Enjoy the complete medieval experience in The Stronghold Collection, featuring five real-time strategy games. Create and defend your castle stronghold as you expand your lands, survey the castle life in your domain, host great jousting festivals and feasts, or conduct public executions to keep the peasantry in line.
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"Still played today, Stronghold 2 features peace and war campaigns, skirmish, multi player, a map editor and free build! [Firefly Studios Developed Game]"


Enjoy the complete medieval experience in The Stronghold Collection, featuring five real-time strategy games. Create and defend your castle stronghold as you expand your lands, survey the castle life in your domain, host great jousting festivals and feasts, or conduct public executions to keep the peasantry in line.

The ultimate medieval RTS package contains:
  • Stronghold: The original castle sim that started it all
  • Stronghold 2: The King, having fled after the defeat of his own armies, now attempts to rule his country from a secret location. Powerful barons now jostle for what is fast becoming a disintegrating kingdom – it is up to you to stem the tides of their ambition and unite the land under the king again!
  • Stronghold Crusader: Journey to distant Arabian lands renowned for brave warriors and fearsome weaponry as you lead a determined group of Crusaders. Now you have the chance to relive the historic Crusades in four campaigns as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, the Sultan of Syria.
  • Stronghold Crusader Extreme: Extreme adds on 20 new missions, new buildings, and larger armies of 10,000 troops.
  • Stronghold Legends: Lead as fantasy characters throughout history: King Arthur and the forces of Camelot, Siegfried and Dietrich in the German Ice Campaign, and unleash the fury of the forces of evil in Vlad Dracul’s Transylvania.
  • Updated for Windows 7 and Vista compatibility


    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6GHz equivalent Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Video: 64MB video card with hardware Transform & Lighting
    • Hard Drive: 2.5GB uncompressed free space
    • Sound: DirectX 7 compatible sound card or higher
    • Direct X/reg;: DirectX 9.0c (included) or higher
6 人中有 5 人(83%)觉得这篇评测有价值
8.2 小时(记录在案的)
Best collection ever. Stronghold 2 and Legends are the best in my opinion.
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2.7 小时(记录在案的)
An oldie but a goodie
1.2 小时(记录在案的)
good game
48 人中有 46 人(96%)觉得这篇评测有价值
1.4 小时(记录在案的)
Honestly, this is one of my favorite series of games. I'm a bit of a medieval fanatic so I know what I'm saying when I tell you that I van definately recommend this collection!

The original Stronghold is the best. While old, the game mechanics are still quite impressive. Like any Stronghold game, you basically build your castle the way you want while simultaneously managing your stockpiles, funds, and hundreds of ungrateful peasants. You need to keep them happy, for the most part, but stronghold one has more to offer: you can also use fear to terrorize your subjects into submission! This, imo is the best way since if you can keep them both happy but intimidated, they will work much harder and produce more resources. Stronghold 1 imo is a 10/10!

Stronghold 2 is basically like the first one but with 3D graphics and a really annoying yet fun crimne system. Unfortunately, they completely got rid of the fear factor stuff and replaced it with crime which was a terrible mistake, FACT. However, Stronghold 2 is still tons of fun and to this day is still one of my favorites. Castle sieges are where this game shines as combat is a bit more realistic. Knights can no longer bring down castle walls as they could in stronghold 1. I give stronghold 2 an 8/10!

Stronghold Legends is imo the weakest of the franchise. It's an extremely dumbed down version of Stronghold 2. There is no crime or fear factoring and its just way too easy. Un;ess you completely suck at these kind of games, you will never see your happiness rate drop below 99. The only things I think are good about this game are the medieval mythology setting and the map editor. Imo, Legends gets a 4/10.

All in all, this collection is great! Hope this review helped.
45 人中有 34 人(76%)觉得这篇评测有价值
24.3 小时(记录在案的)
No wood m'lord!
45 人中有 31 人(69%)觉得这篇评测有价值
57.5 小时(记录在案的)
This game is amazing!!!
8 人中有 7 人(88%)觉得这篇评测有价值
35.3 小时(记录在案的)
Okay so I bought this on sale for 6.59 and its the greatest deal I've ever seen in my entire. So far I've only played Stronghold 2 and Legends, but they are both EXCELLENT games. 5 stars
9 人中有 7 人(78%)觉得这篇评测有价值
146.7 小时(记录在案的)
The People warship you ma'Lord! Can't place that their my lord.

Love stronghold 2 and is still the best Stronghold game ever made.

So let's be honest you just going to buy this for stronghold 2.

13 人中有 9 人(69%)觉得这篇评测有价值
6.8 小时(记录在案的)
There are vey few video games that do castle simulation quite well like Stronghold series without it feeling like a car held togethor with tape
4 人中有 4 人(100%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.1 小时(记录在案的)
this collection os so good, I used to play these games as a kid and loved them the graphics are not the most attractive around but the games themselves are so good and you will not regret your buy!!! (if you try to fight the graphics).
5 人中有 4 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
43.7 小时(记录在案的)
Really only got this for stronghold 2
4 人中有 3 人(75%)觉得这篇评测有价值
22.3 小时(记录在案的)
I got this game collection through a friend. I didnt even know what this game was about until then. I wasnt that in to RTS games much but thanks to this game its a genre i would love to delve deep into. Starting out with a small village only for it to become a kingdom is an accomplishing feeling. Stronghold 2 may not be the greatest RTS game in the world, but what it does get right is the castle building aspect. Which is what sets it apart from the rest. The multiplayer is fun too, having you and your friends build up to watch each other kingdoms fall is pretty fun. If you dont mind a few bugs, and balancing issuses. Stronghold 2 is an enjoyable expierence.
8 人中有 5 人(63%)觉得这篇评测有价值
0.4 小时(记录在案的)
Worth it for Stronghold and Crusader, the rest are just bonuses.
10 人中有 6 人(60%)觉得这篇评测有价值
145.7 小时(记录在案的)
best gaem eva 1000/10
10 人中有 6 人(60%)觉得这篇评测有价值
2.4 小时(记录在案的)
this game is so sexy you could put butter on it and eat it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
3 人中有 1 人(33%)觉得这篇评测有价值
27.4 小时(记录在案的)
Amazing Have to buy. Perhaps not best graphics but this game is old, BUT this game is litterly king well the total war is prince
4 人中有 1 人(25%)觉得这篇评测有价值
17.8 小时(记录在案的)
23 人中有 10 人(43%)觉得这篇评测有价值
60.7 小时(记录在案的)
If you don't like this game kill yourself, you are the scum of the earth.
4 人中有 0 人(0%)觉得这篇评测有价值
78.4 小时(记录在案的)
Stronghold 3 is not working. Crash
9 人中有 2 人(22%)觉得这篇评测有价值
1.7 小时(记录在案的)
Not bad, it was fun for a while.