Steel Division: Normandy is a tactical real-time strategy (RTS) game that pits players against AI enemies in a single-player campaign -- or against several opponents in massive 10-on-10 multiplayer battles.
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Release Date: May 23, 2017

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June 22

Next update: The Duellists

The first major update from last week, And Justice for All, was just a warm-up. We are happy to announce that the second major update The Duellists will be released next week, on Wednesday, June 28th! Here’s a little insight into what we’ve been working on.

Our top priority since the release has been to annihilate the remaining bugs that can prevent some players to enjoy Steel Division: Normandy 44 as they should. In the last few weeks, our teams worked relentlessly to solve these issues: our most recent hotfix was released yesterday, fixing several crashes happening when changing some options and a minor glitch in the Replay UI. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support if you encounter any problem!

Besides that, it has always been part of Eugen’s philosophy to be proactive, thinking about new content and exploring new gameplay ideas. We believe that the release isn’t the end of our game but, on the contrary, an occasion to renew your experience.

In the past weeks, we imagined variants of Sainte-Mère-Eglise and Carpiquet maps for multiplayer (both casual and ranked) and single-player (in skirmish), playable in 1v1 (oh, that’s why the patch is named “The Duellists”, I get it) and 2v2. A slight variation changes the whole map dynamics and the way you see and analyze the battlefield.

  • The original Carpiquet map is mostly divided between the airfield and the villages next to it. On the variant, the battle will mostly take place on the landing strip, a wide open-field in the center of the map, to the delight of heavy tank fans!
  • For its part, the traditional Sainte-Mère-Eglise map is quite straight-forward, allowing rushes towards Sainte-Mère through the main road. The new 1v1 variant will offer many ways to reach and defend the city, as the main road will act symbolically as a frontline. In 2v2 and 3v3, you must share the main road with your allies to take the town before the enemies. Beware of traffic jams!

And that’s not all! For those having team spirit, you will also have access to Carpiquet and Pegasus Bridge in 10v10. Even if the disconnection and lag problems have declined further, we are still remaining vigilant and working on additional fixes. Once again, please contact us if anything goes wrong!

As from next Wednesday, you will also have the possibility to host your own dedicated servers for 10v10 games, as many of you have been requesting for a very long time! More info on June 28th!

We also know that playing in your native language is a great comfort, that’s why Steel Division: Normandy 44 was released in German, Russian, French, Chinese & English. “The Duellists” update will add the long-awaited Spanish translation to this list.

Finally, we noticed that our last balance update And Justice for All provoked a wide range of responses. We are aware of what needs to be improved, and that our work isn’t done. Your reactions, combined with a thorough analysis of the game’s statistics help us improving the overall balance. The next patch will bring some changes to complement what was done in the last one.

Thanks for your attention!

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June 14

"And Justice For All" update is now available!

Hello everyone,

The first major update for Steel Division: Normandy 44, "And Justice For All", is now available!

Here's the massive changelog:

Key improvements:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Added new interface option: Text Size
  • Improved the Quick Play and Ranked games, which now allow to search for different game sizes at the same time (i.e: from 1vs1 to 4vs4)
  • Added four new music tracks
  • Increased the deployment phase time in 10v10 games, now 3 minutes instead of 2
  • Improved multiplayer menu navigation: players won't be kicked back to the main menu when failing to join a game
  • Improved deck building menu: double-click on a pack will add/remove it from the deck
  • Modified multiplayer disconnection condition, should now be limited to players with oldest computers. Please contact us if disconnection problems remain in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the displayed statistics in the "Favorite Units" board (starting from this patch - older and incorrect stats will not be taken into account)
  • Fixed the diplayed map size in the game list for games with Observer mode activated
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in Caumont L'Eventé map
  • Fixed a bug when the game sometimes froze when shutting down the game's window while in Observer mode.
  • Fixed gunners hands' position fixed on Königtiger(H), Pz IV Beo, SdkFz 251/2, SdkFz 251/16
  • Removed the sniper rifles ability to fire on the move
  • Fixed XP gain when surrendering
  • Fixed censored & uncensored hints on division leaders' hints
  • Fixed unit category availability in deployment menu when reinforcement arrows are lost
  • Fixed replays unlocking achievements
  • Fixed minor errors in French translation
  • Fixed "Smooth LOD transition" & "Dynamic Lights Quality" options, now properly saved
  • Fixed pathfinding in "Move Fast" mode on Pegasus map
  • Fixed the "Disable Weapons" button, now deactivated ALL weapons of the selected units
  • Fixed a connection error when the network cable is unplugged when launching the game (that means you can now plug the cable back when the game's launched and play online)
  • Anti-tank canons accuracy is now affected by stress
Single player campaign:
  • Improved single player HUD
  • Improved "compose your battlegroup" voice in the german missions 2 and 3
  • Improved the detection of the MG by the recon section in tutorial 4
  • Improved the persistance after the third German mission, captured and evacuated enemy supply trucks are now available for the fourth mission
  • Improved the 17.SS counter attack in the fourth American mission, now uses its Ju 87G
  • Fixed a rare bug that could prevent the "Destroy the 88s" objective from starting in the first US mission
  • Added specific campaign progress in modded game
  • Added an option to have mod automatically activated when relaunching game
  • Added localization database to mod folders
  • Added soundTag icon to ModCenter
  • Added Auto-refresh and manual refresh Mod list in the ModCenter
  • Added back mod rating in ModCenter
Balancing :
  • AAA now prioritize ground attack aircraft over fighters unless they are evacuating
  • Reduced recon planes price
  • Reduced supply trucks quantity in most divisions
  • Reduced HMG suppression at close range (lethality remains high, beware!)
  • Reduced Mortar crew ammunition loadout
  • Reduced HMG resilience:
    -MG-34 : 5 -> 3
    -MG-42 : 6 -> 4
    -M1919 : 7 -> 3
    -Vickers : 5 -> 4
    -M2HB HMG : 6 -> 5
  • Increased 203mm observation post price to 140
  • Reduced 25pdr dispersion (sexton is affected)
  • Increased Universal carrier bren ammunition loadout from 180 to 300
  • Added Humber Mk.3's AP3's back
  • Reduced Humber Mk4 price from 80 to 75
  • Reduced Staghound AA price from 60 to 50
  • Increased M2HB sections price from 40 to 45
  • Reduced Daimler AC price from 80 to 70
  • Reduced Daimler little john price from 100 to 85
  • Increased Churchill Crocodile flamethrower ammunition from 40 to 100
  • Reduced Bren groups price from 15 to 10
  • Reduced Command carrier price from 20 to 15
6th AB
  • Increased Tetrarch turret speed (fast chassis + slow turret created problems)
  • Added 2 packs of 1 elite AB 6pdr in phase A
15th Scottish
  • Moved Recce with Humber Mk-3 from phase A to B
  • Reduced Churchill OP price from 140 to 120
Guard Armoured
  • Reworked Infantry tab (seeing by yourself will be faster)
  • Replaced Cromwell OP by a Sherman V OP available in phase B
  • Stuarts from phase A now come in packs of 5
  • Added 2 packs of 1 tempest in phase A
  • Increased Typhoon AT XP
  • Reduced M5 Half track price from 20 to 15
  • Removed Cromwell V from phase B, now available in two packs of 3 in phase A
  • Reduced Cromwell VII price from 140 to 120
  • Changed Cromwell VII availability from 1 pack of 3 to 2 packs of 2
  • Inverted Cromwells' AP and HE shells repartition
  • Reduced Sherman V price from 150 to 140 (command version unchanged)
3rd Canadian infantry
  • Staghound AA are now available in 2 packs of 4 veterans in A
  • Increased RAM II price from 120 to 140
  • Moved Tri polsten from phase A to B
  • Reduced Elite CMP tri polsten to a single pack
  • Increased Crusader AA Mk.2 availability from 3 to 4 per pack
  • A packs of 2 elite Crusader AA Mk.2 is available
  • Reduced M8 Greyhound price from 100 to 90
  • Reduced Ford GPA (OP and transport version) speed
3rd Armored
  • Reduced Sherman M4A3(75)W price from 160 to 150
  • Added 2 packs of 3 veteran M5A1 Stuarts in phase A
  • Reduced Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo side an rear armor ( 12->10 / 10 -> 9 )
  • Reduced Rosie the rocketeer price from 100 to 85
101st Airborne
  • Reduced M22 Locust price reduced from 70 to 65
  • Increased AB engineers price increased from 30 to 35 availability reduced to 1 packs of 4 rookies and 1 pack of 3 veterans
  • Increased Ford GPA OP price from 150 to 160
  • Increased M8 Scott availability from 3 to 4 per pack
  • Reduced 37mm gun availability by one per pack
  • Reduced Phase A P-51D mustang with 250lb bombs availability to 1 per pack
  • Increased Grasshopper veterancy to veteran
2nd Infantry
  • Increased RGR support price from 20 to 25
  • Increased RGR marauder price from 30 to 35
  • Added two packs of two Wolverines in phase B
  • Moved Sherman V OP from phase C to B
  • Increased Jeep Z NKM availability per pack from 3 to 5 in phase A, removed from phase B
  • Reduced Sherman V price from 160 to 150
  • Improved Flak 38 and Flakvierling efficiency
  • Added more realistic ammunition loadout on infantry
  • Increased IG18 stealth from bad to medium
  • Increased Scwimmwagen Beo (observation post) price from 130 to 140
  • Increased Panzerwerfer price from 110 to 120
  • Reduced Hs 129 B1 and Ju-87G AP from 12 to 9
  • Reduced Hs 129 B3 AP from 18 to 16
3. Fallschirmjäger
  • Panzer L6 :
    -Reduced RoF, now fire bursts of 12 rounds
    -Increased ammunition loadout to its IRL value of 396
    -Increased price from 50 to 60
  • Increased Fs-Pionier price from 30 to 40
  • Reduced I.Pak 41 Gerlich in unarmed Kubel XP from Elite to veteran
  • Reduced I.Pak 41 Gerlich in Kubel MG availability from 3 to 2
  • Reduced Fs-Scharfschütze rate of fire from 10 to 8 RPM
  • Increased Fs-Scharfschütze ammunition loadout from 3 to 30
  • Replaced LW-Jäger lose one MG-42 and panzerfaust by faustpatrone with less accuracy
  • Increased Fs-AAA units veterancy to veteran
  • Increased LG42 XP by one step
  • Reduced 120mm mortar availability from 3 to 2 per pack
116th Panzer
  • Removed Ju-87G from phase A
  • Increased Panzer III M price from 105 to 110
  • Removed SPW 234/3 from phase B (they only had 3 IRL)

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“Relentless and unforgiving, Steel Division is a master-class in real-time war/strategy gaming that must be respected if it is to be mastered”
5/5 – Strategy Gamer

“Steel Division: Normandy ’44 really is my game of the year so far.”
9.5/10 – Game Debate

“Steel Division: Normandy '44 succeeds both at being an entertaining real-time tactics game and a compelling simulation of historical combat, which is a remarkable combination.”
8.7/10 – IGN

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Steel Division: Normandy 44 comes with the following extras:

Art Book:

A detailed look at the art and making of Steel Division: Normandy 44

Tactical Guide:

A digital book getting you up to speed with the terrain and tactics of the game.

Six Exclusive in-game aces: Historical personalities you can deploy on the battlefield

  • Ernst Barkmann (Germany, Panther A tank)
  • Joseph Priller (Germany, Bf109A fighter plane)
  • Dick Winters (The USA, Paratrooper Battalion)
  • Wilfred Harris (The UK, Sherman Firefly tank)
  • Leo Major (Canada, sniper scout)
  • Kurt Knispel (Germany, Tiger II)

Battle Log:

Major maps of the game and how to fight them

Deluxe avatar and icon for the Paradox forums

Unique ringtones and text message sounds


Artwork from Steel Division you can use to decorate your computer desktop

Streaming Overlays:

Steel Division themed overlays for those who stream on Twitch or YouTube.

About This Game

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a Tactical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, developed by Eugen Systems, the creators of titles like Wargame and R.U.S.E. This new game puts players in command of detailed, historically accurate tanks, troops, and vehicles at the height of World War II. Players can measure their tactical skills against several opponents in big multiplayer battles or against enemies in a challenging single-player campaign. Steel Division: Normandy 44 allows players to take control over legendary military divisions from six different countries, such as the American 101st Airborne, the German armored 21st Panzer or the 3rd Canadian Division, during the invasion of Normandy in 1944.

Main Features:

Command Over 400 Historically Accurate Units:

Whether fighting for control in intense multiplayer battles with up to 10-vs-10 players going head-to-head, playing alone or working with friends in ranked matches, players will need to coordinate their selection of historically accurate infantry, tanks, aircraft, and support vehicles to counter enemy units in this Tactical RTS game.

Real-world Tactics:

Battles rage over three distinct phases, where different units unlock over time, mimicking the movements of real-world armies and adding variety to the ever-changing theatre of war. A dynamic front line illustrates the ebb and flow of the conflict. Pin down your opponent's infantry to gain the advantage and force a retreat, or push through with a perfectly executed plan.

Real-world Setting:

Using the latest version of Eugen’s IRISZOOM engine, players can smoothly zoom from a tactical aerial view all the way down to a single unit, and see 400 different real-world vehicles and units designed with careful historical detail and accuracy. Maps are designed based on actual aerial reconnaissance photos of Normandy in 1944, requiring real-world tactics and strategies to cover and control.

Outplan, Outsmart, Outgun:

From battlegroup customization to troop positioning and maneuvering, winning battles requires cunning and strategy, not just raw firepower. Each unit lost presents a growing tactical disadvantage, and players will need to fight to gain -- and keep -- the upper hand.

From commanding historically accurate infantry, tanks, and vehicles, to troop positioning and real-time engagement with the enemy, players will need to be clever and resourceful in order to win. Every unit counts as the battle presses on, and raw firepower alone will not be enough to claim victory. Whether viewing the entire battle from an aerial perspective, or following a single tank into a firefight, players will need to cleverly manage the dynamic front line in order to execute ambushes and advances.

System Requirements

    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1 GHz) or equivalent
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB AMD 5570 or nVidia 450
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 32 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel i5-2300 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2GB AMD 7970 or nVidia 770 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 32 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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