When the number of computers in existence and their processing capacity exceeds that of all mankind, a point of technological singularity is encountered. A massive economic and systematic crisis hits the entire world. Nobody knows the exact cause, and all solutions to fix it, are failing.
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发行日期: 2010年9月14日


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iPhone hacking game now available

Hello gamers,

Keep hacking in our newest iOS companion hacking minigame,
Hacker Challenges:


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Steam Trading Cards now available for Hacker Evolution: Untold

Steam Trading Cards now available for Hacker Evolution: Untold
Have fun using them :)

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When the number of computers in existence and their processing capacity exceeds that of all mankind, a point of technological singularity is encountered.
A massive economic and systematic crisis hits the entire world. Nobody knows the exact cause, and all solutions to fix it, are failing. We are about to lose our position as a dominant specie on the planet, in favor of something we have created... computers.

You play the role of Brian Spencer, a young computer programmer working for a company he started with a couple of friends, which has developed the technology from where it all started.

When you are being framed for crime, it's up to you to prevent computers from becoming the next dominant specie, and clear your name, using your hacker skills.

The concept behind Hacker Evolution: Untold is to create a game that challenges the gamers intelligence, attention and focus, creating a captivating mind game. Solve puzzles, examine code and bits of information, to help you achieve your objectives.

Key features:
  • Modding capability to allow the creation of custom levels
  • The included mod editor, allows you to create new game levels easily (PC only)
  • Complex levels and game play to guarantee the best experience
  • Complex command console with over 20 commands and tools


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 Mb
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible video card
    • DirectX®: 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 200 Mb
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 Mb
    • Hard Drive: 200 Mb
    • Graphics:32Mb video card
    Processor: 1Ghz CPU
    Memory: 1Gb RAM
    Hard Disk Space: Hard Disk Space: 100 Mb
    Note: Requires the libSDL2, libSDL2_mixer and libSDL2)_image packages
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I wanna be hacker or cracker :D
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This game, as all the other hacker evolution games, has such a slim margin of error that even getting through the tutorial in one piece will test your threshold for handling frustration.

The hacker evolution games have a strong foundational concept, and solid UI, but the game suffers from arbitrary limitations (like the amount of times that you can use any computer as a hop point.)

Typically, I like to give games the benefit of the doubt. Try it out if it's on sale, I usually say, but there's no point in putting down any amount of money for such a frustrating game such as any installment of the hacker evolution series.
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A crappy knockoff of Uplink, a far superior, better engineered, and more compelling game. Don't waste your time even thinking about this game, just get Uplink.

If you must play through it, be prepared for unintuitive mechanics, a useless tutorial, and overly complicated visuals, which, while they make for great screenshots, only get in the way during gameplay.
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Asinine game design:

Complete all level objectives, including obtaining $2000 and reducing global trace level below 50%. Continue playing. Accrue more than $5000 and spend money on huge firewall upgrade. Use large trace level buffer to hack hidden (bonus) servers. Exhaust all options on this level and attempt to progress to next; cannot. Hit F2 and review level objectives again. Objectives for obtaining money and reducing trace level are now marked incomplete. Cannot progress because elected to spend acquired resources on better equipment and use low trace level for server exploration. Punished for playing too well. Refuse to replay 30-minute level; uninstall.

Play Street Hacker and mess around with mods for Uplink instead. Please someone make a truly amazing new hacking game.
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Unfortunately, the excellent level design of Hacker Evolution and Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion are not to be found throughout this sequel. The developer decided to make a couple of the levels overly convoluted and unnecessarily complicated for no good reason whatsoever. In Untold, it is as if one is put through a couple tedium and boredom filled levels as a form of punishment or through lack of design creativity. There is simply no enjoyment to be extracted from these exercises. These two levels are not fun, interesting, nor rewarding. It feels more like taking irrelevant and needless tests for nothing. The music in Untold is not nearly as amusing and entertaining to listen to during play as in the original game. The songs selected are bland, uninspired, and repetitive in comparison.Despite its level design problems, Untold still manages to be more developed and better executed than Uplink, but it remains a poor comparison to the original Hacker Evolution. Once you get past the two inferior levels, the rest of the game is enjoyable. Overall 6/10.
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Hacker Evolution: Untold
This game has a good story and I love the integration of terminal commands.
It definately isn't in the same class as Uplink but there really isn't anything out that is. Hacking Simulation is a very underutilized genre. But if you've already played through Uplink and are liking for a good second choice this is it.
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This is a really cool and unique game. The interface looks awesome, it's way more realistic than what most games consider would be 'hacking.' I'd defenitely recommend for those strategy lovers, it has a sort of walkthrough to get you started on the levels, but you need to figure out alot yourself too.
The game has a really cool feel to it, and it's a really good way to pass the time.
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1.5 小时(记录在案的)
Better one of the series imo.

Although, it's the same princples as the first. The story line, or corporate setting, is much more interesting.
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Just like with the base version, if you don't mind staring at a plain, Unix-type interface and entering keyboard commands -- and you want to begin to learn how to hack computers and steal things -- then this game might be for you.

Personally, I tired of it fairly quickly. Not exactly exciting gameplay. But, could be appropriate for others if you enjoy this kind of challenge (I recommend, however, that you spend your time learning to progam rather than learning to hack, which will just get you into trouble eventually...).

(Note: Acquired via a bundle)
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can be a fun game if you enjot typing and this type of thing, can be a little confusing but you get the hang of it eventually.
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This game is pretty alright. I have enjoyed it.
It is HARD though, really hard, but i think that is what makes it fun.
It is very suspense-full and intense (as far as typing and reading data sheets are)
I reccommend this if you are into typing games or casual games.
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7.8 小时(记录在案的)
This was really cool. Different concept than before I enjoyed the changes.
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2.3 小时(记录在案的)
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Boredom Evolution: Untold...
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Cool story bro
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This is closest you will get in a game to real hacking (of course a way simpler than real life). The game lacks visuals, but the atmosphere is ok, the missions are interesting, finding the hidden servers is fun, but game is way too short. There's an expansion campaign but it is much harder than the standard campaing, so don't even bother playing the expansion if you didn't finish the standard one. Since there are actually no other games like this one, it's worth owning and playing if you're interesting in hacking, specially for 10$. It won't last much but it's an interesting concept and fun to play.
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Piece of junk can't even manage to stay running in the background for 30 minutes without crashing.
This thing has no place on steam.
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(Big shoutout to Vulpine Kitten for giving me this game :D)
Where do I begin?
This game is hands down harder than Super Hexagon. You need patience, intellagence. It's stressful. Some levels may take only minutes, others might take hours. I'm not going to spoil it, but if you're looking for a challenging game, you come to the right place.
10/10, would reccomond.
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Before buying, when i used to play the demo (2 years ago) i thought this game was rad. I really wanted it and since it was 2 reais the other day i got it. After 30 seconds on the tutorial i got REALLY bored. It's got a nice premise, but unfortunately it's a bit too repetitive and unidimensional.
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I love this game. I love the soundtrack. Gameplay is easy: once you understand the commands, you can appreciate the hack and the search and... Well, you got it, I didn't search a nervous game where you have to be really fast or where you have to immerse yourself in complex commands.... And when I played it, it was bugged at one point and the devs knew it. I contacted them like they asked (because it was only on Steam that you had a problem) and everything got solved.