Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic est le troisième de la série. Cet opus met en avant la construction d'empire, le jeu de rôle et le combat tactique avec des races inédites à travers des contrées originales. Combiné avec la possibilité de créer ses propres cartes avec l'éditeur associé, vous êtes assuré de pouvoir vivre en permanence de...
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Date de parution: oct 2010

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"Direct Sequel to Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne. More strategy goodness!"

À propos de ce jeu

Age of Wonders : Shadow Magic est le troisième de la série. Cet opus met en avant la construction d'empire, le jeu de rôle et le combat tactique avec des races inédites à travers des contrées originales.
Combiné avec la possibilité de créer ses propres cartes avec l'éditeur associé, vous êtes assuré de pouvoir vivre en permanence de nouvelles expériences de jeu.
Comprend :
  • Comprend une nouvelle campagne avec 5 épisodes et 16 scénarios, de nouveaux personnages et une nouvelle histoire. 19 nouveaux scénarios indépendants sont disponibles.
  • Les 12 races d'Age of Wonders ont été améliorées. Chaque race dispose d'un mise à jour de cité et d'une nouvelle unité. Les Elfs peuvent par exemple construire des forêts et produire des hommes-arbres.
  • 3 nouvelles races : les nomades des steppes, les démons de l'ombre et les Syrons.
  • Utilisez la diplomatie avec vos rivaux. Faites le sièges de cités en utilisant la magie et la tactique. Vous serez peut-être le plus grand magicien de tous les temps.
  • Affrontez vos rivaux en mode multijoueur sur réseau local ou sur internet jusqu'à 8 joueurs. Jouez par e-mail ou en mode Hot Seat et utilisez le mode simultané dans lequel vous pourrez manœuvrer au même moment que les autres joueurs.
  • Créez vos propres scénarios, héros et objets et même les nouveaux mages et mesurez-vous aux créations des autres.
  • Utilisez le générateur aléatoire pour créer de nouveaux scénario d'un seul clic de souris !

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 95 ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : Intel Pentium 300 MHz
    • Mémoire : 64 Mo de RAM
    • Graphismes : Carte graphique DirectX
    • Disque dur : 500 Mo d'espace disque
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Posté le : 15 juin
I have nearly 500 games in my Steam account, and the vast majority of them are still unplayed. So now I'm dedicating an hour to each of these games and writing a series of One Hour Reviews.

One Hour Reviews - Game 4
Age of Wonders - Shadow Magic
Purchase Date: 5/22/2014

I got this game, along with the original Age of Wonders in a Humble Bundle. I didn't warm up very well to the original, so my hopes were not very high for this one. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of the things that annoyed me about the original game are present here.

I jumped right into the tutorial. Compared to the original, the tutorial in this game is vastly improved. The tutorial, like the original, starts by covering the basics of movement around the map and claiming resources, but then proceeds into a lot more detail. I felt like I had a much better sense of what my options were and what I needed to be doing.

When I played the first Age of Wonders, I actually had to restart the tutorial because I died. What I appreciated about Shadow Magic is, it gave me a good sense of the difficulty right off the bat, but I didn't have to start the entire tutorial over. The very first fight I got in, a giant beetle ended up stomping my entire party. But the tutorial was written to expect this, so rather than having to start over, the tutorial used this experience as a teaching lesson on what to expect. I really appreicated that.

The graphics in Shadow Magic are better, but that is to be expected given the length of time between the games. I didn't care for the animations in the original, but here the units move more naturally. Also the game provided all the resolution choices I'd expect to see. I played at 1920x1080, and didn't have any problems with menus or reading text.

The actual gameplay itself seemed much like the same turn-based strategy from the original Age of Wonders, which itself brought back memories from the old Heroes of Might and Magic games. I have a feeling that I'd probably enjoy the original more now that I've played this tutorial and have a better grasp of the game.

The only thing that really annoyed me about Shadow Magic happend when I was trying to back out of a command that I was issuing to my party by hitting the escape key. This brought me out to the main menu. I then hit the Continue button, except this command will actually load your last saved game. I didn't have any save games yet so it ended up not doing anything. I wanted to resume my game, so I hit escape again thinking it would close the menu and take me back into the game, but instead it dumped me out to the desktop. And thus, my review ended about 8 minutes early.

I really didn't expect to like this game given my impression with the original. So in this case I am glad to be wrong. I'm looking forward to coming back and spending more time in the campaign.

Overall Recommendation: Keep
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Posté le : 4 octobre 2013
One of the best strategy games of all times if not the best. A turn based game that is nearly perfect at all levels. The game conquered my heart with its great ambiances and environments, magical songs, beautifully animated 2D units, great scenario, original playable races, badass characters, well-made dialogs and difficulty level. I consider this as the hardest strategy game that I have played. Custom scenarios were amazing and the editor tool was so easy to use. I ended up crating new maps although there were no one to play with. Imagine Warcraft III and Civilization IV combined.. No you don't need to imagine, because this game exists!

Cat humanoids called Tigrans, out of this world creatures Syrons, Dragonians, Arabian and Turkish inspired people Nomads, arctic hobbits, evil bug like creations Shadow Demons... Even goblins had their own race... All these original races are so remarkable and unforgottable and playing with them is still fun and intense even after a total of ten years.

Be whoever you want to be, add a character bio, put your photoshopped picture on it, create new heroes and lead them to fight... Fight aganst good or evil, it does not matter, because you don't always get to play with good leaders. Be an evil Elven wizard or be a heavenly good Orcish shaman. Summon beholders, elementals, dragons and crack the earth under their feet while you separate their army with your tornados.

Go deep in the woods, find camps and ask them if they want to join you. If they answer "No" then kill all of them and take their money. Get ready for more adventure, visit old ruins that are full of zombies and skeletons, steal baby dragons from their mothers, hire a drunk Dwarven engineer from tavern to protect you and improve their fighting skills in arena. Explore sunken shipwrecks and kill pirates, or just simply be a pirate!

Visit beautifully made underworld to catch some outlaws and find new allies, like Goblins, Tigrans and Dwarves. Trade spells with their leaders and expand your empire. Banish terrestrial beings from their homes and get extra money from it. Be a bad person for once in your life! They'll hate you, they'll talk about you and they'll fear you and your undead champions! Raze cities and loot them! Destroy empires and rise yours!

Open the doors of engineering schools and buy some flame throwers and baloons to fly over the mountain. Order them to build up a tank for you! Move your army into the tank and raze enemy's wall and ruin their buildings over their head, because you know that they deserve it!

Teleport to the Shadow world, exterminate all evil and good spirits! Stamp big insects, larvas and feel the beauty of this place. Help Syron giants and occupy demonic cities with their power. Enjoy the game, enjoy the gameplay, enoy the song, enjoy every step you make, every unit you kill and every hero you hire, every city you conquer, every mountain you climb, every cave you explore, every turn you make... Enjoy it!
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Posté le : 19 décembre 2013
Insane fantasy 4x game with great multiplayer options!!! Random scenario generation and MODs make for tons of fun but beware, it's is quite difficult. Scales well to 1080p despite being ~12 years old.
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Posté le : 25 avril 2014
I have to say, this game is the end all, be all for turn based strategy games for me. As a long time fan of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, as well as other less well received TBS games, this one continues to shine and take up space on my hard drive. This purchase marks the 3rd time that I've bought the game. One hard copy, once on GOG, and now the steam version, almost soley so that I can review this bad boy. First of all, forget the campaigns. Games like these were MADE for the random maps. The campaigns, while entertaining, are really just long tutorials to ready you for the random map generator, which is where this game shines. 12 races, multiple combinations of magi, and a multitude of play styles lay before you. That enemy city before you just a little too tough to take? Scorch their lands and transform them to deserts and watch their populace riot from their discontent at their new, inhospitable world. A mountainrange in your way? Level the terrain and march your troops across it, backdooring your opponent into new depths of discontent. That being said, play it with your friends to elevate this game to the height that it deserves. This is the ultimate multiplayer strategy game. Get your friends together and LAN this game. You won't regret it.
After purchasing AOW III, I have to admit, while that game IS awesome, I still make time in my day to go back to Shadow Magic. It's well worth the time. Every ♥♥♥♥ing time. Stop reading this now and go buy this game. If you're a turn based strategy person, or just a strategy gamer at all, you owe it to yourself to play this game. Good luck, and may your wizard towers provide you all the spell range you require!

Disclaimer: I have literally played hundreds (and I don't mean one or two) of hours of this game and expect to play hundreds more. Buy it. you won't regret it.
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Posté le : 17 janvier 2014
I would recommend anyone who enjoys turn based games to give Shadow Magic a shot. It is a of game that superficially seems rather simplistic with its movements and hex board, but upon closer inspection a plethora of various elements are revealed. This game can give several tactics, such as creating an amphibious army of dwarves, a flying army of leprechauns, and explosive goblins. The balance between unit production and economic policy focus is just right. The only downside that I could say about this game is the possibility that, due to how attacks and damage rolls are done, luck can ruin your day. That and heroes are arrow and bullet magnets because of how powerful they can be if they aren't restrained. Needless to say, these do not detract from the possibility of fielding an army of flying hobbits that can rain havoc and drop flaming meteors on fiendish skeletons. If that has any sort of appeal to you, pick this game up. And do note that there is a sequel, Age of Wonders 3, in the works.
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