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Co-op mode has been added in the Exterminatus mode, which pits an elite squad of four Space Marines against hordes of alien enemies in a score based fight to the death.
Release Date: 8 Sep 2011

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Company of Heroes 2 Steam Free Weekend

16 January 2014

Smokey Village


This weekend new troops are being sent to the Eastern Front as Company of Heroes 2 is having its first ever Steam Free Weekend.

Starting today and running until Sunday January 19th all Steam members will be able to play Company of Heroes 2 for free. No conditions, no catches, it’s the full Company of Heroes 2 experience and it’s a click away for all Steam members. Players will be able to experience the full single-player campaign, the single player and co-op Theater of War experience in Operation Barbarossa and of course the CoH2 multiplayer.

Veterans of CoH2 will not only have new allies and enemies to faceoff with in multiplayer this weekend, but as an additional bonus we are unlocking all of the game’s paid DLC commanders for four days of play. So if there’s been a Commander you’ve wanted to try on the battlefield then this is your chance.

As an additional bonus multiplayer automatch games will be awarding ten times the experience all weekend. Yup, that’s right 10x XP all weekend long for any automatch game.

Have a friend who you think would love Company of Heroes 2? This is the weekend to get them playing the game. And as an added bonus the game will be 66% off on Steam, allowing everyone who loves playing it for free to keep it for a very low price.

Welcome to Company of Heroes 2, we’ll see you on the front lines.

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About the Game

Step into the armor of a relentless Space Marine and use a combination of lethal and deadly weapons to crush overwhelming alien forces. Immerse yourself in an intense and brutally violent world based on the richest science fiction fantasy ever created.
In Warhammer® 40,000® Space Marine® you are Captain Titus, a Space Marine of the Ultramarines chapter and a seasoned veteran of countless battles.
A millions-strong Ork horde has invaded an Imperial Forge World, one of the planet-sized factories where the war machines for humanity’s never ending battle for survival are created. Losing this planet is not an option, but a darker and far more evil threat is lurking large in the shadows of this world.
With an Imperial liberation fleet en-route, the Ultramarines are sent in to hold key locations until reinforcements arrive. Captain Titus and a squad of Ultramarine veterans use bolter and chainsword to take the fight to the enemies of mankind.

Key features:

  • Storm Into Battle – Step fearlessly into the heart of combat as an unstoppable Space Marine. Never hide, never cower, just purge all that stand in your way.
  • Unleash Visible Violent Death – Using an innovative new combat system, switch seamlessly from high-caliber ranged weapons to devastating close-combat strikes. Taking out an enemy has never been so satisfying.
  • Experience the dark future of Warhammer 40,000 – Jump into a rich universe of awe-inspiring landscapes, deadly enemies, immense battles and ruthless annihilation.
  • Take the Battle Online – Form your own Space Marine squad or Chaos Space Marine warband and face off in 8 vs 8 online matches. Gain experience and unlock new weapons and armor to customize the Devastator, Assault, and Tactical Marine classes.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 or better)
    • Memory: 1GB (XP), 2GB (Vista), 2GB (Windows 7)
    • Graphics: 256MB Video Card using Shader Model 3 (Nvidia GeForce 8800GT, AMD Radeon 3850 and above)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)
    • Sound:
      Laptop and Notebook users will need to download the newest Nvidia 280.26 or AMD Catalyst 11.8 drivers.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Any Quad-core Intel or AMD Processor
    • Memory: 1GB (XP), 2GB (Vista), 2GB (Windows 7)
    • Graphics: 512MB Video Card using Shader Model 3 (Performance equivalent to an AMD Radeon 5750 or better)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)
    • Sound:
      Laptop and Notebook users will need to download the newest Nvidia 280.26 or AMD Catalyst 11.8 drivers.
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I rather enjoyed this and I must admit, having played a number of Warhammer 40k games throughout the years this is the only one I've gone through that captured a fraction of the atmosphere and "flavour" of the 40k universe. It's not something I can easily describe, but clearly the developers Relic have an understanding of the universe and the factions within. For the most part the characters, the way they are written and the way they reacted to the games plot and situations was very .. "warhmmer" and it was stronger for that in my mind.

One thing this game absolutely nailed was the scale. The size of the Space Marines versus normal humans, the power armour was correctly proportioned and detailed in all the rght ways, the weapons are the correct sizes, the vehicles, buildings, aliens... everything was bang on as far as I am concerned when it came to scale.

In truth I can't really fault the game too much. It had to step away from the lore a bit to fit in game mechanics, for example a Space Marine Captain (leader of a 100 strong Space Marine Company, veteran of centuries of warfare) wouldn't turn up to battle with just 2 fellow Space Marines in tow.. armed with a standard Bolter and Combat knife, but that had to be done for progression of course... by the end of the game I had a personal force field (Iron halo), a selection of around 7 different firearms, and a choice between a chain sword, power axe and a blummin' two handed thunder hammer. Not really correct in the world... but makes sense in a game.

The game itself was good fun, melee combat was well done, although an ability to parry would have been nice, and the gun play felt very heavy and dangerous. They got the feel and sound of a Bolter just as I imagine it, bang on the money, and at times I really felt like I was playing a real Space Marine from the stories and board games.

The main critism has to be the checkpoint system. Some poorly placed checkpoints sapped a little joy from the experience, mainly the one's that were frequently placed before an unskippable in engine cutscene... which generally pre-empted a major engagement you could easily lose.... only to then repeat the whole scene again when the you're plonked back at the checkpoint. That wasn't good.

However that last point aside, an enjoyable game and glad I finally played it!
Posted: 18 November 2013
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A highly under-rated entertaining action game.

-The 40k universe is well pictured and as expected revolves around the unsubtle epicness of the franchise.
-The RPG elements nicely supports the action part of the game, rather in-depth visual personalisation and decent class/ability/perk unlockable system
-Great multiplayer in all its variants, co-op arenas, tdm, ffa etc.
-The gameplay action and feel of power is just brilliant and makes all the fun, especially in multiplayer.

-Although a decent one, it is still a console port with all it entails. Console menus, low res texture & poly count, below standard LOD and few graphic options.
-The one most let-down for everyone and a deal breaker for a lot of people, there is no support whatsoever for DEDICATED SERVERS. Be warned for some (if not most) multiplayer sessions are plagued with latency issues, desyncs and host migrations.

Get it cheap now, hop in and enjoy yourself. It still has an active community.
Posted: 26 November 2013
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A fantastic representation of being a Space Marine in the 40k universe, although it lacked some of the elements i would have expected like RPG mechanics and deep single player customisation i thoroughly enjoyed the aggressive brutal combat and the proper representation of being a space marine.

Relic have produced a visually stunning accurate representation of the 40k universe, the graphics while lacking ultra-high resolution textures and great and are sufficiently good looking. The animation feels weighty and powerful, even just walking around you can feel the heft and sheer Mass of the warrior you’re playing as. If you have ever wanted to take control of a Space Marine, the true space marines of sci fi I might add, this is the game for you.

While multiplayer lacked depth it is a fun distraction, the customisation on display here is pretty great too allowing you to play as any of the chapters you like and even make your own. Im annoyed allot of the options such as the power sword are behind micro transaction DLC but overall the multiplayer is prey fun.

I really hope relic get another chance with this IP, I would love to see a sequel.
Posted: 25 November 2013
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"Succes is measured in blood, yours or your enemies" - Captain Titus, Space Marine

An epic game set in the Warhammer universe where for the first time you play in a third person persepective and face an on slaught of Orcs and other minions. This game is a must have for any fan of the series and for action fantasy fans a great addition to the Steam Library. If you have played any of the Warhammer 40K series RTS you owe it to yourself to play this game at get a new angle at the world or W40K.

Warhammer Space Marine features some top noth graphics (for 2011) and rag doll physics that are just awesome to see. The screen can get overun at times with all the orcs and baddies that the Space Marine must attack - and this he does well - the carnage is gruesome and enjoyable. I really loved all the unique weapon upgrades you could obtain and Fury Mode kicks some major A$$ for when you need it most.

Warhammer sports a moody soundtrack and audio that seems to come from the depths of hell at times... needless to say that it always seems to fit the mood at the right time. "Humans to kill" The Orc banter and dialogue I thought was rather good and comical at times.

The game boasts a sporty/meaty on line package where you can do co-op, on line play & off line single player challenge mode. The on line that I played was a blast working my way to level 6 and blowing away orcs was adventurous and rewarding. There are endless customization items and loadouts available for your on line character once you start leveling a bit. If you plan on doing off line challenge mode it is basically similar to Horde Mode - which everyone knows about now a days.

I just really enjoyed this game & it makes me miss THQ - they released good games - Warhammer, Red Faction, Stalker Saints Row... plenty of others. This is a game where from what I seen you can pick up a few missions here and there or a little on line play for your fix of Warhammer. There are collectables scattered around the game world where you can collect these items for further insight to the game and achievements as well.

I truly hope to see a Space Marine 2 as Captain Titus at least deserves another round of Orc Onslaught after this under rated game has captured a place in my top gaming experiences on the PC.

Recommended peeps - pick it up.
Posted: 18 January 2014
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We have all seen big men, wearing big armor, wielding big guns and doing manly stuff from previous games (like Gears of War or Star Craft), but have you ever wondered who started it all?

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a Third Person Hack, Slash and Shooter game developed by Relic Entertainment who has constantly delivered quality work when dealing with the Warhammer 40k universe.

You play as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, along side his friend Sidonus and the newly initiated Leandros, all of whom are sent to the forge world of Gaira with the objective of protecting a Warlord Class Titan from being looted by a full Ork Invasion. Unknown to Captain Titus, however...other forces are at work there.

+ Visuals (as a whole): -This game boast beautiful cut scenes, epic scenery, massive buildings and intense combat. Model and Animation quality are very well made which is complemented by its superior sound quality. The violence in this game is extreme and oddly very satisfying.

+ Audio: -From the soundtrack to the footsteps and bolter or lasgun fire, Relic has performed admirably on the sound assets which greatly improves the immersion experience. The voice acting delivered by Mark Strong as Captain Titus is great and complemented by the performance of the supporting cast.

+ Story: -The game offers a linear story progression which contains enough lore to satisfy the old school and long time fans of the Warhammer 40k Universe, but at the same time, is easy enough to comprehend and understand for the new comers. Story is around 8 to 9 hours long, and 6-7 if you have already played it once. The difficulty level of the game does merit a replay.

+ Multiplayer: -I normally don't consider multiplayer because I'm a singleplayer oriented gamer but I was able to substantially play the multiplayer mode of Space Marine and was impressed. Multiple game modes and heavy customization really is a big bonus here.

- Texture Quality: -Although I said that visuals AS A WHOLE is good, the texture quality of this game is quite inferior. It may have looked good on the console versions but on the PC on 1080p, one can see that the textures used was only low res. The poor lip syncing was also a minor annoyance for me. The Artstyle is great but it does not excuse low resolution textures specially on the PC which

- Terrible PC Settings: -This game should have had a more extensive PC settings instead of the generic preset of “low-medium-high”. I feel that devs who does not put effort on the settings are not fully utilizing the capabilities of the PC as a gaming platform. On the up side, at least gamers with not so powerful systems can still enjoy the game and have fun.

-Disappointing Boss Fight (NO SPOILERS): -A certain boss fight for me was very disappointing since it was more or less a quick time event and mini-game than an actual fight. The fight in itself was still badass and manly as hell with regards to the story though.

GREAT GAME, extremely fun and satisfying to play with a very enjoyable singleplayer and multiplayer experience. The game is well worth its full price.
Posted: 17 April 2014
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