Age of Gladiators is a single-player strategy/management sim set at the height of the bloody gladiatorial games in ancient Rome. As your fighters increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to forge their attributes and abilities.
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22 июня

Age Of Gladiators II: Leveling, Attributes, Expertise, and Weapons Training!

The feedback I received from players was that people wanted more variety in their gladiators. So with that in mind, I created the leveling system in Age Of Gladiators II to be far more robust, allowing players to deploy and try a variety different combat builds out in the arena!

Attributes and Combat Stats

With Age Of Gladiators II, there are now 12 physical attributes in total that contribute partially to an equal number of different combat stats.

Each physical attribute contributes 75% into one combat stat and 25% into another. This equates into more planning and strategy when shaping the physical attributes of your gladiator.

Here’s a breakdown of how attributes work:

  • Strength: Determines Melee Hit Damage (75%) and Block Chance (25%)
  • Stamina: Determines Counter-Attack Change (75%) and Hit Points (25%)
  • Aim: Determines Ranged Hit Chance (75%) and Ranged Damage (25%)
  • Vision: Determines Ranged Damage (75%) and Special Item Cooldown (25%)
  • Perception: Determines Critical Chance (75%) and Ranged Hit Chance (25%)
  • Reflexes: Determines Block Chance (75%) and Melee Hit Chance (25%)
  • Agility: Determines Dodge Chance (75%) and Counter-Attack Chance (25%)
  • Speed: Determines Action Points (75%) and Dodge Chance (25%)
  • Intelligence: Determines Special Item Cooldown (75%) and Critical Chance (25%)
  • Coordination: Determines Melee Hit Chance (75%) and Melee Hit Damage (25%)
  • Aggression: Determines Species Ability Cooldown (75%) and Action Points (25%)
  • Vitality: Determines Hit Points (75%) and Species Ability Cooldown (25%)

Or in reverse, here are the combat stats and the attributes used to feed them:

  • Action Points: Determined by Speed (75%) and Aggression (25%)
  • Hit Points: Determined by Vitality (75%) and Stamina (25%)
  • Block Chance: Determined by Reflexes (75%) and Strength (25%)
  • Dodge Chance: Determined by Agility (75%) and Speed (25%)
  • Counter-Attack Chance: Determined by Stamina (75%) and Agility (25%)
  • Special Item Cooldown: Determined by Intelligence (75%) and Vision (25%)
  • Species Ability Cooldown: Determined by Aggression (75%) and Vitality (25%)
  • Ranged Hit Chance: Determined by Aim (75%) and Perception (25%)
  • Ranged Hit Damage: Determined by Vision (75%) and Aim (25%)
  • Melee Hit Chance: Determined by Coordination (75%) and Reflexes (25%)
  • Melee Hit Damage: Determined by Strength (75%) and Coordination (25%)
  • Critical Hit Chance: Determined by Perception (75%) and Intelligence (25%)

As well, Initiative, which contributes to the roll of which gladiator or team of gladiators gets first move in the arena is determined as follows:
Initiative: Speed (25%), Aggression (25%), Intelligence (25%), Perception (25%)

So as you can see, there are now a wide array of combat possibilities based on a gladiator's physical make-up.


Each time a gladiator levels up, they are further shaped by their expertise. With Age of Gladiators II, Expertise is split into Offensive and Defensive categories. This will allow you to further customize your gladiator into a damage or tank build (or both).

As well, Expertise will allow you to create other types of more specific builds as well. For example, if the attributes of your gladiator favor a fighting style of dodging and counter-attacking, you can further take advantage of these skills in combat by putting Expertise points into Inspired Agility and Lethal Counterstrike – which will mean that each time a gladiator dodges or counter-attacks, they will also rejuvenate hit points.

It is no longer just a mighty and strong gladiator that is viable in the arena. Imagine rolling out physically weaker but speedy gladiator that dodges most attacks and then counter-attacks right after, while also healing damage each time as well.

Weapons Training

Another dimension to leveling now is the specific weapons training.

Weapons training is split into two categories: Ranged and Melee. A gladiator can only train each turn in one of the two categories. Their weapons discipline is initially determined by their physical attributes – but you can change this at any time.

Once a gladiator earns either a Ranged or Melee level, they can assign a point into a specific weapon choice belonging to whichever discipline they are currently training in:

  • Pistol
  • Carbine
  • Rifle

  • Vibroblade
  • Sword
  • Axe
Training points add a damage bonus to the weapon of your choice. This allows for further customization of your gladiators to use weapons that make most sense for their build.

A gladiator can use any weapon you desire, but the advanced training specializations allow you to build a gladiator that is extremely lethal with specific types of weapons.


The leveling system in Age of Gladiators II has been created so that you can create and roll out a multitude of different combat builds, using weapons of your choice. I wanted to avoid a strict class system, instead making it possible to mix-and-match various attributes, expertise selections, and weapons specialties in order for you to forge forward with the gladiators of your choosing.

If you want a speedy and agile pistoleer equipped with light armor and specialized gear, you can make that build. Or if you want a slow-moving, heavily armored tank wielding an deadly axe, you can do so as well!

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20 июня

Age Of Gladiators II Announced!

As some of you might know, we have been hard at work on the sequel to Age Of Gladiators! At this time I anticipate an August release, but will keep you updated if that changes. The arenas are being finished right now and the animations are being finalized. It's getting close!

I'm proud to announce the store page has gone up just an hour ago, so you can find more information about the game here:
Age Of Gladiators II - Store Page

I will continue to keep everyone posted here.

It's been a truly exciting time this last year with all of you. I have listened to many of your amazing suggestions in the forums and anything I could not implement in the first game, I applied to the sequel; namely a 3D combat system and more in-depth strategy.

I hope you enjoy the unique and exciting sci-fi setting of Age Of Gladiators II.

Build your story! Build your empire!

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Об этой игре

A Potential Scenario

You’re almost out of money. Two more days and you will no longer be able to pay your staff or gladiators. The fight scheduled today will draw exceptionally massive crowds, meaning the fight purse will be bountiful and the opportunity to place a large volume of bets will be high. One problem though: your top fighter is fatigued from his last fight and has a nagging shoulder strain. Plus he has a history of concussions, so it’s fair to say he will not be at full strength if you put him in the arena. But he’s the best you’ve got. The rest of your gladiators are rookies yet; still working with your trainers and far too inexperienced to send into the crucible just yet.

The next fight is a week away and poorly hyped. You cannot wait that long.

If you were of an evil disposition, you could execute your top fighter instead and seize his life savings; with the fight purses you have shared with him through his career, he has amassed a lot of gold. It could keep you going for a month or two - maybe more. Something to consider.

Or if you find that distasteful, you could go to the money lenders instead. But their interest rates have been high these last few days: 30% or more. You could finance present operations with that – but you would suffer in the longer term.

So maybe you should send your top fighter into the arena. He is bruised up and fatigued – but he also is ranked 3rd overall by the so-called experts and pundits of Leptis Magnus, the current city you reside in. You know he is one of the best and might still have a good chance at pulling out a win.

Or he could lose his life.

What do you do?

What Is It?

Age of Gladiators is a single-player strategy/business management sim set at the height of the bloody gladiatorial games in ancient Rome.

Hire scouts to scour the provinces for potential prospects – once you have recruited your gladiators, you will need to manage their morale and personality while equipping them for battle in the arenas. Recruit support staff, upgrade your stables, partake in side missions, and manage the wealth and reputation of your business as it grows each day.

As your fighters win battles and increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to focus their abilities by spending attribute and expertise points. Compete, trade, and interact with other in-game bosses as you work your way up from the starting provinces in Africa to the grand coliseum of Rome herself!


  • Gladiators are born with their own dynamically generated attributes (strength, agility, stamina, dexterity, reflexes, intelligence, and health), weapon specialties, and personalities. It is up to you to hire scouts to locate the best prospects available for recruitment.
  • Manage your stable of gladiators carefully – their morale, greed, injuries, fatigue, and more must be taken into account before sending them to battle.
  • The physicality of your gladiators will increase or decrease with age, depending on if they are in their prime or declining.
  • Fame system: as your gladiators gain glory from battle, they will become more widely recognized and adored by the crowds. Win enough battles and they may even get voted into the gladiatorial hall of fame after they retire (or die).
  • Watch as your fighters climb the all-time records list for wins, kills, and fame - all held by retired and still-active legends in the arena.
  • As your gladiators level up, they gain points to spend on their attributes and expertise. Expertise allows you to build and customize your fighter according to their appropriate strengths.
  • Purchase, sell, or trade fighters with opposing bosses.
  • Rob treasuries, kidnap enemy fighters, assassinate your debt holders and more with the quest system. Increase the odds of success by sending gladiators on the mission as well.
  • Search for deals on weapons, armor, and money loans on the marketplace.
  • Hire staff such as scouts, doctors, trainers and blacksmiths to help your gladiators achieve victory. Your staff will gain experience each day they are employed.
  • Upgrade your stable by improving its food, bedding, shelter, and more.
  • Strive to become the wealthiest individual in the entire Roman republic. There are quick and underhanded ways to make money, but your reputation and fighter’s morale may suffer as a result.
  • Receive taunting letters from opposing bosses as well as various other messages from your fighters, staff members, and different characters as you progress through the game.
  • Rename your gladiators in order to increase your attachment toward them.
  • Bet for or against your gladiator based on the odds generated by bookmakers in-game.
  • Fight purses and betting is based on the hype associated with each match. The greater the hype, the more lucrative the fight purse and betting market will be - but the opposition will also be tougher.
  • Each game is dynamically generated and different each time.


Age of Gladiators is a twist on sports front office games like Out Of The Park Baseball or the Football Manager series. To continue the analogy, it was designed for people more interested in the strategy behind building up teams and players as a general manager rather than running the games tactically as coach. As well, the strategy element should appeal to fans of Paradox and other franchises in that genre.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Процессор: Dual-core 1.8GHz or equivalent processor
    • Оперативная память: 1 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
    • Место на диске: 330 MB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Видеокарта: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with 1GB memory
    • Дополнительно: Best Resolutions: 1366 x 768 or higher
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