The Worms™ crew returns, and this time they’ve got balls! The classic Worms™ Pinball sends the cute little pink guys spinning across one of the most realistic pinball tables ever created.
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6 aprilie

Worms W.M.D and Strength of the Sword Ultimate at EGX Rezzed 2016!

We’re super excited to announce that Worms W.M.D and Strength of the Sword Ultimate will both be playable this week at EGX Rezzed 2016!

Check out Worms W.M.D at EGX Rezzed to challenge your friends to some crazy multiplayer fun. You can be sneaky and hide out in buildings, use mounted guns, and get around in a range of different vehicles. You’ll be able to get your hands on the game at Microsoft’s booth!

Here’s a sneak peek of Worms W.M.D!:

Strength of the Sword Ultimate is a fighting game combined with a BRAWLER! With a huge sword rocket launcher and a FLAMETHROWER! Head over to Sony’s area to fight the toughest bosses you’ll find on the show floor!

We’ll even have a special competition for those coming to the show on Saturday (more news soon!).

Watch the Strength of the Sword Ultimate trailer!

For more information about the event head to the EGX Rezzed Website!

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1 aprilie

Introducing Worms: Dating Revolution

The Worms are no stranger to war, but the time has come for them to take to the toughest battlefield of all. The battlefield of love.

Become a lover, not a fighter in the newest addition to the Worm franchise. After a near death experience being injured on the front lines by Banana Bomb shrapnel you wake up in hospital, Granny looking down on you. A sudden realisation courses through you as you realise there’s more to life that war.

Set out into Wormville and get your wiggle on as you begin your search for a soulmate. Meet the locals, flirt, date and take on love rivals as you journey your romantic quest. Will you achieve romance, or be a dating Armageddon? Find out in Worms: Dating revolution.

Featuring exciting features you’ll love such as:

• Be the Worm - Create and customize your own unique Worm from over 1 Million variations, no two Worms the same!
• Woo your love interests in blistering 60fps 1080p!
• Multiple endings with a branching story, you’ll want to come back for more.
• Variety is the spice of life - Date Worms, Super Sheep, Bazookas and even the mythical Concrete Donkey
• Local & Online Multiplayer – Compete with your friends and strangers to become the ultimate Love Guru invertebrate.
• Love has no boundaries – Cross Platform play enabled!

Coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mobile and Virtual Boy on 1st April 2017!

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Despre acest joc

The Worms™ crew returns, and this time they’ve got balls! The classic Worms™ Pinball sends the cute little pink guys spinning across one of the most realistic pinball tables ever created. Battle with honour through the mystic art of Worms™ Kung-Fu or hang at high noon with the grizzliest, pinkest cowboys this side of Texas. Only Worms™ Pinball offers an action packed pinball simulation of pure wormage! Worms™ Pinball leaves nothing to the imagination. The table sports 3D LED displayed sub-games and parallel objectives, transparent ramps, user-controllable moving gadgets, moving mechanical parts and wild sound effects and music. The table contains over 150 animated parts and thousands of frames of rendered FMV animation for the LED display. It’s got tilt functions, hit combinations as well as drop and dead catches, bounce and flip passes, bang backs, death saves, magnetic fields and countless other exciting features. The depth of gameplay, variety of action and sophisticated table rules ensures that Worms Pinball will have all gamers, not just hard-core pinheads, hooked.

Key Features:

  • Realistic and dynamic physics simulation. The vector-based ball accurately reflects its surroundings adding to the immersive quality of playing in a real world environment. Impulse, inertia, acceleration, momentum, torque, all these real world physical qualities are simulated to produce outstanding realism.
  • Atmospheric lighting/reflection/shadow effects
  • Multiple Full screen views and tilt function for superb gameplay.
  • Up to six multi-balls simultaneously
  • Accurate and flexible vector-based ball and flipper simulation
  • Sophisticated data compression techniques allowing several thousand frames of rendered FMV animation for the scoreboard and table
  • Fantastic hidden sub-games

Cerinţe de sistem

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible computer system
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Postat: 26 iunie
10/10 would spend actual real money that i worked for again
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Postat: 25 iunie
is just why? 0/10
Uncle Hammer
( 0.2 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 17 iunie
Came with the Worms Bundle, and is possibly the worst part.

Find a real pinball machine (they exist), and play that instead if you're into that.
( 23.7 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 4 iunie
This game is amazing and better than any other pinball because you can get so many points so I recommend to give this game a play
( 0.4 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 25 mai
Since STEAM does not feature a "neutral" button for reviews I will have to explain in which circunstances I am recommending this game.

Worms Pinball is, obviously, a pinball simulator but totally themed with the (original) Worms universe. This game was developed in the late 90s, an era where pinball simulators were popular in computers and other game systems as a consequence of the significant computer graphics evolution to bring more "realistic" experiences. I remember to play the demo version of the game back in 1998 and enjoying the short experience.

Of course by being a pinball simulator this means there is nothing else to be expected so the game obeys to its name and purpose. People that are expecting the classical mechanism of Worms' games are being naive as this is a real spin-off.

So without big surprise, Worms Pinball is a game for casual and short gameplay. I can only recommend this game to people that are Worms and/or Pinball fans that are ok to kill around 30 minutes of time entertaining themselves. Because in a real scenario it is a game that you will get bored quickly. And people that are smart enough will NEVER pay full price for a near 20-year old simulator that doesn't offer more than what the name implies. Buy it for the cheapest possible if you are really interested in keeping it.
[UPSB] Gax_xy!
( 0.2 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 martie

The dankest game since tetris.
( 0.8 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 19 martie
C'mon, you ungrateful people! It isn't that big of a dealio when the price doesn't suit you! (£5.59 in my Country is fine for me)

Plus, Did this need Directplay to become an awesomely compatible game for my Win10? Cos I understand the negative reviews on the issues they suffered.

Finally, The music, the table theme and the graphics are all OK!


Update 25/3/2016: I can't trigger the flippers, nudge nor exit the game with the steam controller that I recently laid my hands on. Hey Ben from Team17, are you sure you're gonna sort this out?
White Sheep
( 0.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 28 februarie
Just an old game that doesn't have much replay value. Bought it as part of a bundle, otherwise would not get it.
( 1.0 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 21 februarie
The pinball table is good, but its only one, definately not worth the price.

Also the music is really bad.

And there is barely any options, like not even a volume slider to stop the bad muic.
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Postat: 26 iunie
10/10 would spend actual real money that i worked for again
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Postat: 15 aprilie, 2014
At some point in time, Worms reached the stage all games starring anthropomorphic characters do: the casual/sports spin-off period. Or at least Team17 seems to have thought it reached that point, because over the years they have been releasing various games in the Worms series which are not in fact anything like the core Worms games. Among these is Worms Pinball, which as the title would have you believe, is a pinball game themed around the characters and themes of franchise.

I don't feel I need to explain how to actually play pinball (that should be common knowledge), as the real question is "is this a GOOD pinball game?" The answer to that is, maybe when it was originally released, but not anymore. In the over a decade long span between then and now, digital pinball has improved exponentially and left Worms in a painfully dated time capsule of what pinball games used to be like. The laughable physics, inhibiting camera angles, and single table to play on are typical of the time it was released, but now that isn't anywhere near good enough.

If it was drastically cheaper, there is a small part of me that would recommend this to huge Worms fans as a mildly amusing novelty, but at its current price it feels like an insult. With so many other, far better pinball games to choose from (Pinball FX2 and Pinball Arcade come to mind), there is no reason to so much as glance at Worms Pinball. As far as Worms goes, this is one game that should have stayed in the ground.
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Postat: 21 iunie, 2015
This is okay-ish, it's simply pinball with Worms theme. The reason why I can't in good conscience recommend that you spend a lot of time on it, is that it's so old by now that it competes against so much better games. You can find better pinball games on your cellphone - for free, with better graphics, and QoL improvements like not having to configure the controls from Windows Explorer (not really a problem, but shows how abandoned the game is).

I'm sure someone will find it enjoyable, but IMO your time is better spent elsewhere. Time has moved on for this game, and so should you.
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Postat: 25 septembrie, 2015
After hitting every key on my keyboard twice I found a combination that made the game do something: Alt+F4.
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Postat: 3 august, 2015
Basic Pinball at the Most
This game is kind of funny for a bit with the whole worm themed table, however this is the only table and it gets pretty boring after a while. The graphics aren't too great either but you wouldn't expect much out of a pinball game anyway :p
Unless you get this game for less than $1 overall it isn't worth getting.
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Postat: 21 decembrie, 2014
Info for deaf and hard of hearing people:
Fully accessible. I doubt there is any spoken text in the game. Don't know about sound cues. Visual feedback is a bit poor.

  • Max resolution is 1024x768 with 65536 colours. It is still playable.
  • On some system configurations flickering may occur randomly like a stroboscope, causing headaches.
  • Physics feels off. Often it feels like gravity has been cranked down a few notches, making the game feel strangely slow. And yet, in some loops the ball feels like it's accelerated to beyond light speed. Good luck!
  • Most of the hits tend to be biased towards the center, makes aiming to the edges of the table rather difficult.
  • Visual feedback of the ball hitting things is poor, making it seem like magic sometimes when a ball changes direction!
  • There is no 'pull the plunge', pressing enter just insta-shoots the ball away.
  • The game only has one table.

  • The table concept is attractive. Now if Pinball FX2 could copy this...
  • Some missions in the game are interesting. There are a few minigames included.
  • The art quality is nice and must've been decent for its time.
  • Nice to see the evolution of pinball games. (Anyone remember Pinball Dreams?)

After having played Pinball FX2 for a while, this game is quite a downgrade. But then, it's from 1998! Only recommended if you're feeling nostalgic.

If you manage to get this as part of a cheap bundle, go ahead! Otherwise it might be a waste of money because it's so dated.

If you want a real pinball game for modern systems, I can recommend Pinball FX2 instead.
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Postat: 7 iunie, 2014
This game only has one table, so I can't really reccomend you run out and buy it on its own, but if you get it as part of a bundle or package Worms Pinball is worth playing. The physics and sound are great, which are two of the most important things for a pinball game. The visuals are also quite pleasant, despite being dated. There's lots of bonuses and goals to shoot for, and the multiball mode is really fun. Really there's not much to say about this one, but it's worth playing if it makes its way into your Steam library.
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0.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 26 decembrie, 2014
As a kid this was the game I always got in trouble for playing in grade school instead of doing work or whatever they had us weak minded children do lol. And to those kids hating on how limited it is look past the limitations and just play it. It's probably one of the most addicting simple childhood games I've played in a while.

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Postat: 6 ianuarie, 2014
Worms Pinball is obviously promotional software. Nothing more. There is very little content here, even for a pinball game from the late 90s. While the one and only table available manages to embody the Worms theme from the developer's main line of games, the physics are floaty and everything seems to be running in slow motion, especially if you compare it to other much more competent pinball games of the era, such as Epic Pinball. There are some slightly amusing Worms themed mini-games as well, but they also fail to provide a fun and rewarding experience in pinball.

Worms Pinball is mediocre.
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2.0 ore înregistrate
Postat: 9 septembrie, 2015
Short version: 75%
Worms Pinball has a really good table that stood the test of time even by today’s standards, but asking this much money for an old, single-table game is ridiculous.

Long version:
Worms Pinball is a great pinball game with a fun and entertaining table that provides adequate challenge. The pads are responsive, the physics are decent, all the ramps and pits are accessible with just enough practise, and the old-school Worms 1 theme adds the perfect amount of nostalgia factor to make you revisit it from every now and then.

What is atrocious though and makes part of me want to give it a thumbs down, is the price. This one used to be called Addiction Pinball with an additional table (featuring a now-forgotten Team 17 game, ‘World Rally Racing’, an even better table) and cost less on disc at release than this one on Steam now.
If you can grab it in a bundle, do so, but I highly advise against actually purchasing it even at half discount.
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