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Hacker Evolution es un juego de simulación de hacking que ofrece unos gráficos y características sin igual. Juegas en el papel de un ex-agente de inteligencia especializado en seguridad informática. Cuando una cadena de eventos desactiva servicios críticos por todo el mundo, asumes el rol de un hacker informático para descubrir qué ha...
Fecha de lanzamiento: 14 Sep 2010
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Incluye 4 artículos: Hacker Evolution, Hacker Evolution: Untold, Hacker Evolution Duality, Hacker Evolution Duality: Inception Part 1 DLC

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Hardcore Package Part 2 / New DLC available for Hacker Evolution

10 julio 2014

Hello everyone,

We have just released a new DLC which brings new levels to Hacker Evolution.


Hardcore Package Part 2 in the STEAM store

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Hacker Evolution - Big update available

20 abril 2014

Hacker Evolution just received a big update consisting of a completely rewritten graphics/input/audio/system engine to accomodate modern hardware and:

- New levels (mod) included: Operation Electrosphere
- MacOS port
- Linux port

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Acerca del juego

Hacker Evolution es un juego de simulación de hacking que ofrece unos gráficos y características sin igual.
Juegas en el papel de un ex-agente de inteligencia especializado en seguridad informática. Cuando una cadena de eventos desactiva servicios críticos por todo el mundo, asumes el rol de un hacker informático para descubrir qué ha sucedido e intentar ponerle fin.
Cuando la bolsa, el banco central, la conexión vía satélite y los enlaces transoceánicos de fibra óptica se van a pique, te das cuenta de que esto es algo más que un simple incidente. Algo grande está detrás de todo esto y eres tú quien debe descubrir de qué se trata.
Piratearás ordenadores, buscarás agujeros de seguridad e información y robarás dinero para comprar mejoras de hardware en un intento de unir todas las piezas de este gigantesco rompecabezas.

Ubicado en el entorno virtual de un sistema operativo, el juego contiene todas las características necesarias para proporcionar al jugador la experiencia y las sensaciones de un hacker.

El concepto que subyace en Hacker Evolution es la creación de un juego capaz de retar la inteligencia del jugador, centrar su atención y proporcionarle un atractivo desafío mental. Resuelve puzles y examina código y bits de información para ayudarte a lograr tus objetivos.

Características principales:
  • Capacidad de modificación que permite la creación de niveles personalizados
  • El editor de mods incluido te permite crear fácilmente nuevos niveles de juego
  • Múltiples apariencias de la interfaz
  • Niveles complejos y una mecánica de juego que garantiza la mejor experiencia
  • Trabajos opcionales por tu cuenta que ofrecen más variedad
  • Complejas consolas con más de 20 comandos y herramientas

    Requisitos del sistema (PC)

      • SO: Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
      • Procesador: 1 GHz
      • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
      • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX
      • DirectX®: DirectX 8.0
      • Disco Duro: 200 MB de espacio libre
      • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX

    Requisitos del sistema (MAC)

      OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
      Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster
      Memory: 1Gb RAM
      Hard Disk Space: 200Mb free disk space
      Video Card: 32Mb video card

    Requisitos del sistema (Linux)

      Processor: 1Ghz CPU
      Memory: 1Gb RAM
      Hard Disk Space: Hard Disk Space: 100 Mb
      Note: Requires the libSDL2, libSDL2_mixer and libSDL2)_image packages
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    Hacker Evolution is more of a typing game, then a hacking simulator. I like the concept of hacker games. The sense of online omnipotence has a huge appeal. HOWEVER, this game actively punishes exploration. A lot of the game is trial and error. If you do not do things in order, you will have to restart. Restart the level? No, the entire game. Your penalties from previous levels carry over to the next.

    If you ever feel the need to check out things off the developers predetermined path, they slap you with in game monetary penalties. ex: You see that a website called Seems cool, right, so you go to check it out. You are penalized for looking up the website. Yes, they penalize you for LOOKING UP WEBSITES! Then they penalize you for logging on, and then they penalize you for downloading files. The only way to take away your penalties is too pay in game money. They penalize you when you make money. Every. Single. Time. So if you get the game, go ahead and save yourself some headaches and use the money cheat (xmoney) to give yourself all the money you will ever need.

    The good thing about the game is that it had somewhat of a vision, but if you want a hacking game that makes you feel powerful, go with UPLINK.
    Publicado: 24 abril 2014
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    I'll be honest, I used to enjoy this game a bit. And then I bought Uplink. Seriously, the fact that this game increases your global trace no matter what is completely stupid. I just wish it didn't take buying a better hacker sim to see how poor this one really is.
    Publicado: 25 junio 2014
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    This review covers Hacker Evolution and its expansion, Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion, which is included with the base game. From the very beginning, as you start the tutorial, you realize that Hacker Evolution is all about the command-line interface. This has its pros and cons, but fortunately, it all comes together quite well. Scrolling up and down in order to read through information that has since gone off the small window can be a little problematic and sometimes confusing, as you will be fishing for short lines of detailed text in order to perform various text commands. The music is constantly of the techno genre, but it is overall enjoyable after you get used to it. Being that this is the developer's first (as far as I know) effort in the hacking simulation genre, it is much more polished, much more user friendly, less cumbersome, and with far less flaws than Uplink in every way. This still means that the game play will be slow at times, and you will need to appreciate this type of game in order to enjoy it. The missions are interesting, challenging, and with personality. You actually believe that you are part of the short story in meaningful ways, and after completing each goal, there is a feeling of accomplishment and significance. The story progression makes sense and manages to remain interesting, as each level provides new challenges. Also, if you do not have enough funds at the end of each level, in conjunction with a high trace count, you will need to start the game over from the beginning, which is a very serious problem, in my opinion. If you are not careful from the very beginning, the game simply tells you "your fault, start over". Which I suppose means that it is an attempt to go along with the simulation aspect of the experience. It is trying to be as realistic as possible. All missions are exceptionally designed, and it is clear that the developer took great care and attention to detail to prepare all of them, in conjunction with the storyline. It is also valuable to point out that even though the amount of commands is limited, all missions have a different feel to them, and must be approached from different angles in order to succeed. It is amazing how much excitement is offered in this game as everything on screen is mostly text based, with the exception of the background graphic and mission briefings. It is the most engrossing and captivating hacking simulation game I have ever played, despite the fact that it does not have many competitors. The overall experience is fresh, fun, and with an absorbingly interesting atmosphere. It is a game that should be used as the prime example and inspiration for what all future hacking simulation games should be and must be.

    Hacker Evolution is good.
    Publicado: 20 marzo 2014
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    Good Game
    Publicado: 9 julio 2014
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    Only been playing this a short time, and I'm already enjoying it.
    It reminds me of a game I used to love playing back on my Spectrum...called Defcon.
    It's similar, but in Defcon it wasn't really a puzzle game like this, it was more an adventure.

    I like how Hacker makes you feel like it's real...and how you really need to pay attention!

    Paying to remove your trace is a little bit annoying, but I guess it's part of the puzzle.
    (Meaning, that when you're disconnected, it should go down, as they can't find you when you unplug...but it should also go up when connected, not just when you hack things...)

    Anyhoo, really enjoyable, and I'm only on the 2nd part...:)
    Publicado: 8 abril 2014
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