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Dark Void™ ist ein futuristisches Action-Adventure, das Adrenalin-geschwängerte Luft- und Bodengefechte bietet. In einem Paralleluniversum bekannt als "The Void" übernehmen die Spieler die Rolle von Will, einem Piloten, der unter unglaublichen Umständen in diesen mysteriösen "Void" gelangt ist.
Veröffentlichung: 19 Jan. 2010
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Über das Spiel

Dark Void™ ist ein futuristisches Action-Adventure, das Adrenalin-geschwängerte Luft- und Bodengefechte bietet. In einem Paralleluniversum bekannt als "The Void" übernehmen die Spieler die Rolle von Will, einem Piloten, der unter unglaublichen Umständen in diesen mysteriösen "Void" gelangt ist. Dieser unscheinbare Held muss alsbald um sein Überleben kämpfen und wird sich dabei mit einer Rebellengruppe namens "The Survivors" einlassen. Diese Gruppe ist ebenfalls gefangen im "Void" und tritt einem mysteriösen, außerirdischen Volk entgegen, die sich daran machen den Planeten Erde zu bedrohen.
Dark Voids einzigartige Kombination von Jet-Booster-Luftkampf und Gefechten aus der Dritt-Personen-Perspektive bieten eine ganz neue Gameplay-Dynamik. Dark Voids besonderes, vertikales Gefechtssytem erlaubt es Spielern über tiefen Abgründen zu hängen und die Feinde in die bodenlosen Tiefen zu stürzen. Will besitzt zudem einen Raketenantrieb, der harte Luftkämpfe ermöglicht und mit dem Sie den "Void" mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit durchqueren können und jeglichen Widerstand in Ihrem Weg hinwegfegen können.
  • Sci-Fi Action/Adventure, dass Luft- und Bodenkämpfe in einem einzigartigen 'Third-Person Shooter' bietet
  • Wills Raketenrucksack ermöglicht totale Bewegungsfreiheit und erlaubt es Spielern gegen UFOs anzutreten und den Außerirdischen gehörigen Schaden zuzusetzen
  • Geschwindigkeit und Ausmaße wie bei keinem anderen Titel: schicken Sie Will durch enge Korridore und sodann raus in riesige Canyons und futuristische Landschaften
  • Vertikales Gefechtssystem, bei dem Sie im Aufsteigen Ihre Feinde zu Fall bringen
  • Nahtloser Übergang zwischen "Jetpack"-Flug, Luftkämpfen und "Third-Person Shoot-em-up"-Action innerhalb desselben Levels.
  • Monströse Bosse, die schnelle Reflexe erfordern
  • Entwickelt von Airtight Studios, einem neuen Studio mit Teammitgliedern der Crimson Skies Computerspiel-Serie


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Windows Vista oder Windows 7
    • Prozessor: Intel 2.4 GHz oder AMD 2.0 GHz
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafik: GeForce 7900 oder Radeon HD 3850 Serien
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c / Shader 3.0
    • Festplatte: 10 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectSound kompatibel
    • Prozessor: Intel Quad Core 2.66 GHz oder AMD Phenom X4
    • Speicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: 9800 Serien oder ATI 4800 Serien
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8.2 Std. insgesamt
Das Spiel ist ein gar nicht mal so schlechtes Science-Fiction Spiel mit einem tollen Mix aus Action-Adventure und Flugspiel, die dank des Raketengürtels fliessend übereinander übergehen.
Das Spielgeschehen ist interessant, die Grafik gut. Alles in allem macht das Spiel eigentlich nichts verkehrt. Lediglich die Spieldauer ist mit 8 Stunden enttäuschend gering (Wobei es recht günstig ist, im Sale für 2,50 auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert!). Aber Spaß hat es auf jeden Fall gemacht. Mal was anderes.
Verfasst: 27 Dezember 2013
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Ever watched "The Rocketeer"?
Was a fictional 1991 movie with a guy flying with a jetpack on his back. Maybe the first most realistic implementation of the idea ever made.
Well this game was a complete inspiration of this concept. And it was sweet. But with a really messed up ending.
So here's the thing, you got a cool action game with lots of potential and very nice story telling almost as if it came out of a good Disney scifi movie (EXCEPT THE ENDING).
The voice acting was ok, and the graphics seemed also cool for a 2010 game.
Sweet environments and awesome gameplay including exploration and action on foot, while hovering and while flying.
Small but cool number of weapons to use, covering system omg yes, nice animations and models and decent maps to go through.
All well and cool and a story that looks intriguing up to a point. But if you like GOOD stories that are being WELL told.... you'll get a bad surprise..
The ending is so freakin dmn ♥♥♥♥ing LAME that it will make you stare at the ending credits with a serious WTF expression in yoru face wondering why you spent your time playing the whole thing at the first place.
If you like a good relaxing acton shooting game, then you will have np spending your time with it.
But if you appreciate good story and get mad when people ♥♥♥♥ the story up for you... Then you might not really enjoy the way this game ends.
For the 1,24 bucks spent to get this on this holiday special offers, this is a great deal.
But once you come to think that this title was once sold for full price and people actually bought it.... My god I feel sorry for them...

[Warning; Big Spoilers ahead after this point - angry rant following]
What's the deal with companies getting to be so damn ♥♥♥♥ing lazy in some games?
I mean, ok, you get your ♥♥♥ down to gather developers, modelists, music composers, voice actors to get a job well done, and your script writer is like what, a ♥♥♥♥ing 10 year old?
Seriously this game could had been something really extraordinary enough to compete the top games of fictional story franchises ever.
And right at the ending, they completelly ♥♥♥♥ up the whole romance background between the main character and his (ex) /girlfriend/
After a huge ♥♥♥ final boss battle.. ~omg how freaking original right? - but ok let's say that this is an action shooter, It's understandable up to a point.
But anyway after the final boss battle, you, the chosen one, who are supposed to save the parallel universe world from the evil machines who enslaved humans, you get to kill and destroy all the means the alien machines ever tried to use to oppress the humans of that world.
While at it, all remaining humans build a huge ♥♥♥ freakin Ark that you have to keep fighting to keep it alive through hords and hords of enemies in order to get them to the portal to the real world [40s WW2 real life]
And just about before the big final, the prophet tells you that only YOU can go through the portal after revealing that you are the chosen one.
So instead of staying back helping all those people you dragged along just to acompany your sorry ♥♥♥ fighting in the sky on your way to the portal
instead of staying by teh side of the love of your life
instead of having the least amount of interest anyone could have had to explore a vast uncharted new world
The main character crosses the port. ALONE! Like not giving a single ♥♥♥♥ about anything that happened during the whole ♥♥♥♥ing game.
And that's not even the worst thing.
Right at the end of the boss fight, on the top of the highest and sharpest ♥♥♥♥ing peak ever existing in teh horizon.
After landing with your girlfriend right at the portal.
A bad guy appears out of ♥♥♥♥ing nowhere, without a ship, without ♥♥♥♥ing stairs to lead him up there, just spawns and stabs your gf!!
And even after that WTF-JUST-HAPPENED scene, does the main character take his gf back to the ark to have her aided? NO
Does he at least stay by her side to hold her hand on her final moment? NO.
He just crosses the portal, not giving a ♥♥♥♥ about his slowly dying gf and just sits watching her die with a sorry-♥♥♥ expression on his face.
Why the hell would you even take us through the whole romance story of the main character reuniting with his ex, actually bond all over again, reveal their background and have them fall in love all over again just to kill the girl and have the dude walk away like that without a kiss goodbye?
Where the ♥♥♥♥ did you take the script from? A ♥♥♥♥ing japanese manga for teenagers?
And as if all this didn't blow my mind well enough, you get to see a cinematic at the end.
Your main character sits by the side of river Thames thinking about that girl, then out of nowhere a guy who was a secondary character and a person who lived inside the parallel universe world, appears next to you wearing a suit and tells you "come on, there's much t be done"
wait.. wasn't the main character the ONLY one who was able to cross the portal...?
Verfasst: 26 Dezember 2013
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2.5 Std. insgesamt
crashed constantly on my rig, but the console version I played was pretty decent. the game could definitely use MORE jetpack flying action, and less cover based combat.
Verfasst: 24 Dezember 2013
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13.1 Std. insgesamt
tones of fun. part fps, part flight sim. during the flight parts you can swap between hover, fly, land, or take over friendly plains/cannons.

i had a hard time killing the bug walkers cause its a quicktime event and the promps are in xbox lingo. i found taking on the tail easier than the head part. i think there is a allways online check that could be linked to gfwl (though i didn't have to log in). hopefully it will be patched out or this could get removed.
Verfasst: 8 Dezember 2013
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12 Reviews
2.6 Std. insgesamt

This is is a MUST HAVE game. Not to complex but anything else than borring. Every Chapter, every level you get new enemies, stronger and with new abilities but this also counts for you!

Easy to handle controls and great controller integration. Maybe just one downside and that is that the game is rather short and if you enjoy it as much as I do... it is just too short. Further more it has a story line and the game progress fits right into it. Good cutscenes where needed but not borring long or like qlot of "in between game" movies that tell a part of the game story, they come straight to the point and it is just a follow up and skippable!

I started the game while testing some newly installed games, it was the fourth I tested but the first that I played for 4 hours in a row berore moving on to the next game to test!
Verfasst: 10 Dezember 2013
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