Add support for XBox One wireless, steering wheels, microphones, flight sticks, and other controllers to Steam Link!
Blandede (16 anmeldelser) - 62% af de 16 brugeranmeldelser, fra de seneste 30 dage, er positive.
Blandede (84 anmeldelser) - 54% af de 84 brugeranmeldelser for denne software er positive.
Udgivelsesdato: 10. jun 2016

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18. februar

Updated virtualhere client to 3.9.6

Some users were reporting the client sometimes crashed immediately when starting, this build should fix this issue. Tested with a user already and they have confirmed it fixes it

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22. december 2016

Updated VirtualHere Client to 3.8.9

Fixes an issue where an in-use gaming device may prevent windows from shutting down quickly

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Om denne software

VirtualHere allows you to use the XBox One Wireless Controller, steering wheels, microphone, headphones, flight sticks, PS3 controllers, bluetooth adapters, and many other USB devices directly on your Steam Link!

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VirtualHere improves the compatibility of most gaming controllers because it transmits the actual USB signal between the Steam Link and the remote pc. The remote PC thinks the gaming controller is local to it, whereas really its plugged into your Steam Link. VirtualHere uses the Steam Link network connection as a USB cable and you can share up to 3 devices at a time with VirtualHere


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Styresystem: Windows XP
    • Styresystem: Windows 10
    • Styresystem: 10.8
    • Processor: 64-bit
    • Styresystem: 10.10
    • Yderligere bemærkninger: Does not yet support El-Capitan 10.11 or 10.12
    • Styresystem: Kernel 3.2
    • Styresystem: 4.4
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Blandede (84 anmeldelser)



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