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發售日: 1993 年 10 月 10 日


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包含 3 個項目: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, Wolfenstein 3D

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"Better than Destiny."




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張貼於:10 月 28 日
Instant nostalgia and still better than The New Order.
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張貼於:09 月 29 日
I Am Thy Labyrinth

They speak...
In the garden of the prophet
Divine madness...
The order of the cosmic immoral
For what is humanity
If not forlorn
And crawling to my hands
When the moment sings
For I have read the signs
And I have solved the riddle
Of eternal life
The Jinnah have spoken
For I have read the signs
And I have solved the riddle
Of eternal life...
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張貼於:07 月 24 日
If you like the gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D you will like this.
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張貼於:07 月 15 日
This is really cool because the spear of destity has 100 levels, including its lost packs!
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張貼於:08 月 9 日
We all know Wolfenstein 3D was the best game ever, and of course, another one was made. However, this one was way more challenging and harder to get through than the first, and Spear of Destiny doesn't care if the game could be impossible. This is one of my favorite Id Software games, and who knew that Spear of Destiny could be better than Wolf 3D? Well, Doom II was better than Ultimate Doom, so I really am not surprised.
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張貼於:08 月 12 日
Nice mission pack for Wolf3D. Played for hours reminding me the old days.
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張貼於:07 月 14 日
on the other hand I saw a demo of this where you were Raiden fighting Sub-Zero and Scorpion with lightning bolts and it blew my tiny child mind
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張貼於:08 月 15 日
And Has A Bad Ending
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張貼於:2011 年 08 月 8 日
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張貼於:04 月 12 日
Spear of Destiny is one of the most challenging shooters I've ever had the pleasure (although sometimes the pleasure turned into despair and anger) of playing in my whole life.

It took me my sweet time, several years, to finish it. But I finally beat the whole episode today. 18 maps of pure awesomeness. The last map is one of the best maps ever to be a final map in any game. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I saw it.

Now, this game is not for amateurs. If you beat the first Wolfenstein 3D game, and I mean all 6 episodes of it, in I'M DEATH INCARNATE, well, you're still gonna have quite the challenge when you play this one. Imagine the last map in episode 2, but 10x harder.

Any true Wolfenstein fan knows about this game, but if you've never heard of it and loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D and are excited about The New Order, well, you should give this one a spin. Might be the little retro experience you were looking for. And, of course, it will keep you in your seat while you wait for The New Order to come out.
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張貼於:02 月 23 日
Spear of Destiny is another of id Software's amazing deliveries. A sequel to what is probably my favorite game of all time, Wolfenstein 3D.

The settings they chose for DOSBox don't appeal to me however. I am not keen on using filtered graphics. I like crisp pixels. If you would like to see what I mean there, is an easy way to set the graphics very crisp and original feeling, and while we are at it, we can also smooth out animation a lot:

1. Right-Click the game in Steam, and choose "Properties".
2. Click on the "Local Files" tab.
3. Click "Browse Local Files".
4. Double click the "base" directory.
5. Open "SOD.conf" with notepad.
6. Look for the "[sdl]" section.
7. Change "output=ddraw" to "output=overlay".
8. Scroll down to "[cpu]" section.
9. Change "cycles=auto" to "cycles=12000".

Save and exit notepad.
Run the game and enjoy.

This smooths out animation greatly, and provides original crisp feeling graphics. Some people prefer the filtered look, if that's you, just leave it as ddraw and only change the "cycles" option.
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張貼於:2013 年 10 月 21 日
You could argue that this game is to Wolfenstein 3D what Doom 2 is to Ultimate Doom.
It is, but that's not saying much, since Wolfenstein 3D didn't offer much to add on to in the first place.
All the same problems are there, and the game is given a much shorter, higher intensity length with a better sense of context. It isn't especially bad, but, well, read my Wolfenstein 3D review to see my thoughts on this game.
All the same pros and cons are there.
14 人之中有 13 人(93%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
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張貼於:05 月 22 日
Having beaten Wolf3d many times and with The New Order coming out, I figured I'd finally get around to playing The Spear of Destiny. Yes, this is a lot like Wolf3d but that's not really a bad thing. The levels seem a little more open and the bosses seem a little more difficult. Actually, the game in a whole is a lot more difficult than Wolf3d. And while it doesn't have MechaHitler (who happens to be one of my favorite video game bosses of all time) the end level is quite awesome both pre and post obtaining the spear. A must play for anyone who enjoyed Wolf3d.. I actually think I liked it more.
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張貼於:2013 年 11 月 26 日

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張貼於:2013 年 12 月 15 日
For people who look for return to danger and ultimate challenge are looking in the right direction it also has the the first spear of destiny people who like wolf3d will love this.
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張貼於:03 月 30 日
Another standalone of Wolfenstein which extends the story and gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D.
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張貼於:03 月 13 日
best game ever 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
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張貼於:2011 年 02 月 10 日
Here's some more Nazi killing fun, for a low low price.
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張貼於:2010 年 12 月 7 日
Play this with Newwolf if you can still find it; the 320x240 res is Extremely outdated. Newwolf brings the game to the 3d Rendered age of quake and OpenGL but retains everything that makes it great.

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張貼於:03 月 2 日
What can I say its Spear of Destiny. Shoot Nazi's, navigate maze's, collect treasure, and its all done using tank controls.