Building on Supreme Ruler 2010 and 2020, BattleGoat Studios invites you to relive the tension and uncertainty of the Cold War. As the 1950’s approach, the Korean War looms, the Arms Race intensifies, the Berlin Crisis leads to the formation of NATO, and the world anticipates a new World War.
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发行日期: 2011年7月29日


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BattleGoat Studios is excited to announce that the newest release in the Supreme Ruler series is now available under Steam Early Access Beta... Be sure to check out Supreme Ruler 1936 on Steam:


Building on Supreme Ruler 2010 and 2020, BattleGoat Studios invites you to relive the tension and uncertainty of the Cold War. As the 1950’s approach, the Korean War looms, the Arms Race intensifies, the Berlin Crisis leads to the formation of NATO, and the world anticipates a new World War.
As leader of the United States or the Soviet Union, you must make the correct Economic, Diplomatic, Domestic and Military decisions to successfully navigate your country through this dangerous historical era and increase your nation’s Sphere of Influence on the world stage.

Key Features:

  • Play as the United States or Soviet Union in Campaign Mode
  • Control any Nation in Post-World War II Era in Sandbox Mode
  • Use Diplomacy, Trade and Espionage to influence the policies of other nations
  • Research new Technologies to give your nation an edge
  • Grow and Modernize your Economy
  • Control Military production and deployment, or let your Ministers take care of the details
  • And when Diplomacy Fails… Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces!
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound including New 3D Terrain
  • Experience the redesigned GUI with improved On-Map feedback and streamlined controls


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core or greater Recommended
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB Hard Drive Free
    • Video Card: Direct-X 9.0 Graphics with at least 32MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Sound: Direct-X Compatible Sound
    • Additional: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers. Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over LAN or Internet
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i HATED supreme ruler 2020 (too slow, too complicated). I love cold war games but i when bought it i was ALMOST sure this game will be terrible. In fact it's kinda cool !
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Took over USSR
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this game is really fun i like to play as syria and act like al qaeda and isis lol
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An ok game, lag is a big problem and I know my pc should easily play this without lag, however, overall, its a good game and the gameplay seems easy and fun once you get the hang of it.
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Makes Civ look hella casual.
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This game is amazingly addictive and I actually prefer it over Civilization III, Civilization IV and Civilization V! You won't regret it! After playing this game for the very first time, I did think it was too hard and boring but now that I'm into it? It's seriously worth the price; however, do not buy this game if you do not like REAL TIME STRATEGY on a GLOBAL LEVEL!
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16.1 小时(记录在案的)
wow this game is good ive only played 6 hours but this game is amazing you basically make the cold war as inacurate as possible its an extremely fun game 9.5/10
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32.5 小时(记录在案的)

very cold
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Supreme Ruler Cold War is a good RTS that has players think on a much larger scale. It is not simply build units abd attack the enemy, the player has to worry about how other nations may see them. You controll everything from your economy to your army, however you will find your self autoing much of this. The Ai in the game is well...bad to say the least, within a few games you will fing it not very hard at all. The online community is practically gone although you can still find the odd game or two.
All in all it is a good game that you can spend hours on.
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This game has lots of buttons. Its grate to be in charge.
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It's amazing. Buy it. Now.
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Cool Game Love It!!!
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6.7 小时(记录在案的)
although this game still has some bugs its a real improvement since SR 2020, the AI improvements were astonishing and all i can say is that if you loved 2020 then you will reach a new level of love with SR CW ;3
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46.2 小时(记录在案的)
This game drops you in head-first with no explanation on how to actually play the game. The only tutorials are a couple short YouTube videos that barely even explain how to play the game. There is no way of knowing how to do something or what effect something you've done has. Sometimes even if you make a decision your "advisors" can decide to do something different regardless of your decision.

I would only advise getting this game if you are used to playing other Supreme Ruler games but otherwise, stick to other strategy games. Especially as even the developer seems to have swept this one under the rug.
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take the time to master the game and soon the world will be yours.
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130.7 小时(记录在案的)
let me tell you something about this, my computer ain't that good, but it runs. So i start playing the game, the first thing i notice is that it doesn't have a tutorial, some i'm stuck trying figure this game out. the lags everytime the AI builds character, and everytime i tell a unit to go somewhere they there freaking right out of formation into territory, making supplies a ♥♥♥♥♥. so i rcommend this game to people who has a met the maximum requirements and has alot of time on there hands.

Little sidenote, i played the game for a straight 3 hours, and i only got 2 years in ...... yeah.
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867.1 小时(记录在案的)
It's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ do not buy game is unbalanced and unrealistic. The game is riddled with bugs making the game incredibly bad to play. Every time I have suggested ways to make the game better I have been rudley "told off" by Battlegoat. The A.I. is full ♥♥♥♥♥♥, it just clumps units everywhere and dosen't use them effectiveley in combat. I am a veteran at this game, and i can tell you it sucks. Stay away from this game, and stay away from battlegoat aka Sir WEREFUSEALLADVICEFROMOURPAYINGCUSTOMERS. And don't expect this game to get any better after all they relesed this half completed crap and after many patches its just as bad as it was on launch day. You have been warned!!!!!!

Also stay away from 1936 and get Hearts of Iron its much much much better. Stay away from this and just get a Cold War mod for a paradox game.

Oh yes and did i mention it dosent patch on steam, and then when we complain we are told to just "do it ourselves" and are sent to a download location that gives my computer a virus!
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Game play is interupted when the treasury mysteriously goes to -$258,000,000,000. can't play the game when that happens. Have had many glitches in the game play to the point I'm not using it anymore until fixed. Kinda feel like I bought a car with three wheels if you know what I mean.
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can someone help me mod for this game?
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I'm just gonna copipe my post from the discussion board:

I did the same thing [bought it on impulse for $2]. The game is kind of crappy and for some reason keeps sending a shutdown signal to my computer but for $2 I get a couple hours of fun turning Best Korea into glorious worker's paradise. I expected much better from something with the Paradox name on it but what can you do.
I give it a ヽ(´ー`)ノ/10

Also, the description made me think that this was some super autistic game with such depth and complexity that there were AI advisors that made decisions for you since you couldn't possibly manage everything on your own. In reality the AI advisors are needed because the UI is so awful that you can't possibly find and react to what you want to do in time.