Play your Steam games on any TV in the house with Steam Link. Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any computer running Steam. Then grab a controller and play your collection of games from the comfort of your couch.
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Release Date: Nov 10, 2015

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Wired network is strongly recommended.
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June 14

VirtualHere Introduces Xbox One Wireless Controller Support for Steam Link

Since its release last November, the Steam Link has connected thousands of people to the games they love with in-home streaming, leveraging the power of the PC in another room while gaming comfortably in front of the TV. Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve introduced support for things like 5.1 surround sound, USB headphones, and more. Most recently, we’ve partnered with VirtualHere to introduce add-on support for hundreds of additional USB devices with the use of their app by the same name. VirtualHere lets you operate your remote computer using any number of USB devices directly connected to your Steam Link.

VirtualHere offers other interesting features too, like remote access to software authorization devices, and USB-to-serial conversion. Get ready to dust off that old racing wheel and give it another go!

After running a successful single-device beta test in partnership with Steam Link, VirtualHere is now available for purchase on Steam. If you’ve found the beta as useful as we have, or are interested in giving it a shot, consider supporting VirtualHere with your purchase on Steam.

We are always looking out for ways to make the Steam Link better, and help partners bring you new features, so keep the feedback coming! Your input and ideas will help us continue to experiment, test, and improve all things Steam.

45 comments Read more

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About This Hardware

Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link


Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any computer running Steam. All that’s left to do is grab your favorite controller, kick back, and enjoy your collection of games from the comfort of your couch.


Steam Link is designed to take advantage of the horsepower you already have in your home, streaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its experience to your TV. Video and audio data is sent from your computer to the Steam Link, while your controller input is sent back in real time. Virtually every game that your computer runs can be played on your TV using Steam Link.

Hardware Specifications


  • 1080p resolution at 60 FPS
  • Wired 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet and Wireless 802.11ac 2x2 (MIMO) networking abilities
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI out
  • Supports Steam Controller (sold separately,) Xbox One or 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, or keyboard and mouse


  • Steam Link
  • Power cable and adapter
  • HDMI 2.0 cable
  • Ethernet cable


  • A host computer running SteamOS, or Steam Big Picture Mode on Windows Vista or newer, Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or newer.
  • A TV or display capable of running at 720p or 1080p resolution
  • Any of the input devices listed above
  • Home network connectivity to both Steam Link and host computer.Wired network strongly recommended.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
18 of 22 people (82%) found this review helpful
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Posted: September 23
It's $35 (on sale) for practically having a second gaming PC in the living room! Go play steam in your living room, seriously. (Requests for Valve below.)

Things to Like:
-Steam Link is very very good at decoding quickly, despite being cheap and small. Better at decoding than most PCs I'd say, and for a fraction of the cost.
-Works great! (In my experience at least.)
-Auto-off seems to work well. I have mine set at like 5min. Don't have to push a power button.

Usage Tips:
-Set TV to gaming mode.
-Use wired ethernet if you can
-Use a wired controller
-Try using display resolution + setting game to 720p.
-Try GPU encoding
-More powerful host computers will give better streaming experiences.

Requests for Valve for updates, or potential Steam Link V2.O:
-I'd appreciate a Steam Link V2.0 that is more powerful in hardware department, and don't mind if the box is a little bigger or slightly more expensive. This thing is so cool, more power is always good I feel. I wish I could get the same display latency at 720p and 1080p, and I feel the Steam Link is the bottleneck.
-More USB ports. 5-6 preferably, so can have 4 wired controllers and a kb/mouse. Remember how the game-cube had lots of controller ports all over the front?
-Add a tiny faint power light on the front. Nothing too big or bright, just a little something that shows when the thing is on.

Local saving with multiple profiles is still broken in 90% or more of steam games. :(

Overall, the Steam Link is a must own! I would definitely buy a Steam Link V2.0 if it's more powerful in the hardware and has a few other improvements.
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7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 12
Works like advertised.
I tried it with games like Elder Scrolls Online and Rocket League and everything was smooth.

- Super easy to install
- Works flawlessly (and it is not wired, I used it on wifi with games like ESO and Rocket League without any lag)
- Gives me both a console and a PC depending on which game I wanna play.
- Couches are so much more confortable than office chairs for long playthrough.
- I prefer my friends in the living room
- I can switch to hockey on tv and play during commercial without moving my fat ♥♥♥.

- Have to work a bit more to play non-steam games (most work well)
- Only 3 controller sockets, you need a Y to play with 4.

Best 50$ I spent recently.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 1
I initially bought this on a whim, mostly because I thought it would be cool to play my PC games on the living room TV. I was a bit skeptical that it would work but so far I've had little to no issues.
Setup was easy and quick. I'm currently using the Link wired through powerline, and it's worked flawlessly. I've experienced no noticable input latency, nor any frame drops or reduced performance due to the streaming.
I've been able to play some single player games as well as local co-op multiplayer games with it and had no problems. There was a small issue where connecting a Steam Controller and a Dualshock 4 controller caused the Link to show them as the same controller, but other than that the Steam Controller and the Dualshock 4 have worked perfectly.
Definitely recommend if you have a wired connection to support it.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Posted: October 2
Replaces the itch I feel for a console but with the greatness of Steam. Great device.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 16
Had a few problems at first but changed some settings on the computer and bought some better powerline adapters and it now works perfectly. Had fun playing 4 player couch co-op last night without a hitch. Great fun.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 15
For USD$50 (AUD$66) this embened arm device is great
it does lockup every now and then because it lacks a reset
switch and lacks power off switch/button

It does a great job of streaming your desktop of game
from your Windows PC to this little device . It works
with most wired keyboards and mice at 1080p 60fps

Its just a shame that Valve/Steam REFUSE to sell it
in Australia . Its been out since Oct 2015 and today
in Oct 2016 it still not on sale in our market ....

Australia invented wifi yet Ive seen stories about
some BS why the Steam Link and Steam controller
has issues with WIFI selling it in Australia

Then again AU store sells stuff at USD$20-USD$30
more then USA steam store and often geoblocks
or geo censors games too

Along with steam/valve not supporting a live http
contact help desk or direct email contact.

If you are in a country that you can buy this
I would recommend it

So far no Steam for linux on arm is available
so you cant make your own

I did manage to record Dirt Rally that was played
on an Xbox360 controller on the steam link here

Would be nice to have Steam Link v2 for AUD$55
on AU steam with power button and reset button
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 11
It's a great device for streaming your desktop. It has a few bugs here and there, but overall, as long as you use ethernet, you won't be dissapointed with it.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 12
Got this thing for my birthday with my Steam Controller.
Didn't think I was going to find much of a use for it with my (half-♥♥♥♥♥) Steambox leading the charge but it's actually pretty cool.
Tiny little device that almost magically teleports the big-♥♥♥-powerhouse-tower I have in my basement to any TV in the house.

Only one complaint. The power adapter. It's too big. With a little mucking about I found that the Link is perfectly happy running on only 5V1A... coming from the usb wall-wart... over the usb power cable I made... comes out to about half the size... perfect for the carrying case I found for it and my controller...

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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 6
It's a nice bit of hardware with a well made OS, but with a fiddly set up, even on my wired gigabit network it struggles to stream at 1440, so I've had to bump it down to 1080, but it matters little when I'm sat so far away from it. I wish the physical connection with the steam controller wireless dongle had some more thought put into it, it's the only "extra" thing that is almost always going to be plugged into it, so it would have been cool to have it somehow plug in flush with the steam link so it looked nicer....

If you really like playing on the sofa get it! If you only want it to make local multiplayer PC games a little bit more fun, get it on sale.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: October 6
I absolutely love this device. There is no significant latency while gaming over my 802.11n wireless network. The fact that it also pairs flawlessly with the Dual Shock 4 controller makes it even more awesome. I would highly recommend the Link™ to anyone wanting to game from the comfort of their bed or couch. The only downside is that many games rely primarily on a keyboard and mouse. This makes it awkward to use laying down. However, that is not the fault of this device and many games have excellent gamepad support.
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Recently Posted
Posted: October 23
Awesome device when using on a wired network (on Wifi it works ok)
I would reccommend the Link to anyone who wants to stream their games to their TV.

I have actually put my Gaming/Work PC into the Basement (where it can be as loud and hot as it wants) plugged in a HDMI dummy and Lan cable, and use it exclusively for streaming. The cool thing is, I also stream my CAD program to my (completely underpowered) notebook like this ;)

Anyway - the Steam Link is a really powerful and convenient little device (For anyone who is wondering: the lag is actually around 10ms lower than streaming to another PC ... so almost not noticeable - I get around 20-25ms)
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Posted: October 22
Let me answer the questions I had when I bought this:

- Does this work with WiFi? -
Not recommended that everything be on WiFi, but it's working just fine with the Link on WiFi and the computer on ethernet.

- Does it work with non-Steam games? -
Yes!... if you add them to your steam library (under your "Games" menu) If you're not in Steam itself, sort of simulates a mouse with the analog sticks (I assume that's how the steam controller works)

- What controllers does it work with? -
Works just fine with 360, Xbone, and Dualshock 4 controllers, without the need for third-party.

- How well does it run? -
Weirdly, it seems to vary with each game. GTA V runs great, Dark Souls III runs okay, Shadow of Mordor has had almost unbearable stutters. (all of these are a relatively steady 60hz on my rig) I don't understand this technology super well, so maybe somebody else gets why this is.

Got it on sale for $35, and I don't regret it at all. Love playing certain games on the TV, and that's one less thing to consider when deciding on a PC or Console version. It's up to you how much that convenience is worth.
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Posted: October 21
We have two of these in the house (one in the bedroom, one in the living room). The house is all wired up so I have no idea how it performs on wifi but wired it is flawless. No noticable input lag. Picture is great. If you are running a game for the first time it might behave a bit wonky as it does first time installs and you might have to go to your PC to click some stuff.

Overall this works much better for us than our previous setup (we had a NUC running windows for game streaming in the living room and it had some stutter issues). Oh, and the setup is a breeze. Mere minutes to connect it up and start streaming games. Two thumbs up
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Posted: October 21
Got this to play games on my 73 inch tv with a controller, the problem is without the "steam controller" very few games will let you use a controller, most will only accept a keyboard mouse configuration. maybe with updates this will change but its more than a year after release and this doesn't look to be getting better.
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Posted: October 20
Great for when you have to have your computer in the other room.
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Posted: October 20
Works great. Nice for when I dont want to sit at the computer to play.
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Posted: October 19
Heard about this online, And had to try it. Gamestop had it on sale for 35$, so I snagged it up. I'm a hardcore gamer, so we already had an ethernet based network in our home(wifi doesn't cut it when you're looking at ping). This thing worked great out of the box. You can plug in either a corded xbox 360/xbox one controller or get the usb dongle from microsoft for using xbox-one/360 controllers on PC, and use wireless controllers. It comes with an HDMI cable with a decent length. It has 3 usb ports on the device, but I bet a USB hub would work to add a few more ports. A bonus feature of the Steam Link, and Steam itself, is that you can add other games to the Steam Library, and launch them from Steam and stream them to your PC. I've purchased games from Origin and GOG, these were easily added and played via the Steam Link. You can also connect a portable keyboard & mouse(or a wired one), Bluetooth(may require a bluetooth dongle plugged into the SteamLink, not sure) or otherwise, and play games requiring a mouse and keyboard on your TV. Playing league of Legends in my Living Room at the coffee table while eating breakfast has never been so easy.
So.... YES! Buy the Steam Link. As long as you have a stable ethernet connection between your PC and the Steam link, you're good to go. Wifi with this device sucks(but it does have in-built wifi support), but other reviews say a PowerPlug-Ethernet Adapter works as a solution if you can't run ethernet cords all over your house. Oh yeah, you can also browse the web from Big Picture mode in Steam and watch Youtube Videos from it streaming from ur PC to the TV. I've also managed to watch a few internet videos over it, although true HD seems to stutter a bit sometimes.
It's a steal for 35$, and still a quality buy for 50$. The games will still run on your PC, it won't magically run the games for you, but it can make gaming with the family/friends a lot more accessible on the PC.
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Sensei Aaron
Posted: October 18
I'm sorry but playing with about 0.5s input delay and 20-30fps is absolutely not do-able. That's with the box wired and all. Very disappointed in this product. The only thing it's good for is movies, but my PC has a better display so even that is only useful when I'm watching with friends. Which would be never. So it's basically useless.

I'm keeping it in case I ever get someone to watch movies with, but I still payed money for the gaming feature and that just doesn't work properly. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this machine.
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Posted: October 17
its ok, need change the streaming setup
bandwidth limit to 25MBit/s
resolution to 1080p
and cant normaly play
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Posted: October 17
Does what it says, virtualhere is a must though.
Helpful? Yes No Funny