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Release Date: 15 Apr 2011
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About the Game

BEHIND EVERY WAR IS A TRUTH YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO KNOW … The year is 2025 and the world is shaken by numerous conflicts over the control of dwindling natural resources. The hunger of rival warlords and dictators of mainly underdeveloped countries for advanced and highly effective weapon systems appears insatiable and the profits of the arms industry have reached new heights.

As highly advanced weapon systems, made in the USA, are sighted on various battlegrounds in Third World countries, the US government decides to send in an ISA agent, Cpt. Myra Lee, to find out how political enemies are acquiring arms that are under strict embargo.

Myra is sent to Mogadishu, where American made weapons have allegedly been employed in combat by Somali military forces against rebel units. In Somalia, Myra meets Cpt. Aron Alvarez, a hard-boiled close combat specialist of US Army's 1st SFOD-Delta, whose squadron is assigned to assassinate Somalia’s dictator. Myra and Aron begin working together only to discover that that the seriousness of the whole affair reaches much deeper than just the illegal trade of US weapon systems.

A special unit under the codename SHADOW HARVEST is formed within the ISA to reveal the truth. Cpt. Myra Lee and Cpt. Aron Alvarez are made partners in the operational core of this special unit and their investigations lead them to various places all over the world.

  • Based on the operations of the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), with missions ranging from gathering critical intelligence data to covert direct action operations. The existence of the ISA has never been officially confirmed by the US government.
  • Two completely different characters; each with very specific and fully fleshed out sets of skills, preferences and abilities. Cooperatively complete covert operations. Players may switch between each character at any time, using either Aron's combat abilities or Myra's stealth skills to solve the situation.
  • Players choose from a vast array of weapons and technologies that enhance both characters strengths. Employ mechanized weapons to boldly attack enemies from head-on or an invisibility shield to creep through enemy territory undetected. Take advantage of refined game mechanics that take the traditional shoot-to-kill approach to a new level.

Key features:

  • When a covert operation to stop illegal arms sales reveals a full-scale global conspiracy, a special unit under the codename SHADOW HARVEST is formed to reveal the truth.
  • With two completely different characters serving as the unit’s operation core, you must choose from a vast array of weapons and technologies that enhance both characters strengths.
  • Features a gripping storyline that unfolds organically through the gameplay (doesn’t rely on cutscenes to move the story along). The ratio of gameplay to cutscenes is better than 13:1.
  • Players can switch between the two main characters at any time during the game to take advantage of each character’s strength as well as combat a sophisticated AI that adapts to the strategies you develop.
  • Open level design and option secondary objectives leave the outcome completely up to the player to choose.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
    • Processor: 3.2 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2.0 GB of RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB RAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB Space Free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Helpful customer reviews
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"Create RendererFailed"

All I can say about this game.

Really, I didn't expect much to begin with when I downloaded it (was part of a bundle I bought), but that I can't even play the game kinda sucks...
Posted: 14 March 2014
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8 of 12 people (67%) found this review helpful
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45 reviews
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Boring and buggy third-person-action-adventure that features two different characters, one action-focus the other one stealthy. But the much too hard difficulty level and the more than stupid AI tear every bit of fun out of Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops.
Posted: 25 December 2013
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People bash this game unnecessarily.
Yes, it’s far from perfect and has some issues but it dint destroy me having fun with it. Graphics are still nice, even when it has over the top bloom or being brownish when you turn bloom off.
The voice acting is poor and it has no facial animation but well, it is the company’s first game. What do you expect?
The game is still fun, has a great story and an unexpected ending.

You play as 2 different characters; one for shooting and blowing up stuff, the other for stealth, hacking and going undercover. Stealth is fun and rewarding if you manage a difficult section.
In most levels you can switch anytime between them and use their ability.

Some people complain about hilarious things like;
The cover system is broken.
No it is not broken, it’s a walk on system and it works perfectly fine.

No regenerating health.
What’s wrong with health packs?

Checkpoints are far away and no quick saves.
There are only 2 spots were they are far away in my view, but otherwise they are located in fair places. The game requires you to be careful. Yes, it can get frustrating at times but it pays off once you manage it.
Posted: 4 February 2014
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Most idiotic game ever built, can't jump, the mission objectives aren't clear, can't skip cut scenes and got stuck at the beginning because they put a ♥♥♥♥ing tank on a timer with a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cover mode and no way of finding wtf the ♥♥♥♥♥ wants in 26 seconds.
Rubbish buy.
Posted: 7 January 2014
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Relativ kompliziertes Spiel, das nicht gerade die beste Grafik vorweist, aber dennoch sehr interessant, wenn man sich von der Herausforderung kitzeln lässt.

Zugegeben, ich habe mir deutlich mehr von dem Spiel versprochen und bin bisher in gewisser Weise enttäuscht worden. Von den Schiesseinlagen ist das Spiel anfangs garnicht verkehrt, aber in einigen Bereichen wird dem Spieler nicht sofort klar, wie er zu handeln hat um das erste grössere Problem zu lösen.

Mit der zweiten, spielbaren Person wird es leider nicht besser, da Tipps und Vorschläge gegeben werden, die so nicht durchführbar sind. Man soll sich also mit der Frau (die zweite spielbare Person) sinnvollerweise nur vorwärts, aber nicht seitlich bewegen, damit man vom Gegner nicht gesehen wird.
Soweit logisch, aber wenn ich gleich zu Anfang hinter einer Kiste stehe/sitze, kann ich mich nur seitlich rechts bewegen und werde zwangsläufig gesehen. Das ist zwar nicht schlimm, wenn man anschliessend ein paar Sekunden still und ruhig hinter der nächsten Kiste verweilt, verliert der "Wachmann" das Interesse und "vergisst" einen, bis man sich weiter bewegen muss.

Insofern ist die zweite, spielbare Passage nicht weiter schwierig, nur kompliziert dargestellt, zumal irgendwo auch die schlüssige Kombination eines lautlosen Nahkampfangriffs fehlt, wenn man ja schon im stillen agieren soll....

Wenn das Spiel im Angebot ist, macht man sicher keinen Fehler, dieses Spiel zu kaufen, aber einen Vollpreis von 19,99 € halte ich leider für zu teuer. Dafür ist die Grafik zu schlecht und das Spielpprinzip zu aufwändig, wobei es mir in der Seele wehtut, diese Rezession zu verfassen.

Ich finde es toll, wenn kleine Entwickerstudios solche Schritte wagen und ein Spiel programmieren, was genau meine Genre betrifft, aber um so mehr tut es mir dann leid, wenn sie, die Entwickler, es leider völlig versemmeln.

Für alle also, die wirklich eine Herausforderung suchen, den sei das Spiel, wenn es im Angebot ist, wärmstens empfohlen
Posted: 29 December 2013
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