a good fit for Steam, so despite me not liking the gameplay, I took on the project. However, I was very quickly won over with the gameplay, and now I love the game. It has just the right balance of "omg, should I continue beating up the opponent right now, or should I go after more blocks and building more towers/weapons??". It's frenetic and addicting and especially so when playing against your friends. And I still really love the visuals.
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16 人之中有 12 人(75%)認為這篇評論值得參考
2.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 03 月 2 日
- Local multiplayer only
- Short campaign
- All characters play the same
- Unplayable with Mouse and Keyboard
- Unsatisfying combat

+ Great concept
+ Steve from Minecraft makes a cameo
+ Enemy design
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9 人之中有 7 人(78%)認為這篇評論值得參考
2.4 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 08 月 7 日
This is actually pretty fun, even in single-player. Tetris meets simple beat-em-up meets match-4. You've got to play it to believe it.
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7 人之中有 5 人(71%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.3 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 08 月 11 日
You play tetris while punching your opponent.
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4 人之中有 3 人(75%)認為這篇評論值得參考
10.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 27 日
KAMGUSTA's mini Review

You play tetris. Blocks are given by punching enemies on the screen. Nice try and nice graphics, but boring as hell.
I enjoy more playing tetris on my B/W '90s Ericsson T39i.

Score 4/10
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7 人之中有 4 人(57%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.3 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 04 月 30 日
I don't think there's anything WRONG with this game, I just got bored with it rather quickly. It seems like it's designed around multiplayer but unfortunately it's only local.
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14 人之中有 7 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.2 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 06 月 24 日
When they tell you "controller strongly recommended", they mean it: game is utter garbage with a kb/m. Not just "bad control scheme", I mean straight up "the mouse is treated as a joystick with absolute ♥♥♥♥ acceleration and you will find it impossible to move across the screen without constantly lifting and dragging".

Also unless you plan to have people over to play this it's kind of limited in fun quotient. AI is not amazing, and it seems a lot like this would benefit from ♥♥♥♥ing around with pals. But the multiplayer is local-only.

Go buy Go Home Dinosaurs instead from the same company, it's just a much better GAME if you can deal with some clever tower defense puzzles instead of... uh... defending literal towers of blocks.
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6 人之中有 3 人(50%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 01 月 10 日
Fun little battle/puzzle game.
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3 人之中有 1 人(33%)認為這篇評論值得參考
4.2 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 06 月 4 日
Tetris and Tower Defense, also with a PvP battle mode, this game is brilliant!
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3 人之中有 1 人(33%)認為這篇評論值得參考
1.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 05 月 20 日
Got it in a bundle so i cant fairly comment on financial worth, but its actually rather great. Its smash brothers meets tetris. You are building squares (each colour having a function) the bigger the square the better, you can also beat up things that drop blocks, the other player and other stuff.

Yes it has a campaign which gates off content but to be honest this game is only any good in vs mode because who really cares about beating up an AI? You want to beat up your friends!
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8 人之中有 3 人(38%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 08 月 7 日
pretty boring after a while...
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8 人之中有 3 人(38%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.2 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 03 月 30 日
Not as enjoyable as I had hoped.
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6 人之中有 1 人(17%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.9 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 8 日
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5 人之中有 0 人(0%)認為這篇評論值得參考
0.1 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 07 月 21 日
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1.9 記錄時數
張貼於:01 月 13 日
A nice twist on the Tetris concept. Highly recommend using a controller.
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