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À la suite de Supreme Ruler 2010 et 2020, BattleGoat Studios vous invite à revivre la tension de la guerre froide. À l'approche des années 50, la guerre de Corée approche, la course à l'armement s'intensifie et la crise de Berlin conduit à la formation de l'OTAN. Tout le monde attend la prochaine guerre.
Date de parution: 29 jui 2011
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À propos du jeu

À la suite de Supreme Ruler 2010 et 2020, BattleGoat Studios vous invite à revivre la tension de la guerre froide. À l'approche des années 50, la guerre de Corée approche, la course à l'armement s'intensifie et la crise de Berlin conduit à la formation de l'OTAN. Tout le monde attend la prochaine guerre.
En tant que leader des États-Unis ou de l'Union Soviétique, vous devez prendre les bonnes décisions diplomatiques, domestiques, économiques et militaires et menez votre pays à travers les remous de cette époque.

Comprend :

  • Jouez en tant qu'États-Unis ou Union Soviétique en mode campagne
  • Contrôlez la nation de votre choix en mode Sandbox
  • Utilisez la diplomatie, l’espionnage et les échanges commerciaux pour influer sur les autres nations
  • Donnez l'avantage à votre nation en faisant la promotion de recherche scientifique
  • Modernisez et faites croître votre économie
  • Contrôlez la production militaire ou laissez les commandes à votre ministre
  • Et lorsque la diplomatie flanche, prenez le contrôle en temps réel de vos forces militaires
  • Graphismes et son ainsi que terrain en 3D de nouvelle génération
  • Faites l'expérience d'une nouvelle interface avec feedback direct et contrôle remodelés

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processeur : Dual Core ou supérieure recommandé
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 1 Go d'espace libre disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique compatible DirectX 9.0 avec au moins 32 Mo de mémoire vive
    • DirectX® : 9.0
    • Son : Son compatible DirectX
    • Supplémentaire : Souris avec 3 boutons, clavier et enceintes. Jusqu'à 16 joueurs en multijoueur via LAN ou internet
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While the game may be hard to play in the begining, it gets fun to play after awhile. You get to rewrite history in the game. In the end, its very fun to play.
Posté le : 27 février 2014
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Supreme Ruler: Cold War is an amazing game. You get to play in a alternate-history scenario in which your objective is to dominate as much as the world as possible and run your nation to the best extent possible. In the Campaign, you can only play as the United States or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Each of the two superpowers are sleeping war machines and can be unleashed at any time. A Cold War between Capitalisim and Communisim may turn hot with the turn of a key and the push of a button...

However, my favorite feature in this game has to be the Scenario mode. You get different scenarios to play such as North Korean Blitzkreig on South Korea to capture Pusan to finally achieve reunification of the Korean penninsula under DPRK rule.

In Sandbox mode, you are able to pick from any country in the world during the Cold War. As in Campaign, the USSR and United States all have monsterous militaries and high-yeild nuclear warheads, but you have the chance to develop other countires to attempt to be on par with the United States and USSR. However, this would take weeks of gameplay and extreme amounts of skill and patience. Since you can play as any country, you construct your own world, hence the name of the gamemode.

However, nations do not just lay down and die. Supreme Ruler: Cold War thrusts you into a action-packed and intense World War III. You must defend your borders while expanding into your enemys' territory. Take their capital as many times as it takes and conquer your enemy. Your enemy will do their best to fight back, so be careful!

The modding capabilities of this game are outstanding. You can mod everything from the territories, to the flags, to the units. Another great thing about the mods are that you can still play Cold War if you wish. Some high-quality mods include:

Modern World

State of the Unions

Shattered World

The only downside to this game is that it does not have a tutorial. This can be infuriating to players new to the Supreme Ruler series. A tutorial is included in Supreme Ruler: 2020, but not in SR:CW. Since this game can be very complicated, it is up to the player to learn from online tutorials and exploring the game. Like learning how to move your units across water or why your units stop in desolate areas due to lack of supply with fuel shortages.

I love this game so much. My most played mod is Modern World, but other mods are amazing too. I wish this game was more popular, as it is a great game of strategy, war and world domination. 9.7/10
Posté le : 21 mars 2014
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This is an excellent Grand Strategy game for history enthusiasts and others. The game's worth exceeds its asking price price of only $9.99 (at the time of writing this review), and is refreshing strategy game since most war games generally skip over the Cold War era. Another plus about this game is that it can run on almost any computer that you would have today because it does not have these amazing, hyper-realistic, 3D graphics that everybody seems to need in 2014. If you are looking for a new Grand Strategy game to play, don't want to spend too much, or just are sick of the World War II, Modern, and want a recent-alternate-history game, this is the one for you!
Posté le : 10 mars 2014
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This game is amazingly addictive and I actually prefer it over Civilization III, Civilization IV and Civilization V! You won't regret it! After playing this game for the very first time, I did think it was too hard and boring but now that I'm into it? It's seriously worth the price; however, do not buy this game if you do not like REAL TIME STRATEGY on a GLOBAL LEVEL!
Posté le : 17 mai 2014
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This game takes a while to learn... but DAYUM... when you learn how you play it you've got a game to last you at least a week!
Posté le : 19 juin 2014
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Cold War takes nearly every element from 2020 and improves it ten fold. The graphics are still somewhat primitive but improved greatly and it almost has a charm to it. The diplomatic elements are still some of the best in strategy games but still lacks some features that could make it the best. Military wise its fun and easy to figure out and the new Merchant marine makes it ten times easier to move troops globally and invade island nations. The economic part of the game is time consuming but makes you think about what you need to make it work well.
The interface for managing everything is organised but can be confusing with some elements hidden behind too many other interfaces making it a maze to figure something simple out.
The Cold War campaign is well organised with the Atomic and Space races and the many conflicts and problems are there that were present in the 1950s,60s,70s and 80s.
The Sandbox mode is also still fun to play and a healthy mod scene makes it enjoyable to try different modes and scenarios.

Overall this game is definatly worth your time and money if you into this genre.
Posté le : 6 décembre 2013
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