Wciel się w rolę pełnego ambicji mistrza sztuk walki i podąż ścieżką otwartej dłoni lub zaciśniętej pięści. W tej obsypanej nagrodami fabularnej grze akcji każda z twoich decyzji i każdy z twoich czynów będzie mieć wpływ na losy całego Jadeitowego Cesarstwa.
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Data wydania: 27 Lut, 2007

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Kup Jade Empire™: Special Edition


O tej grze

Wciel się w rolę pełnego ambicji mistrza sztuk walki i podąż ścieżką otwartej dłoni lub zaciśniętej pięści. W tej obsypanej nagrodami fabularnej grze akcji każda z twoich decyzji i każdy z twoich czynów będzie mieć wpływ na losy całego Jadeitowego Cesarstwa. To od ciebie zależy czy staniesz na straży tej pięknej krainy, lub wręcz przeciwnie, przyczynisz się do jej upadku. Kim jesteś? Wojownikiem, który poświęci swoją siłę i zdolności by zaprowadzić pokój? Czy może kimś, za kim podążą ból i cierpienie?
Wybór należy do ciebie.

Jade Empire, zwycięzca wielu nagród
  • Zapierająca dech w piersiach historia, na której kartach możesz zapisać się jako nobliwy bohater lub zdradziecki nikczemnik!
  • Wiele fascynujących postaci niezależnych.
  • Piękne i tajemnicze krainy czekające na śmiałka, który je odkryje, uratuje lub… podbije.
  • Niezwykłe połączenie gry fabularnej oraz walki w czasie rzeczywistym.
Elementy dodane w wersji PC!
  • Nowe potwory i wrogowie.
  • Nowe style walki.
  • Intuicyjne sterowanie, które można skonfigurować w każdej chwili oraz pełne wsparcie dla gamepadów oraz myszy i klawiatury.
  • Zwiększona rozdzielczość i nowe efekty wizualne.
  • Poprawione SI przeciwników oraz poziom trudności.
  • Nowy interfejs mapy świata.

Wymagania systemowe

    Konfiguracja minimalna: Windows XP, procesor Pentium 4 1.8 GHz lub AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 512 MB RAM-u, karta graficzna kompatybilna z Shader Model 2.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 6200 / ATi Radeon 9500 lub lepsza), karta dźwiękowa i sterowniki kompatybilne z DirectX 9.0, 8 GB wolnego miejsca na dysku twardym.
    Konfiguracja zalecana: Procesor Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz lub odpowiednik, 1 GB RAM-u, DirectX 9.0 (Luty 2006), karta graficzna ATI Radeon X600 / NVIDIA GeForce z serii 6800 lub wyższej.
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Jade Empire won my heart several years ago, when I first played it on the original XBOX. While I recommend the game itself to anyone, I must ADVISE CAUTION TO THOSE SEEKING TO BUY IT ON STEAM. For some, the game will not operate smoothly (if at all) without downloading and installing an additional file. For those of you still needing help, there are many thread discussions regarding this error inside the community forums.

Alternatively, you can download and install the two files that I used (they worked for me) from:

For reference, I believe this is the thread where I originally found the solution: http://steamcommunity.com/app/7110/discussions/0/864978835694348660

Now onto the game:

For those of you familiar with BioWare products, it probably won't come as much of a surprise that I would report Jade Empire to be a quality role-playing game. Clearly inspired by ancient Chinese mythology and folklore, this game is both alluring and enticing to players who can appreciate compelling storytelling combined with a refreshing cast of characters.

However, this particular title has a relatively simple design in comparison to many of BioWare's other creations. Don't let this discourage you! In spite of the average first play through lasting 20-30 hours, Jade Empire still proves to be an enjoyable experience worth a second playthrough.

One of my personal favourite aspects of this game is how the player's dialogue can influence the rest of the story. The player can interact with a large amount of NPCs throughout the game, however - like in most RPGs - the players main focus should fall to his/her inner-circle. I can't speak for everyone, but I myself found the interactions to be quite entertaining and likable.

All in all, I'd recommend this game to any lover of RPG's, though again: exercise caution before purchasing this game from Steam. I personally did not mind installing the additional files, but apparently that is call for some controversy. For those of you willing to go through the extra trouble, this game is well worth it (in my opinion).
Zamieszczono: 21 czerwca
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2.4 godz. łącznie
Really? All you have to do is run Steam as admin...done. It's crazy that some of you call that "jumping through hoops". One google search and one right click. It works great and is a great game.
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17.5 godz. łącznie
Welcome all that will read this, and now to the review!

(Personal experience below, move down to "Rating" if you just want to see what its about in small details)

The first time I laid eyes on this game, I was late middle school and I thought it looked awesome just because I saw X-Play review it themselves (way back when X-Play wasn't controlled or canceled now) but what really pulled me into wanting this game was the mini episode inside X-Play called "Cheats" which showed how to get a M. art style that is hard to get or some extra silver you can get from a character or how to romance a companion, which I thought was great, also it showed how to beat bosses and how to do things if you wanted to be evil or the good guy side.


Now I have the game and I am in love with this game, to the story to the side quests, to the weird companions to the demons you'll face, I could go on and on about this game but I think you get the point.

With this said, I need to point out the faults and great ideas of this game:


Same voices on non-important npcs
Can't backflip outside of combat
"Looking at the floor" glitch
Weird character movements
Easy bosses (if you have mastered a fighting style)
Kind of cheesy and somewhat predictable storyline
Some of the mouths of npcs don't match to what they are saying (I thought this was a throwback to older chinese/japanese movies but I'm not sure)
Past level 15 your unstoppable
This game will not play correctly if you don't have a patch from a guide on steam on windows 8/8.1 (manual install)
Wishes you have a asian girlfriend (or boyfriend if your a women)


Every companion has their own voice actor and usually special characters do also
The fighting styles can be used in many combinations with another fighting styles
Different perks from all companions
TONS of side quests
China history referances
Funny side quests and dialogue
Epic story
Its equally fun being good and evil
Companion storylines connected to the main storyline
+1 for buns (you'll get it)
Love interests (maybe sexy time?)
You can do barrel-rolls
You fly a plane with jets
Also your a ghost jedi/seth lord


I will give this game a 8 out of 10 for what this game brings to the table, fun-fast gameplay, a addicting game that you can't knock out of your head for weeks and keep coming back for more, a change of pace from shooters/RPGs/etc, a good karma system, great music and more.

I recommend this game for players that are tired of the same "dumb and dumber" (shooters) type of gaming and want something different but even if your looking for a new classic, then this is your kind of gem you'll enjoy.

Zamieszczono: 26 kwietnia
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2.2 godz. łącznie
Strange to see so many reviews saying its broken; I'm running Windows 7 and the game runs like a dream for me.
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58.8 godz. łącznie
Excellent game, and much better with the Jade empire in style add on. A shame number 2 never came out. But if you like role play with some fancy martial arts, it's well worth picking this up.
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9.2 godz. łącznie
The game itself is brilliant, unfortunately, Valve is distributing it in a broken, unplayable state for most windows Vista/7/8 users. This requires users to hack the install directory by renaming files, or to seek to resolve the problem by more convoluted and risky means.

It is of course BioWare's responsibility to fix this, but Valve is still selling it, and it's unacceptable that people feel the need to download anonymous executables off the internet in order to play a game they purchased.

If you feel like dealing with the head ache of trying to get this broken product to work, it's actually a very good game. It starts a little slow but you encounter lots of interesting characters, make lots of decisions that impact how things turn out, develop relationships with party members, get multiple endings, and can unlock a lot of cool powers. It's a very good game many people will be infested with viruses or create registry errors for trying to play. It's like a pre-cursor to Mass Effect but JadeEmpireConfig.exe is broken and results in a Can't Find Steam error.

Oh the solution to the Can't Find Steam error? Simple

Make a backup of JadeEmpireLauncher.exe, create a copy of JadeEmpire.exe, and rename that copy to JadeEmpireLauncher.exe. For most people, this solves the problem. I'm sorry you had to look for a work around like this to make a game you spent money on playable.
Zamieszczono: 27 listopada, 2013
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