Todas las carreras son diferentes en Ignite. En cada carrera verás algo nuevo a medida que los jugadores luchan por la victoria utilizando sus propias tácticas.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 28 oct. 2011

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Acerca de este juego

Cada carrera es diferente en Ignite y aporta algo nuevo que los jugadores intentan conseguir usando sus propias tácticas.
El sistema de puntuación permite que las tácticas sean empleadas durante la carrera. Acumular puntuación permite el uso del nitro en la carrera y se convierte en tiempo adicional al final de ésta. Así que el uso a corto plazo del nitro puede ayudar a los jugadores a salir de situaciones por delante de los demás, pero el uso de un montón de nitro y por lo tanto puntuación puede costarles la carrera. Existen diferentes métodos de acumular puntuación (aprovechando las estelas de los vehículos, golpeando objetos, derrapando...) y algunos coches son más adecuados para un método que el otro. Elegir el vehículo correcto para el método preferido y llevar a cabo su estrategia hará que el jugador consiga ganar la carrera.

Características principales:

  • Juego para un jugador y multijugador: Una larga campaña con 35 carreras en 7 ubicaciones. Partidas multijugador para un máximo de 5 jugadores.
  • 3 innovadores modos de juego:
    • Modo Carrera: Una nueva vuelta de tuerca en el género de las carreras: los jugadores pueden acumular puntuación y gastarla para realizar adelantamientos o guardarla para el final de la carrera, donde se convertirá en tiempo adicional
    • Modo Eliminación: Al final de cada vuelta, el último jugador es eliminado de la carrera. Los que permanezcan conseguirán puntuación adicional
    • Modo Agotamiento: Los jugadores comienzan con una determinada cantidad de puntuación, la cual se va agotando poco a poco. Los jugadores pueden aumentarla realizando acrobacias o gastarla como nitro, pero si la puntuación llega a cero perderán la carrera
  • 3 tipos diferentes de coches de carreras: Los muscle y street cars, así como los coches de carreras americanos tienen un cierto aspecto que requiere de una técnica de conducción diferente
  • Varias configuraciones para cada coche: Todos los vehículos disponen de diferentes configuraciones que los hacen adecuados para las diferentes carreras o estilos de conducción
  • 30 logros: Un completo sistema de logros que recompensa con acrobacias y habilidades especiales y que también enseña algunas de las técnicas del juego
  • Tabla de clasificación: Una tabla de clasificación mundial para cada circuito
  • Daños en los coches: los coches reciben daños que no influyen en la conducción
  • Atmósferas aleatorias: Con tiempo que va desde soleado hasta nublado, el mismo circuito puede dar una sensación muy diferente en dos carreras distintas

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® XP, Vista o Windows 7
    • Procesador: Intel® Pentium IV a 3.0 GHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM (recomendado: 512 MB de RAM)
    • Disco Duro: 950 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 512 MB de VRAM y compatible con DirectX® 9.0c como mínimo
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c o posterior
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Publicado el 28 de agosto
Ignite is a great playing, good looking budget arcade-style racing game with a few varieties of what is essentially seven tracks. First off, the game plays great, like other racers in the genre with keyboard or 360 controller support. There's a real sense of speed when you get moving and you'll feel it even more when you ignite the nitro boost!

That's what makes this game, the nitro boosts. Each of the fifteen cars may have stats for handling, top speed, and acceleration, but thanks to the nitro boosts a lesser car can still overtake better cars. You can use the boost if you have a score of over 1,000 and to earn the score, you'll need to perform drifts, drafts and slam into construction barricades. Yes indeed, not go between them, it takes more skill to hit them. You run right through them and they bounce away rather than breaking, so the drivers behind you can hit the objects as they scatter. After a few seconds they respawn into place.

The more in a row you hit, the higher your score. Its the same for drifting and drafting, the longer you do it without stopping, the higher your sore. If you hit a wall, your score gets reduced.

Points build up quickly and why they chose to call it "score" and not boost I will never know, but think of having a use for a score. There is a second use for that score though. At the end of the race, everyone's score shaves time off their finish, so you can see a fifth place racer still take first place, but it doesn't happen often.

This dynamic and how well the game plays really make the game fun. The computer manages to keep up with you either from skilled driving or rubber banding. It all adds to the challenge and fun, in fact I'd say the computer gets better on the last lap.

If you're the type of person that prefers braking in your racing games, this isn't it. A lot of the time, you only need to let go of the accelerator and let your car swing around. I didn't consider that a bad thing, especially for an arcade style racer. Think of it more as an easy to pick up and play kind of game.

There is a multiplayer component, but its been dead for years. Instead, you'll need to rely on the single player campaign and solo playing "free play" that lets you setup your own events.

The campaign consists of seven areas that has its own series of events which slightly alters the main course by opening up new roads. Even with new roads opened up between events, it all still feels like you're racing on the same seven tracks over and over again. There is an eighth track for practice to teach you the game's mechanics, but that is completely optional.

There are three types of events, the typical races against four other cars and knockout which eliminates the racer in last place after each lap. Last, but not least is "run out" which makes use of the game's boost mechanic by starting all drivers with a score of 9,999 that replenishes back to 9,999 with each lap. The only problem is when you run out of score, you're out of the race. Its interesting and does diversify a game that badly needs it.

The game is set in a fictional city with seven realistic locales, but its sad these areas are all made up of grey asphalt, cement walls and dull buildings. I wish that there was a park to drive through or more than one tunnel in the entire game.

Even so gray, the graphics are still beautiful and they do a lot with only 1 GB of file space, but I'd just rather be racing in something more exotic than an industrial port, next to an airport, on a skyway or just on a typical four lane street. The are gorgeous skies, hot air balloons floating, and fog effects, but that just doesn't make up for the areas themselves. There's no weather or nighttime races, even the fog lets you see far into the distance with no obstruction.

Each event will unlock new cars or new events. There are three types of cars, muscle, street and racecar. The muscle cars have better top speed, but the street racers have better handling. As for the racecars, they're overpowered to a point that you no longer need nitro to win a race, but you only unlock them later in the game.

Because the race cars are so overpowered, the last hour of the four hour game was spent with me just scoring first place in newly unlocked races marked "hard." I still messed up with them, hit a few walls, spun out here and there, but it was never enough to be overtaken, even if the pack did catch up with me.

There are five cars for each type and each has their own stats, but more interesting than that are the skins. These skins don't just change the look, but they entice you to play specific ways by giving bonuses. Things like 10% slipstream bonus, 30% fast car bonus, 50% drifting bonus and even 50% decline in score during "run out" races and 25% more score after a race. To unlock new skins, win races with that car, although one car had something like 30% speed bonus for one skin and 50% speed bonus for a later skin. Hmmm which one do I chose?

The game has a mini map to compensate just how gray the game is. Are those cement barricades blocking the road or is that still road? There are no arrows indicating to turn left or right, so I had to resort to looking at the mini map, but the only problem is the game is so fast that looking away could lead you to crash. Even with crashes and the rare hairpin turns, there is a respawn button. At some point I started to realize going into a hairpin turn it was quicker to hit the respawn button than slow down and make a wide turn.

The game plays smooth, outside of a few hiccups and split second freezes in the later part of the game, but that could have been my computer doing something else. The real noticeable issue was how harsh the 360 controller vibrations are when hitting the nitro. This game has the loudest rumble effect I've ever had. Any of the cars motors were more subtle than the one in the controller. If the controller's motor burns out, I know what game did it!

Is it worth $10? Yes and I'm cheap. It still feels like a good to great budget title and I'd like to see what they can do for a sequel if not have a larger budget. There's nothing wrong with the racing, its just the lack of variety in the environments that will ultimately hold it back.
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Publicado el 25 de agosto
+ arcade racing game
+ nice graphics
+ nitrous system with points
+ about 10 hours of fun
+ works on Windows 8.1
+ fairly playable on nVidia 9600
+ works with controllers

- physics is too easy, you don't need to brake at all
- in campain you can choose the fastest cars to easiest missions
- bad AI in some situations
- dead multiplayer
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Publicado el 19 de junio
This game is absaloute trash, I don't remember how much I payed for it. I think it was on sale about a year ago for like $2 [canadian]

I don't reccomend you buy this for $10, $5 or even $0.25 it's not worth your time.

Good people don't allow others to play poor games, save your money or go buy a decent/better cheap title.
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Publicado el 20 de julio
The game "works", but if i try to modify the video settings to make it look better, the game crashes and tells me that i do not meet the minimum requirements. So i'm stuck playing it with the crappiest video settings even though i should be able to play it with everything on Max. To make matters worse it's been this way for a couple of years now and the developer never bothered to fix this problem. I wouldn't hold my breath for an update any time soon... or like ever.
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Publicado el 7 de noviembre de 2013
Unas graficas mediocres que se compensan con una jugabilidad que da la posibilidad de escoger distintas configuraciones que no afectan al coche sino a la manera de correr. Sin embargo una vez que se pilla el truco se convierte en un juego muy facil.
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