The most popular vehicle mechanic simulator in the world got a second life in the new Steam version! Build cars, tune them, crash, repair and race against other racers!
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Data di rilascio: 7 mag 2016

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Acquista Street Legal Racing: Redline v2.3.1


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13 agosto

Build 929

This build changes the look of Valo City.

- Fixed incorrect boost calculation for V6 and V10 turbochargers

- MCA Kurumma Z35C and MCA Stallion 3.5 Turbo have incorrect left exhaust header on their stock engines

- Duhen SunStrip 1.8DVC could appear with an incompletely built engine

- V6 bi-turbocharger was overpriced

- Increased the size of invisible collider on ROC track

- ROC prize dialog could display incorrect information about prize vehicle

- Fixed bug when moved parts were reverting their positions after repair

- Completely new, high-detailed traffic and police cars (many thanks to mihon for them!)

- New light stamps, trash bins, traffic light meshes (by mihon)

- Light posts cast shadows and can be demolished now (once again, thanks to mihon!)

- New high-resolution road, pavement and grass textures

- Car could begin randomly moving sideways in the garage

- Tail lights don't cast light rays in daytime anymore

We have modified a lot of files, so if your game crashes after this update, please, uninstall the game, delete all game files, install it again and start new career. Framerate may drop down, because the details of traffic, light posts, trees and some other objects was increased, we will strive to improve performance in future builds. Thank you for your great patience!
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1 agosto

Build 928

Build 928 is here.

- Fixed System.NullReferenceException that may appear after launch of workshop installer

- Improved performance in fullscreen mode

- Minor sound fixes in garage, paint booth and catalog

- Finished performance systems for inline-6 engine

- Added turbo exhaust pipe for Baiern CoupeSport/DevilSport

- Added turbo exhaust pipe for Emer Nonus

- Fixed incorrect error messages for V12 turbochargers

- Fixed incorrect model identifiers for all stock cars

- Improved turbocharger efficiency calculation

- Ishima WRZ turbocharger has an adjustable wastegate, while the description says it has not

- Extended engine bay size of Emer Nonus Street GT/MotorSport GT2 chassis

- Added Baiern Devils 6SFi 3.6 turbocharged and twin-turbocharged engine kits

- Car is now driveable in the garage

- Trunk and doors of Emer Nonus Street GT/MotorSport GT2 were getting too far from chassis when opening

- Added moveable parts interface, allows to adjust position and rotation of selected part

- Yotta stock models are now equipped with turbochargers

- Fixed incorrect stock engine parts for all cars

- Fixed incorrect description of Duhen Ninja TurboHatch chassis

- Ishima IshiBox 2.0 engine could be supplied with an incorrect Baiern Kraftwerk 2.5 flywheel

- Shimutshibu ST9 Fusion chassis has a wrong description

- Fixed wrong muffler position of Shimutshibu ST9 stock exhaust pipe

- Added turbo exhaust pipe for Shimutshibu ST9

- Einvagen Codrac custom front bumper has a wrong texture producing dark spots on the top

- Einvagen supercharged engine could start without supercharger drive belt and supercharger air out pipe

- Fixed dangerous errors in Einvagen PerPro GTA engine scripts

- Removed incorrect title "Baiern Kraftwerk 2.5" from inline-4 fuel rail

- Mouse cursor was not changing when dragging parts in tuning mode

- Modern rear wing doesn't really fit Prime DLH700, so now this model appears without it

- Hood and doors of Prime DLH were getting too far from chassis when opening

- Added texture mapping and paintability to Prime DLH700 mirrors

- Fixed incorrect click shape and position of V10 bi-turbocharger air out pipe

- Fixed camera update bug in video options

- Added the new launch option, so you can run Workshop Installer right from Steam shortcut now


- If your game keeps crashing after this update, uninstall it, delete ALL files in game folder, install it from Steam again and start new career

- "Buyer's remorse" and some other mods may not work after this update, too many files have been modified

- Multiplayer is not available yet, we're still testing our central servers and strive to make a better final product. Thank you for your patience

- Loading screens could disappear a bit weird, we have changed their behavior to save the game from freezing. This will be improved in the future

- Multiple turbos may give incorrect boost, it's a bug and we're working to make a fix

- If cars are accelerating too fast on your computer, you may try running beta build (second option if running the game from Steam shortcut)

Thanks to everyone who keeps supporting this amazing game! We work very hard to make it better.
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Edizione speciale

Many thanks to the entire Street Legal community for voting for this game in Steam Greenlight!

Informazioni sul gioco

Street Legal Racing: Redline is a legend, it's the world's most popular vehicle mechanic simulator with night drag races and on-track racing events. We have improved the original game by adding a lot of new features and fixing old bugs.


What's new:

  • 16 cars from Street Legal 1 with all models, correct prices, descriptions, etc.
  • 17 new high-quality maps, including drag strip with working traffic light
  • 7 new gamemodes, including Drifting, Circuit racing and Drag racing
  • Pedals for automatic, semi-automatic and manual transmission
  • Swaybars
  • DTM modifications of Nonus, Baiern and Einvagen
  • DTM V8 engine
  • Shimutshibu Focer WRC bodykit
  • Fixed baiern custom headlights and little fixes to chassis
  • Paintable stock rims
  • Unlocked hidden suspension scripts
  • Bugfixes for 2.2.1 and 2.3.0LE
  • Tyre texture replacement
  • New rear wings
  • Side exhaust for Prime DLH
  • New mufflers
  • Improved F3 camera for all stock cars
  • Skydome animation
  • Gullwing doors for SuperDuty
  • 900km/h speed limit
  • Completely new high-quality animated graphic interface, a lot of fixes and improvements to old interface code
  • Russian language support
  • Debug features (stop EXE, on-screen debug, print to log)
  • THOR: little addon for asynchronous code execution
  • New type of GPS map with automatic route generator
  • Entirely new main menu
  • Extended freeride mode: now you can select the map
  • Add-on gamemodes and maps support
  • Extended career mode with over 60 racing events
  • Camera animations on race start
  • Both manual and automatic savegame support
  • New unlockable cheats (fillmygarage, testme, reddevil)
  • Completely new credits menu
  • Hall of fame: my personal memorial in the game in honor of the legendary members of Street Legal community
  • New soundtrack, including unreleased tracks of Hotel Sinus
  • Paint booth as a dedicated game area
  • Paintcans with selectable RGB/HSL color and capacity
  • No more vehicle information in Joe's dealership
  • New trade-in dealership
  • Three ROC prize cars
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual transmissions as separated parts
  • Differential as a separated part
  • Additional MC hood
  • New model of Prime car: DLH750
  • Prime DLH500 is not a special car anymore and become available for purchase
  • Police versions of playable cars in Hot Pursuit gamemode
  • Particle systems for tarmac, sand, gravel and grass
  • New ground detector code: now the game can tell you if you're driving off the asphalt area
  • Added code for checking RPM in the java
  • Added code for controlling vehicle programmatically from java
  • Built-in debug tools for placing environment sounds, camera animation points, OSD calibration, etc.
  • Completely new OSD for all stock cars
  • New default OSD
  • New game fonts
  • New cursors
  • New high-quality game icon and new logo
  • Ability to get into the car in dealerships
  • Vehicle class detection
  • Ghost driver feature
  • Ability to talk to police
  • High-resolution skydome textures
  • Animated OSD message boxes
  • Built-in automatic RDB builders to help modders
  • Flappable parts can be opened by click in dealerships
  • Tons of improvements in original game code
  • New decals and logos
  • Automatic save is more frequent
  • All screenshots now saved to JPG (has bugs when working in fullscreen mode)

Special thanks to:

  • MiNTACiD
  • A-Crow
  • Sannex
  • FrIEnDKiLLeR
  • Razeil
  • Jim
  • Invictus
  • SnakeR
  • Akvalang
  • KOcccTya
  • user12
  • Draeghonov
  • JAG
  • 123sw
  • karpej
  • JOZ
  • CjYoung
  • Green2989

Huge thanks to the great guy RASTA-BEAT! Dude, you're the best!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP SP3
    • Processore: Intel Core 2 Quad 2GHz+
    • Memoria: 512 MB di RAM
    • Scheda video: GeForce 9800
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0c
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 3000 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 10
    • Processore: Intel Core i7 2.6GHz, quad-core
    • Memoria: 2048 MB di RAM
    • Scheda video: GeForce GTX760
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0c
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 3000 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: SSD drive is higly recommended for the best performance
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