Julian Luxemburg has prepared a dinner for two at his place – but things go awry when the date does not show up and he is left waiting at his dinner table, the clock’s ticking growing unbearably loud. „Dinner Date” is the character portrait of Julian: by becoming his subconsciousness you gain a clear vantage point on the worries which...
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Julian Luxemburg has prepared a dinner for two at his place – but things go awry when the date does not show up and he is left waiting at his dinner table, the clock’s ticking growing unbearably loud.

„Dinner Date” is the character portrait of Julian: by becoming his subconsciousness you gain a clear vantage point on the worries which take a hold of him. As the wait for the beautiful girl grows longer it becomes evident that Julian’s real problems may not even begin originate the girl: what of his work and his boss? And what of the headhunter, his fascination with Byron and his friendship with Jerry who, all things considered, was ultimately the person who pushed Julian to go on this date?

You are not merely listening – in the unprecedented role as his subconsciousness you tap the table, look at the clock and, as Julian bares more of his mind, reluctantly start to eat, your actions resonating with Julian’s thoughts to form an absolutely singular form of intimacy.

In this manner you will experience „Dinner Date”: with some glasses of wine, some bread, some soup - and with a clock which slowly mocks the constant wait for when she comes, this elusive girl who will solve everything.

Key features:

  • Julian’s story lasts a fully voiced 25 minutes and is told through various unique animations, set in a real-time 3d environment with the unique interface of playing as a subconsciousness, the first of its kind.
  • The game is complimented by an original score, written by Than van Nispen tot Pannerden.
  • At the Independent Game Festival 2011, „Dinner Date” has been nominated for the Nuovo award, an award which ‘honors abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development which advances the medium and the way we think about games.’


    • OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 9 compatible video card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 256 MB
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card
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Watch forever alone Julian Luxemburg eating his meal that comes every time back with the power of Jeannies Magic.
This game has a heart breaking story with full of twists. Soon you will ask yourself: "Why am I playing? What where they thinking?" And the story will fully get you. I was shocked when he brutally murdered that slice of bread by dipping it in the sauce until it was drawn. I can hear it scream in my nightmares. But that was only the start. He uses some kind of Magic device to reverse the time and let the slice of bread suffer again and again while he murder him and his Son Bread,his Daughter Bread and his Wife bread. And it goes on, He lightens an innocent Cigarette! And draws all of his life by sucking on it. What is wrong with this guy? Why is he in such a Murder Rampage? Nobody will know! And it ends with an Cliff Hangar, he goes out of his House. What will come next? Will he clomp over innocent sidewalks? Will he buy a donut and eat it while the family of Daddy donut has to watch this? I cannot tell you. But someone who drawn innocent bread is able to do anything!
This game needs a second part the next episode should be called "Dinner Date Rampage of Julian Luxemburg"
I would recommend this game but the Story about a man who has tortured slice of bread to death is to much for me. So you better play something more innocent with less violence. Maybe Postal 2!
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Dinner Date is a first person experience that puts you into someone's subconscious. You'll see what he sees and hear his thoughts as he waits for his date and you'll push keys. The key prompts float in little bubbles that have hints about what they'll do. Different keys do different things. You'll get to pour a glass of wine, look at the clock, check your left hand and gaze at your right hand. There are even such details like putting your spoon into soup, stirring it, put the spoon back down and so on. You'll hear the character talk, basically telling you which of the things to do next.

Going into the game I thought it would be another 'crazy hand simulator' like Surgeon Simulator or Ampu-Tea. Nope, you just press keys to do things when the prompts are up.

You have no control over movement or the camera, just over what the character does as he continues to worry about his date. He will wonder whether to drink another glass of wine and what else he could be doing. The dinner date is a quick experience, over in about 30 minutes. Trying to replay it again didn't lead me to think that there are different outcomes.

Dinner Date has a lot going for it, the voice acting is good, the environment is great, but its just a small kitchen with a table in it. You'll go to the window to have a cigarette, but that's it. This could be the demo of a bigger more detailed game, there is talent here, but I just didn't have fun playing the game. Plus there's not much here to get excited about. Its over quick. If a bobbing camera gets you motion sick, avoid this game.

Here's something to think about when telling a story. If its not the most interesting thing that happens to the character, why aren't you telling the more interesting story? Is it technical limitations such as having characters to interact with? Is this what leads the character up to his suicide or finding his true love after the game has ended? Is it witty banter amongst two characters blended with subconscious thought? No, but maybe that will happen in Dinner Date 2: The Reckoning. I'm sure that Luke Skywalker had moments where he just chilled in his bedroom thinking about a girl. That never made it into Star Wars.

Dinner Date was just watching something while I mash all keys at once since there's no sort of right or wrong. Other narrative experiences like Dear Esther and Gone Home at least give you movement control and environments to explore. Like the plot of Dinner Date, it stands in a category all its own.
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This game is good if your life sucks like mine

I mean it's the same price than a chocolate bar or a beer, but you can cry to this game longer
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Ever found yourself sitting around at home in your kitchen thinking "Boy, I wish I could play a game where I sit around at home in my kitchen whining about being stood up for a date for 25 minutes"? Neither have I.
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Skip the game - just go eat dinner.
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This game lasts 10 minutes.

You don't have to press anything to beat it.

I could have rented a movie worth my time for the $5 I paid for this pretentious turd
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The protagonist Julian Luxemburg has prepared a dinner for two and is waiting for his date. During the wait you're supposed to listen to him talking about his problems, luckily the game is very short (10 min) so it's not too painful. There are a few interactions like eating cake and drinking wine. I think this little review could be seen as a spoiler because that's basically all there is.

There are some positive things though: The narration is pretty good and the graphics are not bad. Perhaps I would've recommended it if it was free.
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The "game" plays itself. It's more of an interactive movie.
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Neurotic Mysogynist Simulator 2011.
The game is extremely short. The protagonist is awful. The time ticks by.
This is barely a tech demo, but if it was one, it would be the tech demo for a machine that fully simulates what it's like to be a total loser who hates himself for being a loser.
2/10. The graphics weren't bad. Everything else was.
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Personal Rating: 2/10

This game is bad. It fails in pretty much everything it does. A story driven game and the voice acting is bad and muffled, you can't hear it even at max volume. The graphics are fine, nothing to talk about, they're average, OK, fine, mediocre. It tells you how to use the hand, but from the eight minutes I could bare to play, I never used the hand once and just mashed buttons to turn his head slightly, drink wine or eat bread.

Don't bother buying this game, unless you get it gifted, but if you do get it gifted send it back to that person with the message "No Chance."
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Shallow and pedantic, sure, but the worst thing about this game is that you play Julian, who has absolute no character whatsoever. In the short time I got to know him, what did I find out about him? He's resentful of his job, 27 years old, single, he wants to really get laid, has a very stereotypical view of Japanese girls.

Oh yes, he likes to quote Byron. Isn't he special? Honestly, every time someone tells me they like Byron, I wonder if they only say that because they think it'll make them sound smarter.

He's not that likable. In a game that's all about persona, you have to like the person you're playing, or at least sympathize.

Ironically, it might be that the lonely angry aging man-child demographic is just the demographic who won't find "games are art" and denounce this piece without listening to how it speaks of their internal struggles.

A swing, and a miss.

Further more, the game, despite offering the will to take control of Julian's subconciousness, you are limited in what you can do. You are still guided by the developer's vision. What if I don't want to drink? What if I want to call up my buddies right when I realize she's 20 minutes late and probably not coming? What if I, as the subconcious, don't want to be some pushover white guy. You are guided, you are not in control for, as much as you are the subconcious, Julian will monologue internally, "I SHOULD DRINK SOME WINE, JUST DRINK IT." At this point, am I even in control?

A big swing to a slider.

And finally, here you are, talking about Meiko, like her only state of being is being a "Twenty-year-old Japanese girl," emphasis on "Japanese" because that is her entire existence. Orientalism abound, I can't in good concious really endorse some dung-show f-boy that's just horny for some Asian exotique.

Nothing but air, and a strike out.

Also, no steam trading cards or achievements? What is this, a game for babies?
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I just... no. I can't recommend this. It's not that it's bad, it's that it's as stale as the left-over bread at the end of a failed dinner date.

I'm sure you can make the justification that this is art, expressing the tedium and anguish that comes with an uncertain future, but you have to have some initial investment in the situation to really get that feeling. It's why when someone dies in the first five minutes of a movie, we don't really care nearly as much as when they die right at the end. It makes it hard to care. Sure, the voice acting's alright. The game does a decent job conveying what it's like to be stood up, and it's short, to the point, but I just can't recommend it.

I'm sure this game means a lot to someone, but this someone ain't me.
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So, not quite what i think the game was about.
The game have no story interaction control whatsoever no mater what you do. You only can control some involuntary movements but the (boring esixtenzial) story always repeat itself.

Sure is a nice "piece of useless art" but is nothing like a game. Is more like a first person movie where you have a realy limited interaction.

Maybe - and just maybe - a similar concept could work well with an oculus rift
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This game is amazing. If offered me an experience I never had before and I probably never will have. I had so many feelings come over me. I felt the amazing feeling of having a date. I felt the horible feeling of someone not showing up to the date. It simulated real life perfectly. I'm glad I played this game before going on a real life date. If I ever feel lonley in by bedroom in the dark with the blinds closed then I can just play dinner date and feel the sensation of having a date. Then I will feel the depressing feeling of having my date not show up. In conclusion, this game is the best game I have played since Lunch date simulatior. I give this game a 20/10
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Отвратительно.Главный герой неадеватный нытик и синяк, тут же цапнул бутылку красного и стал пить даже неподождав и 30 минут девушку.Вам придёться слушать его нытьё, смотреть на его неврозы, потом посмореть как он пожрёт, покурит и свалит из дома.
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This game should be rated as the dialog has very strong language and lots of sexual reference. It is a very depressing game and I didn't feel very connected to the character. Gone Home was done so much better with a sense of mystery. You can guess the date is going to go horribly wrong after the first minute of the game.
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Don't buy this game unless you want to "play" it for less than half an hour, and then delete it and be forced to look at the worst (albeit rather cheap) purchase of your life in your library forever.

I put "play" in quotation marks like that because you don't play anything- you press random buttons and listen to the most pretentious guy who was probably *spoiler* stood up for a reason. That's right, your date never shows up, so you're stuck listening to the really boring thoughts of some guy you don't care about at all.

Also infinite bread.
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It's a game about a guy who gets blue balls...
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where were all you intolerant "GONE HOME IS NOT A GAME" jackasses when this piece of ♥♥♥♥ fell out of the devil's thorny black pretentious ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Where does one begin when talking about such a master piece as "Dinner Date"?

I'll start with the obvious narrative. While, ironically so, the game is entitled "Dinner Date" it doesn't infact supply a date. Maybe a subtle undertone on Julian's dancing with his thouight of religion and Christianity? One must ask thesmelves.

Second of all is the appealing visual effects. I was absoloutly blown away by the look of the food and cigarettes. I could feel my stomach filling as I dined alone, on my bread and wine. What a beautiful nod towards Jesus. I was blown away.

Lastly, I want to mention the dialogue. While not 100% clean, it really struck me in a deep way. Showed how much of a hard time the character is having. My daughters hamster died recently so she can relate.

This is a fantastic visual and audible feast and I'm going to present it to my Sunday School church group this week!