Battlestations: Midway is an immense action game that drops players into massive air, sea, and undersea battles from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway.
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Utgivningsdatum: 30 jan, 2007

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BattleStations: Midway är ett enormt actionspel där du kastas in i häftiga strider i luften, till havs och under vattenytan från Pearl Harbor till Midway. Du som spelare ansvarar för stora flottattacker och ska ta direkt kontroll över alla flygplan, slagskepp och ubåtar i realtid.
I Battlestations: Midway kombineras intensiv action i tredjepersonsperspektiv med storskaliga sjöstrider och du får uppleva de stora slagen i Stilla havet under andra världskriget. Från kaoset i Pearl Harbor, via Filippinerna, Java och Korallhavet till det historiska slaget vid Midway.
I det innovativa spelupplägget får du ta direktkontroll över fler än 60 olika krigsfartyg, flygplan och ubåtar i tredjepersonsperspektiv. Du kan snabbt växla mellan och styra nästan alla fordon i slaget.
I läget för en spelare ingår 11 storskaliga kampanjer med 12 bonusuppdrag. Flerspelarläget online ger en helt ny stridsupplevelse och innehåller såväl direktstrider som samarbetsstrider mellan flottor med över 60 allierade och japanska enheter.
  • Revolutionerande spelupplägg: Upplev historiska strider från andra världskriget ur flera perspektiv genom att växla mellan mängder av olika roller och spela som pilot, skytt, ubåtskapten eller till och med befälhavare för en flottstyrka.
  • Enorma slag i luften, till sjöss och under vattenytan: Varje enskild strid pågår samtidigt i luften, på och under vattenytan. Din flottas rörelser och individuella fartygsförflyttningar är avgörande för resultatet.
  • Sextio krigsfartyg: Innehåller bland annat stridsflygplanen Wildcat och Zero, störtbombarna, bombplanen B17 och B24, hangarfartygen USS Lexington och USS Yorktown samt Japans ökända superslagskepp Yamato.
  • Realistiskt: Den allra senaste grafiken väcker Stilla havet och ögrupperna till liv med frodiga, verklighetstrogna miljöer, dynamiska vädereffekter och extremt detaljerade fordon och vapen.
  • Omfattande enspelarläge: Innehåller 11 enorma kampanjer med 12 bonusuppdrag och uppslukande handling.
  • Innovativt läge för flera spelare online: Gigantiska onlinestrider för flera enheter med upp till 8 spelare. Den största striden består av 100 enheter. Nya nivåer och skepp kommer snart. Xbox Live och online (värd: Gamespy)
  • NYHET! Sätt dina sjöstridsstrategier på prov med nya Iowa Mission Pack! Det här paketet innehåller två historiska bonusstrider, nämligen slaget om Sibuyan (en ny flerspelarupplevelse) och anfallet på Truk (för enskilda spelare), samt nya unika fordon att använda i luften, till sjöss och under vattenytan: P-38 Lightning, Nakijima J1N1 Gekko, USS Iowa (BB-61), IJN Shimakaza och mini-ubåten typ A.
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5.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 27 juli
This review is not really much of a review. I aim this at trying to be more helpful to people who already bought the game and were disappointed.

Review part:
Play this game if you love older flight sims, naval sims, strategy and micromanagement.

Do not play this game if you expect an easy flight sim, easy RTS, easy naval sim, or easy sub sim. Nothing about this game is easy, it tries to do many things at once and does them all well. The challenge is in managing every little thing.

Me trying to be helpful part:

Tips and Tricks:
1: You have finite resources, manage them well. Use fighters as bombers by equipping them with bombs, use bombers as fighters by enabling CAP (Combat air patrol), and don't send your ships into the slaughter single file.
2: Damage control isn't a myth. There is actually a damage control screen. Pay attention to your ships issues and fix them accordingly in battle.
3: This game also has a RTS component. Use your map to issue orders. Your map is your friend, and your AI will hit more often than they miss (Excluding with free fire torpedos which are more likely to sink friendlies.)
4: You have to lead your targets and have a basic grasp of physics and timing. Physics is real in this game. Your speed, the speed of your target, and your overall range is not calculated for you excluding aircraft. Sometimes you have to shoot at open water now to hit your target 5 seconds later.
4.5: This can often be negated by aiming at the waterline on the very front of the enemy ship. This will usually make your shots hit their engine room and bring them to a full stop, or slow them down enough for your shots to hit their mag and blow them up.
5: Friendly fire is real, you can kill your own people. Do not shoot torpedos at enemy vessels that happen to be engaging friendlys opposite of you. Crossfire hurts. Hell, you can shoot down friendly aircraft with unlucky artillery blasts, you can dive bomb the plane you are flying by running into your bomb as it falls, I once had my own B-17 crew take out an entire group of my own torpedo bombers.
6: Use binoculars for everything you can, all the time, always. Just use them. They help. Seriously, use them. The things you see through called binoculars. These things you can see through, they can zoom, use them. Do it. If you don't, you have no reason to complain about missing your shots.

Upon reading the reviews, I realized that so many people dislike the game for BS reasons.

"The controls are awkward!"
That's easy to fix by hitting esc and changing your controls.

"The battles feel uneven in single player!"
They are, as they are meant to be. Do you really want a game where you *Always* have an unfair advantage?

"The graphics suck"
Keep in mind the scale of the game and its age, not to mention the price you are getting it at.

"I can't tell when my guns are reloading!"
Yes, you can. If the little green dots aren't green, either that gun is reloading, damaged, or they don't have line of sight. Yes, line of sight is a real thing, it's a real issue. Guns on the back of your ship can't shoot targets in front of you. Get sideways.

"I can't fly!"
The flight controls aren't arcade. Try to use your rudder rather than constantly banking.

"I can't shoot down enemy aircraft!"
In air to air combat: Try to attack from above. Theres a little circle to shoot at, shoot at that, not the aircraft itself.
On surface craft: There are range limitations, be sure to target them, be sure to only shoot at them when they are entering range.

That being said, the negative reviews have some good points. The story is short, the gameplay is dated, the engine is old, mulitplayer no longer has a legit existance and so on. Still, it's $7 unbundled when not on sale, and an amazing game for its price and age.
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8.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 14 september
The multiplayer basically doesn't work (With Gameranger it can work) but its still a great game with a amazing campaign, where you will use airplane squadrons (Torpedoes, bombers, fighters), Battleships, Destroyers and even AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!! I just love the Aircraft Carrier gameplay where you can take control of your squadrons and your fleet itself, you can even take control of a Airfield and defeat enemy Fleets and Squadrons! Greatly recommended.
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14.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 september
played this game years ago before it came out on steam. Now that I found it back I love it more than ever. Oh, and its also REALLY hard, so if you like a challenge give it a go.
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4.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 6 september
You must read online tips for this game. I kept screwing up for some levels... then I realised, you can choose what kind of planes to launch...

Some levels can get a bit long and tedious. And I realised I prefer to let the computer do the dogfights and even torpedo runs.

So. I give this game 6/10. I recommend getting it in a sale, cos end of the day, I did get some fun out of it. But I expected more.
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7.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 28 augusti
Got this and expected a mediocre game. But it turned out of be a quiet good one and I had a lot of fun with it. I am normally not into Naval Strategy so I can't say anything about the quality compared with anything, but it seemed nice and diverse.
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