Pride of Nations is a turn-based historical strategy game set in the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country and guides it through industrialization, military conquest, and colonization.
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7 septembre

Pride of Nations has been updated to Version 1.04!

Hi all!

There is a new bunch of updates and improvements in this new version, and the list is very huge!

In general, the engine has been updated to the latest game logic and UI functionalities common to all AGE engine game.

You can check the changelog below

• Naval resupply from special sea zones can be reduced by enemy ships.
• Development level reduction done by regional decisions was not working.
• Ability sending command points modifier to subordinate stacks had a bug resulting in double modifiers sometime.
• Improved ammo distribution algorithm significantly.
• Improved retreat logic.
• stacks don't retreat from regions not having an offensive posture stack
• Leaders will only lose seniority on January 1st and July 1st, this should help for promotion potential.
• There is a 25% chance that artillery manages to counter fire enemy artillery instead of firing on a frontline element.
• Besieged group can't escape besiegers with evade roll
• Evasion is pro-ratised to cohesion
• Can now build depots in allied territory
• Diplomacy got several bug fixes and consistency additions:
- A war with a minor can stop spontaneously after one year if warscore is still low (< 10)
- If you are allied with an enemy of another ally DOWing said enemy, you don't DOW it.
- Made sure no CB is given if 2 nations are at war.
- When giving back regions to its original owner, as part of a peace treaty, you won't lose the VP, NM originally gained from them.
- True defensive treaty: Major nation <A> gets a CB against another enemy major nation <B>, if in a defensive treaty with ally major <C> being attacked by <B>

• Shift key can now be used both for lands and waters regions, allows seeing the links between regions.
• Losses of ships are now properly logged in the message panel
• Experience stats in element panel displayed again
• Music sound volume can now be tweaked (yeah!) - need editing a file though:
- you can alter music volume by adding a value between 20 and 100 in UserInterface.opt inoMusicVolume = 60 // music volume, default is 60

• Generic AI significantly improved on most algorithms, thanks to a chirurgical yet powerful modification (expect a +10-15% improved Athena nastiness!)
• Dislikes much more to be trapped in cities
• AI assaults more frequently besieged structures
• Admirals are more often send to secondary’s fleets
• AI faster in sending ships in naval special boxes. (to combine with extra ships attributes)
• AI will be more vigilant in defending its capital.
• AI has been improved on resupplying algorithm
• High ranked leaders will be much more reluctant to command small forces.
• Idle leaders in enemy land will seek to get back to ‘headquarter region’.
• Transports will have a quite low buying priority if the AI is bested in naval power and situation is not great.
• AI will get a slightly higher bonus for railroad autorepair (which is based on the development level of the region)
• SplitLargeStacks anti doomstack algorithm

A log appears in the splash screen while you parse a script. Useful to see where you are in the parsing process. Plus, it looks cool! The periodicity of this log is controlled by sysScriptMemoPeriodicity in system.opt.

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À propos de ce jeu

Pride of Nations est un jeu de stratégie au tour par tour historique prenant place dans l'ère coloniale du 19ème siècle, où le joueur prend le contrôle d'un pays et le guide à travers l'industrialisation, la conquête militaire et la colonisation.
Pride of Nations s'inspire de jeux de stratégies à succès tels que Birth of America, American Civil War, Napoleon's Campaigns et Wars in America.

Caractéristiques :

  • Immergez-vous dans une jouabilité historiquement crédible se situant sur une carte du globe
  • Jouez aux Grandes Puissances mondiales entre 1850 et 1920
  • Menez l'un des 8 pays, chacun avec sa propre personnalité et son propre programme : USA, Grande Bretagne, Allemagne, France, Japon, Russie, Empire Austro-Hongrois et Italie.
  • Faites l'expérience du modèle diplomatique le plus original jamais créé dans un jeu de stratégie
  • Explorez un système révolutionnaire de création d'armées et de flottes
  • Combattez une Intelligence Artificielle forte à travers un grand nombre de nouvelles mécaniques de jeu
  • Battez-vous avec d'autres grâce au multijoueurs et son nouveau moteur de jeu, au tour par tour en simultané
  • Engagez-vous dans un monde économique détaillé avec des composantes réalistes

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7
    • Processeur : Pentium® IV 1800+ MHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go (XP) ou 2 Go (Vista ou W7)
    • Disque dur : 3 Go d'espace disque
    • Carte graphique : 512 Mb V-RAM ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : 9.0c ou plus
    • Son : Compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • Additionnel : Connexion internet requise pour le multijoueur

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