Demuéstraselo a todos, ¡nadie juega con el Gobernador! ¿Dónde has estado todos estos años? Han cambiado muchas cosas. Las ciudades han crecido, ha llegado más gente... Todo está bien, ¡pero algunas cosas son simplemente inaceptables! ¡Hola! ¡Al fin ha llegado Governor of Poker 2!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 oct. 2010

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Comprar Governor of Poker 2 - Premium Edition

Comprar Governor of Poker 2


The Premium Edition includes:

  • 6 ciudades extra
  • 10 localizaciones de póquer extra
  • 5 nuevos Notorios oponentes a los que vencer
  • 5 colores extra para el jugador
  • Modo extra de dificultad ‘Pro’
  • Póquer Rápido contra los 9 jugadores Notorios
  • Imagen de fondo interactiva única (Windows)
  • Música descargable

Acerca de este juego

Demuéstraselo a todos, ¡nadie juega con el Gobernador!
¿Dónde has estado todos estos años?

Han cambiado muchas cosas. Las ciudades han crecido, ha llegado más gente...

Todo está bien, ¡pero algunas cosas son simplemente inaceptables!

¡Hola! ¡Al fin ha llegado Governor of Poker 2! ¡Y para los auténticos Gobernadores del Póquer ofrecemos una Premium Edition cargada de extras!

Muchas más ciudades que conquistar y torneos en los que participar, fondo de pantalla interactivo, temas musicales descargables, un nivel de dificultad extra ‘Pro’ y mucho más...

¿Lo quieres todo? ¡Entonces prepárate para la más emocionante de las aventuras en el Salvaje Oeste!
Governor of Poker 2 comienza donde terminó el primer juego, pero nada es lo que parece ser.

Un nuevo gobierno ha llegado a Dallas y ha decidido prohibir totalmente el póquer declarándolo ilegal. Y lo que es peor... ¡has perdido tu título de Gobernador del Póquer a causa de ello!
¡Depende de ti convencer al ministro del comité de juego de Tejas y mostrarle que el póquer depende de la habilidad!
¡Lucha contra la prohibición del póquer!

Aprende cómo jugar bien al póquer con el tutorial. Juega a nuevos torneos de hasta 120 oponentes en 19 ciudades y 27 lugares distintos. Puedes jugar a todos los torneos nuevos, incluyendo un modo cazarrecompensas en el que cobras premios al eliminar oponentes, ¡o enfréntate a todo un equipo de jugadores! Organiza tus propios torneos, consigue créditos del banco, viaja en trenes, barcos casino o diligencias y juega mientras viajas. Reclama tu transporte y tus lugares especiales como campos de petróleo y minas. Compra los sombreros que mejor te sienten o haz que te admitan en sitios nuevos. Juzga a tus oponentes en función de nuevas emociones, incluyendo nervios, enfado, sudor y tics.
¡Derrota al fin a los 9 jugadores más importantes para reclamar tu título!
¡Toma ahora el tren para Amarillo y muestra de qué pasta estás hecho!

Governor of Poker 2 incluye:

  • Una nueva historia en el Salvaje Oeste
  • 13 ciudades y 17 lugares en los que jugar
  • Grandes torneos con hasta 120 jugadores en muchos lugares nuevos
  • Un nuevo motor de póquer
  • Más variedad en los oponentes
  • Tutorial de póquer
  • Docenas de sombreros nuevos para presumir
  • Opciones para organizar tus propios torneos
  • Cantidad de logros y trofeos nuevos
  • Un emocionante desafío para reclamar el título de Gobernador

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
    • Procesador: Pentium III a 1200 MHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 16 MB
    • DirectX®: 8 o posterior
    • Disco Duro: 90 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Tarjeta integrada o Sound Blaster
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Publicado el 3 de mayo
Governor of Poker 2 is an enjoyable poker game set in the Wild West, that offers more than just poker. There's a long campaign where you travel to different cities, play in various tournaments, encounter a variety of different opponents (including notorious ones), purchase buildings, and best of all, you get to buy new hats!
A big feature of real poker is the tells on your opponents faces, but in this game you don't see faces, just hats! In spite of this, the game does a pretty good job of giving different personalities to the characters through their voices and actions, and there are tells in the form of comments they make and other information, such as getting steamy when they lose.

A big part of the game is travelling to different cities and buying buildings, which provide you with passive income. At first you can only make money from playing poker, but once you own a reasonable number of buildings you have a steady income trickling in. The idea is to build up your reputation and take over different cities. You can borrow money from the bank if necessary, or sell buildings if you have any, and of course, you can buy new hats. New hats impart some personality to the players and allow you to enter new tournaments.

The gameplay is fairly fast paced, it's an ideal game for a quick poker fix, but I'm not sure whether the cards played are truly random and whether the AI cheats or not. Some reviews claim that it does. I'm not experienced at poker so I can't really tell, but as a casual player the gameplay seems decent to me, even though I find it pretty hard to win, even on the standard level. The Telltale poker games are a lot more fun if you want personality and banter, but for a simple poker fix, this does the job and is better than other poker games I've tried. There's no multiplayer, so look elsewhere if that's what you want, but it provides a good single player experience

The graphics are fairly basic, and low res too, but they're functional and pleasant to look at. There are free versions of this you can play on the internet but this version, the premium edition, provides more depth.

Overall I'd recommend this game for casual players, especially because of the extra interest that the campaign provides. Serious poker players may want to look elsewhere though.
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Publicado el 6 de julio
Arguably the best poker game on steam currently, would highly recommend!
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Publicado el 22 de agosto
If you like Poker then you will love this game! I realy enjoy it and I`m pretty bad on playing Poker lol.

You can earn good money on challanging the Game and win on the table, there are 3 prices to get so if you cant be number 1 then maybe number 3. If you risk too much you can loose realy quick on this game and continue will be realy hard because you need money to play and the day salary depend on how much houses or banks you owen in a city.

9 of 10 Points from me
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Publicado el 4 de octubre
I have the same issue I had with the original game. It looks at your cards and then bets accordingly. Example I have a pair of cards in the hole. Computer will fold if even challenged. Another example computer gets a crap hand and then raises me when I have the better hold cards. Computer ends up with a flush. The computer knows in advance if its going to win or not and bets against that. So basically it doesnt matter if you show your cards at the end of the hand or not the computer knows exactly what you have. So instead of being a game of skill it becomes a random game that depends entirely on the computer allowing you to win. Just for the record I have played online and in real life poker. I suppose if you want to learn the basic rules of poker its good for that. Other wise the game is just a waste of time.
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Publicado el 30 de junio
One of the best casual poker games out there and for sure the best one on Steam, at the moment, in my opinion. It's important to note tho that this game is for casual players who are not very much into serious poker strategy. I do play online poker for real money at gambling sites versus real people and I can tell you for sure that strategies applied there, even on lowest stakes against dumbest of players, won't work very often on AI in this game.

AI in this game is rather silly and most of the time plays nothing like real thinking player would. All tho you can certainly still learn how it "thinks" and use it for your advantage to predict it's behaviors. It's not like AI is completely random and doesn't make sense. But still, if you want a serious poker game where you could apply in-depth poker strategies this game is not for you. But it is excellent if you are newcomer to poker or just want to casually have fun time.

Game has very attractive graphics and nice progression system where you buy houses and cities, what gives you profit every day once you own them. You gain fame and stars what allows you to challenge stronger and stronger opponents once you get more famous. You can walk around the city and talk to it's people, it's like a tiny poker RPG. The game also has a story which is told through newspapers what pops on your screen and NPCs what you can click to talk with. Not much of a story but it is there. And you can spend extra money you make on hats to customize your character. Obviously poker play is this game's main focus but it's nice that these RPG features are there.

Would I recommend Premium Edition? Yes, for sure! Would I recommend it for 20$? Probably not. Wait till this game goes on sale and then get Premium Edition. In the end of a day it's very repetitive and AI is not smart enough to justify paying 20$ for a flash game, which is what this game essentially originated as. If it would have multiplayer, like Governor of Poker 3, then it would be worth 20$ in my opinion, but it does not.
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