A 3rd person arena shooter with zero gravity
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Nov 3, 2016

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Early Access Game

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“I initially put Zero G Arena in Early Access to determine whether or not the core concept would be well liked enough to justify continuing development. At this point, I can say it has been, so will continue developing the game to completion (whatever that might be).
The plan going forward, as before, will be to continue to work with players to produce the best possible game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The ultimate scope of the game is currently undetermined, so that's impossible to say yet.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

  • There should be a number of new maps and perhaps game modes.
  • There will probably be new weapons.
  • One feature I'd very much like to add is AI for offline mode. This could be extremely time consuming though, so it may have to be dropped depending on when I decide to aim for for the full release. If this is something you'd particularly like to see added, let me know and I'll take that into account.
  • The graphics have already undergone improvements, and should improve more before release.
  • There should be a wider range of achievements, and unlockable cosmetics.

That being said, I'd like to reiterate that it's impossible to guarantee any of these for certain, so the game is priced based on it's current state, and that's mainly what you should consider when deciding whether to buy it or not.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is now starting to resemble a finished product, in my opinion. There are undoubtedly going to be undiscovered bugs, and new bugs tend to appear as I add features. It's also a little light on features and content in general at the moment. For a reasonably comprehensive description of the game's current state, see the feature list below.
All that being said, I know many people find the game very fun in it's current state.

Current features:
  • Online multiplayer with either dedicated, or listen (player hosted) servers. At present, there is only one official dedicated server, but I will add more as the need arises.
  • Pretty basic matchmaking. Servers are listed with some basic info about that server. Listen server hosts can set the player limit, optionally set a password, and control the game type and map for their server. Dedicated servers use a voting system for map changes.
  • A system of unlockable cosmetics, which are unlocked by Steam achievements, but otherwise free.
  • Support for LAN games
  • 5 game modes
  • 8 official maps (note that as of me writing this, not all of these maps have been affected by the art overhaul, so some may look pretty awful)
  • An ever growing number of community-made maps.
  • 6 weapons (5 weapons per map)
  • Up to 12 players per game (but this many players is not recommend for most maps. Dedicated servers currently set the limit as 8)
  • Editable controls
  • A simple tutorial and text manual
  • A simple in-game chat system
  • Graphics, audio, reticle and mouse settings

Known issues:
  • Possible freezing issues with certain AMD graphics drivers. Characterized by the game freezing repeatedly (accompanied by the audio messing up). I currently strongly suspect that this is an issue with the drivers rather than the game, but I advise you contact me on the forums if you encounter this issue, and don't play the game for more than two hours, so you can get a refund if it cannot be worked around.
  • Probably the most commonly occurring issue at the moment is that one of the avatar's feet can get stuck in the floor when jumping, or even get stuck in a wall when impacting at high speeds.
  • I've personally encountered a very serious issue on one occasion where, when hosting a game, most of the players abilities completely stopped working. This seems to be extremely rare though, as I've had no other reports of it.
  • The game may crash occasionally, although I'm hoping most if not all crashes should be fixed now, I can't be sure there aren't still some highly intermittent ones left, or that more won't be introduced.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The plan is to increase the price gradually, in accordance with the game's current state, over the course of Early Access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I've made a point of being highly responsive to community feedback and suggestions so far, and many player's suggestions have made it into the game. Feedback on balance or existing features is extremely welcome, and suggestions for new features are still welcome, but I'm currently hoping to make the final launch next year, so at this point I'm very hesitant to add any more major features to my todo list, and therefore most feature suggestions are unlikely to make it into the game from now on. I'll definitely still listen to any suggestions though!”
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December 3

Update 39 (Dedicated server(s), achievements, cosmetic options e.t.c)

I think this update takes the honor of being the most troublesome one to get done so far, having taken literally months now (whereas previous updates were generally in the order of weeks).

A lot of the features here are mainly for the purpose of encouraging a more active playerbase, so hopefully you can find a match more often. Needless to say, this will be an ongoing effort.

As usual with complex new features, you can expect issues, particularly with the dedicated servers. If there are no servers in the dedicated server browser, it's probably crashed or something, so just let me know on the forums (I haven't set them up to automatically restart yet, although I believe this is possible [yes, I know, ideally they won't crash in the first place]). Also, there may be an issue where dedicated servers stop sending data properly after being up for the best part of a week. Not sure on this, but will be characterized by just about everything but your local control of your avatar not working.

You can expect less frequent but larger updates from now on, as there's going to be increasing overhead per update in updating dedicated servers.
Hopefully future updates will go smoother than this one though, as that really was an insufferable faff.

Lastly, if you've been helping me to test the update prior to release, thanks again for the help, and don't forget to opt back into the main branch before trying to play online.


  • There's a new map from Max Graw (Ex3mx) called “Mine”, which he finished not long after the last update, so needless to say it's about time it made it into the main game. As usual, Max's latest map has a very distinct and focused visual style, so I think you'll be able to see why I hired him to make some assets for the main game (in this update: an array of helmets).

  • Dedicated server(s). I've parenthesized the “s” there, because I've currently just set up one dedicated server, although it will be easy to set more up as the need arises. If the server's always full (we can hope), just let me know and I can set up another. I've found a very affordable hosting package, so I can set up a few more without money being much of an issue. The first dedicated server is located in New York City, so good news if you live in that neck of the woods: you should get a low ping. When I set up more, I'll try and get some in different parts of the world.
  • Achievements. Currently there are 27 achievements, relating to kills, kills with specific weapons, and also speed. I intend to add more and more interesting achievements in future. Note that all the current achievements are only unlockable when playing on official dedicated servers. Thanks to Deika, who made the background floor-panel-inspired image you can see in the achievement icons of the final achievement in each category. He also made the whole achievement icon for the final ERC_479 achievement (but perhaps more significantly, some of you may remember he made the model for the ERC in the first place).
  • The first elements of a cosmetics system (see also: “art” section). Cosmetics are unlocked by achievements, but are otherwise free. Obviously having a good system for cosmetics has plenty of advantages of it's own (player identification, e.t.c) but my intention in locking cosmetic options to achievements is mainly to provide some long term objectives to the game, as well as encouraging people to play on the new dedicated server(s) more often (hopefully keeping the playerbase more active) and, of course, to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different cosmetics.
    Note that the current cosmetics may change the achievement they're associated with over the next few updates, as there may be more appropriate combinations once more achievements/cosmetics are added.
    Anyway, I'm intending to add all kinds of other cosmetic options in future, perhaps including shoes, textures, armor e.t.c. Will have to think more about what will be most practical though.
  • Increased delay after match before map vote to 10 seconds from 5
  • Increased map voting time to 30 seconds from 15
  • It appears that turning the “value” slider for your armor colour up to max or near max now causes your armor to glow. I do not remember intentionally causing this behavior but I'm going to declare it a feature.

  • Replaced the pillars in Core with the new model made by Max Graw.

  • The main menu has a very different look, and a few functional changes too:
    • The background is now a 3d scene, featuring your avatar
    • The character edit menu now appears over the same scene, instead of moving to a new level
    • The graphics menu is now translucent, and takes up less space so that you can see the effects of graphics changes from the main menu. It also has an FPS monitor, so that you can make an informed decision on graphics settings from the main menu.
  • I've replaced most of the buttons with a simple one that echos the wall panel design. Will probably work more on this in future.
  • Removed LAN mode tickbox from server list menu. It doesn't work and I forgot to remove it earlier. Joining LAN games is handled though the LAN menu, by entering the host's local IP.
  • Various visual changes to in-game menu.

  • Avatar cosmetic options:
    • As the first example of avatar cosmetics, there are a range of helmet options with this update, one of which was made by me (“Octangle”), but all of the others were made by Max Graw. Although he's still learning 3d modeling (very quickly, I might add), I much prefer his designs, so intend to commission more models from him in the near future. Stay tuned for more cosmetic options in future updates.
  • Team colours now glow, since team identification was becoming a major issue for some of the darker maps, particularly inside a KOTH zone too. I was going to add something fancier to the suit, but for now I've just made the coloured sections glow.

  • There's now a sound effect for the slide animation, once again made by Deika. I've wired it up so the volume and pitch scale with speed, and I think it's sounding pretty much exactly how you'd expect a slide to.

Here are some of the brand new bugs I've been working on (unfortunately I did not have time to fix these and get the update out this weekend, but they are minor enough that I felt inclined not to delay the update any further):
  • When first joining a game, all the other players will share your appearance until a new match starts or they die and respawn.
  • Sometimes , on joining a game, all of your cosmetic options fail to load and the avatar appears completely black with the default helmet. This always rights itself after you die and respawn.
  • Sometimes, after a match change, the countdown timer to match start isn't initially set to the correct time on your screen, so goes into negatives before the match begins.

  • I've hidden the server host's control panel for auto managed servers, since it didn't do anything.
  • The SMG stopped firing when it ran out of ammo, but the sound and muzzle effects continued playing as long as you held the mouse down. This is fixed now. Well spotted by DarkGuy1001.
  • Fixed despawned weapon pickups remaining despawned on the match starting (previously, if they were despawned when the match started, the respawn timer wouldn't reset, which is not ideal behavior).
  • Fixed issue where FOV reset to default on map change
  • It's questionable whether or not this was a bug or not, but several people have observed in the past that your health sometimes shows as 0, but you continue living. I'm pretty sure this is just because health can be fractional but it's rounded down for the HUD, so was probably just <0.5 when it appeared as 0. In any case, I've made it show as 1 for values between 0 and 0.5 now, so it'll only be <=0 when you are dead.
  • Fixed pickups being invisible for clients when first joining match, or being invisible all the time, but I think the latter may have been introduced since the last update anyway.

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October 25

Still working on ZGA (if there was any doubt), should be an update shortly

I've just realised how long it's been since the last update, so I thought I'd better let people know I am still working on it (see below for details on what), as it caused some concern last time there was a long gap between updates.

I'm likely to be releasing less frequent (and larger) updates from now on, so if you want to stay more up to date on ZGA's development, I regularly post my progress towards the next update on twitter:

Or if you're a facebook user instead, there's also a Zero G Arena facebook page:

As well as reports on progress towards the next update, I often post work in progress for feedback, or gauge opinion on possible features, so social media is a good way to have more influence on ZGA's development too.

At the moment, I post a lot less regularly on facebook than twitter, as the facebook page has very few followers, but I'll try to post more regularly if it gets a few more.

Anyway, as you'd expect, the next update is going to be quite a large one, the biggest feature of which will be dedicated servers. This has been the main cause for delay since, as well as proving to be extremely unstraightforward to get working, I also had quite a lengthy wait while Valve had to enable something required for Steam dedicated servers. Naturally, I started work on some other things during this wait, including achievements, which is why you may see some hidden achievements in the steam library now. These won't be unlockable until I release the update though.

I've finally got a dedicated server working, so it shouldn't be long until the next update now. I'm going to aim for this weekend, but don't count on that just yet.
Currently, I'm just trying to finish off all the other features I've been working on, such as the aforementioned achievements (also proving not entirely straightforward [not entirely to my surprise]). I may just release the update with only some of the new stuff, and release another update shortly afterwards.

Anyway, I imagine the playerbase has dropped off to just about nothing by now, but rectifying that is my current number one priority. The dedicated servers are part of my plan to get people playing more regularly, and I'm also planning to participate in some upcoming Steam sales (and perhaps even do some external advertising), which should hopefully bring some new players in. The achievements are also part of my plan to get more people playing, as I intend to make them only unlockable from official servers. Hopefully that should provide more long term focus, which can otherwise be lacking from an online-only game. I'm also working on cosmetics that will be unlockable by achievements, which should add more of an incentive to work towards them.

Anyway, hopefully that's removed any immediate fears for the game, as I know it causes some concern when there are no updates for a long time (I think this may be the longest yet).
For the record, in the highly unlikely event that I had to stop work on the game, I would definitely let you all know why, but I absolutely intend to finish it as it stands. I'm always contactable on the forums or on social media anyway, if you're wondering what's going on.

Kind Regards,
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About This Game

Zero G Arena is an online multiplayer, 3rd person arena shooter, with zero gravity. Players have magnetic shoes that can be turned on or off to switch between running on magnetic surfaces and floating. Players also have a grapple beam, which can be used for swinging or pulling towards objects or surfaces, as well as a wall jump, which can be used to kick off from surfaces while floating.

The mechanics can be used in combination for a practically unlimited range of manoeuvres. The zero gravity mechanic is supported by ragdoll physics, so that the in-game avatars react convincingly to forces and the environment.

The aforementioned magnetic surfaces can be at different angles to each other, allowing for interesting situations such as where your wall is another player's floor.

The game is still at a fairly early stage of development. I recommend reading the Early Access section above for more information on it's current state before purchasing.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 or later (64 bit only)
    • Processor: i3-2120
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD6670
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum download speed of 0.35Mb/s and upload of 0.075Mb/s is required
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
    • Processor: 2.9Ghz intel core i7
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon R9 M380
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mac must be from mid-2012 or later. You will probably be alright with less powerful macs, just perhaps for matches with fewer players.
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