Set in the distant future, man has evolved beyond flesh and bone and is now one with the machine. Your journey starts as a young Terran pilot, taking your first steps into the galaxy. Build and fly massive capital class warships in real time combat, create factions, corporations and more.
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Release Date: Mar 21, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Heathen's Terran is an ambitious project which makes use of emerging technologies; quality of content and stability of performance are the key deliverables the Heathen team wants to bring to you - the gamer.

The Terran Early Access effort is meant to provide a channel for those gamers most excited for the game and who want to contribute to its final development and testing phases. Know that we have released Terran into Early Access well ahead of its 'feature complete' state such that the community can influance the implamentation of the design.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Terran has been in Early Access (Phase 1) since March of 2016 and entered Phase 2 of the Early Access plan in April of 2017. While Phase 1 was not intended to run as long as it has each phase’s run time is dependent on the nature of the feedback received.

Phase 2 of Early Access presents a more complete game and has the goal of bringing Terran to the ‘feature complete’ stage of development. This Phase is expected to last on order of 6 months based on being considered a ‘faster’ phase than the prior.

Phase 3 (final phase) of Early Access is again planned to run notably faster than the prior phase (Phase 2) though cannot be accurately predicted at this time.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Phase 2 (current phase) is focused on delivering the full feature set of the game however most of the narrative and a healthy portion of content such as ship parts, contacts, specific star systems and more will be reserved for Phase 3 or completely reserved till full release to save from spoilers until the underlying mechanics are solidified.

Empire building, character development, contacts and companions, ship building, fleet management and command and control are available in their preview or early forms now and will be further refined and expanded upon during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Early Access plan. The resulting ‘full’ game is planned to be a large expansive galaxy where players can choose their path, change their mind, explore and conquer in a perpetually evolving galactic landscape.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Terran has entered Phase 2 of the Early Access plan and has recently undergone major updates. Core gameplay features such as empire building, ship building, fleet management, contacts and character development are in early ‘preview’ states with frequent updates planned to bring them ‘complete’ in preparation for Phase 3.

VR support, multi-language support and modding support are not yet available and will be introduced in later updates.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“No - we do not intend to change the price due to change in the Early Access status of the game. The Early Access program is a means to get involved with the development and help refine the game. If you are not sure Terran is for you, we encourage you to hold off, bookmark the page and see how the game develops.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Phase 1 community efforts provided valuable feedback but also had its short comings. Heathen Engineering is dedicated to this project and the community that is developing around it. We are actively looking to improve our community support and currently have presence on Facebook, Twitter, IndieDB and of course Steam.

The Trello roadmap and Terran home page provide an in-depth view of the game, the lore and the development team working to build it all while the Steam Community Hub serves as Terran’s official community home.”
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Recent updates View all (15)

May 7

Beta Patch 412

Patch 412 is available now on the beta branch. Don’t know how to access beta? Read this.

Patch Notes
This week the dev team has been focused on the stellar assets (planets in this case) and the foundation of population growth and development. We are working on information updates for the Terran home page with more details on the topic world, types, resource and improvement.

Getting to know stellar assets.

The first step in securing your first world is to find an available ‘asset’, for the Sector K72 patch have a look at the J40 system. Next you need to ‘scan’ the asset, this process will identify the world and its general make up including any special traits it may have such as unique flora or fauna, primitive inhabitants and so on. Finally you will ‘claim’ the asset, this process will deploy a command tower station in orbit and enables you to manage the assets development.

Over the next few patches the development team will be focused on balancing population growth and resource consumption rates. The nature of assets has been adjusted to ignore improvement capacity and the populations are not calculating cultural factors e.g. its free build mode. This will change as growth patterns are settled. The final form will see each planet type present a given capacity for improvement further modified by the planets size. Non-planet assets are similarly effected though by different factors. Cultural influence will be introduce along with political mechanics as we near the end of Sector K72’s beta cycle.

We shuffled around a number of the internal variables between the main profile save file and meta data save file to improve flexibility and decrease disk IO. The change should notably improve save and load times as well as resolve several serialization related bugs.

Additional work refining the rendering of text was done in this weeks patch; this will be an on-going item.

NAN errors; several conditions were found where in SIM Vectors (culture) and other such structures would deserialize to NAN causing subsequent math operations to fail. These have been corrected and safety checks put in place to recover existing data in the event an element is effected by the problem.

Changes have been made to the underlying data model for assets and improvements introducing new functionality and simplifying the resources structure. These changes will invalidate previous saves but offer a cleaner solution than attempting to maintain backward compatibility. Of course post release we will not make deliberate changes that invalidate save files however as this is beta cleaner is preferable to backward compatibility.

Time Control; updated the colouring and layout of the time control UI (upper right corner of Dashboard), the new pattern should be more intuitive.
Time Control; enabled the control and adjusted the min and max step count e.g. how slow and how fast time can be made to progress while in the Dashboard.

Footer Controls; Updated the ‘footer’ of the Dashboard to correct several layout issues caused by the length of strings changing, these would not have been apparent in the previous build as the time control was disabled. The controls have also been rearranged to a more intuitive order.

System View; Enabled Scan and Claim functionality. At current these functions only test to see if the player is an organization leader, the do not currently have any associated resource cost.

Adjusted the natural base of the following world types.
Note that ‘natural base’ refers to the raw values of the world relative to its size before modifiers e.g. x5 indicates a base value of (5*size) before traits, improvements, organization stats and population conditions are accounted for.
  • Terrestrial:
    x5 to residential space
    x1 to common matter
    x0.25 to uncommon matter
    x0.0125 to rare matter
    x5 to commodity production
    x5 to leisure value
    x5 to storage capacity
  • Dust:
    x2 to residential space
    x1 to common matter
    x0.5 to uncommon matter
    x0.0175 to rare matter
    x15 to storage capacity
  • Rocky:
    x3 to residential space
    x1.5 to common matter
    x0.125 to uncommon matter
    x0.0025 to rare matter
    x20 to storage capacity
  • Ocean:
    x4 to residential space
    x0.5 to common matter
    x0.35 to uncommon matter
    x0.02 to rare matter
    x5 to commodity production
    x2 to leisure value
    x1 to storage capacity
  • Ice:
    x1 to residential space
    x0.75 to common matter
    x0.3 to uncommon matter
    x0.015 to rare matter
    x10 to storage capacity

Expanded the rollup of asset data to include estimates on population growth and storage contribution for assets, systems, sectors and organizations. These changes are most apparent when simulating vary large galaxies (lots of populated planets)

Expanded organizations such that production automation can be improved via enhancements and other conditions and unlockables. By default, a minimal automation rate of 0.00025 will be applied and capped at 1.0. Automation is an organization wide ability to produce goods and materials without a population. Production calculations have been adjusted to account for this new variable value.

Organization wide storage limits have been adjusted along with base values for asset improvements to decrease the initial growth time of new empires. Balancing of initial growth curve will be of attention over the coming patches.

7 Asset Improvements have been added giving player a full set of basic improvements with 8 upgrades per. The Improvement UI controls have also been re-worked to support both ‘tech rank’ and ‘funding amount’ greatly improving players control over an asset development. Note that more work is being done in this area and the UI is not quite complete.

Quite a few bugs have been sorted in the patch, check the Trello Roadmap for full details on these and as always if you have any questions just let us know in the Steam Community forums or via Heathen’s support portal.

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April 22

Beta Patch 396

Patch 396 is available now on the beta branch. Don’t know how to access beta? Read this.

Patch Notes
This patch addresses several general issues with the 387 build providing better guidance for players regarding incomplete elements and features. The Ship Editor portion of Fleet Manager has received a number of updates to improve the handling of the camera and selection processes based on player feedback. Updates to the Rena Borsch task line are underway and will be available in upcoming patches.

Vulkan graphics API support has been added to the Windows and Linux builds; and DirectX 12 graphics API support has been added for the Windows build. The current build automatically selects the desired API based on the system’s capabilities. The following order is used during the selection process. Vulkan first else (DX 12 > DX 11 > DX 9) or (OpenGL Core) for Mac Metal is favoured with OpenGL Core as a fallback. We are reviewing options to allow gamers to dictate which rendering API will be used before launch.

Font rendering has been improved for many of the text fields where font pt is less than or equal to 14pts. This will be rolled out to other areas of the UI in later patches.

New key bindings added for ‘Open Tasks’ (default T), ‘Open Inventory’ (default I) and ‘Overclock’ (default Tab).

Ships; Corrected an issue where weapon parts could become orphaned from their parent hulls causing the Weapon counts to appear doubled from the actual ship design.

Ships; corrected an issue preventing ships with 4 or more parent > child layers from initializing correctly.

Alpha One Station; Several structure colliders where not registering correctly allowing the player to fly through some buildings. Some have been corrected, remaining collision issues will be resolved in upcoming patches.

Alpha One Station; A placeholder way point has been added to the currier task to reduce confusion for players. This repeatable task will be updated in coming patches with its intended set of contacts, way points and task branches.

Combat HUD; Overclock previously referred to as Command Mode (slow time and access mouse cursor) has been reenabled. By default this is mapped to the Tab key and can be rebound in the settings view. For this build time adjustment is hardcoded, this will be updated in later patchs to slow time by an amount relative to the pilots concentration level as dictated by installed pilot enhancements.

Combat HUD; Task lists, and task givers.
Previously players where required to fly within a given proximity of a task giver in order to access that givers tasks, now ‘public’ tasks can be accessed from the Combat HUD’s ‘Tasks’ view (default key T) from anywhere within local space. Note Special tasks still require the player to interact with a contact point or fulfil other conditions before showing in the tasks view. Intractable objects in space can still be used to open the task panel.

Fleet Manager > Edit; Updated the behaviour of Add Parts and rearranged controls to improve workflow.

Fleet Manager > Edit; added scene gizmo allowing the player to transition the camera to any axis e.g. look down X, Y, Z (positive or negative). This control also allows the players to toggle between Orthographic and traditional perspective views and will persist through Edit, Rig and Transform modes.

Fleet Manager > Edit; Camera has been updated to orbit the last focused element on rotation. This behaviour will be further refined based on feedback.

Fleet Manager > Edit; Local & Global transform and Position and Rotation transform mode buttons have been rearranged around the Position and Rotation input fields.

Fleet Manager > Edit; Part selection ‘in-view’ e.g. clicking on part in the work space. The system will now first deselect currently selected parts emulating the same behaviour as the Tree View selection process. Note you can select multiple parts by holding ‘Ctrl’ while selecting this is true for both the Tree View and the ‘in-view’ part selection processes.

Fleet Manager > Edit; Tree view drag and drop operation for reparenting parts has been updated to correct duplication issues. The tree view still has known issues during the ‘add part’ operation however these are display only and should not affect the actual ship design. Typically, incorrect rendering such as node duplication can be corrected by collapsing and re-expanding a node. Further fixes will be made in upcoming patches to correct the remaining issues with the Tree View control.

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About This Game

Set in the distant future, man has evolved beyond flesh and bone and is now one with the machine.
Your journey starts as a young Terran pilot, taking your first steps into the galaxy. You are free to join or form factions, corporations, bounty hunter gangs, or even crime syndicates as you forge your own story in a living, evolving galaxy. Whether you fly solo or with a massive fleet, take a role in government or start a corporation, the galaxy and game-play will respond in kind to your choices and performance.

Design your own Ships

Build your ship from an expanding array of parts in any of the 13 capital class categories. Research, manufacture, buy, steal and discover new parts. Assemble killer ships and even share them with your friends.

Command & Control

Receive and issue tactical orders in real-time combat. Relationships, culture, and individual persona effect how your forces will respond to your orders. Objectives can be issued but loyalty determines how - or if - they will be followed.

Capital Ship Combat

Take direct real time control of a massive capital class warship and participate in single ship, wing, flotilla, division and full fleet actions. From the agile corvette well under a hundred meters long to the huge Gar which can exceed 2,000 meters what you fly has a major impact on how you fly.

Civilization Management

Become the leader of a world, system, sector, region or the whole galaxy! You can join and rise in the ranks or form your own government, corporation, crime syndicate or bounty hunter team. Grow and expand through military power, business savvy or political tenacity.

Galactic Quests

The galaxy is always evolving, reacting to NPCs and you. Events are always right at your fingertips with zero time aimlessly flying through in empty space. How you choose to engage in events if at all will guide the continuous evolution of your story.

Built to mod

Coming Soon: Expand your galaxy with the Terran Software Developer Kit, a free (and included) package for use with the Unity 3D game engine allowing you to author simple changes or massive mods with the same tools used by the developers.

Native VR Support

Coming Soon: Built in and ready to go support for popular VR headsets as well as traditional screen play. Terran; designed with keyboard / mouse and or controller + screen or headset, you choose how you play.

Features based on emerging technology; specific requirements will vary as those technologies mature.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7+
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo Processor or Equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3 capabilities
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3 capabilities
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+ 64bit, SteamOS+
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo Processor or Equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3 capabilities
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
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