Diluvion is a 3D deep sea, Jules Verne inspired, exploration game with RPG elements and thrilling submarine combat. As the Captain of your own vessel, you must grow and manage your crew as you search for the secrets of the past in a hauntingly beautiful flooded world.
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24 aprile

Two Free New Destroyer-Class Ships, Steam Trading Cards and Additional Language Support Now Available

Attention Fellow Captains!

We just wanted to inform you that two special new ships are now available in the game for the bravest of explorers to pilot. We’ve heard your requests for additional larger classed ships, and we’re very happy to announce that today’s update adds the twin destroyer-class ships, Lun and Sul, to the game! Both ships can be accessed at the Spirios shipyard, and will be available to everyone as soon as the update has been installed.

Here’s the official announcement straight from the Spirios City Royal Dock offices:

Citizens of all titles and stations gathered today at the Spirios City Royal docks as Duke Fenmire (first of his title) finally unveiled his much anticipated gift for Lord Charles Spirios’64th birthday celebration. The twin ships Lun and Sul, their hulls shining brightly in the reflection of the city lights, are due to take their maiden voyage on a patrol of the Sunken Coast.

Fenmire’s rise from common son of a minor to favoured noble of the Spirios household has long been the subject of much gossip, with some questioning exactly where his loyalties lie following his marriage to the daughter of a notoriously outspoken Dweller cleric. The Spirios Chronicle had the pleasure of talking to the Duke himself on his generous gift:

“Sir Charles Spirios was the man who sent me on my journey of awakening. If he had not seen fit to send me to the Abyss, I would have never met my darling wife or come to know the true nature of our existence. I can only hope that by presenting Sir Charles with these humble gifts, made in the name of Sul, he who guided our worthy ancestors to salvation, and Lun, she who watches over and protects us, he too will come to know the Deeps' plan for us and act to save his own immortal soul.

The fun doesn’t end with just these new ships though, as this update also adds support for Japanese and Hungarian languages to the game. To this end we want to extend a huge special thank you to Kengo700 and Lostprophet.hu for all of their incredible hard work and support in taking-on the monumental task of localizing the game into Japanese and Hungarian, and making their work available to everyone. You guys are beyond awesome, thank you!

We also just added full Steam Trading Card support to the game. Happy Card Hunting!

Other Updates:
Everyone here is hard at work preparing a slew of new huge surprises beyond today’s update and we can’t wait to share more with all of you. Not only are we planning on adding more content to the game, but we’ve been closely listening to all of your feedback and we’ll be introducing several new improvements which will make exploring the secrets of the deep more enjoyable for everyone.

This new content and improvements will be introduced in several upcoming updates, and we should have more to share soon. Please keep an eye out on this space for more information about upcoming updates. In the meantime, we really hope that you enjoy the new ships and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

Thanks again for sticking with us and for your continued support!


-Arachnid Team-

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21 marzo

Save Backups, Dev Update

Hello fellow divers, hope you are all having a great March.

We're now releasing the save backup system in the main branch for both PC and Mac. Special thanks for those who tested this in the beta branch. Papa bless.

We've talked about the backup system before, but just to refresh: This system creates a backup when you save if it's been more than 10 minutes since your last backup. The appear in the 'backups' folder inside the save file folder.
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\arachnid games\diluvion\savefiles

All you need to do to use a backup is drag it from the backups folder into the main save folder.

Other Updates

We're hard at work on the revisions to 1.2. We have a lot of great stuff coming, and we've been working on some core components as well that make it easier for us to create content, and a more stable game.

We also have a content update coming in April, but I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.

For the updates beyond, here's a sneak peek at one of the new creatures we're working on. It's based on a humphead parrotfish, but these guys in particular can grow up to the size of a Beluga class sub.

Thanks again everyone for sticking with us; it's been sick to read everyone's discussions and improve the game with the community. :)

-Arachnid Team

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Fleet Edition

The Special Fleet Edition of Diluvion comes with the game's haunting and beautiful Original Digital Soundtrack (in High-Res FLAC and MP3) composed by Light Return, a Digital version of the Diluvion Official Artbook and an Exclusive playable submarine called Manta

Informazioni sul gioco

Forced into the deep oceans by a Great Flood that occurred countless centuries ago, humanity now lives trapped under a thick layer of unbreakable ice and their survival hangs by a tenuous thread. However, their penchant for perseverance is strong, and a new civilization has emerged with distinct kingdoms, religions and cultures. By a twist of fate you, an aspiring submarine captain, have been given the honor of commanding your first sub. With a brave crew at your command, you now venture into the unknown on a quest to discover humanity’s greatest secret.

Explore the dangers of the depths in this beautifully realized flooded world, and unearth untold riches and glory. Discover the remnants of civilization in numerous unique towns and learn their local lore, trade stories and treasure, and hire crew new members.

Continuously improve each of the game’s 9 unique pilotable submarines using a deep upgrade system, and gain access to new areas and loot. Discover numerous types of cannons and torpedoes to help you overcome the dangers of the deep, and assemble your own unique crew to brave it alongside you. Whether you wish to play as a silent hunter or a guns blazing dreadnought, arrange your crew members and weapons to fit your playstyle.

Game Features:

  • A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore: Three massive and beautifully realized open sea zones to explore, each with their own factions, local stories and more
  • Innovative Combination of 2D & 3D Graphics: Experience the mysteries of the deep in beautifully rendered 3D graphics as you navigate your submarine, and seamlessly switch to meticulously hand-painted 2D graphics when exploring towns and cities
  • Thrilling Real-Time Submarine Combat: Utilize an arsenal of underwater weapons to engage in life-or-death firefights with other submarines and deadly terrifying creatures
  • Crew Recruitment: Assemble your own unique crew to fight alongside you by recruiting different Helmsmen, Gunners and Sonar Technicians. Utilize each of their special skills and personalities to change the flow of combat and exploration.
  • Upgradable Submarines: Continuously improve your vessel by acquiring new weapons that can dramatically change the tide of battle
  • 9 Pilotable Submarines: Explore the world to uncover 9 unique pilotable submarines, each with their own feel, strengths and weaknesses
  • Resource Management: This world is not for the faint of heart, as resources are limited and survival is a constant battle. You’ll have to actively manage your food supplies and oxygen levels should you wish to keep your crew alive and overcome the perils of the sea
  • Upgradeable Home Base: Build- and grow your own base of operations under the sea to house all your stand-by crew members and submarines. Upgrade your base to increase your notoriety and wealth, as upgraded bases can also house valuable opportunities, such as rare item merchants and bars with notorious sailors as patrons.
  • Loot System: The world is filled with rare loot and hidden quests to discover…. Especially for those who dare to venture off the beaten path
  • Terrifying Underwater Foes: Explore the world and test your bravery against giant sea creatures and mysterious undersea anomalies!

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7, 10
    • Processore: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: GeForce GT 300 series (or equivalent)
    • DirectX: Versione 10
    • Memoria: 5 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: OSX
    • Processore: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: GeForce GT 300 series (or equivalent)
    • Memoria: 5 GB di spazio disponibile

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