Railroad Tycoon 3 indeholder 25 scenarier, der udfordrer spillerne til at genskabe store bedrifter i jernbanens historie rundt om i verden. Spillerne kan lægge spor (inklusive tunneller og broer), vælge blandt mere end 40 lokomotiver lige fra tidlige damplokomotiver til moderne hurtigtog, vælge at fragte mere end 35 forskellige slags...
Brugeranmeldelser: Hovedsagelig positive (149 anmeldelser)
Udgivelsesdato: 23. okt 2003

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Bemærk: Dette spil er ikke kompatibelt med Windows Vista eller Windows 7

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Om dette spil

Railroad Tycoon 3 indeholder 25 scenarier, der udfordrer spillerne til at genskabe store bedrifter i jernbanens historie rundt om i verden. Spillerne kan lægge spor (inklusive tunneller og broer), vælge blandt mere end 40 lokomotiver lige fra tidlige damplokomotiver til moderne hurtigtog, vælge at fragte mere end 35 forskellige slags fragt i en dynamisk økonomi samt deltage i et avanceret aktiemarked.
Den nye 3-D-motor fører hele foretagendet op på et højere niveau med gnidningsfri skalering lige fra et atmosfærisk overblik over et helt kontinent ned til et superdetaljeret nærbillede af et smukt modelleret tog, en bygning eller simpelthen landskabet.
Railroad Tycoon 3 indeholder også mere støtte i multiplayer-tilstanden end sin forgænger med integreret online chat og en kontaktformidlingstjeneste. Som kronen på værket indeholder spillets lydspor noget af den bedste blues, bluegrass og anden musik af amerikansk baggrund, der findes.

Multiplayer available in LAN mode only.


    Minimumskrav: Windows 2000/XP (kun), 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1,2 GB ledig harddiskplads, 16 MB 3D-grafikkort, mus og tastatur, DirectX-kompatibelt lydkort med højttalere/høretelefoner anbefales.
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8 af 9 brugere (89%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
16.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 3. februar

Railroad Tycoon 3 is a management strategy and railroad building simulator. As an enterprising tycoon (yes, an ACTUAL tycoon) of the 19th century or 20th century, build a railroad empire across a multitude of landscape, laying or acquiring tracks and locomotives, ferrying people and cargo, investing in your (or your competitor's) stock and industries, while the cities around grow and more advanced steam, diesel and electrical engines are invented.

Pros: As a train company, you have a large amount of decisions you can make, although the game has a faily enough simplified interface to avoid over-complication. A variety of options are available for the tracks you lay, the stations you build, the train engines you purchase and the cargo you haul. As time goes by, new technology and world modernization adds additional options, anywhere from new bridge types to new engine technologies (coal, diesel, electrical). Cities and industries are dynamic and take shape based on how much your company help them: cities will grow as you ferry passengers, new industries are build as cities grow, new cargo are available for import or export as new industries are built. You also get to manage stocks, whether issuing or buying it back, buyingt competitor's stocks for hostile takeover, and even influance how much power the shareholders have over your decisions from your own stash of stocks you can buy from your hard-earned salary as president of the company. The game also offers a large list of geographical locations to base your games, and game types such as goal-achieving scenarios, randomized games or straight sandbox.

Cons: The graphics are showing their age a lot. You have limited randomization options and the land masses are pre-generated. You are limited to a single, continuous or branching railroad, unable to plant additional stretches if it doesn't connect to your existing track. Depending on the difficulty, competing tycoons are both extremely agressive and extremely dumb in their track laying stretegy.

Verdict: Even today, Railroad Tycoon 3 remains fun and is still the best incarnation of its genre: neither too realistic nor too gamy/dumbed-down. If you like this sort of game and don't mind the aging look, you'll find plenty of options in this game, well worth the price!
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5 af 7 brugere (71%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
0.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 23. januar
This is an old classic. I know it says not compatible with Windows 7 but it runs just fine on my 6 core AMD Windows 7 64 bit Pro with Nvidia GT750Ti graphics. The textures are kinda meh because it is an older game but it still looks rather nice even today. I do recommend this old classic but, as always with the compatibility issue your results may vary depending on computer configuration. 10/10
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2 af 4 brugere (50%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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Indsendt: 20. juni
Be careful if you have windows 8, because it might break your web browser. I loved this game as a kid, and had it on a disk so when I saw it on steam I wanted to relive those good memories. However After trying to play it it always crashes if you hit a button during the intro cinematic, and it sometimes crashes on its own. One time when it crashed I had google chrome open and when it crashed chrome crashed too, and now my chrome is broken, and nothing I've doen has restored it. I now have to use Firefox. If you don't want to use crappy browsers then be careful when buying this game. Also to meet the 5 min requirement to write this review, I had to repeat the crashing intro over several times. It sucked.
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82 af 87 brugere (94%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
42.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 7. december 2013
The system requirements of this game confuse me. It says that it will not run on Windows Vista or Windows 7, but it's running fine for me on Windows 7 and I didn't have to do anything to make it work. I simply installed it and it worked. Now, to the game. I really enjoyed playing Railroad Tycoon 3, being my first Railroad Tycoon game on PC (after having played Railroad Tycoon 2 on the PlayStation 2) and in my opinion, it is a much better and simpler game to play than its predecessors
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40 af 42 brugere (95%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
152.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 13. februar 2014
Ah Railroad Tycoon 3, my childhood. Before I go any further, the game WILL work on Vista and Windows 7. Go to http://hawkdawg.com/ to find patches for blurry textures and the Vista fix.

Railroad Tycoon 3 is the third installment of the Railroad Tycoon series. Developed by PopTop Software and The Gathering of Developers, Railroad Tycoon 3 introduces the 3D engine to the Railroad Tycoon series. Railroad Tycoon 3 has three main game modes. Campaign, Sandbox, and Scenarios. If you want to play a challenging campaign mode, you have it, or if you just want to go and lay some track, you can do that too. In campaign mode, there are three difficulties; Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can choose between 25 different games to choose from, and can go from left to right, or start at the hardest one. In scenario mode, you play against a computer player on a selected map, and race to be the highest company to win. In sandbox mode, you pick a map and time period, and then go have fun!

If you feel like you want to develop for the game, you can create skins and maps too. Railroad Tycoon 3 introduces a new map editor, making it easy to create maps. Unfortunately, it has a few issues, but I will talk about those later. Inside the map editor, you can import grey-scaled maps defining the height of a map, and add trees, rivers, oceans, and many more!~
Probably the best thing about this game is the community support. Railroad Tycoon 3 has a huge community, primarily the one at hawkdawg.com. There you can find unofficial patches, maps, trains, and other things to enhance your Railroad Tycoon 3 experience. Sign-up there today!

Overall, Railroad Tycoon 3 is amazing. The game is far superior to it’s successor Sid Meier’s Railroads, and some may argue that it’s predecessor Railroad Tycoon II, is better. All three games can be purchased in the Railroad Tycoon bundle, which is an amazing price for what you get. If you wait for a Steam sale, you get an incredible deal.
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