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13 Sep, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Participating in Early Access allows us to make our game's development player-centric: we'll be listening to the community's feedback throughout every step of this process. We truly want you and everyone else who plays to feel like you've had a hand in the creation of Epic Tavern.

Our passion is making this amazing concept into the best game it can possibly be-- and we know that can't be achieved without the help of our community!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Approximately 14 months (subject to change at any time).”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Throughout Early Access, Epic Tavern will, with the help of our community, develop into the game it is destined to become. Our ambitions include, but are not limited to:

  • Expanded Story Content
  • Additional quests, based on community feedback
  • Longer quest chains
  • Procedural quests
  • Expanded loot system
  • Expanded Character Features
  • New character classes
  • More custom characters
  • Additional character status effects
  • Inter-character relationships
  • In-depth traits and personality system
  • Regional renown system and factions
  • Pets and Companions
  • Expanded Tavern Features
  • Custom Tavern Editing
  • Rival Taverns
  • Tavern staffing
  • Expanded inventory management
  • Enhanced Tavern economy and business simulation
  • Drunken bar fights!

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Every great adventure begins in the Tavern, and Epic Tavern's great adventure begins on Early Access. We have developed a stable core gameplay experience that will be expanded upon with the help of our community's feedback. Entering Early Access, the game currently contains:

  • Character-based gameplay - Befriend heroes over drinks and learn their stories. Hire heroes based on their skills and personalities, and how they will further your Tavern's ambitions. The better you get to know your team, the more likely you are to unlock custom quests, powerful items, and hidden characters. Finally, carefully guide your adventurers' progression as they gain experience and develop into heroes whose deeds will be spoken of for generations to come.

  • Quest-based gameplay - Guide your heroes through perilous quests as they explore an epic storyline to save the world from destruction. With hundreds of possible quests and thousands of possible encounters tailored to your heroes, the potential for adventure is nearly limitless. Beware: questing takes its toll on your heroes, and their adventures will leave them bruised, battered, cursed, and otherwise changed. Be sure to build the right upgrades to get them back in shape for the next adventure.

  • Tavern-based gameplay - After your heroes return from questing, decide how to divvy up the loot they've gathered on their adventures and how to invest it. Do you generously lavish a large portion on your heroes to gain their favor, or do you keep the lion's share for your Tavern, in hopes of boosting its renown and increasing your power? Savvy decision-making will ensure success and secure your Tavern's place in history.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?


How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We plan on continuing our communication with our amazing community through our Kickstarter Updates, our Twitch streams, our Discord channel, social media channels, and our online forums.

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Recent updates View all (8)

22 November

Harvest Update, Autumn Sale, and Nominations!!

Hello, Taverneers! Everyone here on the Epic Tavern team is very excited to roll out Epic Tavern’s Harvest Update for y’all!! Also, if you get a chance, we'd love to be considered for the "Defies Description" Award in the Steam Awards. It'd be super sweet if y'all consider nominating us via the purple section on our store page. Click this pic to go there now!

The update includes a bunch of great new story content, some critical bug fixes for issues reported by our community, and the beginnings of what will be our team’s push for more player agency: Our goal is to give everyone the power to make more meaningful choices and decisions that will greatly impact the success of your Heroes and the future of your Tavern. We are having such a blast interacting with everyone through our Twitch stream as we develop and through our Discord-- thank you all for making Epic Tavern one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. Oh, before we forget! Take a minute to stop in and check out our Roadmap, so you can vote on what’s important to you and help influence the future of Epic Tavern. Without further ado, our Harvest Update details!


- New Quest Chain! The Dark Rift: An earthquake opens a rift beneath Beor Bay, unleashing strange new creatures, disrupting shipping lanes and sinking a transport ship bound for the capital. Join infamous pirate Tzarina Darkmane or beloved explorer Corinth Newbury in competing salvage missions to the edge of The Dark Rift!

- New Quest Chain! No Rest for the Wicked: In this follow-up to quest chains Still Life and The Curse of Blackheart Manor, the heroes are called back to the manor to help Rodrick access the sealed lighthouse at Blackheart Point and the old smuggling tunnels beneath. Explore the estate and solve the murder of Raven Stormswept for an epic loot cache.

- Enhanced Character Management:
- Introducing Character Stance Choices: Aggressive, Balanced, and Cautious.
- Stances are the beginning of a larger push toward more meaningful choices during questing.
- Improve messaging for negative and positive effects on your heroes
- Equipment UI and functionality fixes

- Improvements to the Beginning User Experience:
- Unlocking the Infirmary Quest Chain one turn earlier,
- Comb-through skill checks in the first 20 turns,
- Rewrite first 20 quests to make sure objectives in key stages are clear and in line with our best practices,
- Provided and tweaked early tooltips and pop-ups where applicable,
- Prologue dialogue improvements.

- Provided more clarity and balance to/for:
- The start of the turn,
- Spending AP (action points) and money in the Tavern,
- Increased AP cost for offering goods to patrons
- Stock amounts displayed correctly and match throughout UI
- Quest Sequence messaging and set up for player agency

- Building Long-Term Gameplay:
- Enhancing the Patron Spawn logic inside the Tavern (i.e., how many new patrons visit vs. previous visitors visit each turn)
- Ensuring all adventurers in the player’s roster come to the tavern every turn (unless they are out adventuring)

- Fix and clarify major UI contexts inside the Tavern:
- UI polish to menus and tooltips
- Fixes to buttons/tooltips and their functions/placements
- Font size adjustments across multiple tooltips/menus

- Lots more Bug Fixes!! See details below!

New Features in Detail

Feature Work:

- Converted broken Effects/Recovery tooltip to custom solution in line with Equipment and Goods tooltips (applied to roster list item, facilities roster list item, character sheet portrait, and character interaction portrait)
- Recovery indicator is now also a button that displays Facilities UI when clicked
- Added placeholder VFX for reputation and gold gain
- Added "Preparing" portrait indicator when adventurer is assigned to a quest
- Removed Base Income from all UI and game logic
- Patron Drunkenness now amplifies all relationship gains and losses (x1 for Sober, x2 for Tipsy, x4 for drunk, and in case it happens x0 for Passed out)
- Patron Spawning code has been reworked to ensure ALL of your current adventurers will show up in the Tavern as long as they are not Dead or Out Adventuring.
- The Wine Cellar now grants 1 additional Tap slot, plus an additional 1 for each upgrade
- Adventurers now have three Stances: Aggressive (Higher Skill Power, but raises Encounter Difficulty), Balanced (Standard Skill Power and Standard Encounter Difficulty), Cautious (Lower Skill Power, but lowered Encounter Difficulty)
- Simultaneous pending quests now execute sequentially rather than all at once
- Questecution list has been removed (visual history ribbon will be brought back in some form when there's time)
- Much larger party portraits with various elements redesigned/rearranged
- Portraits have Buff / Affliction indicators with tooltips, dynamically refreshed upon relevant events
- Portraits have Equipment icons with tooltips
- Empty party slots are now displayed rather than hidden
- Party slots are visually divided into front and back rows, in prep for further design
- Quest details and Play/Roll UI have been redesigned to utilize the right half of the screen, framing the map "window"
- Added fade transitions in between sequential quests
- Added Dark, Light, and Colorable variants of equipment Icons
- Clicking a menu item in the Turn pop-up (empty or occupied) now brings up the Tavern Management UI
- Added mouseover highlights to Turn menu list items
- Improved visibility of price slider scroll background on Turn menu list items
- Added tavern gold, money earned last turn, and current day/turn UI elements to Top-of-Turn pop-up
- Added current day/turn to top right of Questecution panel
- Parties traveling back home now display "Returning in Triumph" or "Returning in Defeat" according to Quest status
- Minor redesign of portrait to make weapon slots to more "flat", miscellaneous tweaks
- Added support for weapon icons of neutral color; integrated into questcution weapon slots
- You can now select which stance you want each hero to have following a skill roll stage
-Quest Chain: The Dark Rift. An earthquake opens a rift beneath Beor Bay, unleashing strange new creatures, disrupting shipping lanes and sinking a transport ship bound for the capital. Join infamous pirate Tzarina Darkmane or beloved explorer Corinth Newbury in competing salvage missions to the edge of The Dark Rift. Story spans 28 quests and 40+ encounter stages, with 5 Player Choices and many, many possible endings. 16 new artifacts, new tavern menu item, introduces new enemy race: Rift Elves, Multiple recurring characters introduced.
-Quest Chain: No Rest for the Wicked. In this follow-up to quest chains Still Life and The Curse of Blackheart Manor, the heroes are called back to the manor to help Rodrick access the sealed lighthouse at Blackheart Point and the old smuggling tunnels beneath. Explore the estate and solve the murder of Raven Stormswept for an epic loot cache. Story spans 9 quests and 25 encounter stages, five powerful new artifacts to be found.
-Quest Rewrite: Stomp now plays out differently on second attempt
-Quest Rewrite: Pick Your Poison now plays out differently on second attempt
-Quest Rewrite: Back for Seconds now plays out differently on second attempt
-Quest Rewrite: Thatch What I Call Roofing modified to clarify reward
-Quest Rewrite: Re-Animator modified so briefing reflects success/failure of I Smell a Rat
-Quest Rewrite: Sending a Message modified so briefing reflects success/failure of I Smell a Rat
- UI polish pass on Stance buttons
- Questeuction panel portrait initial state is set to empty (temp bandaid for questecution scene loading ugliness)
- Made tooltip text size static rather than best fit to avoid occasional weird tiny text
- Improved brightness of green party contribution buff highlight color
- Interactivity of menu list items in the Management screen and Turn pop-up are improved with larger slider hover zone, hover-highlight distinction between the slider and main body, and tooltip tweaks

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed "Out Questing" portrait indicator showing up when it shouldn't
- Ripped out legacy effects tooltip elements
- Level-up button no longer displays on characters who are out adventuring
- Level-up button no longer appears on portraits during quest completion pop-up
- Fixed: GV Pop up clipping off screen on smaller resolutions
- Patrons no longer warp to their seats after picking up a drink
- Drunken effects have had their shader corrected and now display in color instead of the borked texture magenta
- Drunken effects have been lowered to a more reasonable height above the character's head, making it easier to tell which adventurer is feeling sauced
- The Infirmary will now be retroactively unlocked for anyone who completed the required quest before the unlock functionality was implemented.
- Updated Goods Icons to uniform 1:1 aspect ratio
- Removed sub-tabs from tavern management panel
- Converted context header to TMPro, improved formatting and positioning
- Added mouse wheel scroll passthrough to Turn menu list items so they'll scroll (prepared for more menu items later)
- Removed redundant "in stock" suffix on menu list item
- Fixed some race conditions related to tooltip initialization
-Rewrote prologue to reflect Thorgrin starting game in bathhouse
-Rewrote one-off quest A Colorful Story, turning it into a chain that tests hero-assignment formatting
- New Turns do not reset correctly if there is an adventurer in the Infirmary
- Skill gains trigger the appropriate callouts during questecution (avatar icon and quest log indicator)
-[ET-703] Goods offer changes from 2 AP to 3 AP
-Goods stock amounts now display more sane values and match throughout UI
- Toggle Button for Free cam in Settings menu no longer wigs out and jumps out of it's box when clicked
- Prologue dialog fix
- Effects tooltip pivot changed so panel expands upward only (prevents tooltip flicker on multi-effect display)
- ET-1058: Game breaks when sending a party of two on quest and one dies
- Patron spawning readjusted to correctly fill extra space with half returning Template characters and half returning Proc Characters
- Resolved ET-1057: divvy loot display initializes and resets to full amount instead of party count divide
- Equipment tooltips in Questecution properly display to the lower right of the mouse
- Fixed unlock conditions on multiple quests
- Quest Completed pop-up: clicking the XP bar no longer calls level-up
- Fix for ET-870 Character: Skill points are not showing in character UI (skill focus badges)
- Expansion purchase button: Replaced Arial font with Shocard
- Dark Rift quest chain fixes and Paralysis now addressed by infirmary and "Proove" spelling fixed.
- Removed Focus button from death pop-up, additional minor cosmetic tweaks
- Resolution safe Equipment and Effects tooltips mean you can see what’s up, regardless what rez you run
- Quest fixes
- Quest data fixes
- Data Fixes
- Quest unlocks moved to proper places.
- New Turns do not reset correctly if there is an adventurer in the Infirmary
- Skill gains trigger the appropriate callouts during questecution (avatar icon and quest log indicator)

Wow, you read this far? Impressive. We are thankful for your determination :D

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8 November

Epic Tavern - November Dev Update #1 - Catching Up With Memige!

Hello to our wonderful community! We are smack dab in the middle of working on our November update and we wanted to catch you up with all that's happening over here at Hyperkinetic. In particular, we wanted to catch up with Memige, Hyperkinetic's Tech Director and Epic Tavern's programming lead.

Let's try an experiment and do this Q&A style!

Richie: Hey, Memige! What are you the most excited to be working on in our November update?

Memige: The two most interesting things for me are that we are adding in the ability for encounters to reward specific skill points. The randomization of the encounters that characters go on will impact the way that those characters' skillsets will grow.

Additionally, we are taking a first pass at implementing stances for characters on the quests. This will give you some choice in how the characters tackle the challenges with which they are presented.

Richie: So, it looks like we are laying the groundwork for giving the players more choice during questing. Is that a fair assumption? What can we expect in the future?

Memige: Well, we have gotten a lot of feedback from the community about interacting with the adventurers when they are out questing, and because we are serious about the Early Access process, we are committed to exploring ways to make that happen. We are not settled on ways to do that, yet, but we wanted to try things out and make it easier to expand upon what is already there.

Richie: What about choose your own adventure-style choices during quests?

Memige: This is definitely something that is being actively addressed in design discussions. There are some pretty significant ramifications to the way we process the data that need to be adjusted to handle meaningful interactions from the player, so I am spending time talking with Shawn [ET's Lead Writer], Tomo [ET's Creative Director], and Eric [ET's Lead Designer] about the best way to handle these adjustments. Some of the structural underpinnings of this will be going into the November update, but the first significant per-encounter interaction will probably land in January... I hope.

Richie: Well, I personally am looking forward to how that develops and probably making all the wrong choices so my party dies, like usual. So, what are you looking forward to, in future updates?

Memige: Shit... Tavern editing?! *laughs* Tavern editing is really high on my list, in terms of desire. There is a lot of design work that needs to go into it to ensure that it ties into all the current systems of the game and highlights the strengths of Epic Tavern, so it probably will not be a "soon" feature. But man, I'm looking forward to it.

Richie: Anything else that might be coming sooner?

Memige: In terms of what's on the short list for the next couple of updates, we have a bit of an overhaul to the loot system, to give you more rewards that are directly useful to your heroes. I think that'll be interesting, because it'll give the player a more active interest in the specific results of stages. It gives them better feedback on how effective their party selection was. And, to be honest, with the UI overhaul that will come with it, it will make the process of gaining loot a much more exciting event.

Richie: Awesome, thanks for the info! Anything else you want to say to our community before you stop being lazy and get the hell back to work?

Memige: It's an exciting time, right now. There is a lot of good feedback coming in, a lot of constructive criticism. Thankfully, we are in a position to leverage all that to make Epic Tavern a much better game. Thank you to all of our community members for your active participation in our Early Access!!
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About This Game

One of "The Best New Steam Games You Might Have Missed This Week"
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"A cross between The Sims and a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons"
- Geek & Sundry

Epic Tavern is a fantasy-management-RPG where you rule the land from your Tavern. Recruit heroes, send them on quests, and reap the rewards! Build a legendary Tavern to attract Heroes from every corner of a dangerous and magical world. By bringing together courageous parties and sending them off on dangerous (and oftentimes crazy) adventures, every decision you make will alter the destiny of your Epic Tavern!

Player Choice: In Epic Tavern, every quest choice made and every adventurer befriended could unlock new quests, new alliances, or access to characters, items, and tavern building opportunities. The experience grows as you play - your choices will directly steer the fate of your intrepid adventurers!

The Tavernmaster: You and your tavern are at the center of a world full of danger, intrigue and unlimited adventure. Your every choice determines the future of your establishment, bringing heroes and stories together in fellowships that will become the stuff of legend. This is where friendships are made, and where great adventures are started. In Epic Tavern, you build the destiny of your world, one drink at a time.

The Adventurers: A multitude of characters drawn from 20+ classes and walks of life will visit your tavern. Mages, warriors, assassins, and more will be at your disposal! Befriend them over drinks and learn their secrets. Between quests, take their experience, level them up, and influence the nature of their destiny.

The World: You will send your new friends on quests to explore the land of Beor. These quests unfold into an epic storyline unique to your playthrough. Epic Tavern pushes the limits of a player-centric narrative and creates a brand new model of the classic RPG experience. The impact of your choices will inexorably change your adventurers and the World itself!

Attract Adventurers: Build a legendary Tavern that draws the greatest heroes in the world. Befriend your patrons by loosening them up with frothy pints and hire the Adventurers whose traits you desire.

Unlock Quests: Perk up your ears and listen for whispers and rumors to find the opportunities you'd like your Adventurers to pursue.

Assemble your Party: Choose your heroes based on their skills and strengths. Equip them with special weapons and relics, and then send them off to claim victory in their quests.

Track their Progress: Follow your party on the map and see in detail how the quest is unfolding. Each encounter could yield treasure and XP, or tragedy and defeat.

Sort Out the Results: Use what is earned to boost your Tavern's renown, level-up your victorious Heroes, and prepare for ever more treacherous quests.

Not All Challenges are Overcome: Expect to meet failures on your path to glory. Whether or not a quest ends in victory, expect your adventurers to change! Every triumph and every sorrow weave the fabric of your world's unique destiny.

The Path of Transformation: Quests will lead to important changes in your characters. What if your decision to send a fatigued and injured character on a quest leads to critical failure that results in a Total Party Kill? It’s not just a matter of who you send, but also of what happens to them on their travels.

Grand adventure awaits in the world of Epic Tavern!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: I3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 710 / GeForce 620m
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: I7
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 980
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
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