Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and region castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more!
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19 enero

[Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance January 19th, 2018

Dear Players,

We will perform urgent maintenance for System Improvements as follows:

Date: Friday, 19th January 2018
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Server Down: 10:30 UTC - 11:30 CET
  • Server Up: 12:00 UTC - 13:00 CET

We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask for your generous understanding.

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up to date.

Best regards,
BDO Team.
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17 enero

Patch Notes - 17th January 2018

Greetings Adventurers! The scribes expect Vell "The Heart of the Sea" to arrive very soon in Magorian waters. To prepare for this event, Adventurers are called to prepare themselves and do the quests required to rent an Old Bartali Sailboat. This fine vessel will not hold forever but is more than capable to engage this new upcoming threat.
There is also a new kind of treasure, the Golden Puppy Statue, that vendors reportedly deem worth 5 million Silvers. Also, an increase in the polar bear population is expected after some cubs have been spotted hiding in boxes.

Event & System

  • Golden Puppy Drop Event has been added.
    • Defeat Monsters, Fish, and Gather to get: Golden Puppy Statue!
    • Event Period: Jan. 17th After Maintenance ~ Jan. 31st Before Maintenance
    • Click < Here > to find out about this golden event in detail!
  • A new boat, Old Bartali Sailboat, has been added.
    • It can be obtained for free from weekly quests during the event period.
      • Durability can be repaired
      • Power cannot be recovered
    • New event quests to obtain the Old Bartali Sailboat during the event period have been added.
      • [Event] Noisy Shore
      • [Event] Investigate Vell’s Realm
    • The new quest, [Event] To Vell’s Realm, is now available for characters with Lv. 50 or above and can be accepted via the Black Spirit when you are in Velia.
    • Details about the Old Bartali Sailboat can be found < Here >.

  • Fixed the issue where 4K (or higher) screenshot did not work properly on certain computers.

  • A new text error reporting system has been added.
    • Help us bring you the best version of Black Desert Online!
    • If you discover a typo or any incorrect/awkward text in the game, [Shift + RMB] the text you want fixed to open the Edit Text window. You can then put in what you think should be the correct text in that window.
    • You can now [Shift + RMB] the text you want to fix in the Knowledge Window and NPC dialogue boxes. Currently you can only report texts from NPC dialogues and the Knowledge Window, but we are planning on expanding the use of this tool.
    • You can see the other suggestions made by your fellow Adventurers in the Edit Text window, under “Translation Request.”
    • We will take all your suggestions into account and apply changes as we deem appropriate.
    • Things to note about the Edit Text function.
      • Please use this function only to suggest text changes for the game.
      • We will not answer any questions submitted through the Edit Text function.

Game, World, NPC & Effect

  • Black Spirit’s appearance (Stages 1,2,3, and 6) have been changed to be more round and friendly.

  • The View Underwear, Hide Pets, Hide Maid, and Place Mode buttons have been moved to above your address which is show on the top of your screen when you are inside your Residence.

  • An issue where a Calpheon Soldier’s weapon disappears after bowing to the Guild Master has been fixed.

  • An issue where Alchemy Stone was not properly counted when it was automatically used has been fixed.

  • There is now a certain chance of gaining Knowledge upon defeating the following Awakened Bosses:
    • Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Hexe Marie.
  • There will be a new point system that will increase Item Drop Rates depending on the Knowledge you have.
    • For each Knowledge (Ecology), you will get 10 points for S-grade Knowledge, 5 points for A+, 2 points for A, and 1 point for B or lower.
    • Having more points will mean a higher Item Drop Rate, and this higher rate will be applied when defeating any monster.
    • You can check how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have on the bottom of your Knowledge Window (H).
    • The already existing system of having an advantage if you have a higher grade Knowledge of the specific type of monster you are fighting has not been changed.
    • Party drop items and junk items that always drop from monsters will not be affected by how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have.
  • You can check how many Knowledge (Ecology) points you have on the bottom of your Knowledge Window (H).

  • The chance of gaining Knowledge when defeating Grass Hedgehogs have been increased.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch where food you eat while mounted looked unnatural.

Class Changes
  • All Classes
    • Messages about the movements you can make while sitting down, lying down, walking, or floating in water have been added.
    • You can now successfully dye female Serendian Soldier Suits again.
  • Ranger
    • Fixed the graphical glitch where Ranger’s skill Blasting Gust effect stayed after switching to her Awakening Weapon.
    • Fixed the graphical glitch with Ladellin Helmet and Bern Helmet that appeared if you customized Ranger’s forehead after equipping either Helmet.
  • Sorceress
    • Basic AP at Lv. 60 has been increased by 6.
      • The PvE damage has been increased as well.
      • PvP damage has been decreased by approximately 1.44% in accordance with the basic AP increase.
    • Fixed the issue where Sorceress’s Amulet did not disappear after changing to Scythe stance.
    • Sorceress’s movement when changing from Scythe to Amulet stance has been changed.
  • Witch
    • Fixed the graphical glitch with the shoulder strap of Witch’s Bloody Costume that appeared when fishing.
    • Fixed the graphical glitch with Witch’s seventh hairstyle when using Beauty (F4).
  • Wizard
    • Fixed the issue where Wizard’s body turned into a that of an old man if he put on a Snowman Hat.
    • Fixed the graphical glitch where if you entered the Pearl Shop with your non-Wizard character and previewed Wizard’s outfits, and you used the button to raised his hair and let it fall back down again, the hairstyle changed from young Wizard’s hair to old Wizard’s hair.
  • Maehwa
    • Fixed the issue where the damage of following skills were not applied on successful hits when the target was on the edge of her attack range:
      Frost Pillars and Flow: Tip of an Iceberg
    • Fixed the graphical glitch on Maehwa’s neck that happened when she was wearing the Kibelius outfit and did the special outfit poses.
  • Ninja
    • Flow: Block Jump has been corrected as follows.
      • PvP Damage Reduction from a single hit of the skill Throwing Kick has been removed.
      • When Throwing Kick is performed during Block Jump, there will not be a PVP Damage Reduction from a single hit.
  • Kunoichi
    • Fixed the issue with the camera rotation effect not being applied when using the skill Ninjutsu: Block Jump while Crimson Eclipse’s buff was active.
    • The skill Lunar Dash is now activated by right-click while Sprinting on Sah Chakram stance when Target Chase’s buff is active.
    • Flow: Block Jump has been corrected as follows.
      • PvP Damage Reduction from a single hit of the skill Throwing Kick has been removed.
      • When Throwing Kick is performed during Block Jump, there will not be a PVP Damage Reduction from a single hit.
  • Striker
    • Fixed the issue where a falling motion was displayed when using Jump Attack with Gardbrace while on high grounds.
  • Mystic
    • Fixed the issue where Mystic stopped while using the skill Dragonize when her Stamina was drained from Sprinting.
    • A description has been added to the skill Awakening: Banha’s Cestus.
      • The skill to switch Awakening Mode -> The skill to transition into Cestus mode

Item Changes
  • The maximum number of Ship Repair Materials you can register at the Marketplace at once has been increased from 20 to 100.

  • An issue where Luck level was not increased by +1 when equipping [Event] Coral Crown has been fixed.

  • The following description has been added to the Beginner’s Serendian Soldier Suit:
    • The effects of this Costume cannot be stacked with the Outfit Slot Equip Effect.
  • For every Node level raised via investing Energy, Item Drop Rate will be increased by 5% for 10% of the monsters you defeat.
    • For example, if the Node level is 10, you will have a 50% higher Item Drop Rate from 10% of the monsters you defeat.
    • By 10% of the monsters you defeat, we mean that if you defeat 10 monsters, the higher drop rate will be applied to one of the monsters.
    • This will not affect Party drop items and junk items that always drop from monsters with 100% rate.
  • Marni’s stones will now have color coded icons to help you tell its sample collection status.
    • A Marni’s stone with no samples collected will be marked with a yellow icon.
    • A Marni’s stone that has some but not all of the samples needed collected will be marked with a blue icon.
    • A Marni’s stone that has all the samples needed collected will be marked with a red icon.

Pearl Shop
  • Arctic Rare Box has been added to the Pearl Shop.
    • Upon opening an Arctic Rare Box, you can randomly obtain 1 of the following:
      • Polar Bear Tier 4
      • Polar Bear Tier 3
      • Polar Bear Tier 2
      • Winter Snowflake Box (Snowball Rosefinch & Snowflake Rosefinch Set)
    • Polar Bears will give a boost in Weight Limit and Auto-fishing speed!
  • Extra Interior Points have been added to the following furnitures from the Frosty Wood Furniture Set:
    • Frosty Wood Bedside Table: +5
    • Frosty Wood Wardrobe: +5
    • Frosty Wood Sofa: +5
    • Frosty Wood Rocking Chair: +5
    • Frosty Wood Bookshelf: +5
  • Extra Interior Points of the above items will be applied when there is no installed furniture directly in front of them.
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop items , please click < Here > to go to the Pearl Shop Update Announcement.

  • When you selected a Awakening Weapon outfit in the Pearl Shop, it should no longer display the incorrect weapon.

  • The appearance of the Centaurus pet (Tier 1, 3, and 4) has been changed to be more natural.

Monster Changes
  • Fixed the issue with Forest Ronaros & Gyfin Rhasia monster having abnormally higher DP.

  • Monster Lava Faolun’s detection range has been decreased by 50% and the maximum distance it will chase characters have been decreased by 25%.

  • World Bosses Karanda and Ancient Kutum can now be attacked properly by Summoned creatures.

  • Damage against Kamasylvian Monsters is now correctly applied for Mirumok Watcher Offin, Watcher Offin Tett, and Griffon of Ahib.

  • Fixed the issue where the stone fired from Saunil Immobile Catapult would pause midair.

  • World Boss Karanda now becomes invincible when launching into the air.

Quests & Knowledge
  • In the Knowledge Window (H), detailed hints have been added for locked Knowledge entries which will appear if you hover your mouse over the Knowledge titles.

  • The color of the text for the Knowledge hints for Knowledges (Topography) in the World Map has been changed to be easier to read.

  • The Knowledge “Freharau’s Advice” can be gained through dialogue with Alustin from Glish.

Interface Changes

  • Fixed the resource issue that prevented connecting to the server.

  • Fixed the issue that made the camera spin uncontrollably while rotating with mouse cursor.

  • Fixed the issue that displaced mouse cursors and UI elements after changing resolutions or applying Window Mode.

  • Added text explaining that you can press Q while in the water to toggle between resting and swimming states.

  • The guide videos you can access from the World Map will now be on a web platform.

  • If an item is currently out of stock at the Marketplace, the highest price will be automatically set for you if you register that same item there.

  • If you Right-click Blacksmith’s Secret Book, an extraction window for that item will now pop up.

  • An information window about the benefits of joining a guild pops up when an Adventurer without guild opens the Guild Window (G).

  • Sound will no longer play during the opening logo animation.

  • An issue where the tooltip did not close when going from the Knowledge Window from the Chat Window has been fixed.

  • An information window pops up on the left when your character is swimming.

  • A new window to check Knowledge Points and their effects has been added to the Knowledge Window.

  • You can now see how much additional Item Drop Rate you will get by investing in a Node.
    • The rate will be shown in the Node Information window that appears in the upper left corner of your World Map after you click on a Node. Hover your mouse over the question mark on the right side of the Node Level bar to see the Item Drop Rate.
  • Fixed the issue where characters did not move when pressing the W, A, S, D keys after opening Depository from the Edit UI window.

  • Fixed the issue where the picture on the Knowledge you get by talking with an Old Moon Rescue Boat NPC was missing.

  • Fixed the issue where the Event button from the ESC Menu was not working.

  • Fixed an issue so that event music and sound effects only play during the event period.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed the color differences between high quality screenshots and regular screenshots.

  • Fixed the issue where a single resource was able to be Gathered from twice in the area near Calpheon Castle.

  • Fixed the unnatural shadow that appeared when opening the Dye or Knowledge Window has been fixed.

  • Fixed the graphical glitch where an NPC in Port Ratt was cooking fish without any fire.

  • The issue of some adventurers not being able to accept the quest "Black Spirit’s Gift II" has been fixed."

Reach us on the »forums« to share your feedback, opinions, and suggestions.

To read the patch notes in German or French, click the links below:
German Patch Notes
French Patch Notes
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“A role-player’s dream”

“The most unique offering the genre’s had in ages”

“A truly wondrous world to explore”

Pre-Existing Users

The Steam version of Black Desert Online requires the purchase of the game from Steam as well as the creation of a new Black Desert Online account. Pre-existing Black Desert Online accounts created from methods other than Steam will not be able to play via Steam.

Acerca de este juego

Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and region castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more!

Players will enjoy jaw-dropping graphics, intuitive skill-based combat, and an immersive story encased in our expansive world that’s just waiting to be explored. Accompanied by a Black Spirit, a companion whose destiny is intertwined with their own, players will discover the secret of the Black Stones and the history of their corrupting effects.


  • Robust Character Creation Tools - Make the character YOU want to play.
  • Seamless Movement Throughout the World – No loading times necessary as you explore.
  • Combo-Oriented, Non-Targeted Combat - Take part in fast-paced, action-packed combat with skills that can be chained through combos.
  • Unique Weather and Climate - The weather and climate will have various effects on different zones that players can adapt to.
  • Day / Night Cycle – Along with unique weather and climate changes, the game revolves around a day/night cycle that alters NPC behavior and triggers various events based on the time of day.
  • Instanced Player Housing – From tents to palaces and everything in between, players can furnish and customize their own homes and can hire NPCs to keep your place clean or purchase things from the marketplace.
  • Mounted Combat – Utilize your trusted mounts on the battlefield and take advantage of their mobility and effectiveness in combat. Keep in mind, however, that mounts will need to be cared for, housed and protected as they can die in combat.
  • Boss Hunts - Group up with friends or other players to hunt down field bosses and world bosses to get that rare loot.
  • Siege Warfare - Massive free-for-all guild battles! Join a guild and participate in daily node wars or weekly conquest wars against many other competing guilds. Win the node or castle and claim it for a week to collect taxes to increase your guild funds.
  • Ocean Contents - Craft your boat and make sail to the vast oceans to fish, hunt ocean monsters and bosses, underwater exploring and gathering, quest missions, trade, and so much more.
  • Taming & Breeding - Catch and tame horses and elephants in the wild to make it your mount. You can also breed horses for better offspring with improved mount stats and skills.
  • Crafting - Enjoy all aspects of crafting in Black Desert from tools, weapons, armor, jewelry, boats, costumes, outfits, and more. Just about everything can be crafted in the world of Black Desert Online.
  • Profession - Take part and grow your character into a profession that can help your income. With professions like gathering, processing, cooking, alchemy, training, fishing, hunting, trading, farming, and sailing, you can choose to play Black Desert Online the way you want to.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • Procesador: Intel Core i3-530 2.9 GHz
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: GTS 250, GeForce 9800 GTX, Radeon HD 3870 X2
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 27 GB de espacio disponible
    • SO: Windows 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • Procesador: Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz
    • Memoria: 8 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD RX 480
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 27 GB de espacio disponible
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