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Frantic, multiplayer action involving Nazis and dinosaurs! What are you waiting for? This is World War II as it should have been!
Utgivningsdatum: 8 Apr 2011
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A Jurassic-Sized Update and Last Stand DLC!

26 Juni 2014

A Jurassic-Sized Update!

That's right, an update that can only be described as “Jurassic” in that it has taken us approximately 55 million years to complete. But in that 55 million years, incredible change has taken place! Layer after layer, like sediment compacting into mudstone on the floor of a vast alluvial plain 170 million years ago in a time when dino—uh, wait. Sorry. Got lost in a geological metaphor there.

Where were we? Oh yeah, a Jurassic-Sized Update headed to a computer near you! It's been a long time since we've shipped a really great update to Dino D-Day. At long last, we've got one for you...and this one is special! Dare we say...it's our biggest update ever!

For much more information, including news on the free update, the DLC, and FAQ about what we've been doing lately, head over here:

DDD Blog Post

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“Now featuring new maps, modes, and playable thunderlizards we felt Dino D-Day is well worth a second look.”
PC Gamer, January 2012

New Content Released Since Launch

  • 5 nya spelbara dinosaurier. Totalt 9 spelbara dinosaurie-klasser.
  • 3 nya kartor har tillkommit sedan spelet släpptes
  • Ett helt nytt spelläge – Kontrollpunkt
  • Alternativa vapenkonfigurationer finns nu tillgängliga
  • Fullt Steam-integrerad statistik
  • Stöd för bottar och offline-spel kommer snart!

Om spelet

Året är 1942. Adolf Hitler har lyckats återuppliva dinosaurierna. Reptilhorden har trampat sönder Europa och medelhavsområdet. Kan ingenting stoppa nazisternas dinosauriearmé?
Dino D-Day är ett rasande, actionfyllt flerspelarspel som för dig till andra världskriget som det borde ha varit. Du och dina vänner kan slåss online och välja att slåss för de allierade nationernas sak eller för nazisterna. Den allierade sidan omfattar sju spelbara karaktärer, exempelvis Trigger, en protoceratops som räddats av Nazisterna. Varje allierad klass har unika vapen och förmågor att använda i strid. Pricka en dilophosaur med din pålitliga M1 Garand, peppra ner en kamikaze-pterosaur från himlen med ditt Thompson-gevär, eller kasta en död hare för att lura en raptor in i en fälla.
Som en spelare för axelmakterna kan du välja mellan tre människoklasser och tre dinosaurieklasser. Överrumpla din fiende från bakhåll med snabbhet och list som raptorn, krossa fienden obarmhärtigt med ett tungt 20mm kanon som desmatosuchus, härja genom fiendegrupper som dilophosaur eller plocka upp en kropp och kasta den mot fienden för att döda två samtidigt! Eller om du föredrar ett gevär i din hand så är de tyska soldatklasserna de perfekta komplementen för deras dinosauriekamrater.
Du har spelat andra världskrigsspel förut... men har du spelat ett andra världskrigsspel med dinosaurier?

Viktiga funktioner:

  • Rasande flerspelaraction online med nazister och dinosaurier
  • 7 spelbara dinosaurieklasser: velociraptor, dilophosaur, desmatosuchus, stygimoloch, protoceratopsen Trigger, tyrannosaurus rex, styracosaur.
  • 9 spelbara mänskliga klasser
  • 26 klassiska andra världskrigsvapen och gott om spännande dinosaurieattacker!
  • Drivs av Valve softwares Source-motor – teknologin bakom mega-hits som Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal2, Left 4 Dead och Left 4 Dead 2!


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    • Minne: 1 GB
    • Hårddiskutrymme: 5 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Grafikkort: 128 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 eller bättre
    • Ljud: Direct X 9.0c-kompatibelt ljudkort
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Look, if the premise hasn't sold you on this, there's nothing I could say to help.
Upplagd: 9 April 2014
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Want a game where you can burn dinosaurs to death?
Want a game where you can headbutt people as a triceratops?
Want a game where you can pounce on people as a velociraptor?
Want a game where you can try your hardest to play one of the boring classes that actually requires skill, and feel shameful and angry because you know in your heart you are innevitably going to be bested by the people who play your polar opposites and use cheap tactics to annihilate you?

Upplagd: 14 Februari 2014
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This review has been in the making for weeks. Truth be told, my friends and I have come a long way since this journey's inception. I'd like to thank every single one of you that likes this post.

Dino D-day is what gets me up in the morning. I can't think of any other game I would make love to if it were a woman. Booting it up gives me hope in the video game industry, and hope for the players of my generation, and of the next. The stunning visuals simulate semi-realistic environments where you engage in deadly combat with your counterparts. The mechanics of this game are very balanced and allow for matches that are based off of skill. Gameplay 10/10.

That's not all. Did you know Hideo Kojima himself funded this game's development? This is actually the prequel to the entire Metal Gear series. The dinosoars all resemble a Metal Gear to be determined later in the timeline, and you experience the development of The Boss into the legendary soldier she becomes.

This is a true title for the MGS fan, and the dino lover at home. Buy it.
Upplagd: 14 Januari 2014
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It’s like Counterstrike with dinosaurs, DINOSAURS WHICH ARE NAZIS!

It's pretty safe to say Dino D-Day is a different kind of World War II shooter, mostly because it features dinosaurs. This game has some kind of sarcastic humor and trys to show the people the worldwar-topic on a funny not serious way. Like WTF THE NAZIS ARE SO OVERPOWERED and have MAGICALLY POWER…!!! HAVE YOU HEARED THEY RESURRECTED THE DINOSAURS FOR A NOT STOPABLE DINOSAUR ARMY?

Ehm… yes thats the game about. xD

Genre: Multiplayer, first person shooter
Graphic: 9/10 good graphic with funny details
Audio: 10/10 realistic sound, historical sound
Teams: Allied nations and Nazis
Characters: 9 different humans, 7 dinosaur classes
All with special abilities and weapons (26 classical weapons from WWII).

Gameplay: 8/10 for the controls; primary it’s a bit confusing but when you are better with the controls and you have a better overview about the map ist pretty funny.

After 2 hours I also noticed that:
* The people with a symbol over the head are my mates lol
* The goat is no enemy xDDDDD
* Theres also the aim to capture the flags (not only to kill and survive) ^^‘‘‘

I don’t know why but some controls don’t work for me: For example I looked for the keyboard controls and it said „F = weapon option“ but with a human nothing happens when I press F and when I press F with a dinosaur he pees. O: Really…. He pees!
And the R for reload also doesn’t work for me… I have just played it for 2 hours but it’s still a bit confusing for me (so I would be really happy if someone of you can help me out ^^).

An other negative aspect in my eyes that there are just a few people playing this game so there are a lot of server with no players and you don’t have much choice on which server you want to play. It’s also sad that there is just ONE Server with BOTS and I asked myself if this server is in china or where because first time I couldn’t connect and the second time I waited for 5 minutes till I connected with 900+ Ping and frozen pictures / teleport (you maybe know this feeling).
However I still think its a good game because I was 2 hours on a good working server with uhm around 20-30 players the whole time and I had a lot of fun.

You should make your own opinion from the facts but if you play it please let me know! (:
Upplagd: 25 Juni 2014
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I love this game. Really wish I had it much earlier as when I go on there is only 2 servers with people playing! The game is stupid and is best played with a friend for a good laugh. The gra[hics are horrible for when it was made but I honestly dont care as the gameplay is bugless.
Upplagd: 24 Februari 2014
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