Switchcars is a vehicular roguelike arcade set in a broken spacetime. Escape alien beasts over procedural environments, using more than 1,000 vehicles. You'll crash or run out of fuel, but that's okay - you'll switch to another vehicle. All you need to do is reach the year 2055. In theory!
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Release Date: Mar 4, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Releasing Switchcars on Early Access has been in the plans for nearly two years. In contrast to releasing the game too early, that time was spent getting it as feature complete as possible. The game's got a ton of content, it's running quite smoothly, and it's very replayable. However, it is still work in progress. As I've been the sole developer for the most part, doing all the graphics, audio, business, promotion and nearly all the code, things take time. So I'm doing Early Access for a couple of reasons: 

  • Switchcars is in late alpha phase and at this point community feedback is very welcome for testing, balancing, suggestions, helping prioritization of upcoming features and fixes, and so on. 
  • Scope of the game was designed from the start with regular updates in mind, so it's got a lot of room for growth.
  • Some of you have been patiently waiting for Switchcars for a long time and this is a great way to make the game available to you while it's still in development.
  • After all these years, earning some revenue would sure help get better sleep at night! It would also potentially allow hiring additional developers and further expansion of the game.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Depending on community involvement and feedback, completing Switchcars might take anywhere from several months up to two years. Switchcars has a lot of potential for expansion and I would like to push it to its limits, as long as development is financially reasonable and redoing the whole game from scratch isn't necessary to keep adding new features.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Currently considered future updates include more powerups, more music, more types of lanes, more backgrounds, more animals, Steam features such as leaderboard and achievements, perhaps new game modes (some have been in the plans for a long time), and of course, hundreds of new vehicles (it's already got a thousand)!

Depending on the revenue and feedback, the scope of the game might change as well.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Most of the planned core features and content are currently present in Switchcars. It is highly replayable, quite stable and has been thoroughly balanced over the years.

It isn't complete yet however. Switchcars is in late alpha and certain technical issues are possible, such as image being stretched or cut on screens not supporting 16:10 aspect ratio. More balancing may also be needed, and some relatively obvious additions to the game still might require a lot of time to implement.

Steam features, such as achievements and trading cards, haven't been implemented yet. Please also keep in mind that save files might need to be reset at some points during the Early Access, as the game keeps changing with every update.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will not change when the game leaves Early Access, apart from occasional special offers like the release week or Steam sales.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Feedback from players on occasional game festivals in the past has played a big role in development decisions up to this point, so I'm counting on community for feature suggestions, balancing suggestions, vehicle and other content suggestions, bug reports, and to just generally help decide what to prioritize for the next update.

Please note that due to Switchcars being made by a single person, only so many suggestions can make their way into the updates. That said, all the suggestions will be taken into consideration, and if the revenue allows hiring more developers to share the load, so will increase the development speed.”
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Recent updates View all (12)

August 16

Update 11 - Hardcore game mode, changelog viewer, battery degradation and more!

Hey everyone!

A new update is out and brings a number of new things to Switchcars!

Hardcore game mode:

For all of you who've beaten the game many times a new mode is now available - Hardcore! Hardcore mode, which only becomes available once you've beaten The Run, features 3 stages rather than 10. They are very long and the timer ticks only 5 seconds before not one, but two aliens show up chasing you.

The idea behind the game mode was to have a tough challenge from the very start of a round, without the usual build-up present in The Run, yet make it still possible to beat it. Right now Hardcore is quite fun and beating it is highly satisfactory, but it is also in experimental phase, meaning that some things could be changed over time based on your feedback. Please let me know your thoughts about it, and I'm looking forward to seeing hardcore gameplay videos and end-screen captures!

Ingame changelog viewer:

The game now lets you see what's new in every update, directly from the database. If the game was updated, a notification in the main menu will lead you to the latest changelog, where you can read about the update. Other than what's new, you can browse changelogs of every previous update, all the way up to 21st November 2012 when development on Switchcars started.

Battery degradation:

Based on a forum suggestion, recharging electric vehicles now reduces their battery capacity with 1/6 ratio. The more the vehicle is recharged, the less capacity it has, however repairing the vehicle will restore the battery to a new state.

Disposable Power Bank powerup:

Another forum suggestion is a new kind of powerup that effectively provides instant refuel which also changes the power source and prevents it from being refueled again. Disposable Power Bank is very useful as a last resort in very tight situations.

Drogue Parachute powerup:

This active powerup lets you brake hard by deploying a parachute behind the vehicle. It's particularly useful at avoiding obstacles at very high speeds, such as when in a Land Speed Record Vehicle.

New sound effects:

Electric propeller vehicles now have their own drone-like sound. The most common examples are the older generation flying cars in 2030's and 2040's.

Crash sounds have been expanded with 9 new ones, making action moments feel more dynamic and less repetitive.

Light and heavy jets got improved engine sounds, as well as heavy propeller vehicles, all having gradual acceleration rather than being maxed out immediately.

Lighting effects:

When entering or exiting dark caves, the game will simulate eyes adapting to a new brightness level. Leaving a cave will cause a bright flash, whereas entering a cave will make you see almost nothing but darkness for a moment. Shooting and explosions now light up caves slightly.

Thanks to another community suggestion, all vehicles now turn on headlights (and brake lights when braking) in dark or foggy environments. Traffic can also flash headlights as a warning if you're in its way.

Alien Younglings got Teleport:

With Teleport found naturally in them, younglings have become a very tactical asset. As with vehicles, using the teleport will hurt the animal, however riding the animal itself will have it regenerate health. With calculated use they can be a life-saver, but at the same time the Younglings are very fragile.

As usual, there have been many more smaller changes to the game of course (e.g. bicycles and mining vehicles are now faster), so make sure to check out the full changelog - except this time you can do it either here below, or in the game's own viewer if you so desire!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Finally, I'd like to mention that RPS yesterday published an article about Switchcars. As I've been dreaming of having it for years, I'm quite glad about its existence :)

RPS: Planes, Trains and everything else: Switchcars



- Added experimental Hardcore gamemode [WIP]
- Unlocked by completing The Run
- Timer is always set at 5 seconds
- Two aliens appear at timeout
- Stages are very long
- There are only 3 stages
- Late-game powerups can be acquired at start
- No additional aliens spawn in alien world
- Added battery degradation
- Range of electric vehicles gets decreased by 1/6 of every recharge
- Degradation is visible on the battery level bar
- Degradation is fixed by using repair stations or powerups
- Using non-waterproof electric vehicle in water will degrade the battery
- Added Disposable Power Bank powerup
- Provides energy to a vehicle, but cannot be further refueled
- Found naturally in Gyrobuses
- Added Drogue Parachute powerup
- Instant braking
- Useful on very high speed vehicles
- Includes sound effects
- Found naturally in Dragsters, Spaceplanes and more
- Alien Younglings are now equipped with a Teleport
- Increased damage of Teleport ability on living beings compared to vehicles
- Increased speed of mining vehicles
- Increased acceleration of bicycles
- Radar and Horn are now present on more vehicles
- Fire Extinguisher is now a human powerup (meaning it can also be used on non-vehicles)
- Added back the possibility of having fogless rain (light rain)


- Added electric prop motor sound effect
- Improved light jet, heavy jet and heavy prop engine sound effects
- Added 9 new crash sound effects


- Added lighting effects
- HDR effect simulates eye adaptation when entering or exiting underground environments
- Shooting and explosions slightly light up underground environments
- Added headlights and brakelights to vehicles
- They turn on in bad visibility (visual effect only)
- They stop working if vehicle's hitpoints drop to less than 80%
- Traffic can now flash headlights in addition to using horn
- Added light glow effect when using Siren


- Added changelog browser
- Accessible via Database
- Shows what's new in the latest and all previous Switchcars versions
- Features a timeline of updates since Switchcars development started
- Timeline gives a quick overview of size of all changelogs ever made
- Player will see a notification icon if the game was updated and its latest changelog not seen yet
- Difficulty description is custom tailored per selected gamemode
- Animals are no longer "broken down" but "incapacitated"
- Added helmet icon to "life saved" notification
- Added battery recharge lane-marker to recharge tutorial
- Reduced footprint of "warning: FPS too low" text
- Renamed "reset tutorial tips" to "re-enable tutorial tips"

Major Bugs:

- Fixed input accumulation during tutorial pause
- Reduced repeating sound glitch when using grappling hook

Minor Bugs:

- Fixed engine sound stuttering sometimes
- Fixed unequipped animal not updating in inventory when revived
- Fixed Alien Younglings spawning on Earth
- Fixed Explosives not damaging player
- Fixed electric vehicles not being affected by water when submerged
- Fixed installing a powerup on a very damaged vehicle blowing up the vehicle
- Fixed a bug with oncoming traffic not blowing horn at high speeds
- Fixed clicking noise on heavy prop engine sound effect
- Fixed a sound glitch in recharging tutorial tip, when triggered by laser fuel consumption


- Entering vehicles equipped with unseen powerups will automatically unlock them in database
- Various small tweaks

That's it for this update, and as always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to post on the forum!

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June 24

Update 10 - Introducing Animals!

Hey all!

As of this update, Switchcars features a long-awaited new means of transport - animals!

-- Animals Trailer --

The update includes 4 animals, and now that the system is on its feet, around 10 more animals will be added soon.

Here are the main features of the animal system:
  • All animals are rideable
  • They have custom animations for moving on land, water and air, dead or alive
  • Custom sound effects
  • Different behavior from traffic
  • Can be manned or unmanned
  • Animals have regenerative health & can be revived using Medikit
There are also some smaller details, such as that animals will be scared by noise or alien presence, or that they can slightly sink in the mushy terrain (which is also new for the human character), or that if they rest on grass or water lanes, they will heal faster.

With this update, the alien world is also closer to the original vision of it teeming with life. You're now able to hitch young time whales! Also, more alien animals are coming.

Becides animals there have been some other small changes and bug fixes. For full details, check out the changelog below.



- Added Animals
- There are 4 new animals
- Animals can be taken and used just like vehicles
- Animals include animations for moving on land, water and air, dead or alive, manned or unmanned
- Animals include sound effects
- NPC animals use a modified AI, different from NPC vehicles
- Animals can be manned or unmanned, visually
- Medikit now heals and revives all animals in inventory, besides healing player
- Animals' health regenerates over time, like player's
- Some animals feed on certain lanes, which speeds their health recovery
- Animals' lifespan can be seen in the database
- Animals can charge
- NPC animals can be scared off by aliens or noise
- Animals cannot be upgraded, have only one color variant and don't collect dirt

- Alien world now features Alien Younglings
- Alien world appears in the first stages again, now that it's more fun
- Decreased chance of additional aliens appearing


- Player character and animals now dip in mushy lanes, just like vehicles
- Player character will rest shortly after physical strain
- Gas stations will explode if going through them on fire (but will refuel first)


- Recharging blue indicator now also shows lanes with overhead wires, if having a pantograph


- Fixed alien's shaddow clipping on lanes in 16:9
- Fixed non-powered vehicles going slow when equipped with an engine
- Fixed a bug with vehicles older than 1996 not spamming horn when damaged
- Fixed fast-scroll year change button for gamepads being wrongly positioned in 16:10
- Fixed alerts being drawn over tutorial's "Continue..." text
- Fixed recharge suggestion blinking when game over
- Fixed vehicle suggestion tutorial appearing immediately affter the minimap tutorial
- A few more bugfixes and tweaks

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to make a post on the forum!

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“Absolutely a game that I needed to write about right now”
PC Gamer

“It spells a damn good game, with a high level of replayability”
Final Boss Fight

About This Game

Switchcars is a vehicular roguelike arcade set in a broken spacetime. Escape alien beasts through procedural environments, using more than 1,000 vehicles. All you need to do is reach the year 2055. In theory.

You are probably not going to make it. Not the first time, not the second, but perhaps the 100th? Every round is different, and you'll get better over time, so crack your knuckles and show those alien beasts who's the master of vehicular arts, the ultimate escaper of Earth, the unintended interdimensional time traveler scientist-man of pure vehiculative efficiency! Or, get struck by a bus and try again.


  • New kind of gameplay

    Switch instantly between vehicles in your inventory to move as fast as possible.

  • 1,000 vehicles

    Nearly all kinds you can imagine, all driveable, with different behaviors. There's a bit more than a thousand actually, and more is yet to come.

  • Procedural environments

    Forests, streets, ice plains, outer space, train yards, minefields - Around 100 unlockable types of terrain, diverse traffic to dodge, as well as more than 150 static scenery objects.

  • Time travel

    The playable years are 1950 to 2055. The point in time dictates available vehicles and environments, but also difficulty. Can you make it to the end and get an interstellar spaceship, the ultimate vehicle?

  • Vehicle upgrades

    Rocket-propelled motorcycle with caterpillar tracks and machine guns? Yes! There are 40 powerups that can be used on any vehicle, altering their performance and appearance.

  • Content browser

    Browse vehicles, lanes or powerups you've unlocked. See how many you haven't seen yet.

  • Immensely replayable

    Due to agile gameplay and procedural nature of the game, the rounds are always different, relatively short and unpredictable - in classic action roguelike manner.

  • High fidelity

    Crunchy crashes, distinctive and colorful pixel art, highly detailed sound and original adaptive music.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT / Ati Radeon 9800XT
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT / Ati Radeon 9800XT
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Very Positive (258 reviews)
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2.0 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 19
One of my favorite game! I Buyed some for my Friends! Great Work! 10/10!
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25.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 16
Hard to say exactly why I find this to be so much fun, unless "Using a rocket propelled laser blasting armored ice cream cart to run away from a giant alien fish" works. Or maybe a solar powered teleporting racecar on tank treads. Or a steam train on skis with a rocket launcher. Or a non-giant alien fish. Or maybe a cow. Or all of them.
Also, you can put nearly any powerup on nearly any vehicle, regardless of if it's a good or bad idea.
Hot air balloons and tanks do not mix.
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4.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 14
Wow. Who would have though this game is this good. Really addictive and fun.
Constantly changing cars and trying to get some strategy while dodging aliens.
Control is something you need to get used to, gamepad works better that keyboard to my mind.
Fast-paced and fun.
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4.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 13
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6.6 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 13
awesome , only one thing it is missing- steam workshop- it would bring in lots of new vehicles and terrains whith would be easy to make and make even more options
Helpful? Yes No Funny
5.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: August 6
Very addictive, controls can take a while to get used to as you're constantly switching and forgetting which keys to press though.
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0.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 29
This game is brilliant. It's hard to classify as it contains a number of interesting arcade elements which work together. I suggest watching a video: if it looks exciting to you then you will probably find it plays that way too.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
83.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 21
Windows 10 kinda ruined it...

I downloaded the app pre-10 and had it for a while. I LOVED THE GAME very much. Unlike other Steam games, which I stopped playing after a while, I kept coming back to Switchcars time and again. However, since I upgraded to Windows 10, it got really laggy. I don't know if it's my PC or if it's the game, because I got Windows 10 after the most recent update. Bets are it's my PC. Aside from my PC being laggy, this game is SOLID. Music is great and, having played the game several times, doesn't get annoying. Glitches are far and few between, the controls are easy to remember, yet complicated enough to give you a challenge, and the level design and sheer amount of vehicles are just fantastic. Windows 10/10 would drive baby aliens again.
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2.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 8
I've never had so much fun slaming fast first into the back of a train.
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5.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: July 7
Switch! Switch! Switch!


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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 6
Very addictive, controls can take a while to get used to as you're constantly switching and forgetting which keys to press though.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
64 of 75 people (85%) found this review helpful
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3.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 5
Giant alien worm thing chasing you? Check. Hundreds of vehicles to use in your escape? Check. Loads of stuff to keep you interested? Eh.

Switchcars is a vehicular rogue-like that feels a bit like a not-so-endless runner game. You begin as early as the 1950s (by default you start in the 80s), your goal is to drive your way to the 2050s while running away from what is best described as a giant, green killer whale. After three hours of playing what are generally five minute runs, I’m nowhere near beating the game but I’m also nowhere near giving up. Switchcars is pretty simple, because of this, you’re either going to like the game or hate it.

Full Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the developer.

The idea of being a tiny little human running away from a giant alien is a daunting one. Thankfully, Switchcars gives you just enough help to make this task possible, even if it is incredibly difficult. For the most part, you won’t even find yourself dead at the hands of the alien, you’ll find yourself splattered on one end of a high speed train or car. That’s what Switchcars really comes down to, switching between different vehicles.

You can store up to three vehicles (that includes whatever you’re using) so providing you’re able to keep three good vehicles on you and you don’t crash too often then it’s actually quite easy to stay far enough ahead of the alien to reach safe zones (placed at the end of each one of ten stages a run consists of) with ease. Sadly that only happens in an ideal world, one filled with vehicles that are all super awesome.

The game currently has one thousand vehicles in it spread out across the years, many of them with names. Ranging from tractors to racing cars, paragliders to jets and canoes to submarines. Of course, not all of these vehicles are as fast as a race car, or as armoured as a tank and so you’ll often have to make do with something slower or weaker. These are the really challenging parts of the game, the parts where you’ll need to quickly switch between vehicles in order to keep going and stay ahead of the alien.

Every vehicle has a fuel and health bar and some vehicles also have abilities. Fuel is obviously drained by simply using the vehicle but there are refuelling points along the way, as well as repair points. The health bar of a vehicle is drained by, you guessed it, damaging the vehicle which happens when you crash into something or drive into lava, that kind of thing. For the most part, a vehicle’s ability is just a horn (or siren for emergency vehicles), it’s the more specialised vehicles that have the ‘cool’ abilities, like fighter jets with missile launchers or submarines with the ability to go underwater. Offensive abilities can be used to blow up obstacles in your path and even kill the alien chasing you (not sure what effect that has on a run since I haven’t pulled this off yet.)

Speaking of paths, Switchcars has nine different lanes for you to drive, fly, or swim through. Six of these lanes are ground lanes, ranging from grassland to water canals to train tracks and the other three are for airborne vehicles. Airborne vehicles can travel along ground lanes too but generally there’s more traffic, and therefore more to crash into, down there. There are a hell of a lot of different lane types and most of the vehicles are only suited to one or two different types of lane so you’ll need to change up your vehicle roster accordingly when you enter a new area with new lanes.

Now, though it does sound like it’s all about the vehicles, you’re actually able to get around on foot rather well thanks to a grappling hook. It’s pretty effective at pulling you towards stationary objects and speeding you up but it’s most effective when you pull yourself towards something going incredibly fast, such as a race car. Not only will you be able to catch up to a vehicle you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, it’ll also pull you through the level a helluva lot quicker than you would have been going, even if you were in the vehicle you’re after.

Before I move on to the negatives, I’ll quickly mention powerups, of which there are forty in the game. The powerups are dotted throughout the levels and range from machine gun turret attachments to helium balloons that’ll let you fly even the largest of cars. As long as the powerups don’t conflict, i.e. you can’t use two ability powerups, you can use as many of them as you want and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many you can carry.

Although I have been enjoying the game thus far, it certainly has its negatives, one more important than the rest. You basically see all the game has to offer in the first two minutes of gameplay. Sure, the addictive nature of the game has been enough to keep me playing for just over three hours but in its current state will I go back and play more? Probably not. There are basic unlocks, like new lanes and later starting years, but there’s nothing that changes what is already a very simple game. There’s just not enough here to keep the game interesting for more than a couple of hours. You can see from some of the forum discussions that the lack of complexity means some people just don’t enjoy the game full stop. That may be the case for you as well, all I can say to that end is that I have enjoyed it but I do understand why others have not. It’s worth remembering that Switchcars has only just released in Early Access, so there’s every chance that it’ll be improved to a point where there is enough complexity to keep it interesting for longer but this review is about the game’s current state, not what it may become.

I do have a couple of other issues with the game. The first, and hopefully soon to be fixed (this’ll be updated accordingly) is the complete lack of resolution support, Switchcars only runs in 1280x800 (16:10) which means anyone with a higher resolution monitor will have big black bars at the top and bottom of the screen as well as the game being slightly stretched out. The second technical issue I have is the complete lack of options, you have a control configuration menu, a fullscreen toggle, a music toggle and a camera shake option. That’s it. Taking the resolution support issue into consideration, the least I would have expected is a music and sound effect slider rather than just a toggle for music. Lastly, I did come across a few parts in a number of runs where there are no vehicles and nothing that you can use to pull yourself along with the grappling hook. This can be avoided by keeping a couple of backup vehicles of course but those may well run out of fuel or breakdown, especially as some terrain types damage vehicles (or the player if you’re on foot). I didn’t have this happen to me too many times but, as some people have said in the forums, these parts really slow the game down and I found myself losing the run either during these sections or shortly after.


Switchcars may be too simplistic for some but for others it’ll be an entertaining and addictive experience, perhaps not for long enough to warrant a full price purchase though. If you think the game, even with its lack of complexity, is something you’ll enjoy then go for it, if not hold off for a sale or wait for it to get further along the development process to see if anything changes.

Lone Ranger Reviews.

El K.
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50 of 58 people (86%) found this review helpful
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23.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 5
Car! Yes, just what I need for this road... which is now a river.
BOAT! Yes, here we go! Some real speed on this... train track.
Um... OH A TRAIN! Here we go. Making some real progress on this... dirt road.
Time to grapple over to that small river and bring out my boat... which I just crashed into something and it's on fire.

At least I'm not being chased by a giant worm.
*roar is heard in the distance*
And THERE is the giant worm.
Grapple away... into a house. Game over.

Switchcars: Rated W for Worm.
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23 of 29 people (79%) found this review helpful
11.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 4
804 days ago I attended a Game Dev Gathering in Belgrade. Met a lot of nice people who were interested in games, particularly in making ones by themselves. One event was the star of that day. One dude brought a demo of a game he was working on for some time. The game was called Switchcars. I was actually the first one there to give the game a go, later there were bunch of people around that laptop constantly exchanging places around controls and cheering how the game is awesome. Real inspirational stuff. :)

Just had a very interesting 2 hour session with the game and I can say that it hasn't lost any of it's charm but that it is even enhanced in that department. And since it's still in development we can only expect that this game will just get better and better.
It's a unique game with very addictive gameplay. One of those titles that you can play in small sessions but also lose yourself in for hours. Lots of "small touches of love" that just warm up your gaming heart while you play.

My wholeheartedly recommendations for this game, and I wish great sales numbers to the developer, he surely earned it with his hard work and unswayed commitment to this wonderful project!
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23 of 33 people (70%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
0.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 4
Just got the game from the monthy humble bunde. Given the price, I'd say its definitely worth it. This is one of those games you will play when you are bored or when waiting in queue for another game. All in all good fun for the price they ask.
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 8
What is Switchcars?

A simple but unique running game jammed packed with insane amount of vehicles (Cars, Boats, Planes, Helicopters, etc.) and they do not last forever, forcing you to make that crucial decision, "Do I keep this car and continue on for a refuel platform or do I swap my superfast car for a moped as a replacement to keep going?". Luckly you get three slots to bank your vehicles and some of the vehicles themselves have abilities, and if thats not enough there is also power ups which you can pick up and use, by using the power ups it will upgrade the current vehicle.

Switchcars will be throwing you through many different terrains to traverse over, giving vehicles advantages and disadvantages.

While running for your life you have been given a small timer, to give you a headstart to run as far as you can before the overly sized alien belly flops into your screen towards you. As you are making your way, dodging pass hazards and changing lanes for the safe zone, tension builds as you suddenly end up being chased by the overly sized alien, trying your best to get away from it at exhilarating speed, it always manage to get closer, destroying your vehicles and hindering you, until you are dead.

The game just gets your blood pumping with a big fat smile to go with it. Now you do have a goal and it is to reach year 2055, as you get near to your goal more and more aliens will show up but what could be waiting for you in 2055? Well that is for you to find out.

My Experience

This game has a lot of unlockables which is great, it adds lots of content for a small game and many possiblity to the outcome of your escape or death which is more than other simple running games I have seen.

I had tons of fun playing it but I did find the controls confusing at first, getting my button presses muddle up since you have to be in human form in order to take cars into the slot of your choice.

Now I don't know whether its because of the graphic or simply because I am going blind but going at super sonic speed in this game just messed up my eyes, it was really hard to see but I was having so much fun I didn't let it ruin my fun.

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
55.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 20
Steam recommended this game on release day so I checked out the videos and it looked interesting. Over the course of the next week I watched a few let's plays which looked better and better, and saw how active the dev is with answering questions - you can see the guy's passion for this game, and he alludes to some really cool future features.

Realizing this is early access, I am having a TON of fun with this game. After splattering my head a number of times during the first hour, I find the game is pretty easy to learn. Once you understand the controls it's a matter of experimenting with the mechanics to optimize your game play, but I feel like mastering this game still takes long enough to keep you coming back.

The first few games I played I either died immediately (either splattering my head on a car/bus/plane/house, or jumping out of a car and getting run over on a racetrack) but after ~5 hours of playing I can regularly get to stage 7/8. The unlocking system is really cool as the more challenging terrains only unlock once you get past a certain stage - the first time I was in the space stage it was pretty nuts, and the alien world where you can spawn 4 aliens if you don't have a car are hilarious.

Even death can be funny as most games don't last more than 10 minutes, which I think makes this a rogue-like for people who don't normally like perma death. You also have a graphical tally of all the cars you've used that run which is really fun to watch for some reason. Each car you enter gets entered into a database which for completionists like me is great - with over 1000 cars I'm at 400 so far and loving it!

One of the best things about this game though, is of course the cars! You can store 3 cars to be swapped between at any time, and can always ditch a saved car for a new one. The variety is staggering, and the small details in the pixel art is amazing (drive through a muddy level and your vehicle will get mud on it, that will slowly clean off as your drive away). One of my early games I drove through a battlefield and got 3 different tanks, which I used to get stage 7, swapping when running out of fuel and blasting everything out of my way, including killing 6 or so aliens - very satisfying!

When not in a car, you have the ability to run around on foot with a permanent grappling hook which you can use to catapult yourself forward dodging the object as you approach, drag yourself closer to a vehicle to hop into it (several initial runs will be lost when learning how to enter the car as you as speeding towards it). Most of the time you'll only be in the "on foot" stage for a split second as the swap cars.

Scattered throughout the levels are powerups which range from cosmetic to amazing. Repair all/ refuel all are fairly common (and highly useful), but there is something very satisfying with turning a battleship armed with rockets into an offroad vehicle, arm a sports car with a tank's cannon. Because each object has a mass of their own, the lighter vehicles smash into pieces when hitting a heavy object/vehicle, but the big heavy vehicles can plow through almost anything. The battleship mentioned above eventually was given nitrous (replacing the rockets - doh!) and smashed through EVERYTHING it ran into. One of my first wow moments was finding and entering a stationary WW2 cannon, storing it for use when aliens showed up and swapping to it to blast them to pieces, eventually adding a fuel engine powerup so I can drive it.

To sum it up, this game is very very promising for early access. There are some quirks to work out, but the game ran bug-free for me and was highly enjoyable. Also if you don't always have time for longer gaming sessions, this is a great game to load up for a few runs.

Very excited to see what new updates have in store!

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Early Access Review
Posted: March 10
This review may be read in full below or you can view the review with glorious formatting and pictures in the Early Evaluation originally posted on Vox Ludicus - Living life a quarter mile at a time

A couple days ago, the people over at the Humble Bundle finally dropped their monthly bundle. There were a few standout games that caught my eye but i will be honest, Switchcars was not one of those games. However, once I decided to load up this ‘vehicular rogue-like’ game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like finding that elusive piece of pizza that had been sitting at the back of the fridge for days, sure I was hesitant to try it at first, but after going for it, I was glad I did.

‘Switchcars’ was developed by Slobodan Stevic, originally a 3d artist who worked on several games in the industry including, but not limited to, Space Engineers and Infinity: Battlescape. This experience is immediately evident as Switchcars boasts some impressive graphical details. The pixel art is distinct and colorful and your vehicle can get coated in mud and slime. The alien worm antagonist stands out vividly, with its bright green exterior and its hulking frame. One nitpick would be that the resolution seems to be currently locked at 1200×800, and as a result this leads to black bars on the screen when using a high resolution monitor.

What is the goal of Switchcars? It is simple, you need to travel from the 1950s to the 2050s whilst at the same time trying to avoid becoming dinner for a tenacious and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off Alien worm. To achieve this, you have to constantly switch between vehicles. The game also features 9 different lanes. This may seem straightforward until you realize that the terrain also changes at set intervals during each stage. That car that you just had? Yeah it is in the river now. That is a nice train you have there, shame you are now on the road. This leads to some intense and nail biting moments where you have to think on your feet and also have a contingency plan in place. You are able to save vehicles in 3 different slots but each vehicle can get damaged and depending on the vehicle type, will need fuel. There are 40 different power ups scattered across the 10 stages, some of these can upgrade your cars to get special abilities, like a helium balloon that allows you to take your car into the air, or a nifty turret that will destroy anything that was unlucky enough to be in your path.

The game isn’t limited to just vehicular play. You can also roam around on foot and traverse the area with the help of a special grappling hook, although you have utilize this tool attentively or you may find yourself as road kill for the oncoming traffic. It was at these moments that I feel like a 2-bit Rico Rodriguez, grappling from car-to-car, furiously trying to get to the ‘safe zones’ at the end of each stage.

The game has a variety of different vehicles to fool around with. Currently there are 1,047 different vehicles you can utilize in your bid to escape the aforementioned hungry alien worm. There are also 101 different types of terrains, this leads to the need for constant micro-managing of your 3 slots as you need to ensure that you have the different types of vehicle, be it a plane or a bike or even a train, to survive the game’s ever changing terrain. I have yet to master these tools and ascend to stage 10,but unlike Sisyphus, the rock shall one day stay atop the mountain and I will reach stage 10!

It must also be noted that the game does have a few problems. Apart from the resolution issue, there is also no way to turn down the game’s sound. Only an option to turn on or off. Although I am sure the developer is aware and working on this. The game can also get quite repetitive once you have mastered the initial mechanics. This can get frustrating for players looking for more depth in the game. However, as the game is still in early access, the developer still has time to address these issues. Currently it is very fun is bite-sized chunks.

Overall, just like in the game, there is still a long road for the developer to traverse. So far, the charm and fun that can be had from these short ‘runs’ through the game have been well worth my time. This game has only been released in early access on steam so I am sure there will be future updates that address some of the issues and improve upon the game play. So far it has been a fun and chaotic romp through the game’s stages. One day I shall reach the space craft in 2050!
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 25
Ladies and Gents, here it is, a perfect example why we need indie games!
Switchcars is definition of indie game!

Even that I'm not biggest fan of rogue-like especially runner games, I fell in love with this one from first minutes of playing.

+Textures and models
+Mass variety of vehicles, maybe the most of all-time in games
+High replayability
+Did I say it's FUN?!

- I Teleports?! I think they are unnecessary and I do not like them^^

Just fuc%#g buy it!
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 1
Tried to switch cars, but then realized I was trying to drive a tree...
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