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Lorsque le nombre d'ordinateurs et leur capacité de traitement dépasse celle de l'humanité, un seuil est franchi. Une crise économique majeure frappe le monde et personne ne connait vraiment l'origine ni la cause de ce chaos. Nous sommes sur le point de perdre l'ascendant sur nos rivaux... les ordinateurs.
Date de parution: 14 sept 2010
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Steam Trading Cards now available for Hacker Evolution: Untold

29 juillet

Steam Trading Cards now available for Hacker Evolution: Untold
Have fun using them :)

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Hacker Evolution - Untold - BIG UPDATE now available

24 mai

Hacker Evolution - Untold just received a big update consisting of a completely rewritten graphics/input/audio/system engine to accomodate modern hardware and:

- Completely new MacOS port
- Linux port

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À propos du jeu

Lorsque le nombre d'ordinateurs et leur capacité de traitement dépasse celle de l'humanité, un seuil est franchi. Une crise économique majeure frappe le monde et personne ne connait vraiment l'origine ni la cause de ce chaos. Nous sommes sur le point de perdre l'ascendant sur nos rivaux... les ordinateurs.

Vous jouez le rôle de Brian Spencer, un jeune programmeur travaillant pour une entreprise qui a développé la technologie qui a tout commencé.

Alors que vous êtes sur le point d'être arrêté pour crime, il vous revient d'empêcher que les ordinateurs ne dominent le monde et de restaurer votre nom en utilisant vos aptitudes informatiques.

Le concept derrière Hacker Evolution : créer un challenge pour les joueurs, leur attention et leur concentration. Résolvez les énigmes pour parvenir à votre objectif.

Comprend :
  • Capacité de modélisation pour créer des niveaux personnalisés
  • Editeur de mod sur PC
  • Niveaux complexes
  • Plus de 20 commandes et outils

Configuration requise (PC)

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processeur : 1 Ghz
    • Mémoire : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Compatible DirectX
    • DirectX® : 8.0
    • Disque dur : 200 Mo
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX

Configuration requise (MAC)

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.5.8
    • Processeur : 1 GHz
    • Mémoire Vive : 512 Mo
    • Disque dur : 200 Mo
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo 32 Mo

Configuration requise (Linux)

    Processor: 1Ghz CPU
    Memory: 1Gb RAM
    Hard Disk Space: Hard Disk Space: 100 Mb
    Note: Requires the libSDL2, libSDL2_mixer and libSDL2)_image packages
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
49 personne(s) sur 56 (88%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
0.6 heures en tout
This game, as all the other hacker evolution games, has such a slim margin of error that even getting through the tutorial in one piece will test your threshold for handling frustration.

The hacker evolution games have a strong foundational concept, and solid UI, but the game suffers from arbitrary limitations (like the amount of times that you can use any computer as a hop point.)

Typically, I like to give games the benefit of the doubt. Try it out if it's on sale, I usually say, but there's no point in putting down any amount of money for such a frustrating game such as any installment of the hacker evolution series.
Posté le : 9 juin
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26 personne(s) sur 33 (79%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
8.8 heures en tout
The creativity in HE: Untold is more well developed, compared to the original Hacker Evolution, and the storyline is ok, to a point - then the storyline just gets dropped on the floor, and the game ends.

Can i recommend it? Possibly, the cmd-based game style appeals to me, aswell as the storyline along the way.

Will i recommend it? No, i will not! In a matter of 10 missions (tutorial included) the game will end, way too short!

I would rather sit back with Street Hacker (same cmd-based style), or back to Uplink, and enjoy myself with something longer-lasting than this..

Oh yeah, let's not forget the hardcore DLC, which introduces another 2 missions (yeah, only 2) - is it even worth bothering?
Posté le : 12 avril
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17 personne(s) sur 20 (85%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
0.3 heures en tout
A crappy knockoff of Uplink, a far superior, better engineered, and more compelling game. Don't waste your time even thinking about this game, just get Uplink.

If you must play through it, be prepared for unintuitive mechanics, a useless tutorial, and overly complicated visuals, which, while they make for great screenshots, only get in the way during gameplay.
Posté le : 24 juin
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12 personne(s) sur 14 (86%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1.9 heures en tout
Asinine game design:

Complete all level objectives, including obtaining $2000 and reducing global trace level below 50%. Continue playing. Accrue more than $5000 and spend money on huge firewall upgrade. Use large trace level buffer to hack hidden (bonus) servers. Exhaust all options on this level and attempt to progress to next; cannot. Hit F2 and review level objectives again. Objectives for obtaining money and reducing trace level are now marked incomplete. Cannot progress because elected to spend acquired resources on better equipment and use low trace level for server exploration. Punished for playing too well. Refuse to replay 30-minute level; uninstall.

Play Street Hacker and mess around with mods for Uplink instead. Please someone make a truly amazing new hacking game.
Posté le : 4 août
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16 personne(s) sur 25 (64%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
0.9 heures en tout
Boring and too hard in the wrong way (i.e. you have to restart the whole campaign, instead of a single mission if you do something wrongish). I love the premise, but it doesn´t give you what you want.
Posté le : 13 avril
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66 personne(s) sur 78 (85%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
8.4 heures en tout
Having only barely known about "hacking" games, I decided to give it a shot, as this game was on sale for 2€. I found myself having mixed feelings about it, and writing a lot, so bear it with me. (skip to the last paragraph, above the PS, if in a hurry)

Right off, you notice that the game doesn't support 16:9 or 16:10 resolutions and the text is small and hard to see, and nothing can be done about that. Still, I was intrigued and started playing. The intro of the story lacks a bit of depth and background, but you get the idea. The game is mainly played in a command-line console, with some other monitor screens that are the same throughout the game. Although the atmosphere is right (the music, though not brilliant, helps) the presentation is limited and repetitive, there's not much to see. Essentially, the gameplay is that of a slow paced puzzler where in each "level" you have to figure out the best way to complete the objectives (gain access to computers/systems, steal files/money, upload viruses/trojans, etc etc) by taking down security measures (passwords, encryption) in various nodes/computers in that screen, and also finding "hidden" ones. Each action raises your trace level; if it gets to 100% you get traced and loose. You’ll have to delete “footprints” of your activities and pay your ISP to reset your IP, etc, to manage that and avoid getting traced. It is very non-linear, you can never be sure what the best way to proceed is, and there are non-essential things you can do, which may or may not be to your advantage: for instance, you may find a link to new servers that have money to steal, but they can also have nothing of interest and only serve to increase your trace level. Also, you'll have to figure out if you'll risk spending money to upgrade your rig or save it to decrease the trace level when needed, which is always a tough choice. That said, progressing through the level and finding out what to do is mostly interesting, and the "exploration" involved actually makes you feel like you are "unwrapping" what happened, and helps telling the story and getting the plot forward.

In the first two missions you have lots of help, which is nice if you start off without any knowledge about the series and/or command lines in general. In the third mission you’re more on your own, and that’s interesting. Then, I realized that your trace level sometimes carries from mission to mission (which was not explained), and you may find yourself in a situation where you raised it too high or didn’t get enough money on previous levels to have “room to breathe” to complete the next one. If that’s the case, all you can do is start from the very beginning of the game (!) which is extremely frustrating. There is no multiple save game slots, just the one! And there is no saving in the middle of a mission either! The fourth mission I found VERY difficult because of this. Then, on the fifth one, EVEN MORE DIFFICULT, I finally managed to proceed, but disregarding some “instructions” that were provided which supposedly I should have followed to get to the next level, which was a little confusing!! But apparently, there's (always?) more than one way to get past the level(s?). So, one can safely say the game is challenging and difficult.

All this would still be ok, but the ending, let's just say, is just very abrupt, anti-climatic and unsatisfying. It's really a pity, I mean it wouldn't hurt to write some more lines of text and close the story properly...

In short, the game has some fun if you like the hacking/command-line thing, but it is very a challenging game. Maybe that's part of the point of the game, but with the poor presentation, being repetitive, having a very bad ending, and sometimes being extremely punishing by making you start from the very beginning, I fear that unless you are very passionate about IT/hacking and also like very hard puzzles, it will more likely frustrate you than provide you with fun.

(PS: comparing with the original game (Hacker Evolution), though, this one is better. Not going much into it, the previous one is even more punishing with some game-breaking flaws in the mechanics, imo. After finishing this one and playing a little of the first one, I find myself surprisingly cheering for this one. So, all things considered, if you want to try one, I recommend trying this one rather than the original.)
Posté le : 10 décembre 2013
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