Tokyo Warfare es el juego de tanques arcade definitivo en el que puedes pilotar tanques modernos o de la segunda guerra mundial a través de localizaciones reales de Japón o los mapas extra como desiertos, parajes helados, arenas futuristas o zonas industriales de ambiente fantástico.
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29 JUL 2016

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28 julio


Woah, 12 months since the release!! The ones aboard since 0day will remember how harsh the landing on steam was. During a week or two saw the sun rise all every day :D

As you may remember the performance in sales of V1.5 was going to define if the project's future. I gave it all with 1.5 and IMO the game made a big step ahead. The Summer Sale was not bad but I burnt a pile of cash in adds so return is going to end up being quite minimal, yet, the sales since 1.5 are taking off and is not just the summer sale but afterwards, theese are bringing a bunch of players every day.

Still, if you put together all the returns it would be better for me to go flip some burgers to some random greasy restaurant but I'm commited to extend Tokyo Warfare to the max, even more now with sales on the rise. To get you ppl an idea with how much sales pumped latelly pretty much a third of sales have been made on the last month, this is a clear signal that I must keep working hard or even harder.

T.W is my first game, I left an civil engineering career for this, I've learned A LOT in not much time, now I feel much more skilled to face the challenges ahead and as I did till today will give it all to keep the game amusing.

I want to specially thank all the people that has worked close to the project, creating art and assets and to all of you who have supported it spreading the word or by grabbing a copy. THAAAANKS!

-MAPS New bonus map based on German countryside.
-FIXES JP audio voices when damaging enemy unit where flawed (since 1.51)

Notes. The new bonus map is ALMOST finished, lacking some polishing on terrains and navigation meshes. Spect some occasional crazy behaviour due to this but overall it runs great. I've decided to release because I NEED a summer break asI feel I've not had a one since reléase, so better you can enjoy it already tan wait longer.

This is first time to feature traffic, hope you like the feature, if so I'll extend it with new vehicles and FX.
EDIT: Forgot to mention that you may whant to dissable anime lighting on the new map as some minor artifacts could appear.
EDIT2:SSAO darkens a bit too much parts of the new map, this is probably due to some ground textures missing normal map, you may consider dissabling it for now on that map.

Awesome stuff ahead such as missiles, skins editor, new servers with extra online performance, Akihabara map.... things... and much moar.

I know new Japaneese maps are takin long, but this is for a good reason. Will write about this on the fórums.

As allways, if you like the game, please recommend on Steam :D

Stay tuned and see you in the battlefield!!


T.W Dev
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19 julio

V1.51 Glow me baby

World keeps rolling tankers!

-GRAPHICS New [VERY FAST] Glow/tracers
-AUDIO English crew voices for US & UK
-AUDIO English ambient radio chatter
-PERFORMANCE Osaka & Terminal should perform better
-ONLINE New desert map added to the online maps pool

Well, finally the game gets a very high performant glow effect for bullets. The deprecated glow approach was very cool but a crime in terms of resource needs. This new approach is as cool as previous but comes at a fraction of computing cost and is scene complexity independent.
Some Oi-Terminal map destruction scripts were sucking resources like a black hole. Theese have been swaped by less demanding ones and CPU load is reduced about 15-20% , Osaka map should also benefit but not that much.

-PanzerII had biased main gun. Tx for reporting.
-Controls mapping getting blurred in low settings
-Some MBT drive enhanced for higher maneuverability
-Entry level tanks do not get cannon & turret damage so easily. Sorry for the frustration caused by this!! :D

HE is default round now

Enjoy this update and see u in the battlefield !!

A short clip featuring the main stuff

pd: will add the tank unlock map/chart soon as I could not fit it for this release.

Winter Carrot has translated tutorial to Russian!. Will soon be added to the game.
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Acerca de este juego

Tokyo Warfare es el juego de tanques arcade definitivo en el que puedes pilotar tanques modernos o de la segunda guerra mundial así como APCs y Vehículos antiaéreos modernos.


Lidera tu bestia de acero a través de localizaciones reales de Japón o surca las localizaciones extra como desiertos, parajes helados, arenas futuristas o zonas industriales de ambiente fantástico.

Elije tu facción favorita entre las cinco disponibles y desbloquea los tanques a medida que subes de rango luchando contra bots IA u otros jugadores en el modo online. Además, desde la versión 1.5 puedes jugar en coperativo!.

Utiliza las opciones gráficas pre establecidas para de forma rápida cambiar el estilo visual entre los modos Clásico, HD, Manga, I-tron y Recreativa de los 90. Puedes
ajustar aún más las visuales activando filtros adicionales o seleccionando entre explosiones realistas o de estilo anime, entre otros.

Si bien Tokyo Warfare es un juego completado, está en constante desarrollo siguiendo una hoja de ruta consistente a la que se añaden contenidos que los usuarios proponen.

Lo único que le falta al juego eres tu!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: W7
    • Procesador: i5 6500
    • Gráficos: GTX 560
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Almacenamiento: 3000 MB de espacio disponible
    • SO: W7
    • Gráficos: GTX 750
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Notas adicionales: Oculus DK2 or CV1, Superwide monitor supported. for VR: high end CPU & GTX 9XX series

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