Soar through the unfriendly skies in Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - an arcade flight simulation set in World War I and II era. Buy before July 21st and save!
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  • 七场战役,基于二战的抵抗行动改编而来
  • 动感十足的游戏体验将激动人心的连续作战带给每一个人
  • 超过二十个不同的场景,每个都拥有独立的高清晰细节
  • 驾驶超过十六架不同的战机,自由选择一战或者二战设定模式
  • 扫射你的敌人,进行空中搏斗,轰炸地面目标或者以火箭摧毁敌人的有生力量和载具
  • 超过48个目标各异的任务提供了攻击,侦查和探索等多种游戏体验
  • 玩家可以用鼠标,键盘和手柄控制战机
  • 玩家可以在两种控制方案间选择:街机模式和拟真模式。
  • 多种多人联机模式,包括最大支持4名玩家的本地和互联网对战


    • Processor: INTEL/AMD CPU (1.1GHZ+)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 4.5GB HDD SPACE
    • Processor: INTEL/AMD CPU (1.8GHZ+)
    • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 4.5GB HDD SPACE
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Pretty old game, but got nice game play, not bad graphic. Little stupid story :D UK gor war vs Germany, then vs USSR then USSR is friends then again and bla bla bla :D Some time USA take games where USA vs URRR (Russia)
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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is a mixed bag of things, but mostly an arcade sim with a decent (though hyperbolic) story wrapped around it. You play a female protagonist named DeeDee who, being a pilot smuggler gets caught up into World War II. And she serves with a man who personally flew and fought with her father in World War One. As the missions progress, the story unfolds through static cut scenes that have a pleasant cell shaded hand drawn look. Missions vary from stealthy strike missions to all out balls to the wall multi-plane dogfights. If you’re looking to play an IL-2 Sturmovik imitation, look elsewhere; this is strictly for the arcade fans. Difficulty can be toggled, but some missions are more difficult than they have any right to be. One particular mission toward the end involved destroying fleeing vehicles through the city of Berlin. Tall buildings made it difficult to get decent bombing runs or rocket attacks, and it took me over 50 tries to get it. (But at this point, being so close to the end I had to finish it!)

Graphics are okay, serving the purpose. They look console-ish, and the voice acting is pretty much done by three people. One guy doing four different men’s voices with different accents is cheesy to the point of being hilarious. The music score, on the other hand, is polished and grandiose. It’s on par with a Stephen Spielberg Hollywood feature. I even looked during the end credits to find out who the composer was. Sadly, he was not credited.
The game offers multiplayer, but servers were pretty scant. I did find one each time I logged on, and this is probably a testament to the game’s age. It was fun, but mostly consisted of aerial jousts with rockets being launched at each other. A lot of my kills were dumb luck.

I won’t be in a hurry to play the original Air Conflicts or Air Conflicts: Vietnam, but if you have a few bucks left in your Steam Wallet during a Summer or Winter Steam sale, you could do worse.
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Not exactly a high quality AAA title, lacks very basic settings you should now expect from any PC game, resolution settings at the very least, but sadly, nothing, so you are forced to play in a square box at some pretty poor looking models.

The game play itself is pretty solid, I assume this is very basic flight simulator stuff though, taking off and landing is very easy, it takes a lot for you to stall your plane. There is a wide selection of different planes to choose from at the start of your missions, each having their own different stats, strengths and weaknesses. I won't spoil too much, but one of the planes is so much better than any of the others so the large choice is kind of pointless once you work it out.

There is an essence of customization when you reach certain goals, you will be granted experience points to improve your character (planes). I focused on agility and luck (which increases your critical shot chance), and this turned my plane into a little nippy bomber that could avoid pretty much any rockets!

The main story took me about 8-9 hours to complete, and it was quite an enjoyable play through. There is plenty of re-playability in the arcade mode, which is where I spent most of my time.

I would recommend this game, however if you are playing this expecting a crisp AAA experience, you will be disappointed, if you go into this with the only expectation is that you are going to fly a plane and blow stuff up, you'll enjoy it.

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a suprising refresher.

There are better arcade air combat games out there, but not many. There's defintiely better air combat sims , so if you are looking for a sim style game go else where. This one does offer excellent arcade style air combat.

The good:

Fun easy to pick up game play.
Tons of single player missions that vary in length.
Nice mission variety.
its got top secret jets in ww 2!

the bad

Story seems implausible at times. The main character is a woman (no offence ladies) but durring WW2 I doubt there were any lady pilots seeing combat.
Some of the missions seem a bit short.
The aformentioned top secret jet planes are not unlocked till you are near the end of the game.
Feels like a "poor man's" Blazing angels at times.
The graphics are good but not great for this kind of game.

That said i'd give this game a 70% overall. it is a lot of fun especially if you like air plane games that are of the arcade variety like Blazing angels. BUT if you haven't played blazing angels 1 or 2 yet i'd recommend them first before you dive into this game. (I played blazing angels on xbox 360 but you can get both of them on steam as well).
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10.7 小时(记录在案的)
This is an arcade style flight sim with a focus on fun. The game looks great, damage models look nice and being it is an arcade game, the planes handle very easy. There are a number of different campaigns and a good variety of aircraft to fly.

Going in for a bombing run and strafing enemy infantry as they scatter away from the tank you are about to destroy is very satisfying and looks great. If you want a fun flight sim without all the complexity and learning curve, and something you can just jump in and blow stuff up then this is perfect for you.

I have played for almost 10 hours so far and I've only just started the last campaign. I did try out multiplayer briefly, but this game has a great length.

- Game looks good.
- Basic controls.
- Multiple campaigns.
- Good variety of aircraft.
- Decent length.
- Fun.

- Not for you if you want an indepth flight simulator with complete realism.
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11.3 小时(记录在案的)
An enjoyable WW2 combat flight sim. Nothing mind blowing, but with a decent amount of planes to choose from, decent combat and just a little bit of RPG mechanics thrown in provides a fun arcade style flight experience.

Final Score 75/100
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Air Conflicts: Secret War is a sequel of the original Air Conflicts from 2006. It is an arcade turn-and-burn WW2 flight game with some interesting story line rarely covered in WW2 games: the Balkan conflict, and how the resistance in Poland, Azerbaijan, and other eastern European countries fought the Nazi invasion. You play the daughter of a WW1 Ace, "Deedee" as you attempt to work your way out of Africa into Eastern Europe, attempting to work your way through the war, as sort of a mercenary / smuggler for hire of the Allied side, along with your mentor Tommy (who flew with your father) and Clive, the best mechanic / drunk. You start working for Flight Captain McIntyre of the RAF, but you'll end up helping a lot fo different factions on the Allied side, not all of whom are that friendly, as you attempt to survive WW2.

The game has quite good graphics, and fully supports high resolution screens, as well as all sort of eye candy, from bump maps to high polygon models to post processing effects, and more. However, your windows need to use the regular DPI instead of any enlargement (125% or 150% under display) or you won't be able to run the config program as you can't see the buttons. Sound is quite good.

The game play has variety of mission types, such as eliminate all enemies. Though it's the timed missions, as well as the "plinking" missions that are the most frustrating. As an example of timed mission, you have to destroy advancing German tanks within 2 minutes (or they'll fire upon the convoy and you'll fail the mission). Another example is the "plink the parachutes" mission... German transports are bringing in paratroopers. You need to shoot down the paratroopers. Yes, you are here to shoot parachutes (WTF?!) And you need to shoot dozens and dozens of them... until you killed at least 12% of those darn parachutes. There's another one where "kill 70 soldiers on the ground with bombs or strafing". YIKES.

That parachute missions is the most hideous I've encountered so far, with the "kill 70 soldiers on ground" a close second. And I don't mean the objective, but the sheer frustration attempting to finish such. The parachute mission lasts 12 minutes, and you are barely informed of how you're doing. You simply keep shooting parachutes until you get a 'pass' or 'fail'. And yes, the paratroopers will scream as they fall from the sky. Same with ground soldiers you kill.

On the other hand, there are some missions that are more... subtle, such as the "smuggle" missions where you are trying to stay undetected (with a stealth meter), or a rescue / recon mission about finding a signal (radio finder blips). There's also a mission or two where you simply pilot a captured Luftwaffe plane and fly over enemy territory for recon... and hopefully not get caught by air patrols. That can get tense.

Depending on the aircraft you fly (and you fly a lot, from WW1 fighter to civilian transport, from fighters to fighter bombers, even a B-24... ) you get guns, bombs, and maybe rockets. The bombs and rockets are unlimited but takes time to regen. The guns are unlimited too, but won't fire if overheated. If you can hit a plane with a rocket, you get insta-kill, but obviously that'll be quite difficult. Hit ground targets with bombs or rockets, but you need to be VERY precise... or you don't get the kill (and fail the objective). The bigger planes have additional turrets and tail guns, and those fire automatically. You can even take control fo the turrets and let AI fly for a while. Bombers may be able to drop salvos of bombs rather than one at a time.

There are missions set in both WW1 and WW2. The story is told from POV of Dorothy "Deedee" Derbec, who fight in the various conflicts (that you play) in WW2, but also relive the missions talked about by friends of Deedee's father in WW1.

As you complete missions, depending in kills and objective completion you gain 'stars', which you accumulate to add a point to your four attributes such as luck, leadership, armor, and damage, giving it a slight RPG flavor. This also controls what planes you can unlock, and there are more than a dozen planes from all sides: German, American, British, Russian, even a few jets and rocket powered planes, not to mention bombers, fighter bombers, and pure fighters.

The locations are interesting, at least to those accustomed to regular WW2 games, as you do a lot of fighting in Eastern Europe (but that's understandable, the developers are from Slovakia), and they mixed in quite a bit of WW2 history (or at least, hypothetical history).

The game has simplified landing... basically fly through a series of "rings" and you're considered "landed". Taking off is easy: full throttle and you'll take off.

Controller is fully supported, and can be set to arcade or sim mode with different control schemes. There's also multiple difficulty levels to customize your game. There's also plenty of quick dogfight missions (random AI opponents) and plenty of multiplayer options.

Enemy AI is not bad, as they do try to get on your tail and stay there.

Overall, my impression of the game is positive, except for those painfully tedious "plinking" missions (i.e. kill paratroopers and kill 70 ground troops). I'm about 60% complete and I sincerely hope I don't run into more missions of that type. Once I got past the female narrator (female French accented English) the game is actually quite enjoyable. Enemy planes smoke and break apart convincingly, and at Rookie difficulty you generally do breeze through the missions (except for those tedious plinking missions).

if you like the genre, arcade WW2 flight game, this game is quite good. Not a must play, but definitely something to try.
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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flying game set in World War 2 with linear storyline. It's not about military power of the Nazi, Red Army or even RAF. It's about a person who try to survive in the war that consumes many other. But of course, you will be joining the Allies in the war against the German. From the desert of Tobruk to the plains and forest of Europe, you fight for your survival.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars has good gameplay, it's just since the game is about a person, it doesn't have so many great battles and some of it are stealth mission. Still, it's a challenges, not a bad game for me. The graphics is quite good, the sounds are good and the music is kinda good. I still recommend this if you like arcade games.

Rating 6/10
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2.1 小时(记录在案的)
Air Conflicts Secret Wars is a solid arcade style air combat game. Decent graphics and sound, but the gameplay can become repetitive. There seems to be no way to adjust visuals or controls. Very easy most of the time. I enjoyed the experience. Extremely simple to pick up due to its extremely arcadey style.
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0.6 小时(记录在案的)
Fun arcadey flight sim. It's more of an XBL-arcade-tier indie title than a full-fledged flight sim, which is good because I'm terrible at flight sims. The planes seem kinda the same, the missions are uninspired, but if you want to fly around and blow stuff up, this does the trick.
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13.7 小时(记录在案的)
Love this arcade style flight sim fun to play simple controls a little to easy but enjoyable and good story. If you only have an hour or so to spare you can jump straight in and play.
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1.3 小时(记录在案的)
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade style flight game. This is not a simulator, flight controls are very simple. Missions consist of destroying ground targets, taking out rival aircraft, protecting allies and picking up supplies. I found all the missions to be quite similar after a few rounds. The planes are incredibly easy to control, so you can start divebombing and doing flybys of every tower in no time. The bombs and rockets are a little more difficult to use than the machine guns. I found myself having to loop around and try to hit targets multiple times.

The cutscenes are voice overs over well drawn still frames. The graphics overall could have used some polish. This is definitely a budget game, in that most objects are quite blocky. The resolution settings do not go very high, so you will most likely be playing in a lower resolution than you are used to. The voice acting is not offensive but not great. I couldn't really tell the difference between the male characters.

Don't mistake this for a flight sim. If you are looking for a cheap arcade flight game, you could do worse than Air Conflict. However, the dated graphics and repetitive gameplay will not keep your attention for long.

Grade: C
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6.8 小时(记录在案的)
Begins slowly and starts to pick up speed when the story progresses.

Unfortunately this game also illustrates very well why action flight sims are a niche product: half-way through the game difficulty suddenly jumps a lot and every missions becomes a grinding bore. You destroy more planes than rambo kills people and you still fail missions. and those tight time limits...

Good buy from a bundle anyways. Just dont pay full price on this!
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17.3 小时(记录在案的)
Plus: Great arcade flight simulator! Decent graphics and reasonably challenging gameplay make this a winner. Interesting storyline, and no noticable graphic or audio flaws. Fast load times. Level skip feature, on the off chance you cant get past a level.
Minus: Simulation controls are nigh impossible to smoothly work with. Storyline is kind of wandering. Infantry and paratroopers are rediculously difficult to hit although you are required to at times.
8/10 Overall: For what it is, its a pretty solid little plane game, with decent graphics and sound, and fun gameplay if you use the arcade control scheme with a controller.

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.3Ghz.
2.5TB 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA II
16MB/s Cable/N300 Wifi
XFX 2GB Radeon 6950
Vizio 42" 1080P 3D LED
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I bought this game hoping it would be somewhat like Wings of Prey, but it's not at all like it. The physics are weird, very unrealistic and just not apealing to play. To someone who just wants a game to fly around in and shoot this this may be interesting, but to someone who actually wants an air combat simulator this is not a good choice.
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9.5 小时(记录在案的)
Arcade flight combat game best suited to gamepads, not joysticks.

The story is pretty boring and tends to drag on, told through pre and post mission briefings, narrated scenes with paintings and some in-game conversations (radio chatter).

The campaign is alright and it does get better as you get further in. The flight model/controls is highly simplified (designed for consoles) meaning you only turn up/down (pitch) and left/right. It is possible to roll the aircraft in 'simulation' mode but without rudder controls it is rather pointless. Ammo also refills automatically.

Shooting down lots of enemy planes and bombing lots of tanks, soldiers etc. is pretty fun. There's a bit of variety to missions but overall you still spend a lot of time shooting down planes and bombing vehicles. The AI for enemy planes, particularly for evasive manoeuvres is just awful though.

Multiplayer is so laggy it's unplayable.

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11.3 小时(记录在案的)
Air Conflicts is an arcade version of a flight sim which means you can have loads of fun without having to learn a vast number of key bindings like you do with games like the digital combat sims such as The Warthog and Black Shark sims. It reminds me of a vastly improved version of Wings of War, which was a lot of fun to play with back in the mid 2000's.

Compared to several other recently released flight sims it is rather dumbed down, but that said it's satisfyingly easy to play and has a reasonable number of varied missions to complete with decent graphics.

If you're a hardened flight sim enthusiast this isn't for you, but if you just want to jump in and start blasting away without having to learn any key bindings then this is worth getting, though I'd recommend waiting till it's on sale, which I reckon won't be too long as most of the reviews I've read weren't impressed with the game. Don't let that put you off though. Basically it's a budget arcade flyer.
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11.0 小时(记录在案的)
Average flight action game... at least, from where I am at the momen, the game is quite average. Hopefully it'll become more challenging and less bland... however the reviews of this game weren't much positive..

Oh well, it was cheap and if your interested in this game, buy it on a cheap deal!
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2.2 小时(记录在案的)
Very good game even though it is from 2011. Great graphics and gameplay.
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