EmergeNYC is a genre-bending simulation of New York City's Emergency Services. Drive over 30 different firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances alone, or with up to 32 of your friends through busy New York City Streets with blazing sirens and air horns.
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Release Date: Nov 3, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“FlipSwitch Games is a start up indie-development company. At the moment we have no sources of external funding and all of the funding up to now has been from our supporters who have purchased early access or donated to the project. We have come to Steam to publish our early access as we believe that it is the best move on our part and the best next step to get our project out there.

Information about purchasing early access passes:

Early access is much more than purchasing the final game or ‘preordering’. With early access you are purchasing the right to use EmergeNYC before its final release date (which can be found here). Early access pass holders are automatically granted full access to the final EmergeNYC game upon its release. Full access is given to you, the customer as a gift from Flipswitch Games in order to show our gratitude for supporting us during our development. It is important to note that when purchasing early access you are not purchasing the game, rather you are purchasing an early access pass. The game is in its earliest stages of early access meaning many key features and aspects of the game are missing or incomplete so please keep this in mind before purchasing.

Again, you are not purchasing or ‘preordering’ the EmergeNYC game. You are solely purchasing the right to access the latest development build (and additional features based on your level). All other ‘features’ are guaranteed gifts to you, from flipswitch games as a token of our gratitude for your support during our development. These “gifts” will be furnished as soon as they become available.
Please note: We are consistently and constantly updating our development build. We fix bugs in every patch. There is no guarantee that every single patch will work on your computer every single time. Support is offered in a very limited capacity, and the software is provided as-is with no warranty or guarantee. Bugs may present themselves at any point during the development process and unfortunately will be passed onto end users. However, we will always go out of our way to satisfy all of our customers whether this means refunds, individual product support, etc.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Our plan is to be in Early Access for another year or so until we have a solid game that is worth calling finished. This may change in case there are major features that we want to add, or funding that we may come across that will boost EmergeNYC's development. We believe that a game should always be updated with new and additional features and that is our plan.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The future updates to the game and early access will feature many additional aspects to gameplay:

A much larger and fully explorable open world based on Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Respond to dozens of different crimes and emergencies ranging from injured pedestrians, to a building on fire. You will never be too sure whats going on until you arrive.

Switch out of the standard 3rd Person camera into a Real Time Strategy game play, take direct control and drive your units around traffic and through red lights carefully while avoiding cars and pedestrians.

Take control of the nozzle and spray the fire down.

Watch from afar as the streets of Manhattan come to life or dive in and get close and personal with the people walking on them.

Play online and cooperate with up to 12-32 players in an open world where each player has a specific duty, whether it be a high ranking officer handing out commands, or a firefighter stretching hose line at a fire.

Create your avatar and rank up to unlock new weapons, equipment, drive able vehicles, and clothes.

Search through buildings with multiple floors, break down doors and walls to reach people who are trapped.

Chase down suspects through the streets, behind buildings and through alleyways. Request backup but don’t let him get away.

Treat your patients, check his vitals, beat the clock in time to save them. Are they not breathing? Perform rescue breathing to save them. Is their heart stopped? Bring out the defibrillators. Experience the most realistic paramedic/EMT gameplay in any game to date.

Become a master dispatcher.

Its up to you to save the people of New York City when they need it. Will you succeed or will you fail.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The projects current state in Early Access is a Pre-Alpha Tech Demo which allows players to drive through a Work in Progress of the city with 10 different extremely detailed, accurate, and high quality emergency vehicles. Players can control lights, sirens, horns, and more on each vehicle as well as open every door and compartment to explore dozens of different types of equipment that will be available for use in a future update. Some other cool features include first person driving which allows players to have a realistic drivers seat view of the truck with a 100% accurately modeled interior with interactable buttons, switches, and readable gauges.

Early Access currently includes:

Accurate recreations of FDNY Apparatus

Realistic emergency lighting and sirens.

Realistic vehicle handling.

Take control and drive your vehicles through traffic and use your siren to clear vehicles out of the way.

Take control of the ladder trucks and get it to a window or roof.

The Tech Demo is updated every week with new features and daily for bug fixes and patches.

Initial Tech Demo Release 10/31/16

1st Update 11/06/16
NYPD (NYPD Vehicles + Customization System)
Interactive Demo Update for Standard Edition (Updated Vehicles, Sirens) and Free users Demo
Bug fixes and tweaks to gameplay (depending on feedback)

2nd Update 11/13/16
EMS (New Ambulances)
2 New Firehouses, New Precinct
Bug fixes and tweaks to gameplay (depending on feedback)

3rd Update 11/20/16
Completed Map Grid (Downtown, Highways, Lower East Side etc areas unlocked)
Bug fixes and tweaks to gameplay (depending on feedback)

4th Update 11/27/16
Traffic AI Redone and Revamped to be much more intelligent

Scenario Demo (More Info TBA) Release: TBA”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Currently the Early Access is priced at 35$ USD for people who wish to support the project and gain early access to the Pre-alpha and future versions of the game. This may seem overpriced for the game in it's current status. The game, when complete, will retail for less and a more reasonable 30$ USD. Early access will be updated from the tech demo and include additional features and key aspects of the game as the development progresses.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“EmergeNYC, prior to its arrival on Steam, has always had a huge community involvement. We have an active forum where people can leave feedback, bug reports, and suggestions that we constantly reply to and look at and always look to improve the game. The entire game has been build off of feedback and suggestions of what people have wanted when it comes to Emergency Services games. You can also join us on weekly development live streams where we spend up to 15 hours a week developing live with our community.”
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Recent updates View all (39)

April 24

Dev Update 04/24/17

Hey everyone, hope all of you had a great weekend and enjoyed playing some of the rough draft of Multiplayer that we delivered this week. Big things are coming. We are incoporating all of what we have done in the fire academy into multiplayer so that you and your friends can control individual firefighters and eventually police officers and paramedics, hop in and out of vehicles and handle emergencies. We will announce more information on this new update and it is what we will be working on in the next week or two.

Also, lately we have been getting bad reviews on Steam which is understandable. People are complaining about performance, loading times, and saying that the game is horrible and not even worth 10$. This hits us hard especially after the countless hours we put into it. We have decided we are going to lower the price of the game to 25$ indefinitely sometime this week and really focus on those issues. Loading screens has been an issue we have been unable to figure out since we started working on the game, and performance has always been a problem that we have been plagued with since the start as well. We have realized that if we cannot address these things before anything else, than the road ahead is grim. We just want you all to know that we know the issues you all are having and we are working hard on getting them fixed.

Be patient and keep your faith in us, and please if you enjoy the game, it would help us a lot if you leave us a good review on Steam.

We will be doing updates to the current multiplayer build throughout this week with more buildings, environment additions, and emergencies.


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April 19

Multiplayer Update 0.3.0 Live!

EmergeNYC Pre Alpha Update 0.3.0 including Multiplayer and much more is now live on Steam for our PC users!


In 0.3.0 our main focus was giving you all more than just another small patch with bug fixes but no big additions. Our last big update added a completed street map with highways, bridges, parks, tunnels and more. While many of you may think the pace that we are moving at is dreadful and that we are not accomplishing anything and our efforts are in the wrong place, you have no idea the amount of work and money that goes into this project.

In 0.3.0 we hope you can see where some of that time, effort, focus and money has gone. We have filled out many more parts of the map with new buildings and we have added new random emergencies that give you something to respond to. We plan on adding up to 20 new emergencies every update and currently have 30 or so different ones. This will keep the variety fresh and help you avoid from responding to the same things too many times.

Multiplayer is the main addition in this update to EmergeNYC. This feature is still in development but gives you and your friends the chance to race to randomly generated emergencies and ride together. All vehicles available in the tech demo are available for you to use. To take ownership of a vehicle you must be the first one to select it via the side menu or by clicking on it from the birds eye camera. Any other players who select the vehicle after it has already been selected will join as passengers. This will allow them to cycle through first person or exterior views, and use sirens and horns, but not steer or control the vehicle until it has been released by the original player.

You can either wait for all players to join your lobby before starting a game, or you can start the game and players can join in progress. Your screen may be black for about 20 seconds once you are loaded in. This means that the host/master of the game is still loading. Once they have loaded into the game, your game will freeze for another 10-15 seconds then you will be able to begin playing. Random emergencies begin after 5 minutes.

Feel free to come and join us for some multiplayer games on the FlipSwitch Games Discord where we constantly hold serious RP games with developers and the most realistic FDNY and NYPD multiplayer group out there.

Known bugs we plan to fix in weekly patches and hot fixes:
Single Player:

Tiller Trailer Lights are broken
2 or 3 floating buildings


Weird issues when sharing a vehicle and the passenger attempts using the manual sirens
When voting to kick someone, it only shows the updated count in the chat
Police vehicle light bars to not light up like the rest of the vehicle
Police vehicle customization is not networked yet
Traffic is not networked yet (Players can turn on traffic on their own game but it will not be synchronized, this is something we are working on now)
Firehouse gates get de synced a lot of the time.

The Asset streaming optimization technique we incorporated, while reducing stress on the system with VRAM and RAM, it did not do much for FPS and would cause terrible lag spikes so we have left it out until we can further work on it and find better ways to use this system. Optimization has been done in the form of compressing textures and occlusion culling but we will not know how much of an impact it has made until we hear from you guys.

Our plans from here include working on the fire academy but not only that, we want to incorporate what we have done with our character controller and merge it with our tech demo mechanics allowing players to get in and out of their vehicles with a firefighter character. We will explain more of how this will work in the tech demo and multiplayer very soon! In the mean time enjoy playing with your friends and responding to fires and other emergencies!

Still planned for Multiplayer:

Steam Integration (Invite friends through Steam)
Complete police vehicle and customization synchronized
Networking Traffic AI
and more

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About This Game

*EmergeNYC at this state in Early Access*

EmergeNYC is currently in Pre-Alpha State Tech Demo. This tech demo will allow players to drive all of the vehicles that we have currently completed and will be updated with more vehicles and features every week. You may also have up to 32 of your friends join you online with our new Multiplayer feature. The tech demo also gives players the chance to experiment with some core mechanics of the game and report bugs or feedback to be fixed and modified in daily patches.

*Planned for full release*

In EmergeNYC players will be thrown into a large dynamic and open-world which is based on a fictional New York City. Players will be able to take the role of a single member of a unit and possess the ability to switch to other units and personnel, command fellow AI firefighters and police officers, or join an online session and work with up to 32 players to protect the city and keep it running.

EmergeNYC goes into depth when it comes to Emergency Simulation Games and aims to go where no other games in the genre have imagined.

When starting EmergeNYC, you will be able to pick between Single Player Free Play and Co-Operative Multiplayer Free Play. In Single Player mode, you will have the ability to mesh how you want to play. If you prefer to have more control over things, you can play in Dispatcher/IC Mode, dispatching units to emergencies, and commanding units from above in an RTS and Emergency 4 inspired fashion.

If you want to be more personal and interactive, Direct Control Mode is the way to go. When you switch to Direct Control, you will be able to take control of a single member of any unit whether it be an FDNY company, 2 NYPD Officers on a patrol, or EMS Partners awaiting a medical emergency. This mode functions as an advanced Third/First Person Simulation with a camera and character controller similar to Grand Theft Auto and other Open-World, Adventure, and Simulation games.

EmergeNYC features realistic driving mechanics which accurately recreate the handling of different fire apparatus, police vehicles, and ambulances. Players will have the ability to switch between 3rd Person and 1st Person Cockpit cameras as well as have full control over their vehicles, including lights and sirens. In EmergeNYC, we have managed to create an advanced and stunning lighting system allowing the player to switch between different lighting patterns in a variety of different light bars and lighting setups. We have also given players full control of the siren(s) of their vehicle with the ability to wind up and down manual sirens seamlessly, honk the airhorns and switch between automatic siren modes. Traffic and pedestrians respond differently with how you use your sirens and horns.

FireFighters will be able to equip almost 2 dozen different types of equipment and tools which aid in whatever situation is facing them. Force doors open with a halligan, an axe, or a hydraulic rabbit tool, its your choice. Cut open a roll down door blocking access to a fire with a K12 Saw, get up to a window, scaffolding, roof top, or fire escape with different sized extension ladders. Knock down fires with different sized hoses, each one more difficult to maneuver through buildings and aim than the other. As a fireman you will also be able to rescue people, perform basic medical procedures to stabilize a victim, extricate people from vehicles, and more. Gameplay as a firefighter is primarily 3rd Person, however when applying your SCBA Air Pack and Face Mask before entering a burning building, you will be forcefully put into First Person Mode. This is done to try and simulate the visibility, sounds, and what it is like to be inside of a fire.

Police Officers have much different but just as interactive and exciting gameplay. EmergeNYC aims to take the stereotypical police game out of the equation and focus more on what police officers in New York City face each day while also throwing the player into intense and risky situations. Lethal force is rarely necessary and this is a police game that tries to not glorify weapons, or constant shootings. In EmergeNYC, police officers will be negotiating with armed suspects, suicidal peeps, chasing down robbery suspects on foot, and if necessary as a last resort, using lethal force. However, gameplay as a police officer is not always like the movies. Players will still be performing traffic stops, writing tickets to double parked vehicles, directing traffic at emergency scenes, and performing crowd control.

As an EMT/Paramedic in EmergeNYC, you will be experiencing the most in depth treatment and medical procedure system in any game. Players will be able to perform real life treatments, administer medications, perform life saving techniques and monitor a patient's vital signs with the one goal of keeping them alive at an emergency scene and en-route to the hospital. From minor medical emergencies such as a diabetic suffering from hypoglycemia, to a catastrophic trauma like a civilian hit by a bus, or even pinned under a subway train. Gameplay will have the ability to be handicapped for players with no medical experience to have room for mistakes and learn basic medical procedures and treatments for different types of illnesses and injuries.

In EmergeNYC, players will be able to join up to 32 friends on private or open user created servers with customization settings. Players will be able to work together, ride together and handle emergencies together. With an Arma inspired server lobby, once a player joins a server, any open position in a fire company, police patrol, or ambulance is able to be filled by a player. One player will have the ability to play as the dispatcher with an RTS view of the city and notify which units to respond to emergencies when they arise. With an established rank system, players who have filled sergeant, lieutenant, captain, or chief positions will have a variety of commands available to give to AI or fellow players.

EmergeNYC is based in a fictional open-world recreation of Manhattan with an advanced traffic and pedestrian system.

When completed, this open world will contain dozens and dozens of buildings and areas to explore, ranging from stores, residential buildings, parking garages, high-rises with rooftops, subway stations and tunnels and interiors to house a wide variety of emergencies. It will also be beautifully detailed and features a dynamic weather/day & night system.

EmergeNYC does not only go into detail and give players many options on the scene of an emergency, but also when not responding to a call and when en route to an emergency. Players will be able to interact with different environments when not occupied. Firefighters will be spread out across 5 unique firehouses with full interiors and 3 Engine Companies, 3 Ladder Companies, A Squad Company, Rescue Company, and Battalion Chief ready to respond whenever and wherever needed. Police Officers will have a central fictional 14th precinct where players are able to choose and customize police vehicles, equipment, weapons, and their character. EMS workers will have a hospital emergency room to drop off patients, and resupply after a call.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: 64 Bit Operating System
    • Processor: Mult-Core processor with 64 bit support
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 640/ATI 7750 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • OS: Testing In Progress
    • Processor: Testing In Progress
    • Graphics: Testing In Progress
    • Sound Card: Testing In Progress
    • Additional Notes: Testing In Progress
    • OS: 64 Bit Operating System
    • Processor: Mult-Core processor with 64 bit support
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 640/ATI 7750 or greater
    • OS: Testing In Progress
    • Processor: Testing In Progress
    • Graphics: Testing In Progress
    • Sound Card: Testing In Progress
    • Additional Notes: Testing In Progress
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