"So, I made a game, right? I filled it with harmless funny puzzles, narrated it a little bit, and then players started making fun of it! They broke the game and ignored my rules! They... they... laughed at me! As if it was some kind of a joke! Why do they have to be so mean?!" - developer of "Dude, Stop".
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Release Date: First half of 2017

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Available: First half of 2017


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January 5

Welcome! + FAQ inside

Hello, everyone!

As you can see, “Dude, Stop” now has a Steam Page! Hit that “Follow” button to not miss any news and add the game to your wishlist if you so desire. You can also head to the discussions section to leave us a note or just add a comment below.


The old demo is still available for you to play, and can be found here: Gamejolt
(Please note that the demo is really old and is no longer representable of the game to be released: the visuals have been long since updated and some game mechanics changed).


We prepared this FAQ to answer many of the questions from new or old players. If you have more questions – just post below and we will answer and might add them to the list.

Q. When the game will be ready?
A. The game is still under development. We are currently working on the Audio and Voice. The Content (i.e. puzzles) is completely playable and is being thoroughly tested by friends and family. If all goes well, we are going to release the game in the First Half of 2017.

Q. How much will the game cost?
A. We are still in the process of deciding on the price and cannot announce it yet.

Q. Why screenshots show only the old puzzles and nothing new?
A. The number of puzzles we currently have is ways above the demo. Showing the screenshots could spoil the fun and ruin the experience. We promise to show more content prior to release. Some in the form of a new trailer.

Q. There are no trading cards in the list of features! Why?
A. Preparing Trading Cards takes time, that’s why we skipped them (for now) so we could bring you the Store Page as soon as possible. They will be added a little bit later. We already have some awesome ideas, and we hope you will really enjoy collecting them.

Q. Four languages? Is that it? I want you to translate it to the best language in the world – my language!
A. Translating to other languages is a lot of work, so we prioritized languages based on received feedback. That gives us English (duh!), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and French. Those will be the available languages for subtitles and UI. The voiceover is currently only available in English. We plan to expand available languages after the release if there is demand.

Q. How can I follow development progress?
A. You can head to our Facebook page or Twitter, as well as read indieDB blog, or our own website: http://patomkin.com/

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About This Game

"Dude, Stop" is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to not follow the rules and make everybody hate you. Break it, abuse it, skip the tutorial, ignore tips and tricks in the loading menu and - most importantly! - mute the narrator.

For example, stop reading this paragraph and skip to the next one. You're still reading. Still looking here. Annnd... done. You've broken your first rule and annoyed us a little bit. And didn't even buy the game yet! Wow, you're talented. Have you considered quitting your job and doing this fulltime?

Collect all rewards, unlock all achievements and brag to your buddies that you've enraged some poor developer from a video game and made him scream at you just like in the trailer. Do your best. Or worst. Or both at once.

Key features:

  • Dive into countless* puzzles carefully made by the developers. Some of them relatable, some of them not. Who cares, buy the damn game
  • Fully voiced narration of both good and bad solutions. You can ignore or mute it all you want, it's still there
  • All kinds of shiny rewards and achievements assembled by a hungry underpaid developer in a basement just so you can feel justified breaking another level and giggling for five seconds
  • Many moments where you will be saying "What?", "Why?" and "Preordering videogames is good". Just kidding, you will mostly be just clicking stuff and dragging and throwing it all over the screen
  • Self-aware humor that simply tries waaay too hard. This includes timeless references that only our weird programmer can understand. Like "42" and "You're gonna have a bad time". What a nerd, haha

* unless you count them. Please don't count them

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Memory: 513 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes, please
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