Recettear is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into her house, in order to pay back a loan her father took and then skipped out on - and Tear, her newfound fairy "companion", won't take no for an answer!
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (2,094 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 10, 2010

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"You never really appreciate the role-playing genre's item shop owner until playing this game."
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About This Game

Recettear is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into her house, in order to pay back a loan her father took and then skipped out on - and Tear, her newfound fairy "companion", won't take no for an answer! As Recette, you have to decide how you'll get your stock - either through playing the markets in town or going out into the wild with an adventuring friend and thrashing beasts until they give up the goodies - how much to sell things for, what the shop should look like, and how to best go about getting the money Tear needs to pay off the loan. If you can't come up with the money... well, hope you like living in a cardboard box.

Key features:

  • Manage all aspects of an item shop – from stock to interior design!
  • Explore randomized dungeons – never quite the same twice!
  • Multiple adventurers to choose from when dungeon-diving – no two play the same!
  • Plenty to do after beating the game – challenge yourself with Survival Mode or play to your heart's delight in Endless Mode!
  • Engaging story, localized by Carpe Fulgur – get to know the people of Pensee!

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1.7ghz or Athlon XP 1700+ (or equivalent processor)
    • Memory: 256MB of system RAM (512 reccomended for Windows Vista and 7)
    • Graphics: DirectX 8.1-compatible video card of any type with at least 64 megabytes of video RAM; Nvidia and ATI tested (Intel Intregrated Graphics below X4000 series not recommended)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 700MB free HD space
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card/motherboard chip
Helpful customer reviews
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15.6 hrs on record
I'm a sad man. I'm late-40s and I still like cute things. I also love RPGs, so you can see why I looked at Recettear and liked the look of it.

The game wasn't quite what I thought it was though.... but in a good way. I was pleasantly surprised.

You'd probably be forgiven for thinking as I did - this is a typical JRPG with the theme being centred somehow around a shop. Well, yes it is... and it isn't. The game essentially has two parts to it. The RPG part takes the form of a fairly typical top-down dungeon crawler a la Chocobo's Dungeon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and a host of other similar ones. That's about as standard as it gets though.

Recettear does things rather differently - you are a young girl who has inherited her father's item shop which serves the local townsfolk with equipment for their day-to-day use and more importantly, stuff to go a-dungeon-crawling with. You also have a guardian of sorts (who also turns out to be a debt collector too) who's a fairy. Well, this is a Japanese game - 'nuff said. The relevance of this is that Recette (you) have also inherted some burden of debt too, who naturally you owe to your ward. So, the crux of the game is to run the shop, and earn enough each day to enable you to pay off your monthly debt payment.

I know, that might sound a little boring, but it isn't. It's actually where the game really shines. Your day is divided up into a maximum of 4 sections, which you can "spend" by either visiting town for certain things, visit the adventurer's guild (more on that later), or open the shop. Your shop has certain shelf spaces laid out, and arranging the stock so your best stuff is visible from the window is an essential trick. Put the boring, common and cheap items in the window and you'll attract less passers-by. Put the really expensive stuff in the window and you'll also attract less passers-by. It's a balancing act.

Once customers come in, they'll flit around looking, and approach you with items they want to buy from the shelves. As with any real-world store, the trick is to maximize profit, while retaining custom. So, sell higher than you bought it, but low enough so they don't get annoyed and never return - another balancing act. Some customers will ask for certain special orders in advance, which you almost always never have the stock at the time to fulfil, so you make a gamble on whether you can acquire the stock they're asking for - accept and fail, and they'll get annoyed, but refuse and they'll get annoyed too. You can't please everyone...

So where does the stock come from? This is where the adventurer's guild and the dungeon crawling comes in.

Instead of opening the store, you can toddle off to the adventurer's guild where all the adventurers hang out. You can recruit them, for a fee to go and dungeon crawl with you. There's a great element of risk/reward here, as at the end of each level, you can choose to duck out with the loot, or proceed onwards with the chance of more and better loot, but with the added risk of costly failure. As Recette, doesn't fight (well, she's only a girl), you take the role of the adventurer here. Her role is to tag along and store your part of the loot.

So, you fight, you level up your adventurers, you gain better loot to sell for better prices, you get money to pay off your increasing debt, and so on.

There's also some added little nuances such as it being wise to look after the adventurers you are hiring by selling them stuff cheap when they visit your store, as they'll use that stuff when crawling the not-so-murky depths. As the game progresses, you'll need to get a bit inventive in how you manage your stock and customers, but I won't elaborate on that as that would be spoiling things!

It's not an easy game to describe, and it probably sounds a bit dry on the face of it, but if you like the straight up old-school action-RPG dungeon crawler, I wouldn't hesitate to grab this - it does that part of it very well, but the light startegy side of shop management and how it dovetails so very, very nicely is what makes this game utterly unique. I can't recommend it highly enough.

So I have no hesitation in saying this is easily worth £15 on my value-for-money scale.
Posted: October 12
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10.8 hrs on record
best game eu
Posted: October 18
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14.0 hrs on record
Speaking of games I think are good, here's a game I totally forgot to write a review for.

In this RPG, you are not the adventurer killing the horrendous monstrosities in dungeons.
You are the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ shopkeeper from your average RPG that buys stupid items regardless of how useful they are or how many you have. Capitalism, Ho! (Seriously you can't review this game without putting that phrase in it)

I kinda feel silly phrasing it that way, but it's so much more fun than it sounds and with that said, unless you have an uncontrollable hate for everything that looks even remotely like it came out of japan you should just buy this game next time it's on sale.

Posted: October 1
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15.8 hrs on record
Recettear is essentially two games rolled into one, and neither is particularly deep, though the store management aspect is still pretty fleshed out. What it does, it does well (minus a few gripes) but somehow manages to both drag itself out and rush you to the "end" of the game. The problem with the end-game is that, while it has plenty to offer, it arbitrarily bars you from it with unnecessarily padded goals.

So the shop sim is the meat of the game. There's no point detailing the mechanics, so I'll just point out the failings and oversights I didn't care for.

Patrons have a finite amount of money when they enter the store. This value is influenced by how much they "like" you, or what "patron level" they are. The maximum amount of money they have when entering your store is a very important number and it is also completely invisible to the player. So when a patron says "I don't have that much money!" there's no option to say "Well how much do you have?"

Buying items: some patrons will sell YOU things. You have no option to politely decline; you either make a reasonable offer for something you may or may not want, or you make a terrible offer and ♥♥♥♥ them off. Patrons also have their own dialog style, and occasionally it is unclear whether you're buying an item from them or selling an item to them.

The goal is to do a capitalism until you pay off all your debts. This happens rather rapidly and they kind of rush you through this section of the game so that your time limit is over and you can go at your own pace. This is particularly good for the dungeon-crawling portion of the game, as entering a dungeon will consume most of an entire day and leaves little opportunity for vending.

The dungeon crawling plays very smoothly and each of the playable characters has enough uniqueness to their playstyle to give them all a wholly different feel. There's a considerable number of dungeon and environments. And they're all the same randomly-generated box rooms and hallways given fresh paint at regular intervals. After a short while, it gets stale, and as much as I enjoyed the gameplay, I did not feel compelled to complete even the Obsidian Tower. They just don't keep it fresh or interesting, and that kind of killed the game for me. There's lots of end game content and no motivation or reason to experience it.

All said, I'd still recommend the game if you can nab it for a few bucks because the first 5 to 10 hours are a pretty fun ride.
Posted: October 4
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0.3 hrs on record
I feel that this game had a great bit of fun in it. I already played into it and was kinda like well I got to plan and thankfully there are guides now. However I do find that this game has it's moments. It's pretty much reminding me of a similiar process I've seen in Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and more. However in this one you control the price and let's be honest, this game makes you think and even if it's a bit rough at first, you get the hang of it. I found it rather enjoyablea 8-10 out of mine. Feels like one of those games I'd played way before I came to steam.
Posted: October 11
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12.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
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26.7 hrs on record
Cute game with simple mechanics, but very hard objectives.
Cute story, cute characters.
I doubt anyone can complete first playthrough without failing.
The game is not over after bankrupcy, but you start from the beggining with all items and money you had, before "game over".
You are the shopkeeper. You must sell goods to your visitors. So how do you do it? Go into the dungeons and kill enemies there. Collect items, level your heroes, unlock new ones.
Go shopping yourself, buy cheap items, then sell them gaining 2-3 times more money.
Maybe the game somewhat repetative, but worth the money and your time.
Posted: September 23
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40.1 hrs on record
Little Loli Kawaii Slum Lord?
Posted: September 23
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105.8 hrs on record
A fun, challenging game that is adorable and heartwarming.
Possibly the most positive image of Capitalism in existance.

Capitalism, ho!!!
Posted: September 26
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184.1 hrs on record
I really enjoyed it the characters are likeable, the graphics are excellent, the story easy to enjoy and understand as well as somewhat relatable, I highly recomend it to any rpg or legend of zelda fans.
Posted: September 28
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15.5 hrs on record
Was short 500 pix to pay back a debt I owed.

Now I'm living in a box.

I thought we were partners Tear.
Posted: October 13
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Posted: October 5
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22.6 hrs on record
This game may have a select fan base but it does provide for those that love even one of the aspects of the game.

The main point of this game is running an item shop, you can either buy, craft, or hunt for items to stock it with, but one is all that is needed.

if you like dungon cralls you will like the hunting aspect of the game, takes a few game days to start and you have keep diving or interact with others in shop keeping to get more characters to enter the dungons with.

if you like being an auntipanure (dont hate for the spelling) you will love the shop keeping aspect of the game.

if you like vitural novels you will love the simplistic and intreaging story. even the characters could be pulled from a weekly manga.

basicly this game is a few of a good things, but nothing extreame or hardcore enough to grab those that have to have the best of set genres.
Posted: October 16
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10.9 hrs on record
Come for the visuals, stay for the challenge. Enjoyable, but difficult as breaking down a door with just your pinky finger.
Posted: October 16
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48.9 hrs on record
It may not seem like much, but its a fun game with funny characters, fun gameplay making you use your head when you're selling items or buying items, making sure you make a ton of cash. The dungeon crawling is fun too with a variety of adventurers, enemies and items you can find and sell later on.
Posted: September 25
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3.9 hrs on record
The best game I have ever played in twenty years of computer gaming, bar none (and I have played a LOT of games). Eight years on I can still recall how profoundly that game gripped me, and I am not an overly emotional person. You will care about the characters, you will be moved, you will make choices that tell you more about yourself. It sounds trite, I know, but it really is that good. If only someone would make more of these...insightful, intelligent, devastatingly creative. Fallout is the only RPG to come close. A word of warning: You MUST read all the text, explore all the dialogue options, if you are to gain the most from the game. A decent intelligence and wisdom score is recommended.....although so is a decent score in everything else....the game does the best job of making usually superflous statistics genuinely useful that I have ever seen. Still very much worth playing.
Posted: September 24
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M-muh shekels
Posted: October 3
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32.9 hrs on record
I had really been looking forward to this game... but after completing it, I'm sorry to say that I cannot recommend Recettear. You expect there to be more when really the game is pretty shallow.

The Ragnarok Online-ish graphics got me hooked at the start and I liked the no-nonsense dungeon crawling and the shop aspect.. but there's just not enough here to keep you engaged. Or if there is, the game is not organized in such a way that you can enjoy it without a guide.

First of all, the dungeon crawling gets really repetitive. Fighting doesn't require you to be clever, because you're OP all of the time. After you unlock your fourth and final skill on a character.. you switch to a new one because they just get stale.
Worse, dungeon crawling is actually detrimental to your progress, because you rarely find items worth the hassle, but you lose 2 units of ingame time that you could have spent selling stuff in your shop.

The shop system's got a tutorial that makes you haggle with your customers, although suggesting a price they'll like is the only way to get combo bonuses for selling, which are more useful than the extra buck from high sales prices.

I also found it very, very difficult to survive the debt cycle (someone in the comments even asked "So did anyone survive the first round?"). When you can't pay back your debt on time, it's not a complete gameover, but you start again from the beginning, only you keep the items you have in stock and your merchant level (that gives you access to more stuff on the market + other stuff that helps). The second time around is too easy. I finished the last ingame week doing nothing but killing time and still had 1 million pix when I payed off the final debt of 500k. This should be more balanced.

The crafting system is a nice addition, but suffers from a lack of menu integration. You literally have to write stuff down you want to hunt for in the dungeons. Would have been much nicer to be able to pull up a menu and see "Aha. I need 2 more pieces of X to make Y." That's why I ended up using it just to make stuff I had randomly collected the ingredients for. It's very inconvenient.
Sure, I could have played it smarter and looked into a guide to make lots more money by crafting. But honestly? When hunting for the items isn't fun.. why would anyone bother?

All in all, I don't really want to drop a huge pile of dung on this game. It has its enjoyable aspects, but as it is, I just don't think it'll be fun for you. That's why I'm not recommending it. If you like, you can play the demo. But don't expect much more than the content you see there.
Posted: October 5
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No. No, no, no, no. No, no.
Posted: September 25
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15.0 hrs on record
Would I recommend this game to others? Yes. Would I outright tell people they need to play this amazing game? Also yes. Would I feel sad when I screw up and send my poor character to live in a box? Absolutely, don't look at me cry.

The basics of this game are that you take on a parent's debt when they are gone, and you open up their shop to try to save up to pay it off. You have to pay it off in chunks, and you will fail. But that is where the good comes in, you get the ability to reset and keep going with all you've learned and much, if not all of your stuff. The core gameplay is gathering goods and selling them in the shop to try to make the best profit you can. You can buy, gather, and find goods to sell. Other than shopping, much of your goods would come from the dungeons, yes, dungeons in your cutesy shop management game. Of course your adorable little character cannot fight, so instead you go with a fighter, that you unlock as you play, and fight through a variety of dungeons, mainly to gather all the goods you can sell in your shop. The harder the dungeon, the better the goods. You will spend much of your time trying to figure out what it takes to earn the most money, then start to rake in the dough and have things be perfect, until some event seems to screw everything up for you, just for you to need to reset once more.

The art is cutesy and as far as I can tell, impossible to not love. The gameplay is fun, and challenging. The challenge is enough to make the better players still enjoy it, but not too hard as to alienate the lesser player. The music isn't bad, the cast of characters are fun and funny, and it is hard to not enjoy everything this game has to offer.
Posted: September 25
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