RoboBlitz™ 是一个风趣幽默、基于现实的动作游戏,充满创新的小装备、武器、人物和环境。 玩家将扮演多功能机械人 Blitz,任务是通过一套年久失修的空间炮,从一群丧心病狂的宇宙海盗手上拯救他的世界。 在 7 种不同环境中进行 19 级解密和高强度行动 幽默诙谐的人物和独特的武器 完全根据物理原理驱动游戏 先进的机械人模拟和控制理论 采用 Unreal® Engine...
用户评测: 褒贬不一 (42 篇评测) - 42 篇用户评测中有 69% 为好评。
发行日期: 2006年11月7日


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RoboBlitz Scores High On IGN has a review of RoboBlitz, the debut title from Naked Sky Entertainment. Editor Steve Butts writes, "Powered by Unreal Engine 3, this action game is short, sweet and stunning to look at."


RoboBlitz™ 是一个风趣幽默、基于现实的动作游戏,充满创新的小装备、武器、人物和环境。 玩家将扮演多功能机械人 Blitz,任务是通过一套年久失修的空间炮,从一群丧心病狂的宇宙海盗手上拯救他的世界。

  • 在 7 种不同环境中进行 19 级解密和高强度行动
  • 幽默诙谐的人物和独特的武器
  • 完全根据物理原理驱动游戏
  • 先进的机械人模拟和控制理论
  • 采用 Unreal® Engine 3


    此游戏构建于 Unreal® Engine 3 之上。 安装 RoboBlitz 时,会提醒您下载并安装最新的视频驱动程序。

    最低配置: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2,Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0GHz 或 AMD Athlon™ XP 2000+,512 MB RAM,400MB 硬盘空间,nVidia® Geforce® 6600 或 ATI Radeon® X800 显卡(256 MB RAM 显存),DirectX 版本 9.0c

    建议配置: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2,Intel® Pentium® Extreme Edition 3.2GHz 或 AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+,1 GB RAM,400MB 硬盘空间,nVidia® Geforce® 7800 或 ATI Radeon® X1800显卡(256 MB RAM 显存),DirectX 版本:9.0c



    • Radeon® X1950 XTX
    • Radeon® X1900 系列
    • Radeon® X1800 系列
    • Radeon® X1600 系列
    • Radeon® X1300 系列
    • Radeon® X850 系列
    • Radeon® X800 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X800 XT 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X1800 XT 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X1800 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X1600 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X1300 系列
    • Mobility™ Radeon® X800 系列


    • GeForce 6600 系列
    • GeForce 6800 系列
    • GeForce 7600 系列
    • GeForce 7800 系列
    • GeForce 7900 系列
    • GeForce 7950 系列
    • GeForce Go 7400 系列
    • GeForce Go 7800 系列
    • GeForce Go 7900 系列
34 人中有 31 人(91%)觉得这篇评测有价值
7.6 小时(记录在案的)
Roboblitz has a lot of nice ideas. The ability to pick up, carry, and swing around objects is a unique mechanic, and you'll use it often and to great amusement throughout the game. Everything is affected by physics, which can lead some some really fun and dynamic gameplay.

One of the most notable things that sets this game apart is the fact that each set of levels has its own distinct theme, and will have you performing wildly different objectives from the others; the result is that each feels like its own smaller game. This is a really interesting way of keeping things fresh throughout the adventure.

Roboblitz also features great visuals, and good sound design. The game isn't necessarily without its flaws (some weird physics occasionally, a couple of the bosses are really difficult), but it's definitely worth playing through. Fun little game.

I should note that, particularly in boss encounters, this game can present quite a number of bugs, which can lead to some very frustrating repetition. If this isn't for you, you may want to stay away (or take advantage of some sneaky console commands to help you get past buggy bosses).
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8 人中有 7 人(88%)觉得这篇评测有价值
有 2 人觉得这篇评测很欢乐
0.6 小时(记录在案的)
I just bought this game only to write a review on Steam. I finished it years ago and I still remember how fun, addicting and joyful experience it was. A game full of humor, action, and puzzle solving. If there only were achievements... I would have got 'em all for sure!
I remember I cried when I finished it. Just don't remember was that because of fun or drama... You know what, I gonna replay this gem title once again just to find that out.
Ten stars.
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7 人中有 6 人(86%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.6 小时(记录在案的)
Not a terrible game. Decent puzzle mechanics. Bugs kill the game though. Fighting the same boss a couple dozen times because it won't properly follow its script or getting stuck in a wall for some reason. If you pick up an object at the wrong angle, you literally move at a snail's pace. Recommend only if part of an indie bundle.
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5 人中有 4 人(80%)觉得这篇评测有价值
11.3 小时(记录在案的)
Ok, I will not lie, this game IS short, very very short, but its mechanics are very nice, and even not being long and hard it can give you tons of fun, about 5 Hours of gameplay only, what is pretty sad =/, but even those 5 hours are very enjoyable, also, it comes with a level editor what makes it even more enjoyable, I dont know if you can download and play user made levels but you probrably can.
Even with all the bad aspects such as short and kinda easy I certainly recommend that game. =)
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9 人中有 6 人(67%)觉得这篇评测有价值
0.7 小时(记录在案的)
Heyyo, the frist Retail game to come out on the Unreal Engine 3, this is one fun action / puzzle game. It's not uber-graphics, but the physics and sound effects are fantastic. :)
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