You are in control of X-COM: an organization formed by the world's governments to fight the ever-increasing alien menace. Features: Command deadly close-combat battles Shooting down UFOs is just the beginning: you must then lead a squad of heavily-armed soldiers across different terrains as they investigate the UFO crash site.
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (715 reviews)
Release Date: Dec 31, 1993

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"Grandfather of turn-based squad strategy. You can get Open version that makes it much more playable but you need this for it. Highly recommended."
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About This Game

You are in control of X-COM: an organization formed by the world's governments to fight the ever-increasing alien menace.
  • Command deadly close-combat battles
    Shooting down UFOs is just the beginning: you must then lead a squad of heavily-armed soldiers across different terrains as they investigate the UFO crash site. Tackle the aliens with automatic rifles, rocket launchers, and even tanks in the struggle to retrieve useful technology, weapons or life forms.
  • Research and manufacture alien technologies
    Successful ground assault missions will allow X-COM scientists to analyze alien items. Each new breakthrough brings you a little closer to understanding the technology and culture of the alien races. Once you have sufficient research data on the UFO's superior weapons and crafts, you'll be able to manufacture weapons of equal capability.
  • Develop a strategy to save the Earth
    You must make every crucial decision as you combat the powerful alien forces. But you'll also need to watch the world political situation: governments may be forced into secret pacts with the aliens and then begin to reduce X-COM funding.

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Microsoft® 2000/XP/Vista®
    • Processor: 80386 processor or better
    • Memory: 4Mb RAM
    • Sound Cards Supported: AdLib compatible cards, SoundBlaster compatible cards and the Roland LAPC-1.
Helpful customer reviews
11 of 13 people (85%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Threw Detonation Pack at Chrysalid.
Chrysalid throws it back.
Squad decimated.

10/10 would throw again.
Posted: October 6
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
21.8 hrs on record
In Memory of the Dujardin Brothers

On June 13, 1999, Squaddie Henri Dujardin, age 32, and Squaddie Bernard Dujardin, age 38, were killed in action during the defense of Berlin, Germany. Many civilians became chryssalids within hours, and upon the arrival of X-squad 3, the city was overrun. The Dujardin Brothers were the first out of their Skyranger and began their mission with fervor. Captian Leonid Torban, their comanding officer, was very fond of the two, "Bernard could hit a muton from 15 tiles away and never miss! Henri, well, I guess he was good with grenades? He was the only one to not kill his own squadmates with explosives".

Soon, however, the two were separated from the rest of their squad due to a cyberdisk pinning them in a small building. Nearby chryssalids soon took advantage of the situation. The brothers made a final, valiant last stand inside the house. Henri set up multiple explosive traps at the entrances to the building and Bernard provided covering fire from the second floor. It seemed the Dujardins would make it, until one fatal mistake.

The cyberdisk was destroyed by fellow squadmates, but it exploded, causing a breach in the walls of their stronghold. A loan chryssalid was able to move into the building undetected, and while Henri had his back turned, the chryssalid impregnated Henri. He became a shambling form of his former self, his mind devoured by the chyrssalid's poison. Bernard, sensing this was his final turn, chose to sacrific himself for his team. He placed a number of high explosives inside the room he was baricaded in.

The only remainder of that building was a single 1x1 wall. Bernard had managed to eliminate 5 chryssalids as well as his former turned brother. Unfortunately, there was no body to recover. Berlin was saved, but at a high cost. Dozens of civilians lost, 5 agents lay dead, and one turned in to an alien. This victory was sour.

Bernard was promoted to the rank of captian and Henri to sergent upon their team's return to their HQ somewhere in the apparently unimportant part of Europe.

In the end, the wall was made into a memorial, the Dujardin Memorial. It lists all of the fallen agents of the campagin, with Henri's and Bernard's names at the top.

A new warcry has been established by the agents of Xcom: Remember Berlin!

10/10 would relive again
Posted: October 11
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
23.2 hrs on record
I have poured thousands of hours into this game and bought it many times. This game has taken my best team and wiped them out at the start. If you think you have played hard games or think that XCOM is hard then you need to try this. If you die it is because you were not good enough, careful enough or lucky enough.

You will die. You will get mad. But you will keep coming back. If the graphics are too old for you along with the controls then try Xenonaughts the graphics have the same style but updated and the controls are MUCH better but the game feels the same without the crazy end game stuff that is in X-COM.
Posted: September 25
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
112.9 hrs on record
Fantastic game, a real challenge for even the most hardcore strategy gamers. If you like your soldiers being killed by aliens, turned into zombies and when those zombies are killed, more aliens hatching out of them, then you'll love this game!
Posted: October 8
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
60.0 hrs on record
I do own the new xcom enemy unkown and within, and i must say even though they are both really challenging and enjoyable, they don't compare to the original.

X-COM: UFO Defense has an tense feeling, like everything could go wrong at any moment, something thats present in the new one but not as strong. I swear while doing missions, my hands shake, especially if i've grown attached to a character, who could die at any moment.

The game gets difficult fast, any free time you have should be spent preparing for battle.

-tense music makes the missions scary
-whenever you lose a soldier that you took the time to name, it hits you right in the feels
-aliens arn't pushovers, they will mess you up
-addicting, I always have to get my fix, that only the original can provide

-I wish i could choose my starting base layout, i always have to move stuff around
-black characters apear white on the battlefield, get hard to keep track of good people
-can't undo actions on the battlefield, somehow this makes he game more tense
-knee high walls make the worst cover, and you always have to walk around them leaving you open to alien fire

Observations and tips
-civilians are stupid as hell, and they always run into the aliens
-alien in corn field = death
-never stand next to a window, you will die
-never pull the pin on a gernade unless you have enough action points to throw it
-first soldier that steps off of the skyranger always dies, choose wisely
-don't get rid of any weak soldiers, use them as meat sheilds for your better soldiers
-DO NOT GROUP YOUR SOLDIERS TOGETHER, aliens have super gernades that will kill all of them
-always have a few worthless soldier on your team to look for aliens, or take gun fire

I would recommend this game to any person who loves turn based, squad management games.
Posted: October 14
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
27.3 hrs on record
remember this game was mae 20 years ago. the graphics are terrible but the game is alot of fun.
recommended and highly rated on year it was made. 80/100
for todays tye of games may give it a 30/100. Still fun though!!!!!
Posted: September 29
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18.7 hrs on record
Everybody Dies: The Game
Posted: September 25
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
81.3 hrs on record
When you open a door and see 4 aliens standing in front of you, looking at you- guns in hand...
then you know it's time to run. But do you dare to turn your back on them?
Amazing game, as far as turned based strategy games go. 10/10
Posted: October 3
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52.4 hrs on record
still one of my favourite games despite being so old.
The commands take a while to learn and at first seem more complicated than a jumbo jet control panel but after a while you get used to them and it gets easier.
The new version is awesome, but I still find myself coming back to this one!
Posted: September 26
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2.8 hrs on record
The one that started it all. Turn-based tactical goodness.

Also, the game hates you. Passionately. 10/10 would get ♥♥♥ kicked again.
Posted: October 20
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16.6 hrs on record
Full disclosure 1: yes, I played the game back when it first came out. So one CAN accuse me of a nostalgia bomb. But I am not reviewing X-com UFO defense from my memory of playing it 15 or so years ago, I am reviewing based on recent play throughs. And it still has all the charm that it had from the start.

Full Disclosure 2: I played the Vanilla steam version for a while, then noticed comments on something calld OpenXCom. (easily found on the net). It's a free, extensive overhaul with many mod choices built in. Very easy to set up; you do need to have a vaniilla version (steam version works for disc required, and it is pretty cheap). Some of the many choices are PSI on/off; improved H. Lasers, choices for setting up your first base rather than accepting the default, and so on. Highly recommended.

Ok, the actual review. It is one of my favorite games of all time (not judging it in its release time frame, but CURRENTLY). The graphics are last century, iti is true. But the gameplay is +++++. It is tough; there is a lot to figure out, and things never seem to happen in an orderly fashion. Sometimes you just have to give up a mission; sometimes you just have to give up a game. The aliens like to win, LoL. It's a lot of fun to grind through a mission successfully, but there are no guarantees.

One of my criteria for a top notch game is whether it provides not only fun, dangerous stuff to do throughout, but once in a while something unexpected happens that blows me away. Like when I found out if I through a grenade on a roof, that it could bounce, and if it bounced into an alley it would fall to the ground, and if there was a hidden alien there you would hear a muffled explosion and then....the alien death cry you hardly expected. First time that happened I had to save and quit for a while...I was laughing too hard.

If you like challenges, tactics, and turn-based games, this is a must try out. Good luck, andI I hope you can stop those monsters!
Posted: October 15
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8.8 hrs on record
A classic and still as playable as ever
Posted: October 7
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168.7 hrs on record
Still one of the greatest games of all time. Deep turn based tactics and an enthralling overworld strategy combined that have still never been outdown. They pull as much character and feel out of the graphics and sound as humanly possible for the technology at the time; if you can forgive the graphics, the aethetic is amazing. Can also check out the "openXcom" remake for what's essentially the same game with some fixes and slightly revamped UI.
Posted: October 12
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413 of 440 people (94%) found this review helpful
119.7 hrs on record
Never before
Have I been so afraid
Of one single alien
Who holds a grenade
Posted: June 8
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46 of 46 people (100%) found this review helpful
33.0 hrs on record
This game is freaking awesome, after 20 years it's still amazing.
There are so many good things to say that is difficult to decide where to start ...

- turn based strategic combat, take your time to decide your strategy
- research based on alien captured technology, this keeps me motivated to keep playing
- management of resources of your bases, full control of your assets
- recruit soldiers and see them evolving ... and dying :)
- if you are spending too much money, you could sell things and even fire people!
- air combat is simple and effective
- and every element is this game has an effect on other parts:
A) resources captured in the battlefield will give you new research paths and money
B) research will give you new stuff to build
C) stuff you build will make you more powerful in the battlefield
D) more battlefield missions will give you new resources

As a Sci-fi aficionado this game will give you plenty of funny hours.
Absolutely recommended, if you haven't played, do it now!!
This game is a masterpiece!!
Posted: July 25
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75 of 91 people (82%) found this review helpful
13.9 hrs on record
Half my squad got massacred by one chrysalid
Posted: August 4
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39 of 46 people (85%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
The greatest turn-based strategy game ever made, bar none, with fantastically designed edge of your seat battles, combined with an elegant (for 1993) UI, make this an unforgettable, absolutely-must-own experience.
Posted: June 28
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45 of 58 people (78%) found this review helpful
6.1 hrs on record
Simply a classic, this game should be in everyone's library!
Posted: April 28
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
178.1 hrs on record
I ordered one rookie to walk out of the landing craft after waiting for a UFO to show up for half an hour.

An alien shot him and the rest of the squad panicked and shot each other.

11/10 would play again.
Posted: July 11
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
This game is for the few who want extreme realism and control over everything. You have to buy every single cartridge of ammo or every single rocket yourself, then equip them to your troopers. You pretty much have to do everything yourself. Never forget to research new technologies, then construct the results. There is no tutorial, once you position and name your first base, you are entirely on your own. If you have never played it before I'd reccomend either Xenonauts, which is VERY similar but slightly mordenized or the new XCOM game, which is more simple and user-friendly.
Posted: September 2
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