"So, I made a game, right? I filled it with harmless funny puzzles, narrated it a little bit, and then players started making fun of it! They broke the game and ignored my rules! They... they... laughed at me! As if it was some kind of a joke! Why do they have to be so mean?!" - developer of "Dude, Stop".
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August 27

Current progress (August)

Hello, patient gamers!
Let us tell you one really exciting thing that we’ve been moving towards for a long-long time:


What we’re saying is... the script for the game is finally finished! We have all the text, voice interruptions, jokes and curses, disappointments and the D.U.C.K.’s “helping” lines! All in all about 120 pages! Say whaaaaat? Exactly!

(don’t ask what the D.U.C.K. is)


Link: patomkin.com/s/script-ready
To celebrate this, we wrote another blog post (as some of you requested), where you can find a few more screenshots of new packs and one gif:


Ooh, how we were celebrating! I went outside, and our programmer had a donut, and then we drank some delicious rainwater, and it was awesome! Yeah, that sounds hardcore, but we didn’t party too hard, because the game isn’t finished yet! So we’re back to work, implementing all the new things we thought of in the script. After that is done, it’ll be time for.. (drumroll) real Voice Actor Recording (dun-dun-dunnn). Yeah, we mentioned it last time, and the time before that, but... oh well.


Anyway, here’s some mystery links for you to check: Facebook, Twitter or this one right here: http://patomkin.com/
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July 5

Current progress (July)

Hello, guys and gals!
Let us bring you up to speed with what we’ve been up to for the last 6 month.

  • “Dude, Stop” now has a story! Meaning, that it’s not just an “angry voice that shouts at you”, but an “angry voice that shouts at you FOR A REASON”! There are plot twists and side characters; there are secrets and enemies; there is a literal (no, not literal) emotional rollercoaster… Basically, we tried to squeeze out of the voice as much as we could.

  • Script is 91.3% ready! This includes voice lines for the puzzles, implementation of said lines in the game, subtitles, award descriptions and a lot of flavor text here and there to improve puzzles and overall experience!

  • Save slots! We know you love ‘em, we know you need ‘em and now WE GOT ‘EM. Basically to allow multiple playthroughs and to keep your little brother from messing things up.

  • Reworked UI and other Graphics! We have remade the options menu to make your life a little bit easier (at least inside the game); there are new graphics for the Main Menu and many-many new backgrounds.

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and made lots of small improvements like new animations, graphics for puzzles, juicy particles and etc.

  • Finish the script, which shouldn’t take much time (haha, very funny)
  • Hire an actual Voice Actor to voice over over our voice over
  • Finish implementing music, sounds and voice lines, which is, again, 95% ready
  • Playtest, polish, and make a nice trailer!


Now you see that we’re not hundred-percent-ready for the release yet, even if we promised it would be out in the First Half of the 2017. We underestimated how much voice we would need in the game, and in how many ways we can improve the gameplay with interruptions and reactions.

For these reasons, we have to delay the release of “Dude, Stop” for another several months. We are sorry for this added wait time, and we appreciate that you are still waiting for the game to come out! We’re anxious to see you playing our game and laughing and giggling and telling your friends on the whole internet about how cool the voiced version of "Dude, Stop" can be!


You can read more about this in our latest blog post with a couple more gifs and pics: http://www.patomkin.com/s/script-progress

Also, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or our own website: http://patomkin.com/
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Steam Greenlight

About This Game

"Dude, Stop" is a puzzle game, where the main goal is to not follow the rules and make everybody hate you. Break it, abuse it, skip the tutorial, ignore tips and tricks in the loading menu and - most importantly! - mute the narrator.

For example, stop reading this paragraph and skip to the next one. You're still reading. Still looking here. Annnd... done. You've broken your first rule and annoyed us a little bit. And didn't even buy the game yet! Wow, you're talented. Have you considered quitting your job and doing this fulltime?

Collect all rewards, unlock all achievements and brag to your buddies that you've enraged some poor developer from a video game and made him scream at you just like in the trailer. Do your best. Or worst. Or both at once.

Key features:

  • Dive into countless* puzzles carefully made by the developers. Some of them relatable, some of them not. Who cares, buy the damn game
  • Fully voiced narration of both good and bad solutions. You can ignore or mute it all you want, it's still there
  • All kinds of shiny rewards and achievements assembled by a hungry underpaid developer in a basement just so you can feel justified breaking another level and giggling for five seconds
  • Many moments where you will be saying "What?", "Why?" and "Preordering videogames is good". Just kidding, you will mostly be just clicking stuff and dragging and throwing it all over the screen
  • Self-aware humor that simply tries waaay too hard. This includes timeless references that only our weird programmer can understand. Like "42" and "You're gonna have a bad time". What a nerd, haha

* unless you count them. Please don't count them

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Memory: 513 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes, please
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