Battlestations: Midway is an immense action game that drops players into massive air, sea, and undersea battles from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway.
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Utgivningsdatum: 30 jan, 2007

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BattleStations: Midway är ett enormt actionspel där du kastas in i häftiga strider i luften, till havs och under vattenytan från Pearl Harbor till Midway. Du som spelare ansvarar för stora flottattacker och ska ta direkt kontroll över alla flygplan, slagskepp och ubåtar i realtid.
I Battlestations: Midway kombineras intensiv action i tredjepersonsperspektiv med storskaliga sjöstrider och du får uppleva de stora slagen i Stilla havet under andra världskriget. Från kaoset i Pearl Harbor, via Filippinerna, Java och Korallhavet till det historiska slaget vid Midway.
I det innovativa spelupplägget får du ta direktkontroll över fler än 60 olika krigsfartyg, flygplan och ubåtar i tredjepersonsperspektiv. Du kan snabbt växla mellan och styra nästan alla fordon i slaget.
I läget för en spelare ingår 11 storskaliga kampanjer med 12 bonusuppdrag. Flerspelarläget online ger en helt ny stridsupplevelse och innehåller såväl direktstrider som samarbetsstrider mellan flottor med över 60 allierade och japanska enheter.
  • Revolutionerande spelupplägg: Upplev historiska strider från andra världskriget ur flera perspektiv genom att växla mellan mängder av olika roller och spela som pilot, skytt, ubåtskapten eller till och med befälhavare för en flottstyrka.
  • Enorma slag i luften, till sjöss och under vattenytan: Varje enskild strid pågår samtidigt i luften, på och under vattenytan. Din flottas rörelser och individuella fartygsförflyttningar är avgörande för resultatet.
  • Sextio krigsfartyg: Innehåller bland annat stridsflygplanen Wildcat och Zero, störtbombarna, bombplanen B17 och B24, hangarfartygen USS Lexington och USS Yorktown samt Japans ökända superslagskepp Yamato.
  • Realistiskt: Den allra senaste grafiken väcker Stilla havet och ögrupperna till liv med frodiga, verklighetstrogna miljöer, dynamiska vädereffekter och extremt detaljerade fordon och vapen.
  • Omfattande enspelarläge: Innehåller 11 enorma kampanjer med 12 bonusuppdrag och uppslukande handling.
  • Innovativt läge för flera spelare online: Gigantiska onlinestrider för flera enheter med upp till 8 spelare. Den största striden består av 100 enheter. Nya nivåer och skepp kommer snart. Xbox Live och online (värd: Gamespy)
  • NYHET! Sätt dina sjöstridsstrategier på prov med nya Iowa Mission Pack! Det här paketet innehåller två historiska bonusstrider, nämligen slaget om Sibuyan (en ny flerspelarupplevelse) och anfallet på Truk (för enskilda spelare), samt nya unika fordon att använda i luften, till sjöss och under vattenytan: P-38 Lightning, Nakijima J1N1 Gekko, USS Iowa (BB-61), IJN Shimakaza och mini-ubåten typ A.
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Upplagd: 14 januari
I used to play this game a whole lot back when it first came out on Xbox 360, so I decided to give it a shot yet again. First things first, the tutorial missions may just be the most boring thing I have ever had to do in a video game. They take for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ever, but I will admit they are very useful to learn about all the things you can do in this game, which is of course their purpose. They honestly just should have found a way to make an almost 45 minute tutorial fun. Once you get into the real game though, you are automatically hit with one of the most cheesy, awful video game campaign stories ever with laughably bad dialogue and characters that look like plastic dolls and act like them too. Henry Walker and Donald's bromance makes the bromance from Pearl Harbor not look like the worst thing to come out of movies in the early 2000s. Everything else about the story is forgettable, but it does stay true to what happened in World War II's early pacific campaign which I guess gives it a few points. Graphics-wise, as mentioned earlier, it looks pretty terrible but the game is from 2007, basically 2006, so you gotta let it slide. Plus graphics don't make a game anyway.

So I just trashed everything not important about this game, but I had to get it out. The gameplay is actually extremely fun, and even would I dare say replayable. It's a shame the campaign is so short, but this replayability definitely helps that fact. Some missions are just so much fun to play that its nice to go back every once and awhile to play again. However, if you are not playing on the highest difficulty (and normal on some missions), the game is laughably easy. I kind of like playing on easy though because it lets you focus on destroying every single unit the Japanese have in store without dying. The plane gameplay is extremely fun and very much like arcade mode on War Thunder, just with a lot less realism. This is definitely not some flight simulator, because I don't think the things I pull off sometimes in those planes are actually possible. Submarines are also a blast to play as for obvious reasons, they just don't show up in the campaign enough is the sad thing. Captaining boats is not the most fun thing in the world, but it could be worse. It is usually in boats, mainly aircraft carriers, where you use a lot of the tactical stuff this game has to offer. These real time strategy parts of the game are what keep it from being another average war game, and they are very well done and easy to use. Just get ready for a whole bunch of multi-tasking if you are playing on higher difficulties. There are also special missions for each class (sub, plane, ship) that are unrelated to the story though, and they are usually fun but much more difficult than the main campaign.

All in all, even though this review starts with a bunch of negative stuff, everything I blasted is basically irrelevant to the game. If you are looking for a game that is a lot of fun through and through, this is one to definitely consider. I recommend this mainly for all into war games, World War II's pacific campaign (the game isn't a history channel documentary but it'll do), tactical games, and games like War Thunder, but basically anyone can probably pick this up and enjoy it. 7/10 from me. I am looking forward to trying out its sequel for the first time, Battlestations: Pacific.
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Upplagd: 28 februari
Very good naval action-strategy game: you can command a ship, a plane or a submarine, which are easy to control in some not that easy missions.
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Upplagd: 21 februari
You have to look past the horrendously plastic looking characters in the otherwise still-bad videos, and underneath you'll actually find some really fun, challenging, varied warfare
-- from piloting planes in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat, from single small PT boats to destroyers with artillery and anti-aircraft flak, to commanding entire fleets!

Missions are varied well so you do a variety of tasks with both planes and ships. Despite not doing the "Naval Academy" missions as I didn't know that was the tutorial missions in the game, I picked up on the controls and the way to play the game easy enough; though I do wish I had done the Tutorial as there's a ship repair screen I still don't really understand. The game actually has a lot to do in it and is pretty well done!

You can take command of individual pieces in the war (a specific plane, ship, etc) or more manage the war from the map and just tell the pieces where to go. It's fabulous what you can do.

+ Great missions with a good variety of goals

+ You can take control of many individual pieces: planes (in air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-ship combat), and ships (using AA guns, torpedos, depth charges, and artillery)

+ You can manage the entire fleet from the map and let the computer control the individual pieces

+ The game offers 3 skill levels for the missions and the "Regular" offered a good challenge. I had to redo several missions a number of times.

+ It's a good length of a game. My campaign lasted 10 hours (and that's not counting the various training missions, or the other 11 challenge missions)

+ The graphics. Even factoring in the release date of the game, I think the game (gameplay) looks pretty good; better than I was expecting given its age. The videos, granted, are terrible on a variety of levels.

+ Has multiplayer, but hadn't tried it at all, but it's nice they put MP in the game.

The "OK":
~ Story. The settings and missions themselves were great, but the videos between the missions where they tell the story of your character; that was borderline at best.

~ Some missions are a little long, and being new at the game and a good challenge, if you loose, that was almost an hour you have to redo. (Ahem, a couple more times in my case cuz I didn't want to go down to Easy!)

~ I had to change the controls from the defaults on a few different pieces (eg: planes controls seem to be inverted for mouse anyway); but the game does allow you to change them to whatever.

~ Planes don't seem all that manouverable when flying manually. It was a challenge for me just to fly the plane and even SEE the enemy at times. :-D

~ Some control screens just aren't intuitive such as the ship repair screen. Granted there's a tutorial, but it's a single screen; you'd think I could figure it out, but ... I'm not really sure what effect my changes are having.

~ The UI isn't the most intuitive either. Again, it may have been covered in the tutorial, but the red/green circles by the targeting crosshairs; that took a bit to figure out. (Number of circles = how many turrets/torpedos you have. Red Circle = a particular turret/torpedo can't fire in the direction aiming, Green Circle means the turret/torpedo is ready to fire. Red Flashing Circle means that turret/torpedo is reloading.)

The BAD:
- The videos. You really have to get past your plastic looking people in the animations and just enjoy the missions themselves. Thankfully the videos and the gameplay are completely and totally different.

I'm so glad I stuck with it to try the rest of the missions and look past the videos / story. Overall 7.5 / 10.
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Upplagd: 20 februari
I love this game! Have problems with onlie becose of Game Spy Still a verry good game (Ships,Aircraft,Submarines.) So awsome!!
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Upplagd: 3 mars
A great game, where you take the role as either captain of a ship, commander of a fleet, or a pilot of many aircraft
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