Very detailed game about airport management and aviation in general, including Real World aircraft, procedures, IFR\VFR traffic, ATC, resources, upgrades and sounds! Enjoy the Ultimate Airport Management Experience!
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Comece a jogar agora e participe do desenvolvimento do jogo.

Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado não está completo e pode ou não sofrer alterações no futuro. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, aconselhamos esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

Por que acesso antecipado?

“Airport Master is a very complex game with very ambitious goal to become The Ultimate Airport Management Game. It already has many great features that constitute to this goal but it also needs time, effort and interactive communication with Early Access players on which features affect gameplay positively and which make the game more of a harcore simulation than an entertainment product. Together with players we will decide what game modes will feature most hardcore aviation-themed experiences and what game modes may become available to younger or perharps less serious about avaiation players. The game is playable in endless management mode right from Early Access phase, yet much much more to come as development progresses!”

Por quanto tempo aproximadamente este jogo estará em acesso antecipado?

“That will depend on many factors: financial, workforce utilization, community involvement, wishlists, testing etc. We firmly believe that at least one year is required to transition from current product state (mid-Alpha) to Beta-phase. Based upon current wish-lists we have from our fans on FB, Twitter, IndieDB etc - it may, of course, be an endless process - as our engine allows for vast number of animated 3D objects to be displayed in a single scene, there are of course suggestions to implement many great features of real world aviation. But we plan to stick to the principle of playability: this Early Acess title is infinitely playable right now (only Player's management mistakes may result in premature retirement) and it's playability (and replayability) will only increase in future. We have a plan to stop at some point when both hardcore genre fans and newcommers to the genre will both be on par.”

Como a versão completa será diferente da versão de acesso antecipado?

“Full version (or the point that we'd call v.1.0) will feature Career Play Mode (alongside with Early Access's Infinite Play Mode), full ability to upgrade airport structure from Small Regional Airport to Large Airport; vast majority of modern ultra-light, light, business jet, twin turbo-prop, medium airline jet (and presumably heavy jets) - we add 1 to 2 new aircraft types per version (in various liveries), same goes for realistic airport vehicles, buildings, facilities, services, resources - this does not mean that no new items will appear in say v. 1.1 of the game (or as a DLC)...

You may check out our Development Roadmap and Airport Master Plan of Development

Qual é o estado atual da versão de acesso antecipado?

“Again, for most in-depth view, please see the Development Roadmap and Airport Master Plan of Development

Briefly, if you participate in Early Access, you join us in mid-Alpha stage of product development with working Regional Airport, ATC, partially implemented realistic weather (full weather support should become available by late Alpha), Infinite Play Mode, sounds, lighting and all the good stuf you've seen in our videos and on screenshots. Each month (roughly, sometimes it's twice a month) your game will become better and better (both in terms of how it plays and how it feels and looks) and we encourage you to share your ideas, experiences and visions with us in order to make it The Ultimate Airport Management Game!”

O preço do jogo será alterado após o fim do acesso antecipado?

“Yes, the price for version 1.0 release (e.g. 'Full Version') will be higher than cost of joining at Early Access stage of development.”

Como vocês planejam envolver a comunidade durante o processo de desenvolvimento?

“We are very open to new visions and ideas, we encourage you to use social media or Steam groups to get in touch with us and tell us what you think. Please, also understand that we will most definitely include great ideas by people who understand how real world aviation works and who have ideas on how Airport Master may benefit as an aviation-themed game but will hardly ever consider following categories of proposals: a) violence in any form (so No crashes! No accidents! No terrorism acts depiction!); b) ideas that turn this game into ATC's workplace simulation - if you are up to this kind of experience - you'll find links to such products on our website (see Simulators section); c) any cross-genre proposals that stray away from focus on aviation (please get us right: RPG-elements are great (and are planned) for Airport Manager Avatar, while action mini-games are not - this is entirely different experience for aviation strategy players - not all will like those). Other than that, we are fully open to hearing what you have in mind!”
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5 de janeiro

Airport Master Early Access Public v. 0.2.5a RELEASED!

Airport Master Early Access Public v. 0.2.5a RELEASED!

Changelog follows:

Game workflow
  • Added helicopters game mechanics, including flight dynamics, helicopter-specific flight-scheduling, helicopter-specific ground service vehicle operations, helicopter-specific ATC; added
  • Added weather-dependent pendulum-type micro-rotations of helicopters when hovering; the intensity is still being tweaked, not final; added
  • Fixed discrepancy of relation of vertical speed to current pitch of an airplane, this should result in smoother vertical speed adjustment when changing pitch in climbs and descents; fixed
  • Added new type and range definitions to Object View camera for support of Helicopters and Large Airplanes; added
  • Added Helicopters initial visual departure and final visual approach routes; added
  • Added Helicopters air-taxi routes to and from ground parking stands F1 through F8; added
  • Added new airline MedEvac (Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation) - code MED; all MedEvac aircraft that previously been treated as Private are now correctly related to actual airline; added
  • Changed how MedEvac flights are scheduled; changed
  • Added Intercomm communication channel (VHF radio), to be used by various facilities, services and personnel of the Airport to communicate directly to Player; Added
  • Added 34 new ground vehicles routes for Airport Vehicles in Heliport area for a total number of 164 vehicle routes around the Airport; added
  • Added 10 new helicopter-specific VFR routes (DEP and ARR) to and from existing VFR points; routes are arranged in such a way so that they do not interfere with airplanes flying visual departures and arrivals and cross glide paths of runways 17 and 35 at safe altitudes; added
  • Fixed bug with PAPI lights on inactive runway being still on even after command from ATC to switch them off; fixed
  • Fixed very well hidden bug with ATC assigning Ground Service Vehicles jobs identifiers may have occasionally assigned non-unique identifier causing two vehicles share same job and thus first reporting ground service job completion causing the other one to hang dead; fixed

Visual enhancements
  • Added Large Factory building near ILS 35 glideslope entry point; added
  • Added 3 new city buildings types, currently can be seen in various static locations around Appleton city, in later versions will be used for auto-generated procedural blocks of City buildings; added

  • Added new aircraft [J358] Finelad-Durniere 358 JET (real-world prototype Fairchild-Dornier 328JET) an aircraft with amazing history and amazing fate, whose production (and production ownership rights changed several times throughout last 30 years, including transferring production to different countries - but it still flies and remains in demand for short runway twin-jet operation - aircraft with following registration numbers were added: RK-DBS (Aster), RK-LOB (Aster), N313L (Private), TDHQE (Private), HV-SSA (MedEvac)
  • Added new helicopter [B409] Bull 409 (real-world prototype Bell 407) - one of the most massively produced and popular modern helicopters in the World with very efficient design becomes the first helicopter type in the game - helicopters with following registration numbers were added: N101M, RK-OZM, FL-TRE, SQ-RTW (Private), HV-LAF (MedEvac)

  • Added 2 new Airports: Wellmerton City (JAWL/WLM) and Roulent Municipal (JART/RLN); Both serviced by Aster.
  • Added full ATC service for Foxtrot (heliport) ground parkings; added
  • Added new VFR points for Helicopters final approach PT-HA (HeliAlpha) and initial departure PT-HD (HeliDelta); added
  • Changed Squawk codes issuing guidelines, from now on: VFR: Airplanes: ARR: 7200-7277; DEP: 7300-7377; Helicopters: ARR: 7100-7177; DEP: 7400-7477; IFR: RWY 17: ARR: 5200-5277; DEP: 2300-2377; RWY 35: ARR: 3500-3577; DEP: 1400-1477; changed
  • Added proper ground communications of Service Vehicles to ATC(GND), including permission to cross taxiway, reports of taxiway vacated, starts and ends of Fire and Rescue and ATC shifts; added

  • Changed behavior of Object Cam when switching from one object to another (but Object Cam remains active camera) - from now on, the change of Info Window information will be immediate and precise; changed
  • Changed default back to camera action for Object Cam - it now defaults to returning to overview camera (by pressing [Backspace] key at any time, while using Object Cam); changed

  • Added new engine sounds for J358 aircraft, recorded from a real PW engine; thank you, Tony!
  • Added new gear operation and flaps motors sounds for J358 aircraft, recorded in hangar, cleaned and remastered to create the full audial immersion for this aircraft type; thanks Tony and our best regards to Heinrich for allowing us to place mics in hangar during maintenance!
  • Added new engine sounds for B409 helicopter, recorded from actual engine; blades spins and blades sound fade out on engine shutdown were recorded from other helicopter rotors and then digitally remastered into blended sound effects of engine operation; this technique will be used for all helicopter engine sounds from now on as it gives good results rendering blended rotor+engine sound very similar to the real thing;

User Interface
  • Completely reworked CommBox - the new CommBox design allows for comfortable Comms-system usage that will suit various Players' UI-styles preference: CommBox can work in one of the following modes: 1) Unpinned-Normal: when a new radio comm message is broadcast over VHF band, a text message appears in corresponding frequency display tab and the CommBox remains fully opaque while Player's mouse is within its boundaries, once mouse cursor leaves the boundaries of CommBox, it will slowly fade to fully transparent for less cluttered UI; 2) Pinned Mode - the CommBox window stays always visible and fully opaque regardless of whether Player's mouse cursor is within its boundaries or elsewhere; 3) Minimized mode - after Player presses Minimize button - CommBox stays minimized (even when a new message is broadcast over a comm channel) until Player clicks small COMM button in lower-left corner of the screen (CommBox restore button) - for convenience COMM button starts flashing if there are new messages in CommBox that Player has not yet seen due to CommBox been minimized; Changed
  • Added timestamp and frequency as well as color-coding based on station transmitting to each message on CommBox; Added
  • Changed CommBox to tabbed layout for more convenient data management: the following tabs were added - ALL FREQs (displays all messages on all frequencies from all stations); ATIS (for Automated Terminal Information System messages), DELIVERY (clearance delivery frequency), GROUND (ground taxing, air-taxing of helicopters in heliport maneuvering area, service vehicles comms, emergency services ground movements, ATC shift changes etc.), TOWER (takeoff and landing clearances, visual circuits); APPROACH (IFR approaches and departures, VFR flight following); INTERCOMM (Player's avatar's - Airport General Manager's personal VHF radio frequency - to be used in later versions for important comms from various Airport facilities to the Player); how tabs work: if a Player elects to keep ALL FREQs tab open - there are no flashing tabs, all messages are displayed in this tab (newest on top), color-coding and frequency are used to easily distinguish one station from another (this mode is default for a new game and resembles having VHF band scanner at your disposal; if Player switches to any other tab - say APPROACH - he or she will only see messages related to this frequency - however, when a new message is broadcast (say on TOWER frequency), the corresponding tab will start flashing, indicating that it contains new, unseen message(s) - upon switching to this tab (or ALL FREQs tab) - it will stop flashing; Changed
  • Changed slightly location and size of Radar overlay in Main UI to look better with new CommBox; changed
  • Changed slightly location of Time Skip control in Main UI to look better with new CommBox and shifted Radar overlay; changed
  • Added logos for new airlines - Aster and MedEvac
  • Fixed error in VFR arrival phase of flight description in Info Window for airplanes flying VFR arrivals; fixed
  • Added gust component of wind display to Main UI status panel if gusts are at least 2 knots stronger than steady wind speed; added
  • Added vehicles Info Window Display (standard Info Window as airplanes and helicopters show on mouse-over and statically in ObjectCam view); added
  • Added color-coded differentiation to Info Window Display to help Player instantly understand what type of object information is shown about - traditional pale-yellow for airplanes, pale-orange for helicopters, light-gray for ground support vehicles, pale-green for airport facilities; added
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31 de outubro de 2017

Airport Master Early Access Public v. 0.2.3a RELEASED!

Airport Master Early Access Public v. 0.2.3a RELEASED!

Changelog follows:

Game workflow
  • New mechanics for flight scheduling for all non-regular flights operators: when a new non-regular flight is scheduled, it's now scheduled as VFR if when the following conditions are met: 1) an aircraft can use general aviation ground parking stands (i.e. wingspan < 14m) and 2) flight arrival time is between 0800Z and 1700Z (daytime) and 3) meteorology conditions at the time of arrival are expected to be VMC; otherwise - flights are scheduled as IFR. For the return-flight, it is scheduled as VFR when the following conditions are met: 1) the arrival flight had been filed as VFR and 2) time of return flight departure falls between 0800Z and 1700Z (daytime) and 3) meteorology conditions at the time of departure are expected to be VMC; In all other cases IFR flight plan is filed (even if initial request by aircraft operator has been for VFR return flight). Note: in future versions government, law enforcement and Airforce Academy flights will be scheduled as SVFR if need arises to file VFR flight plan at night (still with regard to VMC meteorology conditions).
  • Airforce Academy (airline code: ARF) can now operate both as regular and non-regular flights airline; this concerns both weekly and daily scheduling procedures;
  • New game startup states now include VFR flights; changed
  • Now flight scheduling and actual flight taking place are more distinguished: a flight plan filed to flight planning system does not necessarily mean a flight would happen as well as it does not mean that if the flight does not happen, it will result in rating change consequences for Player: a whole host of situations are now taken into account as to flight planning and actual flying: a) a flight has been scheduled but been canceled on operator's behalf (no rating change); b) a flight has been scheduled but Player canceled it (standard rating change as per airline master contract); c) a flight has been delayed but not canceled due to weather conditions prohibiting flight to take place on time (no rating change); d) a flight has been delayed by operator (no rating change); e) a flight has been delayed by Player (rating change due to this behavior of Player to be implemented in future versions); f) a flight has been scheduled but for some reason failed to comply with arrival\departure min\max time shift margins (e.g. an operator used that same aircraft to schedule a flight to some other airport than Player's and there it got delayed for any reason) - no rating change; e) flight scheduling on either Player's side or Operator's side ran into some obscure logical condition (e.g. a new arrival for the same physical aircraft but under other Flight Number somehow (bugs or erratic or intentionally interruptive behavior of a Player) got approved to be put on flight planning system while the aircraft is still physically in Player's airport (pending departure + flight time + whatever associated times of service) - no rating change, silent removal of conflicting 'rogue' flight data from flight planning system upon first regular check; added
  • Changed how IFR departures and arrivals are handled internally: previously an operator was bound to request an IFR arrival\departure point and ATC was bound to provide routing to\from that point; from now on when filing a flight plan, an operator simply specifies To\From Airport and desired routing prior to or after operations in Player Airport TMA - that is fully sufficient for flight planning; on actual operation start ATC may elect to issue clearances to other routing points or vectors for IFR departure\arrival - this is a very important step towards future expansion of routes and airports and especially important for implementing real-world style operations of larger airliners; changed
  • Changed how Non-Regular Flights flight plan filing works, from now on: no new flight plans will be filed starting 2200Z and until 0800Z time (during night hours), since the majority of private general aviation flights would now prefer VFR, and in accordance with common sense and realism, this is an obvious choice (note: a flight plan filed say at 2150Z for arrival at 0300Z and back flight at 0430Z will, of course, be processed and proposed to the Player for approval or denial; if approved it will be filed as night time IFR according to new mechanics); this change only affects new flight plans filed during night hours - there will be none, making night a less burdened, quieter time of day for Airport Manager; changed
  • Raised precision of all Meter-to-Feet-to-Meter calculations for altitudes and flight levels - this becomes more important as variety of VFR traffics co-use terminal maneuvering area airspace; changed
  • Added Heliport facility to the Airport - currently available at the start of new game but will become an upgrade item (requiring certain amount of funds, achievements and City Mayor's rating to be purchased). Heliport is added as a predicate of Helo operations coming in future versions;
  • Added heliport lighting equipment (approach and pad lights, light masts) and configured them in accordance with standards;
  • Added VFR arrivals and departures (full-scale VFR flights are now possible); Smaller aircraft scheduling flights to\from nearby airports will prefer VFR over IFR when visibility permits, thou some IFR flight plans by smaller aircraft will still be filed once in a while; helicopters (coming in future versions) will file VFR (and SVFR) flight plans;
  • Changed: aircraft now take a little more time (from 3 to 7 seconds on average) to start taxing after receiving taxi clearance, making it look more natural as it takes time to check visually 'clear on left side' \ 'clear on right side' and release the parking brake; changed
  • Fixed runway border lights used same rules for turning on and off as taxiway lights - changed to correct set of rules; fixed
  • Fixed time-gap between 0700Z and 0800Z when under IMC, incorrect set of rules applied to runway and taxiway lights; changed to correct set of rules; fixed
  • Fixed departures (smaller aircraft that don't require full ground service) not displaying pilot and pax thou those are onboard and reported to statistics module correctly; fixed

  • Added new aircraft Zeccna Z205 Estateair (real-world prototype Cessna C206 Stationair) - single piston-engine prop, very popular as small cargo and charter airlines workhorse, featuring seating of six (or roomy cargo-space) and signature double-door to ease up loading. The following liveries are added: N1217P, DE-AFG, EC-ORM, RH-JWL, FE-VKX, N881L, LE-RCK (all privately owned);
  • Tweaked pilot's taxi visual precision for VE58 type of aircraft for smoother following of taxi routes; tweak

  • Added 3 new Airports: Suntown Regional (JASU/STR), Sharkole County Municipal (JKSC/SHR), Culfer Airfield (JACL/CUL); all three located to the North or North-East of Player's airport and use IFR SIDs\STARs via PAROM intersection and VFR point PT-N for TMA entry\exit;
  • Added visual departure routes to VFR-traffic exit points: PN-N, PT-NE, PT-W, PT-SW, PT-E;
  • Added visual arrival routes from VFR-traffic entry points: PN-N, PT-NE, PT-W, PT-SW, PT-E;
  • Fixed ATC issuing incorrect altitude clearance for STARs\SIDs via MONET, LINTA and PAROM intersections (ATC neglected westbound\eastbound odd\even Flight Level rules); from now on: PAROM and LINTA clearances are: departures - FL110\FL130; arrivals - FL120/FL100; MONET clearances are: departures - FL100\FL120; arrivals - FL130/FL110; fixed
  • Fully implemented ATC handoffs from APP to CTR on any of 4 conditions: a) aircraft reached designated point of standard instrument departure procedure (SID); b) aircraft reached VFR departure route point (or reported leaving TMA); c) aircraft reached maximum radar-control-distance; d) aircraft reached assigned Flight Level while flying a SID - in any of these cases, Approach controller hands the aircraft off to the Control\Center controller;
  • Fixed aircraft not reading back taxi instructions to GND controller in some cases; fixed
  • Fixed GND issuing taxi clearance from holding point HC3 to holding point HM2 via taxiway Charlie (now correctly via taxiways Charlie & Delta); fixed
  • Fixed ATC phraseology when clearing an Aircraft for ILS approach (both APP and TWR); fixed
  • Fixed ATC phraseology when being called on DEL frequency, Delivery responded with TWR callsign; fixed
  • Fixed ATC not giving next frequency when transferring aircraft from DEL to GND; fixed
  • Radar flight following mark now displays only TMA entry\exit point (instead of visual route name) for VFR arrivals and departures; changed
  • Fixed Cleared altitude or FL not displayed on a flight strip after loading a saved game; fixed
  • Changed default time on visual orbit left or right from 30 seconds to 1 minute for more realistic traffic separation on visual circuits and VFR arrivals entering downwind leg; note: IFR arrivals if assigned an Orbit on ILS maneuver by ATC - by default, still orbit for 30 seconds; changed
  • Fixed Landing Clearance issued by Tower sometimes not appearing in Comm-Box; fixed
  • Fixed (hopefully!) the rare occurrences of ground stand scheduling for Flight School aircraft when a Player could cause any other parking stand assignment than G7 & G8, which in turn caused pesky bug with completed time table operation by a Flight School aircraft to stay persistently on Flight Schedule Management screen; hopefully fixed
  • Added differentiation between clearing VFR arrivals for visual circuit altitude (1000ft) and issuing a 'maintain 1000 ft' resolution to aircraft currently already on visual circuit (local training flights and VFR go-arounds); added

Visual enhancements
  • Added 3 new types of 5-storey houses to the city;
  • Added 3 new advertising posters to Pax Terminal automatic ad-changer displays;
  • Added new detail layers to MTMLBs covering airport area, mostly grass underlay details, occasional dirt and nature details;
  • Added new set of MTMLBs covering area next to existing runway, where a new runway (purchasable as mid-game upgrade) will be situated; two other sets of MTMLBs (one covering Second Pax Terminal area and the other one, covering city-side area were tested but not included in this update as both require more compatibility work with regard to coming auto-generated (autogen) blocks and streets of buildings, trees and other non-systematic detail objects);
  • Added new experimental shader for MTMLBs - depending on GPU load it may use double pass to render ground details MTMLBs in order to eliminate z-buffer flicker; added; experimental
  • Terrain shader has been modified to work seamlessly with experimental MTMLBs shader both in single-pass mode and double-pass mode; changed; experimental

  • Changed the way Selected Object Camera treats minimum and maximum distances for each object type: instead of old uniform formula for all types of aircraft (wingspan/2+5m for MIN and MIN+35m for MAX values), which was uniform alright but did influence the fact that the larger aircraft gets, the more it's subjective scale in Player's eyes would seem distorted); the new formula takes wingspan groups into account allowing for better perceived MIN and MAX distances; changed
  • Tweaked MIN and MAX distance for vehicle object type when Player selects Object Camera; tweaked
  • Fixed the location of Object Camera Reference Point on all aircraft of type D170; as a configuration error, the reference point was shifted too far front, making the rotation of Object Camera uneven; fixed; Thanks go to Mathew Ellison for noticing this bug and reporting it!

User Interface
  • Changed how Flight Schedule gets updated when an operation completes: previously Flight Schedule window was updating in sync with Airport Time Table Displays, so when a flight arrived at the stand or left TMA, the actual update of both would happen with regular 5 minute intervals - thou this behavior is realistic for Airport Time Table Displays it is not for Flight Schedule - so now: once an operation completes the data of arrived\departed flight stays on Time Table Displays for 5 minutes, but gets instantly removed from Flight Schedule; changed
  • Added new flight phase descriptions displayed in InfoWindow for VFR arrivals and departures; added
  • Changed flight phase descriptions displayed in InfoWindow for IFR departures and arrivals to display actual STAR\SID instead of associated intersection; changed
  • Added current balance display to all management UI windows, where purchases are possible, namely: Airport Administration, FBO, Flight School, Electric Power Management, Meteorology Office, Vending Machines Management, Cafeteria, as per multiple Player requests; added
  • Changed balance display format: leading zeroes display is now optional; grouping by thousands digits added;
  • Added option to display or hide leading zeros in balance display to settings window;
  • Fixed Flight Schedule Management Screen information update performance issue caused by non-optimal 'Update Slot' calls; this may have resulted in some slots that has already been updated to receive a command to update data another time - thou not critical and rarely encountered, this bug could have caused a slowdown when updating Flight Scheduling Screen; fixed
  • Added two options, 'Display Airline Rating increase notifications' and 'Display Airline Rating decrease notifications' to Airlines Relations Management tab of Airport Administration Screen: if checked - each time a corresponding Airline Rating change occurs (increase or decrease) a notification is displayed, clicking it switches Player to Airlines Relations Management screen; this way each Player can decide whether they want such notifications displayed or not; added
  • Fixed Airlines Ratings numbers roundup to one digit (one tenth of a per cent) in all screens displaying Airlines Ratings; fixed
  • Changed layout of Flight School student view bar for better readability; changed
  • Added %% of completion of Theoretical, Practical and Solo Flying courses with color coding of completion progress; added
  • Fixed actual flight hours of a Flight School student were displayed incorrectly (multiple digits after comma), now fixed to standard e.g. 13.1h; fixed
  • Fixed some notifications not switching to corresponding tab in Airport Administration UI when Player clicked notification, thou opening the Admin UI itself, no tab change happened; fixed
  • Added new game main menu backgrounds;
  • Added game main menu animations;
  • Added animation to STICLI Games logo; clicking the logo now opens our website
  • Changed scrolling credits view screen to close and return to game main menu on any key or mouse button press, not just [ESC]-key (as it was before); changed
  • New color coding of ATC Flight Strips now distinguishes IFR and VFR departures and arrivals (with VFR ops being slightly dimmer colors of IFR counterparts); also changed Missed Approach flight strip to brighter 'pale-red' color; also changed ground ops and ground service flight strip colors to define commonality of ground ops; changed
  • Changed Help Screen #3 to reflect new color-coding of ATC Flight Strips; changed

  • Added new engine sounds for Z205 aircraft, recorded from a real Lycoming TSIO-540 engine; thanks Tony!
  • Changed engine sounds for V28A aircraft, previously it used generic PT-6 sounds making sound clearly unlike the real-world counterpart, but now that we've got a possibility to record live sounds from vintage hangar-stored Archer with Lycoming O-360 engine, VE28 finally gets its real-world engine sounds; changed
  • Changed engine sounds for ZN17 aircraft - recorded from Lycoming O-360-A4 engine after restoring - one can hear the definite difference of later two; thanks Tony!
  • Tweaked audibility zones ranges of all nature ambient sounds for better sound blending of overlapping ambient sounds; tweak
  • Crickets and cicadas ambient sounds zones located in Heliport area are now only working when Heliport upgrade is not yet purchased by Player; once Heliport upgrade is purchased, cricets and cicadas move further out to the east; changed

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Sobre este jogo

Airport Master is a very detailed game about airport management and aviation in general. Play as a newly appointed Airport Manager and bring your Airport to prosperity and growth! Manage all aspects of everyday Regional Airport life, such as airline relations, aircraft ground services, passenger terminal, flight schedule management and many more. Buy fuel via system of refinery contracts and sell it to aircraft operators via fuel truck loading and centralized pipeline. Hire airport staff and pay salaries. Tear you hair apart when weather suddenly interrupts your brilliant flight scheduling ) Upgrade airport facilities, radio-navigational aids, buildings, businesses, vehicles. Win airlines' respect and city mayor's approval! Use money you earn to build even larger better and more technically advanced airport! Enjoy detailed realistic 3D-graphics, real world equipment, aircraft, vehicles, ATC procedures, performance specs, sounds!

  • Airport Master is created by people who love aviation
  • Airport Master is created by people who love games and actually did play every single airport management game out there and saw all the flaws and all the great stuff
  • Airport Master is the only game in the genre that takes things seriously without compromise on things like real-time, flight dynamics, ICAO-compliant procedures, specs, markings, sizes, weights
  • Airport Master is the game forged with love to detail that modern aviation world has and the game that can teach you or your child about what aviation is about
  • Airport Master is the game that is totally focused on how planes fly and how things work and not how they fail or don't work - no crashes nor accidents, instead real world numbers, performances, sounds recorded at the airfield - the game you and your kid would enjoy without any need to resort to violence )
  • Airport Master is really a game that will make you think (airport economy management-wise) and may at some point bring you to bankrupcy and start over - but in that it excells at showing the real world of aviation
  • Airport Master is full of details - if you're a gamer who recognizes the effort people may invest by going to local aero-club to measure hangar-space with ruller and talk to those oldie-type flight instructors to learn all ins and outs of a flight-school daily routines - this game will definitely make you feel warm inside!
  • Airport Master aims really high and thus we both need your support and understanding that it's development would not end up by v.1.0 - there are so many great thing we can incorporate in Airport Master that we need your feedback and support to decide which deserve that and which can be omitted

Enjoy the Ultimate Airport Management Experience!

Requisitos de sistema

    • Requer um processador e sistema operacional de 64 bits
    • SO: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processador: any CPU 10 years old or newer
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: any GPU 5 years old or newer
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Armazenamento: 850 MB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: recommended
    • Requer um processador e sistema operacional de 64 bits
    • SO: Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processador: any CPU 5 years old or newer
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: any GPU 3 years old or newer
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Armazenamento: 850 MB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: any built-in audio board

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