Genießen Sie das komplette mittelalterliche Erlebnis in der Stronghold Collection, die alle 5 Echtzeitstrategie-Spiele beinhaltet. Errichten und verteidigen Sie Ihre Burg während Sie Ihre Ländereien erweitern.
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Veröffentlichung: 27. Okt. 2009

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"Still played today, Stronghold 2 features peace and war campaigns, skirmish, multi player, a map editor and free build! [Firefly Studios Developed Game]"

Über dieses Spiel

Genießen Sie das komplette mittelalterliche Erlebnis in der Stronghold Collection, die alle 5 Echtzeitstrategie-Spiele beinhaltet. Errichten und verteidigen Sie Ihre Burg während Sie Ihre Ländereien erweitern. Überwachen Sie das Burgleben auf Ihrer Festung, halten Sie üppige Tjosten und Festmahle oder führen Sie öffentliche Hinrichtungen durch, um die Bauern unter Kontrolle zu halten.

Das ultimative RTS Pack beinhaltet:
  • Stronghold: Die originale Burgsimulation, mit der alles begann
  • Stronghold 2: Der König, der nach dem Untergang seiner Armeen geflohen ist, versucht nun sein eigenes Reich von einem geheimen Ort aus zu regieren. Mächtige Barone drängeln sich nun um das langsam aber sicher zerbröckelnde Königreich – es liegt nun an Ihnen deren Bestreben aufzuhalten und das Land unter dem König wiederzuvereinen!
  • Stronghold Crusader: Führen Sie eine entschlossenen Gruppe von Kreuzrittern durch das entfernte arabische Land, das bekannt für seine mutigen Kämpfer und furchterregenden Waffen ist. Jetzt haben Sie die Möglichkeit die historischen Kreuzritter in 4 Kampagnen wiederzubeleben als Richard Löwenherz und Saladin, Sultan von Syrien.
  • Stronghold Crusader Extreme: In Extreme gibt es 20 neue Missionen, neue Gebäude und größere Armeen von 10,000 Truppen.
  • Stronghold Legends: Gehen Sie als Fantasie-Charaktere durch die Geschichte: King Arthur und die Mächte von Camelot, Siegfried und Dietrich in der German Ice Campaign und entfesseln Sie die Wut der bösen Mächte in Vlad Dracul’s Transylvania.
  • Jetzt auch kompatibel mit Windows 7 und Vista


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
    • Prozessor: 1.6 GHz equivalent Intel oder AMD Prozessor
    • Speicher: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 64 MB Grafikkarte mit T&L
    • Festplatte: 2.5 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectX 7 kompatible Soundkarte oder höher
    • Direct X/reg;: DirectX 9.0c (inklusive) oder höher
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Verfasst: 3. Mai
TL;DR: Here's the axe, my liege.

10/10 would ♥♥♥♥ off the scribe again

Actual review:

It's $20 for a massive collection of all the greatest stronghold games (aka anything pre-stronghold 3). What you're getting is...

The original Stronghold from 2001 - a game that has aged tremendously well and looks good to this day. You build your castle and defend it from various warlords that would seek to destroy it through RTS mechanics and controlling large armies of medieval soldiers while keeping your castle happy, or simply build peacefully however you wish. Comes with a map and scenario editor and a HUGE community with downloadable maps and scenarios too. The HD remake included here also has some of these community maps and missions built in.

Stronghold Crusader (2002) - This was where stuff got interesting as this implemented AI for building castles and such, meaning now you could play against AI opponents building their own castle across the map and be rushed to simply have a better one than them before armies clash. The original stronghold had multiplayer, but the faster paced style of this one plus literally double the amount of units you can train thanks to mercenary outposts makes it considerably more fun to play with friends.

Stronghold 2 (2005) - This was the first 3D stronghold game to be released, and at the time of its' launch had massive bugs, crashes, and performance issues, much like a certain Stronghold 3. Difference was, they FIXED stronghold 2. The game now has a larger scale to it, with campaign missions that can span large amounts of time on a single map thanks to numerous objectives and AI castles to deal with. Bringing back AI castles and mercenaries from Crusader, this also adds in a new type of granary - the Lord's Kitchen - with 4 new types of food for your lord and various guests that magically appear during times of battle without the enemy noticing. It also goes back to Stronghold 1' style in a way, doing away with deserts and bringing back the worthless wooden walls that are brought down by peasants, as well as a new resource in the form of honor which encourages the use of the new buildings, as honor is now used to train most troops and mercenaries. It also adds in the "estate" system, which are little villages around the map that can be purchased/captured and will send you resources via horse cart, which can also be used to send your allies resources. Multiplayer is especially fun, although the inability to add AI castles during multiplayer matches (singleplayer only) is a bit upsetting.

Stronghold Legends (2006) - Based heavily off of Stronghold 2, this game features 3 different factions you can play as which now varies your gameplay massively. Taking place in mythical times, you can play as the good, the ice, or the evil, with it changing the look and play style of your castle along with it. The good side plays very much like normal stronghold, and is therefore very easy to pick up for veterans, but with the addition of King Arthur's knights of the round table as trainable, highly powerful knight units. The ice style adds in new flying units and ice-based giants and such, while also having its' own graphical style, new music, and some different structures you can place in addition to normal ones. The evil side has all sorts of weird creepy-crawly things that can easily overrun your castle, climbing right up and over walls and demolishing things easily, once again with its own visual style, music, and different structures. This also brought back adding AI to multiplayer games, allowing PVE gameplay with friends. Problem is, this is also the most glitchy game in the bundle, with AI that openly cheats by having access to things they should not be able to build yet, and also some strange changed things such as markets being absolutely useless, strange prices for resources, and other various things...oddly enough, it's these changes that people didn't much like that were kept in stronghold 3 and crusader 2. Still worth a play though.

Overall...for $20, you get 4 fantastic games that are going to give you a fantastic time playing. Make sure to get a program called "Gameranger" however, as all 4 of these games ran on gamespy for multiplayer which is now down - gameranger lets you play with friends or publically by using its' own servers rather than gamespy. Have fun!
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Verfasst: 10. Mai
First of all, I love the Stronghold games! Probably one of my top RTS games of all-time. This collection comes with Stronghold HD, Stronghold Crusader HD, Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD, Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends. This is highly recommended. This collection had endless hours of gameplay. 10/10
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Verfasst: 2. Mai
Its my entire childhood right here for only $19.99 which is pretty cheap for an entire childhood.
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Verfasst: 7. Mai
"Live by the sword, die by the sword."

We need more iron for that, sire!

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Verfasst: 24. Mai
(Stronghold 2)
This is literally the best game of my Childhood, Though I may not have many hours on steam, If I recorded the time I spent playing this game on disc version it would amass well beyond 2000 hours, Well worth playing. This game may not have the best graphics, but with this level of gameplay it exceeds most games from the time it originated from, and I personally would be willing to say it was the best game at the time it was produced. Unfortunately multiplayer is no longer supported by firefly studios, so unless you are willing to use some basically coded software to overcome this, you may be left in the dark. I'd still advise buying it, as even if you don't wish to spend your time trying to get the multiplayer to work, It is well worth the time and effort. I advise to use gameranger if you really need a source for multiplayer.
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