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New adventure game with gawky handymen from the legendary series. "Pat & Mat" is puzzle adventure game for everyone. All settings are based on the popular TV stop-motion series about "Pat & Mat", two handymen.
Release Date: Oct 1, 2009
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About the Game

New adventure game with gawky handymen from the legendary series.

"Pat & Mat" is puzzle adventure game for everyone. All settings are based on the popular TV stop-motion series about "Pat & Mat", two handymen. Although the game is fully 3D rendered in real-time, it still keeps the dreamy look of stop-motion movies (characters are modeled in “puppet-style” and animations simulate “stop-motion“ animation process). Player is taking control of both Pat & Mat and solve various tasks by cooperation and help of both characters.

Key features:

  • World-wide known brand. (Pat and Mat are well known in many countries all over the world. Game doesn’t just “use” the name – it really simulates the popular TV series on your PC.)
  • The very same Pat and Mat you know from your TV. (3D reconstruction of both puppets. The game looks just like the TV series)
  • Humor for everyone. (Funny animations, funny situations, funny actions all the time.)
  • Untypical problem solving. (Creating “the incredible machine” etc.)
  • Huge amount of “mini-games” and “micro-games”.
  • Wide audience. It is for children – and their parents. Casual players will like the humor and easy-to-use controls, gamers will enjoy original approaches and non-typical puzzle solving.

System Requirements


    • OS: MS Windows ® XP SP3, MS Windows ® Vista SP1, Windows ® 7
    • Processor: Pentium ® III / Athlon ® XP or better
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce nVidia GeForce 5000 / ATI Radeon 9000 or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 512MB free space
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Experience Pat & Mat, the heartbreaking tale of two homosexual deviants trying to hide their forbidden love from the opressive 1980's Czechoslovakian regime. After leaving their window open during a night of passionate love, Pat and Mat must flee from the authorities, lest they be lynched and made an example of. You guide the two lovers, either in singleplayer or Co-operative as you battle police and bigoted countryman in a two-man war. Will you fight through the endless waves of enemies and escape to America? Or will this story have a tragic ending?
Posted: March 7
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Matt & Pat should totally play Pat & Mat. Just like that one time Total Biscuit played W.T.F.

That said, despite this being a game for kids, it is little more than a demo. It seems this was supposed to be 5 episodes long, and it only consists of 1 episode. And it can be completed rather quickly. You have 3 mini games, of which only 1 is actually fun, and a very short point and click "adventure" style game.

The main part of the game, which is a short little bit about this duo's car getting a flat tire, is over with in a few minutes. You simply click either of the duo, click on an object, and try to find what another object or set piece to match it with to progress to build a wacky contraption to fix the flat tire. Some of it makes sense, and some of it is strictly in the off the wall fashion that you would expect from a point and click adventure, but with a bit more, albeit easy, trial and error.

Once that is done, you also have 3 mini games to play. A picture puzzle game, a fashion show memory game, and a mini golf game. Of the 3, the mini golf is the only one I found enjoyable. But that is not saying much. This IS a kids game after all.

Should you buy it for your kids? I'd say no. Not at regular price. This game is incomplete, and given the date it came out, will probably never be finished. If you want a nice mini game collection your kids can enjoy on PC without you feeling ripped off, there are far better games.
Posted: April 12
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In a world where the real sky is gone and replaced by a fake one by the goverment to stop people from panicking.
Two brothers must figure out the mystery of why it happened and why they have super powers.
You control Pat and Mat and figure out the mystery shrouding the sky one episode at a time.
Be wary though, the police do not trust you and want you dead because other super powered beings known as "Contractors"
are abusing their powers.

Control the two brothers and overcome the ordeal with super powers, courage and bromance.
Posted: March 14
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With a deep plot about the touchy subject of cold war era Czechoslovakia and magnificent gameplay that rivals even masterpieces such as "F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - The one with all the trivia" for the PS2 and "Big Rigs:Over the road racing" Pat & Mat is truly "The Godfather: Part II" of videogames.
Posted: March 7
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i've actually played much worse indie games so..
Posted: March 11
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Where can i start with Pat and Mat the video game. Have you ever played the perfect game? Have you ever tasted food so good you went into a coma for 2 weeks? Have you ever felt a love worth more than life it self? This is what Pat & Mat symbolizes to me, it is the very peak of human ingenuity. I have played many games in my time but none have touched me like Pat & Mat, The story is simple yet elegant There are no cut scenes and the story is shown simply through Pat & mat's interactions and how they deal with the struggles we all face in everyday life. In doing this they show us we are not alone in the world, they show us that life is about more than the money you earn and the things you own, they show us what it means to be human.

This is more than a video game, it's a way of life... This is Pat & Mat
Posted: February 28
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