Niche - a genetics survival game is a turn-based strategy game combined with simulation and roguelike elements. Shape your own species of animals based on real genetics. Keep your species alive against all odds, such as predators, climate change and spreading sickness.
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Utgivelsesdato: 15. sep, 2016

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Early Access-spill

Få umiddelbar tilgang og spill med en gang; bli involvert i spillet mens det utvikles.

Merk: Dette Early Access-spillet er ikke ferdig og vil muligens endres ytterligere. Hvis du ikke føler for å spille dette spillet slik det er akkurat nå, burde du vente for å se om spillet utvikles videre. Lær mer

Hva utviklerne har å si:

Hvorfor Early Access?

“If you are not interested in joining Niche’s development process, we encourage you to wait for the full release in Q3 2017. The game still misses a few features and polishing.

We love to work together with our community to create an entertaining and unique game. Our playtester group provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions during the early stages of the development. Early Access allows us to easily collaborate with interested people in order to evolve Niche into its final form.”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i Early Access?

“We want to release the full version only when we and the community think that the game is ready. We estimate that this will be in Q3 2017.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen vil være forskjellig fra Early Access-versjonen?

“The final version of the game will have more content and features. We are going to add additional genes, biomes, plants, preys, etc. Existing features and controls will also be more polished.”

Hva er nåværende tilstand på Early Access-versjonen?

“This is a beta version of the game. It is neither content nor feature complete.
The game currently features over 70 genes, 3 biomes and 8 islands.”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter Early Access?

“The final price is going to be lower than the Early Access price.”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“The people who love Niche are a vital part of our development process. Features we implement are discussed to gather feedback. We also encourage our community to suggest their own ideas.”
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13. september

Update 0.9 - Hybrids and Patterns

Hey pack!

We are just one more week away from Niche's full launch on September 21st.

After the launch, we want to keep expanding Niche with your ideas and feedback. In order to do so, Niche has to finance its further development.
Please help us to reach as many people as possible so we can keep Niche alive! Here is what you can do to help:

Thanks to all your support with testing, we are happy to now push the build with all the new features (such as a story mode, a tutorial, a new pattern system, hybrids, many new islands and much more) to the main branch for all players to enjoy. A huge THANK YOU to all testers!
Another huge THANK YOU goes to our translators who took the time and translated Niche to 8 languages!


We hope you enjoy the new build!

In case you keep playing with a now outdated save game, please remember you can always switch back to older branches:

If you encounter problems with the new update, please let us know here:

Thank you all very much for your time and support :)

Stray Fawn Studio
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23. august

Update Preview 0.5.5 - Release preview

Hey pack!

Things are getting serious.
We decided on a launch date: Thursday, September 21st 2017.
That is just four weeks from now! Until then all new versions will remain on their separate branches. On launch day they will be pushed on to the main branch. Now we need all the help we can get to make sure the release version runs like a charm, so all new pack members discovering the game on launch have a great time experiencing it for the first time ^^

Please note: If you just want to play and enjoy the game DON'T play this version. This version is for bug testing and feedback. Your game will automatically update itself as soon as the update runs well and is pushed to the main branch.

Please help us test this version and report feedback here:
In case you speak German, French, Spanish, Chinese or Russian, please play the game in your language and report translation issues :)

The launch will be an extremly important event for Niche and our studio. We would love to keep adding more features to the game and really hope it will sell well enough to enable us to do so. All infos about Niche’s future here:


What is new?
- Distinction between story and sandbox mode
+ selectable start islands in sandbox mode
- Tutorial (finally!)
- Steam achievements
- 5 available save slots
- Polishing and bug fixes
- Ui is completly reworked (It took me a while to get used to it xD)
- Localisation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian
(a huge thanks to our translators <3)

The tutorial includes a few references to the intro video (which is currently in production and looks awesome :D) which are probably a but confusing.


How to get the update:
> right click on Niche in your library
> click on properties
> select the beta tab
> select the dropdown and choose “release_preview"
> the game will update, please wait (restart Steam if the game is not updating)
> play :D
> report bugs and leave feedback here:

If you are a Youtuber/Streamer:
Please inform your viewers how to access the update and let them know it is a preview version.

This update features a lot of new content and we had to rebuild the game quite a bit. Because of this older save files will unfortunately not be compatible with this update.

We are really curious to hear if the game runs well on your computers now since we hope to have fixed some of the performance issues.

Known issues (currently fixing):
- Some animal textures (mainly for right paws) are misplaced
- Blue bird fly around weirdly
- Title screen not fit for all screen resolutions

Thank you all very much for your time and support :)

Stray Fawn Studio
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Om dette spillet

Niche - a genetics survival game is a fresh blend of turn-based strategy and simulation combined with roguelike elements.
Shape your own species of cat/fox/bear/dog-like animals based on real genetics. Keep your animals alive against all odds, such as hungry predators, climate change and spreading sickness.
If your species goes extinct the game is lost and your evolution needs to start anew.

Key Features:

  • Real genetics for breeding system
  • Over 100 genes to shape your species
  • Procedurally generated worlds and animals
  • 4 biomes featuring different predators, prey and flora to explore
  • Game mechanics inspired on population genetics

Games that inspired us:

  • Spore
  • Don’t Starve
  • The Creatures Series
  • Warrior Cats

Educational aspects:

While playing Niche, the player is introduced to the scientific mechanics of genetics (featuring dominant-recessive, co-dominant inheritance, etc). The game also features the five pillars of population genetics (genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, sexual selection). All knowledge is interwoven with the game-mechanics. This creates the effect of learning by playing.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Macintosh® OSX 10.8+
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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