Far Beyond: A space odyssey VR is the first hardcore Rogue-like in Virtual Reality with a Sci-fi atmosphere and AAA graphics. It features a hard but rich gameplay focused on resources management, craft and strategy.
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Release Date: Oct 28, 2016

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Notice: Requires a virtual reality headset. See the VR Support section for more info.

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February 9

Patch 1.1.9 - New confirmation system to buy raw materials + bugfixes

We noticed that some of you reported that the buying of raw materials on the reproducer wasn't ideal because you could too easily buy the wrong one. To prevent this, we added a small confirmation system which should help resolve this inconvenience.
Now when you press one of the buying buttons, the pressed button icon will blink for 3 seconds and you will have to press the button again to actually buy the material. If you don't press it during the 3 seconds or press another button it will start the procedure again. And this simple system is still allowing to buy quickly by pressing the button 2 times in a row.
We hope it will improve your experience!
We also fixed a few bugs and descriptions that were wrong.

Here is the content of the patch:

- Bugfix: the floor height was still problematic in the gearbox maintenance station
- Bugfix: If your spaceship was too close to a system (less than 1s) the hyperdrive couldn't be engaged
- Bugfix: Unlocks not saved were keeped when reloading a savegame without exiting the game
- Bugfix: some parts were not properly reloaded if saved partly disassembled
- Bugfix: If you pointed your finger during screwing the screwdriver/screwgun was falling from the hand

- Fix: The visual effect of the weather probe launching wasn't working.
- Fix: The sector blueprint was misplaced a little bit inside the workbench
- Fix: RPM textures of the camshafts were inverted
- Fix: The descriptions of the recycling was wrong. The more a part is used the less you can salvage its row materials and the more a part is new the less it will yield experience points.
- Fix: The description of the fixit tool was mentionning all 'parts' whereas it only works on damaged housings.

- Improvement: new confirmation system when buying raw materials on the reproducer
- Improvement: when using fuel on a probe the priority is given to the most consumed cell instead of a fixed arbitrary order

Have a good game!

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February 6

Patch 1.1.8 - Locked hands bug + other bugfixes

Hey everyone,

We finally found the source of the locked hands bug!
It was a difficult one to fix because it was only happening when you completed the tutorial then started a new game without exiting the game...
We also fixed some other bugs that you reported on the forums.
We want to thank all of you who are taking the time to report a bug or suggest new improvements.
Please keep doing that, it really is helping us!

- Bugfix: locked hands sometimes when warping to a blue star
- Bugfix: sometimes the game starts in seated mode
- Bugfix: the wave amplifier "explorer class" didn't fit in it's housing
- Bugfix: Translation error for the CIG control panel (previously electrical box)
- Bugfix: the floor was too high in the drilling maintenance station
- Bugfix: when you reach the final destination you can't turn back on the oxygen if it was previously turned off
- improvement: the destock time has been lowered from 7 seconds to 3 seconds

We hope these fixes will improve your experience and as usual, don't hesitate to report a bug in the forum.

Have a good game!

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Out now! Far Beyond: A space odyssey

We are really happy to announce that today we are releasing Far Beyond: A space odyssey. It's been over a year that we were waiting to share our baby to the VR world community. We really hope the rogue-like gameplay in this unique Sci-Fi universe will take you away for long hours.
We are eagerly waiting for your feedback!

About This Game

1 - General Warning

For some people (1 in 500) becoming the last survivor (the kapaye) of an extinct civilization and be chosen to cross space in search of a new habitable planet may cause a dissociative identity disorder. We recommend that you consult your doctor to protect yourself from any psychological risk before entering Far Beyond: A space odyssey.

2 - Efforts and Repetitive Stress

Establish a travel strategy in hyperspace, schedule refueling points on the galactic map, scan and extract resources via the holoviewer, monitor the autonomy level of the spaceship in order to maintain the oxygen recycling system on and repair the extravehicular probes can put your body and your mind to a severe test. If you experience any of these symptoms (high sensitivity to the autonomy alarm, pain in your arms when you scan a planet, annoyance when you miss a deployment to extract resources or shame when you break down) please only blame yourself (you are just bad).

3 - Use and Maintenance Of Embedded Equipment

To help you in your journey, two extravehicular probes, Columbus and Digger Master await you in the hangars of the spaceship at the back of command bay.
Here are some recommendations to reduce the risk of damaging equipment:

  • Deploy the probes only to detect, scan and extract resources on hostile planets.
  • Perform regular and careful maintenance of the probes to protect yourself from the risk of failure.
  • Remember to recycle your used parts.
  • We recommend that you periodically upgrade the parts that compose the probes in order to improve wear resistance and increase their performance.
  • We do not refund the probes forgotten in a planetary system.

4 - Responsibilities, Failures and Deaths

By agreeing to take part in this lone interstellar travel, you agree to take on the role of the Kapaye, you agree to take the risk of failing, you agree to be alone with your responsibilities, you agree to be alone facing death. Naturally we clear ourselves of any adverse effects that the experience of a slow and repeated death can have on your nervous system.

Far Beyond: A space odyssey is a peaceful space survival Virtual Reality game combining strategy, reflection, resource management and human scale crafting.

In Far Beyond: A space odyssey, you play the last survivor of your civilization.
The last chance of survival you have is to take command of the Genesis, a spaceship on its last legs "supposed" to allow you to go across the universe and reach your one and only goal: a distant habitable planet, primitive and without any trace of intelligent life called "Earth".

Equipped with two mechanically capricious probes, Columbus and Digger Master, you have to cross the space, juggling between refueling and recharging the battery, extracting ore, repairing damages and planning your moves in hyperspace.
You will have only one goal: reach a distant habitable planet in order to deploy the E.D.E.N project, a demographic bomb composed of genomes and matrices of your lost civilization, to give birth to a new colony.

Will you survive long enough to bring back your civilization to life far beyond your own galaxy?

A game designed and developed from A to Z for VR

A perfectly comfortable virtual reality experience.
No artificial locomotion nor camera movement therefore no risk of nausea. (Roomscale for motion controllers)

No display directly on the screen.
All user interfaces are fully integrated into the environment to not ruin the feeling of immersion.

A graphic rendering close to presence.
Gorgeous and inspired graphics thanks to 4K textures and a native supersampling of the resolution.

A realistic and meticulous sound design.
All sound effects are in spatialized 360° 3D audio.

A possible interaction with every object.
Grab, manipulate, or throw all of the objects you can find around you.

A gameplay system, mixing survival and strategy, rich and hardcore.

A tough and certain challenge to every game play.
Successfully reach a distant planetary system safe and sound is your only goal. However, one mistake and the game will start again (only in the higher difficulty setting).

Human scale crafting.
Repair and upgrade the probes through a unique human scale crafting system.

A guarantee of replay value.
Explore a procedurally generated galaxy for each new game. Build and assemble more than fifty parts to upgrade your probes. Multiple random events make each game play unique.

Time as the worst enemy.
Each exit consumes the battery of your spaceship. Plan effective travel and refueling strategies to avoid falling into blackout and thus succeed in moving towards your goal.

Limited resources.
Fuel and construction ore are exhaustible resources. Use your two space probes to scan and extract resources essential to your survival.

Upgrade your equipment.
Unlock, build then assemble by hand more than fifty upgrades using the onboard ore synthesizer.

System Requirements

    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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