Dieses Produkt benötigt zum Spielen die Steam-Version des Hauptspiels SpaceChem.

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Veröffentlichung: 22. Juli 2011

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Dieses Produkt benötigt zum Spielen die Steam-Version des Hauptspiels SpaceChem.

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Erforschen Sie die Vergangenheit mit dem ersten DLC von SpaceChem, "SpaceChem:63 Corvi. Folgen sie einem jungen Bruce Novak, in die Zukunft CEO von SpaceChem, und seiner Mannschaft von Ingenieuren auf einer Mission zum Stern 63 Corvi in eine Kollapsars Gateway Reduzierung und erweitern Sie das menschliche Imperium. Zu den Erneuerungen der Spielmechanik gehören, die "Quantum-Kreuzung", dem Quanten-Tunnel von ResearchNet damit Sie es zur nächsten Stufe bringen.


  • Umfasst sieben neue Rätsel mit den neuen "Quanten-Kreuzungen", darunter auch drei Pipeline Rätsel.
  • Erfahren Sie mehr über die Vergangenheit der CEO von SpaceChem mit einer neuen spannenden Geschichte.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7
    • Prozessor: 2.0 GHz Prozessor
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM
    • Festplatte: 300 MB
    • Grafikkarte: Framebuffer-Unterstützung empfohlen
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Verfasst: 14. März 2013
For analytical thinkers, SpaceChem is hands down the best PC based puzzle gaming experience there is. Build, troubleshoot, and watch your solutions come to life. Then rebuild them with improved efficiency! It's a game that takes a lifetime to master, but there's really no wrong way to play. The majority of my solutions seem to take the Rube Goldberg approach, but they work and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a working solution in action.

The 63 Corvi DLC provides a handful of additional puzzles and brings barriers and teleportation to the mix offering some serious head pounding challenge. Definitely worth picking up if you haven't given up on the base game already.
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Verfasst: 20. Dezember 2014
It's only $1.99, and often gets deep discounts, so if you enjoyed SpaceChem you should buy it to get a few new puzzles. It focuses on puzzles that require quantum tunneling atoms across barriers, and pipelines that can only move individual atoms. It's an interesting challenge, but I didn't enjoy it as most of SpaceChem.
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Verfasst: 1. März 2015
SpaceChem: 63 Corvi is DLC for the game SpaceChem. It adds a new planet with 7 levels, and a new mechanic - quantum teleportation, as well as a new "barrier" mechanic which needs to be worked around. The levels are roughly as difficult as some of the mid-to-late game levels, but rarely are exceptionally difficult. If you enjoyed the base game, you'll almost certainly enjoy the DLC. However, there is little in this DLC which would serve to attract those who didn't enjoy the base game. At $2, the price is more than reasonable for the additional gameplay.
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Verfasst: 16. März 2015
SpaceChem is a gem on Steam for programmers and puzzle lovers. So is the 63 Corvi campaign. It was a great sense of accomplishment to beat both the base game and the campaign.

The 63 Corvi campaign stays consistent with the base game's chapters with its mix of research and production assignments (no defense mission this time, just an "execution" type level at the end). The first two of the 7 assignments are easy and then the difficulty spikes up. However, just like in the base game, you do learn tricks as you solve the more difficult puzzles that help you strategize your approach in later and even more difficult assignments.

The new quantum tunnenling puzzle mechanic basically just swaps individual atoms across a barrier in the middle of the reactor. Any atoms that collide with the barrier results in an error so you have less space to work with this time around and any bonds between the swapped atom and other atom(s) are broken. I really felt that this new mechanic made the whole campaign feel unique and not just some uninspired, rehashed addon.

All of the other puzzle mechanics are retained from the base game except flip-flops, fuse commands, and split commands (from researchNet).

A must buy for all those who enjoyed the base game and want more.
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Verfasst: 2. März 2015
If you like SpaceChem you must buy this one.
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